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house party dom-sub risque games

Date: 7 Feb 2011 21:07:02 -0000
From: George Norris

Reply to and comment on "Naked Male Clothed Female"

Our close knit group of six couples got into dom-sub play
through strip poker. One of the group owned a hunting spread
with a fancy lodge. Every fall we looked forward to a hunting
house party. Risque games became the norm after dinner.

It started with under the sheet: a person under a sheet removed
items until the correct item was removed. The correct item was
the sheet. Then strip poker. Everyone had played previously with
other groups.

Jane our flamboyant extrovert said, "simple strip poker is dull
compared to having the game played out fully clothed. The loser
immediately strips buck-naked in front of fully clothed players.
then she or he poses as the winner directs-say for thirty

We all agreed that this sounded good.

Jane said, "being naked when others are fully clothed is
different-yet exciting for all players. And if the poses are,
say lewd, ungainly positions the thrill is heightened even

We nixed the posing, the loser would only strip, turn completely
around with hands curved low as a ballerina turns. Afterward he
or she would serve drinks for thirty minutes.

Yvvone lost, stripped proudly, then twirled gracefully. She was
an eyeful. Nipples jutting, giant tangling hairy bush leaping
from white smooth thighs.

She smiled stood close to me, "would you like a drink, George."

She brought it smiling, standing tall. Wow!! After thirty
minutes of ogling we all clapped.

Betty asked, "Jane you said the thrill is heightened in lewd
poses. How can this be for the loser, the poor naked creature on

"In my dom sub group, I have learned the person displayed,
exhibited so to speak, gets the most thrill. Yvvone, what did
you feel just now?"

"When we agreed to play, I knew I might lose. I psyched myself.
When my loss was evident I decided to pay the forfeit with good
humor and as gracefully as I could. Having to do it made it
easier than just volunteering. It was part of the game. I lost
and I paid.. Next time I will ogle the loser, and enjoy it

Jane added, "she has hit the nail on the head."

Just as in playing the submissive slave to a Dominant Master or
Mistress, the opprobrium is eliminated.

Two couples left the following day, the other four pumped Jane
for info on dom-sub play. We were all eager to test the waters -
the ladies, however, insisting on a tepid menu.

Jane became leader by default suggesting rules that we agreed
to. Tonight there would be a male loser and a female loser.
Female to deal with female loser - same for males. All players
would take a turn at tickling, groping, and very light pinching
as each pose was assumed.

Jane suggested very-light, reddening, erotic spanking would be
administered by the opposite sex winners. We enjoyed the
suspense of the game. Jane and I won. The graceful poses - so

Then Jane ordered, "Jim, ass high on coffee table."

He complied, no hesitation. She caressed each cheek, blew in the
crevice, then tickled tight balls, fingers lingering along the
fine now hard shaft. Now squeezing until a wince was obtained.

"Now shag it, wag it, make it fairly talk to me."

The fanny wigged and wagged.

"I shall give this upthrust darling a proper reward after we see
all of dear Lillian."

To Lillian I gushed my appreciation, "your nakedness is divine.
Thy magical red bush, so full, so tingling, the twining tangling
curls fairly leap - grasping, searching. Oh how they enhance
your wonderful nakedness. My queen, coax with comb the tendrils
of that hairy moist cleft. Give it life, tease each strand to
its highest potential."

Proudly, eagerly, she made them stand out in fiery tangles that
seem to have a life of their own. I gaped, thrilled, and
shuddered deep within. God you are a beautiful eyeful.

Jane administered a light but most tantalizing rhapsody on Jim's
proffered posterior. Thighs and lower back also changed to a
pleasing red. Between the excoriating she massaged, pinched, and
squeezed. So delightful to witness. So delightful for Jim. Her
full dedicated attention to every inch of his naked body left
him well rewarded.

Spanking Lillian was seventh heaven on a Sunday. Positioned on
her back, on a padded chaise, spreader bar to ankles, she
induced gasps of pleasure from all as legs rose high and
rearward, feet resting comfortably on bench back.

Jane said "reddening erotic-spanking."

Well, what to do. The tummy first, light cock whip blows that
brought a nice red hue. Then pinching taut nips. My eager light
whip now caressed lovingly each mounding nippled treasure. Lower
under-thighs now beckoned. A loving symphony of light whip
lashing gave this gorgeous girl ass the desired rosy hue. I
kissed each fine cheek then delicately massaged every portion,
curve, and crease of my captive derriere. Now lost in a pleasant
reverie I discarded all prior agreements and instruction. I went
down, down with eager lips, down to the moist hirsute cleft. So

George Norris
7 Feb 2011

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