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October 17, 2015

Jury decides heavy caning in marriage was not assault

A married couple with two children, play acted consensual
sex games involving spanking and caning after reading
Fifty Shades of Grey a court in the UK was told.

But the whirlwind romance, love affair, and marriage
ended with charges of assault after Elvira Blakemore
gave James Austin (consensually) over 25 strokes of
the cane.

The 41 year old Elvira Blakemore, had been a GP (general
practitioner - family doctor) in the UK. She gave up her
practice to marry her multi-millionaire lover, 57 year old
businessman James Austin. Dr Blakemore and Mr Austin
became mother and father, after she gave birth to twin sons

The couple met via internet dating, and James Austin, who
proposed marriage after only five dates admitted that it was his
wife who was spanked first. "It began with just hands and then
the paddle and Elvira was the recipient."

Dr Blakemore told the court "I willingly participated but I did
not really enjoy it, whereas James enjoyed being spanked, and on
his birthday his friend gave him a whip as a present."

The couple spent at least £500 ($770) at the Ann Summers
sex shop and kept a cane in their bedroom.

A jury of nine women and 3 men heard from PC Daniel Madigan,
that Mr Austin said: "I asked her to stop, but she didn't. She
had a look of hate in her eyes, but I love her."

Mr Austin told the court "I went to bed and was more or less
asleep when she entered the room raging and started hitting me
with a garden cane. She was violently hitting me with the cane
very many times on the back. There was a cut on my cheek also,
but she just kept going and by the end there was blood on the

Mr Austin claimed "There was a further attack in the lounge.
Elvira appeared in the room and she had another go with the same
cane. When the cane broke she poured some wine on my back and
said 'Alcohol is good for the wounds'."

However Dr Blakemore told the court that Mr Austin had lied to
the police. "He told me to get on with it. The point of caning
is the contrast between painful stimulation and touching the
body and he said, 'Go on baby'. I poured champagne on his back
after. It's part of the pleasure, the cold champagne cools the
skin. It's a nice sensation. James was making noises like he was
enjoying it."

The jury cleared Dr Elvira Blakemore of assault. The couple have
now ended their relationship.

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