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Re: C: chaste slavery triangle - polyamory problems
Date: 7 Jan 2011 22:31:43 -0000
From: bianconigliO

David wrote:

>signs from you that you need and want her in the conventional
>ways that her other lover shows her that he needs and wants
>her. That may make the triangle more exciting for her.

Dear David,

Thanks a lot for your realistic advice. I think you make a very
good point in that it is most fun for her if she forces me to
submit. So trying to 'object' in an entertaining way to the
status quo is really a good idea.

Something I found out just when I posted, is that they were/are
going through a rough patch. There is a bit of a circle there.
The less I like the triangle, the less she likes it. The less
she likes it, the less I like it. They have not seen each other
since I posted. Distance plays a role here as well. Adapting to
a new place to live and so on. We have been pre-occupied with
mundane things.

On the good side... we are also getting used to this triangle...
and we see the good sides of it as well...

Greg wrote:

>heard from people with experience in swinging, that it does not
>end well for the original couple

Dear Greg.... you are absolutely right that this is for Couples
2.0...... playing with fire... on the other hand... a third
person also brings friendship and love to both... society seems
to open up towards polyamory in any case... so perhaps the many
'bad' stories of the past (I also heard of) are in a way
'growing pains'...

Thanks a lot to both....

I will throw in some real-life stories in a while!


ps. I heard you have doubts about the list? It is great! Are you
crazy? And the list comes with two such kinky, sweet, romantic
and cruel moderators! It is special I can assure you.

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Re: C: femdom looking for ideas to do to my sub
Date: 31 Jan 2011 23:51:01 -0000
From: George Norris

Invite friends who might be interested in the scene over for
coffee. Let him give the "spiel". Here he bares his soul. The
deep urges of his inner psyche that make the really complete
submissive pour out. Make sure he is good at this role. Lots of
practice is the key.

When addressed as "slave" reason departs - I strictly obey. Thus
no opprobrium attaches to any thing she orders. That which I
might hesitate to initiate becomes my deep desire. Grovelling
most intimate body worship, supreme humiliation, and imaginative
corporal are wonderful rewards under her guidance.

You order, "strip slave! Get it hard...."

Now come close, let each lady touch and play. They are hesitant.

"Be not coy, ladies. You have had experience. Get at it! Pinch
it, slap it, squeeze 'em, make him fairly jump and dance. There,
yes, yank it a bit"

After a bit of lively action you order: "Position 1."

His ass goes over chair back, his neck in chair seat, head
extends slightly out from seat. Legs are spread and pointed
upward. Taking a whippy crop you tickle, then flick.

"Ladies, using a naked male to ones utter satisfaction is the
'piece de resistance.'"

Then a hard whap across the left cheek. Now balls are kneaded,
then squeezed hard. Now you give your spiel on the joys of using
a submissive male. Detailed and nitty gritty - from your inner
soul pour mesmerizing techniques. The girls are entranced by the
sight, the happening, and of your obvious love of this activity.
Each lady takes a turn with a different special whip. You demo
strap on service.

In between, from time to time as nature calls he receives their
golden nectar. The ladies are indeed interested. They will be
back for more demo.

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C: house party dom risque games
Date: 7 Feb 2011 21:07:02 -0000
From: George Norris

Reply to and comment on "Naked Male Clothed Female"

Our close knit group of six couples got into dom-sub play
through strip poker. One of the group owned a hunting spread
with a fancy lodge. Every fall we looked forward to a hunting
house party. Risque games became the norm after dinner.

It started with under the sheet: a person under a sheet removed
items until the correct item was removed. The correct item was
the sheet. Then strip poker. Everyone had played previously with
other groups.

Jane our flamboyant extrovert said, "simple strip poker is dull
compared to having the game played out fully clothed. The loser
immediately strips buck-naked in front of fully clothed players.
then she or he poses as the winner directs-say for thirty

We all agreed that this sounded good.

Jane said, "being naked when others are fully clothed is
different-yet exciting for all players. And if the poses are,
say lewd, ungainly positions the thrill is heightened even

We nixed the posing, the loser would only strip, turn completely
around with hands curved low as a ballerina turns. Afterward he
or she would serve drinks for thirty minutes.

Yvvone lost, stripped proudly, then twirled gracefully. She was
an eyeful. Nipples jutting, giant tangling hairy bush leaping
from white smooth thighs.

She smiled stood close to me, "would you like a drink, George."

She brought it smiling, standing tall. Wow!! After thirty
minutes of ogling we all clapped.

Betty asked, "Jane you said the thrill is heightened in lewd
poses. How can this be for the loser, the poor naked creature on

"In my dom sub group, I have learned the person displayed,
exhibited so to speak, gets the most thrill. Yvvone, what did
you feel just now?"

