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December 28, 2008

Connecticut/Western Mass. Service-oriented slave seeks LTR

From: Lshbck50
Date: Sun, 28 Dec 2008 21:54:31 EST

Kind, sincere, male sub in northern Connecticut is seeking an
intelligent, discrete woman who would like to own her own slave.
Perhaps you are a busy woman in need of a slave to perform your
menial chores and be at your beck and call.

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August 30, 2008

Connecticut male seeking long-term servitude

posted by: Lshbck50
posted on: Sat, 30 Aug 2008 18:13:46 EDT

Kind, sincere sub male is seeking an intelligent, discrete woman
who enjoys administering old fashioned discipline in the form of
canings and bareback whippings. I have always preferred a
Mistress/slave relationship in the simplest form, where
correction means a whipping in the barn.

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May 3, 2008

Connecticut male seeks old fashioned discipline

posted by: Lshbck50
posted on: Fri, 2 May 2008 23:14:27 EDT

Kind, attractive, sincere male is seeking a single woman in
North Central CT. who is interested in old fashioned discipline
and slavery.

I am hoping to develop a long-term relationship/friendship with
a kind, discreet woman who would enjoy administering an old
fashioned bareback whipping or caning. An intelligent woman who
would like to have her own slave to carry out her menial tasks.

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