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keeping sub interested after milking

From: Judy
Date: Thu, 7 Nov 2019 11:28:35 -0500 (EST)


My male sub always retreats for few days after i milk him or
allow any sort of release. What ideas do you have that i can
make him stop this behavior?

Thank you kindly


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Hello Judy,

I probably need to know more to make suggestions that
specifically apply to you and your sub.

For example:- What do you mean by "retreats"? Do you mean he
becomes less submissive? Less obedient?

If that is the case then you may find that some of the ideas
suggested to Helen for her "surly" subby will work for you. See
the thread:-

letting my slave wank more?

Or do you mean he becomes less interested in sexual activity? Or
less interested in bdsm game play?

Also, what methods of milking are you using on him?

Perhaps those are not dominant in a specific way that he

Perhaps he would be a happier sub if his "spurts" were more
painful, spurting only during a caning for example"

What fetishes does he have? Once we know what makes a man tick,
what pushed his buttons it's a lot easier to think of ways to
manipulate him.


See Christine humilate David


As a man, I must ask, when you say Milking, are you actually
allowing him to CUM, or are you Edging the Cum out, that is a
huge difference.

DO not allow him to CUM if you want to keep him interested. Edge
the Cum out and make him eat it.


He just loses interest very fast until I get him
there again.

I'm considering no orgasms at all and only allow
milking maybe once a month. And even that keep it
with anal only.


Hello Judy,

Have you considered making him wear something that maintains his
knowledge of your control over him. Anything on his genitals
would do that. It doesn't even have to be something
sophisticated like a chastity belt.

So, for example, you could insist he wears a spiky penis corset


whenever he is at home. Maybe a simple cock ring or strap would
keep him thinking sexy thoughts.

Or perhaps tell him to wear a butt plug when he's in a
particular place where you may not be forefront of his mind. At
work perhaps?

Then when he is in your presence make him report on his
obedience to your instructions and punish any failures he may
own up to.


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I find that the best way to keep my boy eager for sex is to keep
him locked up and not allow him any sexual release during the

I let him have a squirt in the bath on Saturdays (his day off)
after I've urinated on him a few times.

Thanks to Christine for suggesting this in her videos and
software. Life has been such fun since I discovered I could do
this to him!

Weekdays, even after a hard day at work, he is always eager to
please me in the evenings, but I dismiss his pleading for
release after I've used his mouth, nose and face for my

As I think Christine says in her manual, leave them wanting


If she's too bored or in a bad mood, after being face slapped,
at least 3 times back and forth, I must lick her feet, toes,
even when sweaty, before washing them, then masturbate into her
flipflop, havaiana's brand.

Then I must lick the inner sole to clean off my cum, after which
I get an otk flipflop spanking of 6 dozen.

She gives me another pair of face slaps back and forth and I'll
have to stand in the corner with her panties on my head smelling
her ass hole scent, for several minutes, twenty on average,
before I apologize and regain shy my humble composure and suck
her clit.


it's so different for each individual sub, sometimes they
retreat out of shame or out fear of disappointing their
mistress. Milking them is done in so many brilliant ways,
mentally, physically and my personal favorite financially.


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