"When we agreed to play, I knew I might lose. I psyched myself.
When my loss was evident I decided to pay the forfeit with good
humor and as gracefully as I could. Having to do it made it
easier than just volunteering. It was part of the game. I lost
and I paid.. Next time I will ogle the loser, and enjoy it

Jane added, "she has hit the nail on the head."

Just as in playing the submissive slave to a Dominant Master or
Mistress, the opprobrium is eliminated.

Two couples left the following day, the other four pumped Jane
for info on dom-sub play. We were all eager to test the waters -
the ladies, however, insisting on a tepid menu.

Jane became leader by default suggesting rules that we agreed
to. Tonight there would be a male loser and a female loser.
Female to deal with female loser - same for males. All players
would take a turn at tickling, groping, and very light pinching
as each pose was assumed.

Jane suggested very-light, reddening, erotic spanking would be
administered by the opposite sex winners. We enjoyed the
suspense of the game. Jane and I won. The graceful poses - so

Then Jane ordered, "Jim, ass high on coffee table."

He complied, no hesitation. She caressed each cheek, blew in the
crevice, then tickled tight balls, fingers lingering along the
fine now hard shaft. Now squeezing until a wince was obtained.

"Now shag it, wag it, make it fairly talk to me."

The fanny wigged and wagged.

"I shall give this upthrust darling a proper reward after we see
all of dear Lillian."

To Lillian I gushed my appreciation, "your nakedness is divine.
Thy magical red bush, so full, so tingling, the twining tangling
curls fairly leap - grasping, searching. Oh how they enhance
your wonderful nakedness. My queen, coax with comb the tendrils
of that hairy moist cleft. Give it life, tease each strand to
its highest potential."

Proudly, eagerly, she made them stand out in fiery tangles that
seem to have a life of their own. I gaped, thrilled, and
shuddered deep within. God you are a beautiful eyeful.

Jane administered a light but most tantalizing rhapsody on Jim's
proffered posterior. Thighs and lower back also changed to a
pleasing red. Between the excoriating she massaged, pinched, and
squeezed. So delightful to witness. So delightful for Jim. Her
full dedicated attention to every inch of his naked body left
him well rewarded.

Spanking Lillian was seventh heaven on a Sunday. Positioned on
her back, on a padded chaise, spreader bar to ankles, she
induced gasps of pleasure from all as legs rose high and
rearward, feet resting comfortably on bench back.

Jane said "reddening erotic-spanking."

Well, what to do. The tummy first, light cock whip blows that
brought a nice red hue. Then pinching taut nips. My eager light
whip now caressed lovingly each mounding nippled treasure. Lower
under-thighs now beckoned. A loving symphony of light whip
lashing gave this gorgeous girl ass the desired rosy hue. I
kissed each fine cheek then delicately massaged every portion,
curve, and crease of my captive derriere. Now lost in a pleasant
reverie I discarded all prior agreements and instruction. I went
down, down with eager lips, down to the moist hirsute cleft. So

George Norris
7 Feb 2011

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Re: C: humiliating to him - sexy for me
Date: 6 Jan 2011 12:11:13 -0000
From: pussikat steve

Ms Christine,

You said in your reply to Claire:

>Me too! I met one of those well over 30 years ago in 1979 and I
>stayed with him. My David still enjoys humiliation, and I wish
>you both a similarly long and happy time together.

Do you think David really does actually enjoy humiliation?
Speaking for myself, when I had a Mistress, if She did something
to humiliate me I would look for Her little smile and the
shining eyes which told me that She was enjoying it; only then
would I also enjoy what She was doing.

My pleasure always came from seeing Her having enjoyment at my
expense but actually enjoying humiliation for it's own sake? No.
Who wants to be humiliated?

Please don't change anything; this is the only Femdom place on
the internet where I feel those that run it are totally sincere.

pussikat steve.

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Re: C: humiliating to him - sexy for me
Date: Thu, 06 Jan 2011 22:49:11 -0000
From: "Christine" at u4ds.com

Hello pussikat steve,

you wrote:

>Do you think David really does actually enjoy humiliation?
>-snip- seeing Her having enjoyment at my expense but actually
>enjoying humiliation for it's own sake? No.

You are right of course, when we say that a submissive "enjoys"
something, it is usually shorthand for a complex explanation of
a phenomena which we often assume everyone understands. It took
me some years to get my head around "double think".

Claire, did say she is a "Rookie" so some explanation of what we
mean might be helpful to her. I asked David to write something
in explanation of what he means by "enjoying humiliation", and
I've just uploaded his latest post "Lovely Humiliation".

>if She did something to humiliate me I would look for Her
>little smile and the shining eyes which told me that She was
>enjoying it

You are right, we can signal our sense of fun and pleasure at
your humiliation by laughter or a smile, and that turns many a
masochist on, as I mentioned at the end of my previous post.

