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January 31, 2008

Male Chastity Device / Medical Aide

posted by: Techster
posted on: 31 Jan 2008 19:51:30 -0000

In "Male Chastity Devices" slaveponyrider wrote:

>i wonder how well i can clean down there with it on.

Speaking as a 60+ year old man who has been married for 40 years
and in enforced chastity for the past 5 years with my wife as

Hygiene has never been a problem, I carry a small bottle with a
10% mixture of alcohol based mint mouthwash - i clean the tip of
my penis and the tube after each time I urinate.

Enforced chastity has given us a more loving, caring and
livelier marriage. Also my wearing the CB3000 is, in my case, an
effective alternative treatment for erectile dysfunction.

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