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remote control hubby - to be chained and zapped

Date: 29 Oct 2011 08:20:57 -0000
From: subby hubby m

Re: C: electric with anticipation of being zapped

We haven't used the zapper for a little while but things will

We are in the process of putting up a largish shed; some 10' by
8'. It is about 120 feet from the house and is not overlooked
(however the walk between the house and the shed has some
visibility to the neighbours). This is not in itself very
interesting until I asked my Wife how she would communicate
while She is busy doing her seed propagation and such.

(I should have mentioned that She is the driving force behind
the project - being a very keen gardener).


"Easy" She replied, "You will be wearing your zapper and if I
want anything you will come running".

This conjured up all sorts of ideas; like having to drop
whatever I am doing in the house and run down the garden, taking
drinks orders, fetching and carrying and such. Anyone watching
would be well impressed at such an attentive husband. (Would
they suspect I wonder).

But there is more - my Wife mentioned yesterday that she wants
me to arrange a strong fixing point somewhere in the shed. The
theory is that if she doesn't want me in the house she can lock
me in there.

"I am sure I can find a way of chaining you to the floor - and
if I can't I will just take away your clothes and leave you
until it gets dark when you can risk running back to the house".

(For safety we have a pair of little two way radios in case i
need to use a safe word).

I know this sounds like wishful thinking but it seems real to us
both at the moment. I will keep everyone in touch.

By the way - if anyone has additional ideas on the subject we
would be delighted if they could post them.

All the best to everyone.

subby hubby m

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A large dog cage in the shed would make things easier - could be
covered easily with a sheet. subby could even be kept there
under the sheet while someone visited!

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