The example I gave to Claire of setting up a situation where I
was having multiple orgasms, which to David seemed to be
directly caused by his own pain, humiliation and/or suffering
tended to really excite the masochist in David.

The beauty of it was that I had found a way in which I could
directly increase my own pleasure by listening to his moans, so
I had stumbled onto something that worked perfectly and sexually
for both of us which seemed to be what Claire was looking for.

However, just because it worked for David and I, it doesn't mean
it would work for everyone. What is sexually exciting to one
woman may not be to another. Just as what may be humiliating to
one submissive might be the height of pleasure and not at all
humiliating to another.

For example. Long before DOMestic or the internet, we once
advised a friend, who I will call Mary, who wanted some ideas on
how to get pleasure herself from dominating and humiliating her

David and I had only been together a few years. Mary's husband
was a chap who David had shared some adult magazines with, and
the subject of Fem-Dom play came up over a few drinks as the
content of a few of David's magazines had been of that nature.

Mary revealed that the most kinky thing she enjoyed was
showering with her husband, and letting go, (urinating) as they
were making love in that wet and warm environment. David
suggested to Mary that she could humiliate her husband if she
made him kneel and then urinated upon him.

It soon transpired that they were already doing that, and both
were getting a lot of pleasure from it, but neither of them
thought that a woman urinating over a man was humiliating. Just
plain sexy fun to them.

Of course, to some degree it's a question of style and manner.
Being playful together in a warm shower is quite different to
ordering a man to lay in a cold bath and jerk off while you
urinate upon his face.

>Please don't change anything; this is the only Femdom place on
>the internet where I feel those that run it are totally

That's very complimentary, thank you, but I'm sure there are
plenty of genuine folk out there, and a few of them have posted
here, it's just that finding them can sometimes be difficult
when there is so much other stuff to wade through..

sincerely, Christine

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Re: C: humiliating to him - sexy for me
From: Pat/gwpm
Date: Thu, 6 Jan 2011 21:00:45 +0000

This has got to be one of the best explanations I have read on
this topic! Thank you, Ms. Christine. I found it helpful to
understand that a woman may humiliate and dominate her guy and
not get anything out of it herself! That could explain why my
wife really has no interest in these activities. I guess that
makes me a "closet submissive", since I can't "practice" inside
of our marriage. She doesn't like teasing and denial at all, so
I just "want".

It is helpful to understand your travels down these roads with

Thank you.

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Re: C: humiliating to him - sexy for me
From: "Christine" at u4ds.com
Date: Fri, 07 Jan 2011 02:43:56 -0000

Hello Pat,

Pat/gwpm wrote:

>This has got to be one of the best explanations I have read on
>this topic! Thank you, Ms. Christine.

You are welcome Pat, and thank you for the compliment.

>I found it helpful to understand that a woman may humiliate
>and dominate her guy and not get anything out of it herself!

I thought my point was quite the opposite. I was explaining that
I did get something out of the scenario that I described,
multiple orgasms for a start... (or perhaps that should be

It's just that David was getting a different impression of why I
was getting such pleasure from it. I was enjoying sexual arousal
from something quite conventional, his sexy noises, while he was
in the head space of thinking I was getting off on some serious
cruelty to his genitals.

But the beauty was it didn't matter even if he did know
precisely what was turning me on. As he later did of course.
The reality was that it was my ordering the pain to his genitals
that was producing the moans which excited me.

My reason for ordering the pain was to produce the moans I
enjoyed hearing. However you look at it, it was sadomasochism
that was doing it for both of us. Even though I'm not a sadist.

Even after I told him what it was that was exciting me, "his
moans", we continued to both get pleasure from the same scenario
again and again. He wanted to believe I was also getting
sadistic pleasure, and why would I try to disavow him of that
belief when it appears to be (almost) true. We are co-
conspirators in his escape into fantasy.

>That could explain why my wife really has no interest in these

Now you've lost me Pat. I don't see how that explains why your
wife has no interest?

>I guess that makes me a "closet submissive",

You mean you haven't told her of your desires? Or was that a

Closets can be a fun place to lock a submissive away when
denying him pleasure. :-)

>since I can't "practice" inside of our marriage. She doesn't
>like teasing and denial at all, so I just "want".

Well if you want, and are not getting any, I guess that means
she is denying you. Just not in the teasing or cruel ways you
would like.

Is there a way she could say "no" that you would enjoy?

Seems a shame to deny without making it fun if it's possible to
find a way to get some mutual pleasure from it. But finding a
way to make reality seem like fantasy can take work and

Without more information and an understanding of your situation,
I can only suggest you think about ways that you could give her
what she wants in a way that gets you some of what you would

>It is helpful to understand your travels down these roads with

Glad that I was of some help, but I'm not sure we have a meeting
of minds yet?

