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Cuckoldry and Pretending

From: Sue Me
Date: Sat, 18 Aug 2018 23:58:43 +0500

Hi Christine,

You said the other day that you had David in a cupboard while
you pretended to have a friend over.

I don't understand how that works for him? Surely he gets to
read your posts on DOMestic so he'll know you weren't really
cuckolding him at all?

Thanks for a great blog, it had been quiet for too long, glad to
see you are back on form.


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Hello Susan

you asked:

>he gets to read your posts on DOMestic

You are right. He will eventually read everything I write, on
DOMestic or elsewhere, in fact it's probably an obsession with

>so he'll know you weren't really cuckolding him at all?

Yes, and no. Yes on that occasion, he'll find out when he reads
my post, but for a while anyway, until then, even the fake was
real to him and very exciting.

But the real one the next time is even more exciting and
humiliating at the same time ;-) The pleasure pain of the

You see it happens that I put him in the cupboard more often
than I post about it on DOMestic, so although he may know I was
just pretending on that particular afternoon or evening, he will
not know for sure next time.

It's probably true that he thinks I'm pretending whenever I put
him the cupboard in the bedroom, but there are things I do that
tends to make him realise that I really have a "friend"

I'll have him help me get dressed up, before my friend arrives,
and help me into high heels. Then he knows it must be someone
special for me to suffer heels! I'm rarely able to wear them
nowadays, much as I'd love to.

As he helps me in the bedroom he gets to see me in my sexiest
underwear and put on a little sexy black dress before doing my
make-up. Now he'll really begin to think it's real as I tell him to
strip down to his underpants.

"Nasty little wanker," I remark as I notice his erection. I lock
his hands into the anti wanking mitts. This time I put him in
the special chest I keep for the purpose. and close the lid on
him. I don't lock the lid so he can escape in an emergency. Or
stretch his legs if he were to get cramp.

If it were the wardrobe, then I can and do lock it because we
both know the lock will give at the slightest push. We have
discussed and tested it.

"Stay," I order as my heels click on the tiled floor and the
bedroom door closes behind me.

When he hears the front door opening and closing and music on
for a while before things go quiet, his mind will be a whirl
with ideas about just what is happening downstairs.

When he hears voices he will not be sure if it's a "girlfriend"
having a drink with me, or is that a male voice?

Now it's gone very quiet. Is it a girlfriend for a chat? But now
it's gone quiet he'll have nasty images in his mind. The cuckold
wonders whether I'm sucking on something stiff, something I
never do for him. What a dirty mind he has, especially when it
goes quiet and his imagination runs riot.

At bedtime I'll let him out of the chest or the wardrobe,
whichever it was on this occasion. Now my little black dress is
missing. My panties are nowhere to be seen and his eyes search
my body for signs of what? I'm now in my stockinged feet and
suspender belt as I sit at my dressing table removing my

I summon him to my side and I notice his erection as I remove
his mitts. "Glad to see you've been a good boy and not spurted
in my cupboard. But I've had enough cock for one night. You can
go now," I'll tell him. "Clean up any mess downstairs before you
come to bed. You can sniff my knickers if they are down there,
but no spurting..."

He'll leave the room with his erection bouncing about
unsatisfied. He'll find the empty wine glasses and the two empty
snack plates downstairs. He'll find my discarded panties and
heels, and my little black dress and ask himself when and in
what circumstances they all came off.

As he sniffs my knickers he will imagine that a man removed

>Thanks for a great blog, it had been quiet for too long, glad to
>see you are back on form.

Yes, back on form Susan. I'm always here, but someone, I forget
who, once suggested on DOMestic that me jumping in and answering
all questions wasn't leaving space for other folk. So only if a
subject or posts grabs my interest or asks me a question do I
feel I've got to reply.

sincerely, Christine

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