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A Pussyboy is made

Date: 5 Jan 2009 05:33:39 -0000
From: joseph "AmysSweetBoy"

A Pussyboy is made

Each morning my wife beats my ass crimson red with her favorite
wooden brush, just to remind me that she owns me. Yes, I belong
to my wife, her property like her hairdryer or vanity. I became
hers a little over a year ago and despite the rough beginning I
wouldn't dream of going back. It is not easy to explain how it
all began but I'll try.

Before last year I was your typical male asshole. Amy was my
total support team and I never appreciated her. I engaged in
very poor behavior. I was verbally abusive, I blew money, I
flirted with women and a few times even crossed the line.
Despite all this Amy stuck by me.

Amy went to church regularly and I went along too. Living in a
small rural town, church is the best place for me to make
business and social connections. I have done well with business
and even serve as Deacon in the church, where ALL of my
connections were.

Then one day it all changed. In the heat of an argument I
slapped Amy and somehow it was all caught on her camera phone. I
was horrified. I had never done anything like that. I felt sick
and kept apologizing. I begged her forgiveness repeatedly.

For almost two months Amy would not even speak to me and I slept
on the couch. I tried everything to get her to know how badly I
felt but nothing.

Finally, Amy spoke to me. She had me sit at the Kitchen table as
she laid out how my world had changed. First she reminded me
that she had evidence of me being abusive. If it got out I would
be ruined. The church crusades against domestic abuse and I
would lose all my business and social climbing contacts. She
then informed me that the footage had been sent to her mother,
and two of her best friends. Together these women had been
discussing the best way to handle matters.

Amy listed my options:

1] She goes to the police with the footage and presses charges

2] She goes to the Church Board with the footage


3] She does both (her favorite option)

I couldn't bear the idea of the fall out. I begged and Pleaded
and Offered her ANYTHING If she wouldn't go forward with it. She
smiled stood up and fetched a binder. Here before me was what
looked very much like a legal document the gist of which stated
that I agree to the following:

Transfer all money, properties, assets into her name alone

Close out all personal Accounts and remove my name from all
joint accounts

Arrange to have my paycheck and any bonuses direct deposited
into her checking account

Arrange to work from my home office from now on

Give up any parental rights of my daughters to Amy

Agree to wear a tracking device at all times and never leave
home without permission

Agree to perform any and all chores assigned me

Agree to complete, total, subservient obedience no matter what
is demanded

Agree to receive any physical, sexual or emotional punishments
Amy sees fit to deliver

Agree to any chastity devices, piercing, brandings or tattooing
Amy requires

Of course any attempt at fleeing, any hint of disobedience, and
even the slightest gesture of anger would result in the evidence
being presented to the church board, the police, my boss and my
mother. Also Amy would divorce me and take the girls. Naturally
I agreed to her terms. When I was ready to sign Amy called her
two friends over to witness and notarize our contract.

After the document was signed I was told to strip naked and wait
on my wife and her two friends. I made and served food and
drinks for hours as they mocked me poked me and humiliated me
every way they could.

At one point I excused myself to use the bathroom but was
stopped. I was told from now on using the toilet was a reward
that had to be earned, I was handed an empty "Big Gulp" cup.
They laughed as I stood there in the middle of the room peeing
in the cup.

I was embarrassed and went to dump the pee in the sink when Amy
announced "Oh No Pussyboy! That is yours so you better drink

She announced that unless I earned bathroom privileges I would
have to drink my piss from now on. Her friend then suggested
that I should also drink Amy's piss whenever she didn't feel
like walking to the toilet. Amy laughed loudly and agreed.

I started to laugh uneasily hoping it was all a joke, until Amy
walked over and grabbed my balls in such a fierce grip I thought
for sure she had crushed them to dust.

Without ever losing her grip she leaned in close and said "You
drink every last drop of that piss right now or we will take
turns kicking your nut sac until you do."

I quickly drank down the awful cocktail while the women laughed
and yelled "chug! chug! chug!"

For the next couple of hours the women partied and I served them
and I served as their toilet whenever they had to pee. After a
while my wife announced it was time for the initiation to begin.
Amy's friends Susan and Liz grabbed me and bent me completely
over the TV stand then they quickly tied my arms to the legs of
the stand, my feet were kicked wide apart and I found I couldn't

The laughing stopped, I looked up and saw all three standing
directly in front of me. Susan held a well used sorority paddle,
Liz had an old fashioned barber's razor strap, and Amy had a
wicked looking riding crop. I began pleading as fear took over,
but they just smiled.

Susan went first. I tried to count the swats 20-30-50-120, after
that I lost count. Tears streamed down my face as I cried out
with each blow. I could literally feel the welts rising on my
ass as she wailed on me more and more blows. I began to sweat
and my face grew hot, I thought I was going to pass out and
finally she stopped.

I had almost caught my breath again when I heard Amy say: "Geez
Susan is that all? Come on we are trying to break him in aren't
we? Liz why don't you see if you can out do Susan's warm-up."

My heart sank, through the blur of sweat and tears I saw Liz
swishing her strap as she came near. I lost my breath with the
first swat. The strap landed hard right across both cheeks. I
thought she had sliced my ass open. A scream came out of
somewhere deep inside me. She lashed me again and again and
again. The room spun around me and my knees went weak. Amy and
Susan cheered Liz as she swung harder and faster. My head felt
like it would explode when she threw the strap onto my back and
announced she was done.