Christine at Ms-Christine.com

My FemDom manuals are at

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Re: C: humiliating to him - sexy for me
Date: 7 Jan 2011 19:54:14 -0000
From: slcfemdomcouple

I too find humiliation to be very exciting. However, humiliation
is a funny thing, what is arousingly humiliating to one person
will simply not work for another.

Anyway, one thing I find deliciously humiliating, and is on my
mind since my wife has done it for me the last few mornings, is
the following:

Have your slave/boyfriend make you a delicious meal (breakfast
or dinner is probably best). He is to make it for you alone.
After the meal, handcuff him to the toilet and present him with
his meal to eat off the seat.

It could be from the scraps of your meal or several fridge
leftovers mixed together or whatever you wish. Yesterday at our
house was the leftover bit of her yoghurt and granola with a
dollop of peanut butter (for protein :-) and pickles (the

Today was a piece of bread with jam covered with white pinto
beans, pickles again and more yogurt.

I once wrote a story on literotica that included this idea. You
might find it interesting. In any event literotica is a great
place to read stories (if you simply ignore the ones that are
not your kink).

Here is my story:

Cleaning for Emily, by slcmalemaid

You can search for "humiliation" on literotica and get some
interesting stories (again just block out the ones you find
outside your likes).

Oh and enjoy the endless amounts of oral sex you are most
certainly about to be given ;-)

moderator notes:-
The story "Cleaning for Emily" is included later in this digest

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Re: C: humiliating to him - sexy for me
From: "David" at u4ds.com
Date: Sat, 08 Jan 2011 03:28:47 -0000


There are plenty of "humiliation ideas" threads on DOMestic
which the guys can reply to with their own favourites. Just put
humiliation into the search box on u4ds.com or go to:-


But let's remember one of the things that Claire asked for.

Claire wrote:

>How can I be pleased sexually and still be humiliating to him?

I think Claire's request is somewhat specific. So, in the spirit
of Claire's request for something "humiliating to him - sexy for
me" I'd like to mention one of my favourites along those lines.

The Dildo Gag, also known as a Dildo Hood or Penis Gag.

This is a device which is designed to please the woman, while
subjecting the male face to being used solely for her pleasure.
This is something that can be humiliating for a male if his own
penis is rejected in favour of riding a "better one" attached to
his face.

I know that many folk have mentioned this idea and described
their experiences with it in the past, and that Christine and I
have mentioned this quite a few times over the years ourselves.

So I did a search of the DOMestic member's area for "Dildo Gag"
and saw many of the posts I remembered. But in addition I was
pleasantly surprised to find something from Christine's personal
diary which she wrote in 1991 (5 years before DOMestic was
created) was also in the results.

Here is a snippet which I think might be useful to Claire:-

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Having enjoyed the dildo gag so much the other night I had
decided that I would be using that in the bedroom this time. But
since half the fun is in the humiliation of it I decided to let
him get his hopes up a little first. I rarely let him have full
intercourse with Me, basically because I think it gives a man
ideas above his station. However I prefer to make him think he
is inadequate by working him up to the stage where he is likely
to orgasm at the moment of entry.

I sat on his lap and we kissed and petted for a while, then when
the ideas were beginning to take shape in my mind and excite Me
I invited him to follow Me into the bedroom. We writhed on the
bed and when he was obviously over excited I let him come on top
for a couple of moments. I held his penis and rubbed it over my
vaginal lips and he moaned with the onset of orgasm. I pushed
him onto his back saying simply:


Then I fetched the dildo gag and returned to see his crest-
fallen look. As I leaned over him to strap it around his face I
rubbed a little salt into his wounds by saying:

"Well in the absence of a real man I will have to make do with
you in the best way I can!"

Instead of using his nose as a clitoral stimulator I faced his
feet as I lowered Myself slowly onto the dildo. Deeper and
deeper until I had taken it all. With the dildo resting deep
within Me his nose was pressed into my anus. Squirming around
feeling the dual sensations of the dildo and his nose was
ecstatic and eventually was enough to bring Me to a satisfying
vaginal orgasm. After I had used my fingers to add to the
sensations the much needed clitoral stimulation to bring Me
several more orgasms I was finally satiated.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Anyone else care to recount some experiences of the dildo gag,
or other things that are both "humiliating to him" and
importantly "sexy" for her?

David at Ms-Christine.com

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Re: C: humiliation ideas needed
Date: 29 Jan 2011 00:06:58 -0000
From: John Barton

The male slave is taught three positions that proffer his ass
wonderfully for spanking. But also leaves his head in a position
that allows easy mounting for oral pleasures or for delivering
the golden flow direct from the fount into the slaves eager
mouth. These positions need only standard easy chairs and or

Mistress offers him to whoever when ever she wishes. She calls
position 1, 2, or 3 or perhaps lets him demo them all. He
accompanies her everywhere.

