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June 7, 2021

very erotic spa treatments

From: B Litzguss
Date: Mon, 7 Jun 2021 02:49:19 +0100

Dear Ms Christine,

Just came across this story online:-

'Fit for Anything' fantasy fiction by Christine Stevenson

and wanted to tell you how much it turned me on!

I've always found the idea of strenuous and invigorating spa
treatments like saunas and cold showers erotic - the idea that
these are 'good for you' combined with the shockingly intense
sensations is very appealing. Even more so if administered by a
strict female nurse.

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October 9, 1996

submissive male from Michigan

posted by: HoRo
posted on: 9 Oct 1996 17:50:03

Greetings all,

Although not new to the B/D S/M scene, I am relatively new to
the internet and certainly new to the world of mailing
lists...so this list is an opportunity I jumped at in earnest.

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