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November 15, 2012

The Prisoner - Chapter 85

From: Boz 4444
Date: Thu, 15 Nov 2012 19:20:22 -0000

The Prisoner, by Will Cane
Chapter 85

The previous episode, Chapter 84, is at:-

Lang hoped in a futile way that the ground, or at least the
carpet would swallow her up and she would be free of this
humiliation. She was now at the absolute mercy of not just her
ex-husband's new wife but a whole group of females who seemed to
revel in the power their relative position gave them. It had
been decided that she would be punished and now she had to wait
for them to decide what form that would take.

Mrs Maxton was the first to comment on her thick underarm hair
and the way her equally dense pubic hair protruded from her
panties. She presumed that it was yet another indication of what
a slut Lang was when left to her own devices and how they would
have to try to make her aware of the need for personal
cleanliness at all times.

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August 12, 2006

Eyesore - part one

posted by: randy pulaski (exx_connvict (at> yahoo.com)
posted on: Sat, 12 Aug 2006 12:05:45 -0700 (PDT)


When Katherine entered, the Eyesore was kneeling on the floor,
naked with her face pressed to the floor, Katherine's martini in
front of her. It was something to see the Eyesore's hands
clasped behind her back, balancing herself with her face and her
knees, "awaiting me", Katherine thought.

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