Last week, at her bridge party, he served lunch then assumed all
positions on the sofa as nature called the ladies. Mistress
selected a special whip, quirt, etcetera for each guest. A good
time was had by all.

John Barton

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C: Lovely Humiliation
Date: Thu, 06 Jan 2011 17:59:04 -0000
From: "David" at u4ds.com


Humiliation for a masochist like me is a sweeter kind of pain.
Since I was no more than a boy, for any suffering to be enjoyed
by me, it had to be administered by a girl or woman I desired.

It's a common misconception that masochism simply means enjoying
the physical sensation of pain. It is not "usually" that simple.
Here's a few snippets from the Wikipedia page on Sadomasochism.

(a) Masochists do not usually enjoy pain in other scenarios,
such as accidental injury, medical procedures, and so on, but...
...may sexually enjoy either physical or mental pain being done
to them provided that also brings enjoyment and pleasure to

and in discussing "Havelock Ellis" and his "Studies in the
Psychology of Sex":-

(b) The sadomasochist generally desires that the pain be
inflicted or received in love, not in abuse, for the pleasure of
either one or both participants. This mutual pleasure may even
be essential for the satisfaction of those involved.

You can read the whole page at:


if you would like to understand more about the definitions and
study of Sadomasochism.

The key word for me in (a) is "provided" and the key phrase in
respect of humiliation is of course "mental pain". In (b) the
words most relevant to my own experience are "love", "mutual
pleasure" and "essential".

So cruelty and humiliation suffered at the hands of female
authority figures in my childhood did not bring me any pleasure
at all, quite the opposite, but when the female was one who
attracted me or aroused my burgeoning sexual interest the
cruelty was pleasurable to a degree.

The greater the desire or sexual-love interest, the more the
pleasure in being humiliated by her.

In "Re: C: humiliating to him - sexy for me" Christine wrote:

>My David still enjoys humiliation

And pussikat steve asked:

>Do you think David really does actually enjoy humiliation?

And my reply:-

Yes I do, but as you and Wikipedia both point out, it is not
"for it's own sake" but is "provided that also brings enjoyment
and pleasure" to Christine.

Pain (including humiliation) imposed by "others" in general
terms was always distressing and not ever enjoyable for me.
Whereas some masochists might find any pain administered by an
apparent sadist enjoyable, for me it has to be the woman who I
think I'm in love with, or at the very least one with whom I'm
in lust with.

Sexual desire is an essential part of the equation for me, and I
think suffering without it is just not fun. To quote again from
the discussion of Ellis on Wikipedia:-

"it is often the designated masochist who may direct such
activities, through subtle emotional cues perceived or mutually
understood and consensually recognized by the designated sadist"

To demonstrate the early burgeoning pleasures of humiliation,
and the kinds of scenario which might involve this "subtle"
consent. I'll give two hypothetical examples involving the pain
of rejection.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

(1) A teenage male asks the girl he fancies for a dance / out on
a date / or whatever.

She replies, no thanks, sorry, "I already have a boyfriend."

He has been rejected, but somewhat gently, and without any
intended cruelty. He hasn't "suffered" very much, but probably
didn't enjoy the experience very much either.

(2) Take the same youngster, asking another girl he finds
equally attractive, and at first the same question.

She replies, "I might be interested, if you show me how much you
want me."

He is lost for words. He is young and is tempted to bluster, but
he can't think of what to say, her response is beyond his
experience or expectation.

Her phone rings (conveniently for my plot!). So she quickly puts
him out of his misery, and dismisses him with.. "Bring me
flowers next time you ask me, now go away, I'm busy...."

As he turns to leave, he hears her laughter, and turns back to
see that she is watching him while she talks. He hears her words
to someone on the phone, perhaps a girlfriend, "he's quite cute,
but a bit of a wimp, so I told him he had to bring me flowers

More laughter, and now she turns away and moves out of earshot.

He has been led on, almost completely rejected, certainly
suffered some minor humiliation. And yet he could see she
enjoyed her cruelty with him. But now he is on a promise that he
might be considered if he proves himself to be her "wimp" and
brings her flowers.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

If, like me, you find the second scenario slightly sexually
exciting and much more interesting than the first. You are quite
possibly a sadomasochist and might enjoy humiliation.

If the young man were a masochist looking for a partner, the
girl in the first example has not given any signals to indicate
any potential for sadism.

Whereas in the second example above, she has quite deliberately
it seems to him, shown she enjoyed her cruelty by making him
hear her comments and laughter.

If he does accept her terms and bring her flowers he is
indulging in submissive and masochistic behaviour which is
inviting her to mistreat him further. If he is a masochist and
she is to be his designated sadist their mutual dance may just
have begun.

