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November 30, 2007

Courts of Love

posted by: Madamplz
posted on: Fri, 30 Nov 2007 14:26:57 EST

In Re: C: what do submissives and masochists want?, Vicky Tern
wrote about literature concerning "Courts of Love"

I was so glad to read that information as I have recently been
looking for some reading material in this vein.

You especially piqued my interest when you mentioned Eleanor of
Aquitaine. I'd read Amy Kelly's book quite some time ago and was
fascinated from start to finish especially the chapter on the
troubadour Bernard. The relationship seemed very one sided - but
perhaps this would be in line with the secrecy you mentioned. He
does allude to Eleanor understanding his secret messages to her
in his songs and poems. I would've liked to know more about

Certainly there were many reasons many men would have wanted to
court her in this way. She was a fascinating figure on many

In any event, thank you for the references. I'll be sure to take
your list with me to the bookstore.

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