Susan announced "250 not bad Liz, Amy do you think you can make

Amy laughed an evil laugh and said "Not a problem, I plan on at
least double that. Then you can start us all over again."

Amy decided not to limit her blows to just my ass. She began on
my thighs and worked up to my mid back then back down again. She
hit hard and swift each time, no blow was wasted. I thought she
would shatter my bones. Each strike was more painful than the
last. The more she struck the madder she got and the harder she
would hit.

With all the strength I had left I tried to plead for help but I
had no voice left, just tears. I blacked out for a second and
when I came to she was still whipping me. I felt her crop split
one of my welts and lost control of my bladder pissing all over
myself and the floor.

Liz and Susan roared and cheered chanting "AMY! AMY! AMY!"

The beating ended and someone called out "900, awesome!"

I was given a break long enough to clean my mess before the next
round began. Thankfully the next two rounds of beatings were not
as savage as the first.

At about 4am I was untied and made to kiss their feet and thank
them for my "beautiful beginning". I washed the sweat and my
piss from the hardwood floor while Liz and Susan said their
goodbyes and thanked Amy for the best night they've had in

After they had gone Amy assessed me and found me to be filthy
and not acceptable so I was sent to the shower. Every drop of
water stung my flesh reviving the wounds that had almost numbed.
I washed every inch of my body and after a while the stinging
died down.

Just as I was about to enjoy the water I heard Amy call. I
quickly dried off and ran to her. She instructed me in new

I would refer to her as Mistress whenever we are alone and Ma'am
when we are with others. I was to never look her in the eye
unless she ordered me to do so. She informed me that our
marriage vows meant something to her and unless I gave her
reason to she would not sleep with any other man. She then told

"As of now you are no longer a man you are just property, my
property. You will do what I want, when I want, how I want. You
are not permitted to make any decisions ever. You will get
permission for everything you do. You will keep my home spotless
and take excellent care of my children. You will wait on me hand
and foot. When we are alone you will remain naked. A chastity
belt has been ordered for you. Your pathetic penis will be
locked up at all times unless I feel like using it for my
pleasure. You will not cum unless I feel you have truly earned
it as a reward and even then never more than once in a 45 day
stretch. In front of everyone your name from now on will be
Sweet Boy, but when we are alone your name is PussyBoy. Oh and
just so you know, Your initiation was video taped and will be
kept as an insurance policy. I already promised a copy to Liz
and Susan for christmas but piss me off and your Mom will be
getting a copy as well. Do you understand everything I have said

"Yes Mistress," was all I could whisper as I stared at the

"Good," she replied, "now let's finish your initiation."

My head flew up and I choked out "But I thought...."

That was all I got out before the back of her hand struck me
hard across my cheek. "You don't think any more, remember, now
get to the bedroom!"

I walked slowly to the room wondering what more I would have to
endure. Once in the room she ordered me onto all fours onto the
bed. "Okay PussyBoy I want you to smile big. You're on camera,
I'm filming you losing your virginity."

I didn't understand but obeyed and smiled as ordered.

Mistress smiled too and said "You are here for my pleasure, I
will use your hands, tongue, cock whatever I want to help me
cum. Your pleasure does not interest me, but I think it is time
you lost your cherry, oh and by the way this is the only way you
will be getting laid from now on."

I looked over at Mistress and she was strapping on a huge black
plastic cock.

She jumped on the bed grabbed my hair and rammed her "cock" deep
inside me.

Pain shot up my spine and I screamed.

"Good good good," Mistress laughed, "keep screaming for the
camera pussyboy I want a fun tape for the girls. Now beg me for

I could barely respond as she slammed into my poor ass again and
again. I thought I was being sawed in two. My arms gave out and
my face slammed into the mattress as she rode me faster and
harder. Finally, after about 25 minutes of this sadistic romance
the friction gave mistress a great orgasm.

Mistress being done yanked her cock out so fast electric shocks
tore through my ass. Mistress shoved me off the bed and ordered
me to kneel up. She pressed her beautiful pussy against my mouth
and slowly pissed until I drank every last drop and licked her
slit clean. When I finished I was sent to wash her "cock" and
put it away.

When I returned to the room I found Mistress had lovingly placed
some blankets and a pillow on the floor near her bed. I thanked
Mistress for my initiation and I sincerely meant it. Mistress
allowed me to lick her asshole and stick my tongue deep in her
bum twirling and licking until she fell asleep.

Quietly I crawled off her bed and lay upon my blankets and wept.
This time my tears were of joy and belonging.

That was my initiation into my new life as Mistresses Pussyboy
slave. I have never been happier and can't even imagine going
back to my old lifestyle. Mistress has never had to sleep with
anyone else, she cums 3-5 times a week and she is happy with our
life. I have cum 3 times in the last year but I hope to prove
myself and receive more rewards.

If you like my story perhaps Mistress will allow me to write
more in the future.

For Now That's All.

Thank You

Amys Pussy Boy

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Where can I meet a mistress like yours? Is there another out
there? I want to be owned and taught to be a girl. I will give
up everything! I am committed!


Very nice turnabout... and very appropriate!

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