In reality what may happen is that he is scared silly and never
brings her flowers and the girl is thus discouraged from
indulging her sadism with other men. Or he may bring her flowers
and she quickly loses interest because she is not as sadistic as
she first appeared. Reality can be disappointing like that.

As a youngster I had many experiences which were similar to the
hypothetical ones above, and of course many ended in
disappointment. Sometimes I lost interest in the girl perhaps
because my masochist had not found a designated sadist. But on
several occasions the "girl" I currently fancied enjoyed some
small degree of sadism with me before moving on to another boy.

While it's true that I "suffered" these experiences, there is no
doubt in my mind when I review them from my current vantage
point that I was enjoying my suffering and heightened excitement
levels when the girl in question was cruel and indulged in
subtle (and sometimes not so subtle) humiliation.

Wikipedia also discusses "primary" and "secondary" masochism. In
a primary masochism the masochist undergoes a complete, not just
a partial, rejection by the model or courted object (or sadist),
possibly involving the model taking a rival as a preferred mate.

In a secondary masochism, by contrast, the masochist experiences
a less serious, more feigned rejection and punishment by the
model. Secondary masochism, in other words, is the relatively
casual version, more akin to a charade, and most commentators
are quick to point out its contrivedness.

Regardless of whether you feel it is contrived or not, when
indulging in this sadomasochistic "charade" both participants
can have a lot of fun with it without getting into the heavier
aspects of BDSM.

Certainly, if you discuss it with your partner and agree to have
some fun with it, then you are "contriving" and some folk think
that this is roleplay and therefore not "real". Personally I
think that if you don't discuss it, you are in danger of hurting
one another so role-play is safer.

If you enjoy FemDom but not physical pain then humiliation can
cut out any agony of the physical sensation of pain and get
straight to the good bit. At least it does for a masochist like
me. The sweet agony of humiliation when you know that your
Mistress is loving being "mean" to you.

For the Mistress who doesn't enjoy administering physical
punishment or discipline, the cruel tortures of teasing, denial,
rejection and thus humiliation of the masochistic victim can be
a form of sadism she can find much more acceptable.

Although, for me, the pain is often even sweeter when she goes
on to administer some physical punishment as well, but that's
another story.

David at Ms-Christine.com

Members only - read "Lovely Begging" by David

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C: teasing and denial fun NOT humiliation
Date: 7 Jan 2011 05:58:21 -0000
From: MichaelK

It is great to find DOMestic not only active again, but showing
just how good it can be!

As a man who does not want anything to do with humiliation I
hope I can add a new perspective.

Firstly, I think Christine has done an excellent job in
"humiliating to him - sexy for me" of showing how a partner who
does not enjoy giving humiliation in itself, can find ways of
not only making her partner very happy, but having a good time

And David provided a great explanation of why some men enjoy
humiliation in the "Lovely Humiliation" thread.

But I have worries about his examples of a teenage male asking
the girl he fancies for a dance / out on a date / or whatever.

For every "kinky" David who enjoys the second scenario there may
be a "Sensitive" Sam who has finally worked up the courage to
ask a girl out, and is then faced with the second scenario.

Sensitive Sam also feels deeply humiliated. But for him there is
nothing positive / fun / sexy about this.

Humiliation is a powerful emotion, and of course it can be
damaging if used not for fun.

Poor sensitive Sam is traumatized by what happens. It is many
months before he works up the courage to ask another girl out.
She rejects him in the nice way of scenario one, but sensitive
Sam now wonders whether she too is laughing at him. It may take
years for sensitive Sam to recover.

David's scenario 2 is a fun BDSM fantasy for those who enjoy
humiliation, but it is not BDSM because it is missing the
essential ingredient of consent.

For me to be happy with scenario 2 there would have to be some
"flirty" conversation during which the girl jokingly suggests
something humiliating, the man jokingly replies in a positive
way, she says something more serious, he replies with a subtext
of "I know what you mean, and I would love you to go further and
really humiliate me."

Of course the real world, and some people in it, can be cruel.
So I'm sure that there are women who would "enjoy" humiliating
Sensitive Sam. But that is not BDSM - it is just abuse.

The interactions between David and Christine on the other hand
are very clearly consensual. Christine has a very good
understanding of what David likes and David enjoys what happens.
Instead of David being traumatized, he gains great "pleasure"
from what happens, and as anyone who has read this digest for
many years knows, David and Christine's relationship has
benefited greatly from what they do.

When I read about men who are into humiliation not being able to
get what they would like, I feel fortunate that this is not one
of my kinks.

When I introduce my practice of Devotional Sex to a new date or
a friend, I tell them that I'm NOT into humiliation. If I get to
the stage of giving them a foot massage, during the massage I
tell them how I will do as they wish. I say something like:-

"This is all about mutual fun and not humiliation. If you tell
me to take my shirt off, and I feel that you are doing this to
humiliate me, then that is the end of things. But if later on
you have me naked, and you asked me to play with myself so that
you can enjoy watching me, and I feel that this had nothing to
do with humiliation and is just mutual fun, then this would be

Fortunately for me most women are not into humiliation. So my
words have led many otherwise vanilla women to explore what I'm
offering them, and I've often ended up naked at their feet.

