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August 26, 2021

doggy loves bitchy teasing women

From: Alan
Date: Thu, 26 Aug 2021 10:22:46 +0100

Dear Ms Christine,

I read some of your wonderful work in a very old edition of
Domina magazine, and was totally blown away by the quality of

I love bitchy teasing women, and can't get enough of them. I
would love to be collared and leashed and brought to heel by a
strong woman such as yourself.

I hope I'm not being impertinent when I say I would love to be
trained as your obedient little doggy.

I am very interested in purchasing your mistress manual, and the
two volume prick reading books
, however I am having trouble
accessing your website. Would it be possible to send you a money
order for them?

Hope to hear from you soon
Regards Alan

August 3, 2021

Fit for More

From: B Litzguss
Date: Tue, 3 Aug 2021 09:18:40 +0100

Hello Miss Christine,

I thought I'd write a follow up to your 'Fit for Anything' story,
from an inmate's perspective...

- - - - - - - - - - - - -

I'm lying in the fierce heat of the sauna, as instructed, on a
towel on its highest bench. My arms are stretched out and up
behind my head and I can feel sweat dripping and pooling on my

Each breath through my nose is slightly painful from the
eucalyptus-infused hot air. The herbal enema administered
earlier by Nurse Crisp has now had its secondary effect: my
member remains fully erect and throbbing: incredibly sensitive
but unable to climax despite the boiling need in my loins. The
idea is to retain sexual energy and build health and vitality
through the denial of orgasm.

Despite the heat and the distracting sexual pressure I'm
grateful for the rest.

Nurse Sharp has supervised a very thorough workout in the
outdoor gym, putting my naked body through a mixed cardio and
muscle programme calibrated to work every part. I was on the
receiving end of a number of stinging blows with the flogger by
the end of the programme but I think she was pleased with my
efforts which left me breathless and sweating on trembling legs,
despite the cool and fresh morning air.

With little chance for recovery though I was to be taken, still
naked, to the jet shower room. Although the effects of the
herbal remedy had not yet kicked in, to my shame (and delight)
the prospect of her further ministrations had left me somewhat
excited in any case. She looked physically strong and competent
with a haughty expression of amusement and disdain as she
directed me, with an occasional slap on the buttocks,
deliberately past some of the few female clients awake this
early, lounging in robes around the outdoor pool.

My appearance drew a few amused glances and disparaging comments
in a variety of languages. I was ushered to the end of a
white-tiled corridor-like room past some gleaming chrome pipe
work and various valves and taps.

The door shut heavily behind Nurse Crisp. I turned back to where
she stood at the other end, a wide brass-nozzled hose in one
hand, the other on a lever, chin up and a severe expression on
her face.

"Time for a cold jet shower. This treatment will massage those
aching muscles very effectively and I'm sure you'll find the
cold water bracing. Now face me, hands on your head, legs

For the next 5 minutes she pummelled me all over with the jet,
with me turning according to her commands. I struggled to
control my breathing from the shocking onslaught of cold water
but part of me enjoyed the experience, especially after the
workout. Presently she directed the jet away from me, but she
was not done yet.

"Face me, hands on your head again please!"

She adjusted the brass nozzle and the thick jet of water was
replaced by a shower-like spray.

"This setting is especially invigorating, designed to tone your
skin. In training I was given a full body treatment by Miss
Christine on this setting - she likes us to know what our
clients are experiencing. I spent the whole day pink and
tingling all over afterwards."

She paused and continued more teasingly "I was entirely naked,
naturally. Now hold still!"

Her words had send an erotic charge right through me as I'm sure
they were meant to. Walking closer with the hose she brought it
to bear on my chest. The jet stung my skin hard, bouncing off
and making me gasp louder at the intensity.

"Keep quiet and control your breathing! In through the nose and
out through the mouth."

Once again she worked the jet thoroughly all over me. The jet
lingered for a few excruciating seconds on my semi-erect member
before she shut it down. I was left gasping, slightly hunched
with my hands cupped protectively around my member, my skin red
and tingling fiercely all over. Hands on hips she looked me up
and down appraisingly.

