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femdom community for over 60s

Date: 14 Oct 2011 11:29:22 -0000
From: quitodoux

i have been here several times, how many years ago? Whenever i
have no Lady to train me as her slave or doggy, i turn to a
vanilla relationship. This is not difficult for me in spite of
my age (77).

i am a healthy sexy senior citizen with an academic background
and many social contacts. Now such a vanilla relationship again
came to an end, because i tried to talk about my submissive
fantasies - and was called a dirty old man.

so here i am again, trying to exchange experience and ideas. the
community here in Germany is extremely discriminating to old
people. fortunately or unfortunately i have a psychological
allergy against professionals, who would be my only chance.

Does anyone here know a femdom community of people over 60?

salut, quitodoux

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I will keep my eyes and ears open for you and will contact you
if I have some info.

(Tim from Boston - 54 and sub to femdom also)


Hallo Bullawk4,

thank you for keeping your eyes open for me.

I live in Berlin, which is a very liberal city with a gay Lord
Mayor, who has a chance to be elected for a third term. You can
find all kind of kinky people here who are not hiding but coming
out. Munches and clubs for all types of lifestyle bdsm are
booming. Like probably everywhere in this world there are many
more male subs than lifestyle Dominant Ladies. And there seems to
be not a single one over 60 interested in a sub over 70.

As I am fluent in English and French and have a reasonable
command of Spanish, I have tried it also in international
forums. Also, I have no obvious handicap.

Strange world or do I make some basic mistakes in my search in
the FemDom community?


i am a 51 year old submissive male
i am from rome, italy

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