As someone who will not accept humiliation, I don't think I
could give it. If I had a partner who wanted a session where she
was to be humiliated, even though we would both knew she would
enjoy feeling humiliated, I just don't think I could do it for

And if I really tried, not only do I think I would feel wrong
doing this, I don't think I would be very convincing when I

So maybe I understand how Pat/gwpm's wife feels when he wants
her to humiliate him. Maybe, like me, humiliating someone is
something that she just cannot get into.

Pat also says that his wife "doesn't like teasing and denial at
all, so I just 'want'."

If feeling humiliated is a big part of Pat's enjoyment of
teasing and denial then I have no advice for him.

But if humiliation is not needed, then I believe it is fairly
easy to arrange things so that he can get some teasing and
denial fun. But as this is no longer about humiliation, and as
I've been slammed on another forum for "excessive self
promotion", I'll say no more now.

Humiliation is interesting in that it is all in the mind. As an
earlier posting said, I woman urinating on her partner can be
just sexy fun and not be humiliating. Yet a Mistress gently
telling her partner off for bad table manners when dining with
friends may be deeply humiliating to him and provide a great

What matters is each of us finding out what works best for us
and our partners.

An earlier poster complained about DOMestic being too extreme.
Even though what David and Christine do together is too extreme
for me, I enjoy reading about their dynamic and the pleasure
they both derive from this. Their wisdom and experience have
messages far greater than just what they do. (And I just ignore
any stories I find too extreme.)

Thanks again for a great digest!

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Re: C: teasing and denial fun NOT humiliation
Date: Sat, 08 Jan 2011 04:53:48 -0000
From: "David" at u4ds.com


MichaelK wrote:

>If feeling humiliated is a big part of Pat's enjoyment of
>teasing and denial then I have no advice for him. But if
>humiliation is not needed, then I believe it is fairly easy to
>arrange things so that he can get some teasing and denial fun.

By all means post your "teasing and denial fun" suggestions
here. If folk think it's self promotion then they can simply
skip to the next message. We have moderators on DOMestic, and if
the post had no merit it wouldn't be included.

Even if Pat is not interested, I know from experience that there
are plenty of other men reading who would be only too keen to
hear suggestions for how they can get some "teasing and denial

I'll reply to the other matters you raised in the "Lovely
" thread.

David at Ms-Christine.com

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Re: C: Lovely Humiliation
Date: Sat, 08 Jan 2011 19:41:48 -0000
From: "David" at u4ds.com


In "Re: C: teasing and denial fun NOT humiliation" MichaelK

>I have worries about his examples of a teenage male asking
>the girl he fancies for a dance / out on a date / or whatever.

I understand your concerns, but they were fictionalised examples
of the kind of things that do happen to adolescents, and I was
explaining that such experiences may be formative experiences
for a man who later enjoys humiliation. I was not advocating
that they were an ideal of what should happen.

>David's scenario 2 is a fun BDSM fantasy for those who enjoy
>humiliation, but it is not BDSM because it is missing the
>essential ingredient of consent.

I thought it was clear that they were not stated to be
fantasies, bdsm or consensual but were stated as being "examples
involving the pain of rejection". By that I meant examples of
the kinds of things that may cause real pain to my hypothetical

This is something that might lead on to bdsm. I believe that
while desire or even lust is present in a young man, such
experiences of "cruel rejection" may push his buttons and help
him recognise he is a masochist. (or at least recognise that he
wants more of the same)

I thought I was explaining how that might be what happens to
others, as I'm reasonably sure it's pretty much what happened in
my case.

It's just the kind of cruelty adolescents might face as they
start to approach the objects of their desire (male or female).
Each will have a different response to it.

Some will be hurt, as I was. But some may also recognise that
they got something from that pain which they thought they liked
and attempt to repeat it.

>For me to be happy with scenario 2 there would have to be some
>"flirty" conversation during which the girl jokingly suggests
>something humiliating, the man jokingly replies in a positive
>way, she says something more serious, he replies with a subtext
>of "I know what you mean, and I would love you to go further and
>really humiliate me."

Yes, but you are describing consensual negotiation of a bdsm
relationship between adults. It may not always happen that way
to a couple of teenage (or younger) kids. These kinds of events
also happened to me in pre-teen years. And I even remember once
negotiating a girl into tying me to a tree - in a consensual
manner - when I was even younger (long before puberty).

I stated that I was demonstrating "the early burgeoning
pleasures of humiliation, and the kinds of scenario which might
involve this 'subtle' consent".