"That will do for now. Put on your robe and you can have some
breakfast. I'll see you at 11am precisely for your sauna."

I was grateful for permission to eat and also drink, gulping
down a pint of water and taking a modest selection from the
healthy buffet. As I ate however I felt myself becoming erect
under my robe.

I stood to refill my coffee and it was obvious that my cock had
become strainingly engorged. With every step I felt the fabric
of my robe rub against my glans with nearly painful sensitivity.
I abandoned my coffee and hastily left the now full breakfast
room and made my way back to my room, ignoring some of the
female sniggers on the journey.

Back in my room I threw my robe off and looked down at my
straining dick with excitement and despair. I knew there was no
prospect of release but I couldn't resist a few guilty strokes.
What would the nurses say if they caught me? Surely I'd be
subject to some particularly strict discipline.

After a particularly difficult pee I lay down on my bed and
drifted into sleep.

I woke with a start, hearing my bedroom door open. My hand was
cupped protectively around my still rock-hard cock but I glanced
to the side to see Nurse Crisp looking down at me, arms crossed
and a disapproving expression on her face.

"You just can't resist touching it, can you? Well, it's time for
your next treatment in the sauna. Get your robe on and follow me
unless you want to walk through the spa with that on display...
and don't pretend a bit of you doesn't want to!"

So here I am anxiously awaiting the next part of my treatment,
throbbing and sweating in the sauna. The door clicks open and
shuts softly. Nurse Crisp approaches, a bunch of birch twigs in
each hand...

"Now you're warmed up it's time for a fully body massage with
these, front and back. This will really stimulate your

With that she begins to vigorously beat me all the way from the
soles of my feet to my back, as I lie awkwardly on top of my
erection. Each stroke stings my skin and she keeps up a rapid
staccato slapping rhythm.

"Now, turn over. Stretch your arms straight back behind your
head. Don't you dare try and protect yourself."

This time she starts at my hands, moving down my arms, over my
armpits and nipples and gradually down my belly. I am gasping
with the intensity.

"Good boy...nearly done..." the birch twigs reach my cock and
the sensation is like a white lightning bolt through my body
until she passes down to my squirming toes.

"All done. Now that wasn't so bad, was it? I'll be back for you
in 5 minutes." She administers a final playful slap to my cock
head that has me doubling up and gasping before leaving the

After five minutes my heart is racing. My skin still feels on
fire and the sweat is running off me in rivulets.

Nurse Crisp walks in. "Up you get! Time for your final
treatment. The coup de grace, you might say."

Opposite the sauna is a large circular ribbed cage-like
structure. Mounted on the ribs of the cage are multiple

"This is our newest item of equipment. It's a custom made device
to Ms Christine's design. It will administer a very powerful
ice-cold water massage to every part of your body

In her hand she holds a silver object like a small flattened

"This is a remote control electric prostate stimulator. This
will unlock your ability to climax. The combination of these two
devices creates a... memorable... experience. Now spread your

She inserts the stimulator with expert fingers and leads me into
the shower. My legs are parted and secured, as are my arms,
stretched out to either side. The safe word is on the tip of my
tongue but I swallow it back.

"Are you ready?"

I nod.

She presses a button on the remote control in her hand and the
egg begins to vibrate also giving off a pulsing electric shock.
This creates a huge crescendo of sensation inside me and with my
internal muscles clenching and spasming, my balls tightening...

With an animalistic cry I begin to orgasm, shooting a comically
huge stream of semen in a high arc towards Nurse Crisp. As I do
she pulls a lever and the shower erupts into life around me,
engulfing me in needles of icy water...

- - - - - - - - - - - - -

...A man in a robe is wheeled back through the spa in a
wheelchair by Nurse Crisp. He seems to be either exhausted or
sedated but his face shows the aftershock of extreme
sensation... his passing draws some comment from the other
guests... "what on earth has been done to him"... "can I try
it... please?"

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