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August 31, 2011

secret Devotional Sex society

Date: 31 Aug 2011 01:19:50 -0000
From: MichaelK

Devotional Sex is different from BDSM.

Devotional Sex works very well with a non-dominant women, and it
is focussed on sexual and sensual activities, not BDSM
activities. It is mild FemDom without humiliation, inflicting
pain, bondage and the other things that make up BDSM.

While this makes Devotional Sex very tame for those into BDSM,
it has the exciting benefit that many ordinary women may enjoy
being a Devotional Sex Princess.

An optional part of Devotional Sex is activities with others.

Devotional Sex with others can be just mild activities, or
things may become fairly explicit. Of course it is the women who
decide what will happen. By setting the rule that a Knight when
with others will never ejaculate, and activities with others
will never go as far as intercourse, this actually opens up a
new playground of erotic exploration. The usual thinking of "one
thing will lead to another", and "I don't want to go that far,
so I won't do anything" of normal life no longer applies.

I've just published a fictional story where Susan has her
partner Sam fully undress in front of her friend Kate, which
illustrates how this can work at.

Though Devotional Sex is not yet well known, I can imagine that
one day each major city will have at least a few couples who
practice Devotional Sex.

The internet makes it very easy for such couples to get in touch
with each other, and though most interaction will be just talk,
I've created the concept of a Devotional Sex Party which enables
Devotee couples to get together and enjoy living room activities
in a social setting.

Though the activities at a Devotional Sex Party can remain just
between each couple, those that wish can have some fun with the
other couple's partner.

For a Princess to really have fun with the other couple's Knight
it would be better to be alone with him, and thus I've created
the concept of Knight Swapping, where two Princesses swap their

When a Princess lends or swaps her Knight she can say what is
not allowed. My default rules are that the Knight is not allowed
to ejaculate and no intercourse is allowed, but a Princess may
well decide to create further restrictions.

What a Princess does with a borrowed Knight is up to her (as
long as it is within the limits of what that Knight will do and
what his Princess allows). Likely things that may happen are for
the Princess to have the borrowed Knight be naked, to admire his
erection, to have him give her foot and body massages, and maybe
to have him eat her to orgasm.

Remember that this is not BDSM, so this is not about humiliating
him or strong BDSM activities. Devotional Sex is much done with
MUTUAL devotion and respect. This is about the Knight having fun
as well as him pleasing the Princess.

If two Princesses swap Knights, and it works, it is easy to
imagine that they might do this a few more times.

Now if they meet another couple who practice Devotional Sex, and
share their success story about the fun of swapping Knights, it
is easy to imagine that sometimes the other couple would be
willing to also give this a try.

Add a few more couples and there would be benefits in organizing
things a bit better, and a Knight Swapping Club could be

This could be set up so that Saturday night was swapping night.
Any Princess who felt like swapping her Knight that Saturday
would email the organizer. And as long as at least two couples
were interested, a swap could be arranged.

Note that if say four couples were interested in swapping, it
would no longer be just a couple swapping Knights because the
organizer could choose who will get each Knight.

It could be organized such that the Knight had to arrive at the
house of the Princess who was borrowing him at say 8pm, and had
to leave her house at exactly 11:30pm.

That way each Knight would not meet the partner of the Princess
they were visiting, and even more powerfully, would not know who
was visiting their Princess. (I also recommend that each Knight
have to give a full report of what he did when he gets home to
his Princess, but that the Princess never tell her Knight what
she did.)

Of course people would not tell everyone that they were a member
of a Knight Swapping Club, and so it would be a secret society.

The FemDom of Devotional Sex is very mild compared to most BDSM,
but this is real female power as the woman do control what

Of course this all sounds like fantasy. But given my personal
experience of Devotional Sex, I really can see that one day, in
one city, such a club will form.



August 26, 2011

Dom partner new to this lifestyle

Date: Fri, 26 Aug 2011 08:24:50 -0700 (PDT)
From: kevin

Christine and David,

I hope you don't mind me posting my questions here. I have been
reading your blog for many years, and what a great blog it is.

I am now in a relationship where my partner is Dom (in fact i am
currently in a chastity device ) and i have shown her your

We are both interested in your software but i have a few
questions :-

1) Will it help her as she is new to this lifestyle?

2) i am not at all being rude but is it relevant today?, you say
you wrote it a long time ago.

3) can it be run on her phone as well as her pc?

4) can it help her with punishments.

Hope these questions are ok. I look forward to reading your
reply and hopefully purchasing the software for my goddess.



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