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December 20, 2015

penis plugs for prolonged urethral play

From: "David" at u4ds.com
Date: Sun, 20 Dec 2015 12:45:02 -0000


DQ asked about extended wear of plugs, in the thread entitled
penis plug urethral play.

Without knowing how long the penis in question is, or whether a
person has experimented with plugs before, my answers are

Unlike sounds, which are often the choice for a those who want
to experiment with deeper penetration a penis plug is usually
short (maybe 1 to 3 inches) and primarily they stimulate the tip
of the penis internally.

DQ wrote:

>For extended wear of a penis plug

For prolonged wear, most users seem to agree that shorter is
better. Smaller sizes seem to stay in longer. But regardless of
that, I would not advocate extended wear of anything in or on
the penis without first trying it for shorter periods to get
used to your own tolerance.

Use lots of lube!

While experimenting for short periods you are in control of the
process so that if you feel pain you can back away.

>can the plug be longer than the length of a
>flaccid penis

I would say that is not sensible. If you are wearing it under
clothing then having a bit sticking out of the end because it is
too long to go all the way in, would present a safety hazard.
What if your position, activity, or clothing tended to thrust
the plug further in than is wise?

>or will that cause damage if too long?

Well yes, if it is "too long" it would obviously be more likely
to cause damage than if it were the right length for you.

A shorter plug that includes a ring to hold it in place would be
one way of achieving retention rather than increasing the risk
via width or length.

Something that is too rigid, too long, or too slim can increase
your risk of damage just as much as using something too thick.
Listen to the feedback your body gives you in your first
experiments, and take it slow. Pain is a message to tell you to
stop immediately.

If you are looking for long term wear then you are clearly going
to choose a hollow one which allows you to urinate, described as
"cum thru" or "pee thru". Read the user feedback on such devices
on independent web sites. (not just toy sellers)

Things to watch out for are any kind of irregularities in the
surface of the plug. While a short flexible silicone plug may be an
obvious choice for many, there are reports that some cheaper
versions have seams down the sides which will irritate or worse.

See these two negative reports on Amazon of how devices can
prove to be unsuitable here:-


and here:-


One of those reports describes the plug in question as being
like a tire gripping the road. You don't want that!

When you can keep adding lots more lube a sterile water based
is the choice for play purposes. But you can find over
longer periods without your lubricating interventions that the
plug will dry out, making the removal tricky.

So you may want to experiment with a surgical quality stainless
steel plug that can be used with a small quantity of sterile
medical grade Vaseline. An oil based lubricant in combination
with a steel plug may prove less likely to adhere in long term

Before inserting your steel plug, test it, by passing it across a
ladies stocking or silk handkerchief, to see if it snags
anywhere. If it snags a stocking, think what damage it will do
internally. And you don't want that either!

I've posted links here/below to items that you may want to

have fun and play safe,

Download "Prickteasing" by David

Stainless Steel Urethra Plug and Penis Ring - Hollow

Urethral Stretching Penis Plug - Stainless Steel

December 18, 2015

Guide to Male Genital Play and Torment

Family Jewels: A Guide to Male Genital Play and Torment

A two part book. First covering CBT devices and safety. Long descriptions of everything, which makes the first half a handy manual for the beginner to cock and ball torture.

In the second half there is collection of stories and cbt scene play experiences which may give you some erotic ideas.

On the subject of CBT, and Safe Sounds use, a search for "Urethral Sounds" using the DOMestic search engine at:-


provides 18 relevant results on that issue alone.

We have a full section entitled "CATHETERS and PENILE PENETRATION" on DOMestic at:-


where you'll find a lot of discussion of this topic, and also on the CBT, Milking and Anal Play page at:-


If you scan down almost to the bottom (alphabetically) you'll find the subjects of "Urethra Play" and "Urethral Sounds?"

If you do not have a DOMestic password, you may find this link on our public site quite helpful:-


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