As I explained, the girl and boy in my example were involved in
a dance that could (but most likely would not) result in a
consensual bdsm relationship. I also suggested that in "reality
what may happen is that he is scared silly."

I was a scared boy, but I suspect that through such
experimentation and flirting with pain at a very early age that
I learned why consensual bdsm is not as emotionally painful. I
learned to turn it into the "charade" discussed by the
references mentioned in my post. This charade gives me pleasure
from the pain without really suffering because at heart I know
it's a charade I sought out.

>Of course the real world, and some people in it, can be cruel.
>So I'm sure that there are women who would "enjoy" humiliating
>Sensitive Sam. But that is not BDSM - it is just abuse.

Yes. A grown woman who enjoyed humiliating strangers without any
reason to think that she had permission would be an abuser. But
she would also be taking a big risk herself if she didn't have
such tacit permission.

It is the kind of unthinking cruelty that happens while we grow
up. I would not lumber pre-teen, or teenage girls experimenting
with their power over boys with the label of abusers. They have
to learn too.

David at Ms-Christine.com

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password site now has over 6,700 files with well over 400
stories, plus pictures, and hundreds of articles. $26.99 for a
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Re: C: all alone here
From: Jonathan Howes
Date: Thu, 6 Jan 2011 00:56:48 -0400

looking at jboy's post i had to give my head a shake to be sure
i hadn't posted that lol


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Re: C: all alone here
Date: Thu, 06 Jan 2011 05:25:10 -0000
From: "Christine" at u4ds.com


Jonathan Howes aka boyj wrote:

>i had to give my head a shake to be sure i hadn't posted that

Well, I guess there must be quite a few "boys" reading DOMestic
with a first name starting with the initial J.

The jboy you are replying about/to posts under the identity

If all the boys with a first initial of "J" post here, then
you'll need to differentiate yourselves in a manner similar to
that which "jboy2386" has already done.

But "boyj", in your case you are posting by email, so your name
in the "From" field of your email header currently results in
you posting under the name of "Jonathan Howes" rather than
"boyj" or "jboy" which means we can tell the difference even if
you are confused. :-)

If you post using the online form at:-


then you can choose to post under another or more precise
identity if you prefer.

Christine at Ms-Christine.com

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S: Cleaning for Emily
From: slcfemdomcouple
Date: 7 Jan 2011 19:54:14 -0000

Cleaning for Emily
by slcmalemaid

I am not a very good writer. I am much more of a programmer.

This story is 90% true and based on real events that have
happened to me and the other characters. Names have been changed
of course. The only parts that haven't happened is the eating of
cum other than my own, although that has been talked about
regularly, and the cleaning of houses other than my wife's and
her cousin's. Her cousin is a real estate agent though and I
imagine that the time might come when I am cleaning other houses
for her.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

"These had better be clean," I am told when my Mistress removes
the previously cum soaked panties from my mouth. "And now here's
your dinner," she continues while dumping my food onto the
toilet seat.

Of course the cum in the panties was not mine but was my "treat"
for being allowed to clean my Mistresses' cousins house yet
again. And I knew every item in my dinner since it consisted of
all the "inedible" parts left over from my preparation of my
Mistress and her cousin's dinner.

I guess that I should start at the beginning. This arrangement
began on my birthday several years ago when I made the
suggestion to my wife/mistress that I would love to serve both
her and Emily, her cousin, on my Birthday.

Both ladies had so much fun being served and pampered while I
was tormented that it quickly became a regular routine. Thus,
when informed at work the previous evening that we would be
going to Emily's house for cleaning and to get everything ready,
I wasn't surprised at all.

"Open wide for your treat," Emily tells me as the door is opened
for me and my Mistress.

Without any delay the panties are shoved into my mouth where the
taste of cum immediately permeates all my senses.

"Jack had a really big load stored up," she says with a smile.

Cleaning for my mistresses is always accompanies by such a

I guess that informing my wife that I thought swallowing someone
else's cum was the most submissive thing I could think of wasn't
such a great idea. Some days I am gagged with a pair of cum
soaked panties. Other times I am given a used condom that is to
be sucked clean after performing my duties. Once there was spent
semen on the floor of the kitchen that I had to lick up.

I am not sure how Emily and my Mistress obtain all the cum,
presumably Jack, Emily's husband, gets a hand job into the
panties but I have learned through their hints that not all the
cum is his. In any event it is always made clear that the cum is
a special treat that I am given in "payment" for my cleaning

"By the way," Emily casually informs me, "I have a new house
that I am listing and I will need it cleaned by Friday."

I can't get upset since cleaning these houses for Emily was my
idea. The thing though about cleaning the other houses is that I
am usually quite alone. Emily will give my wife the address who
will then give it to me. I have to drive to and from the house
in uniform. I will show up at the house at night where there is
a note and the requisite "treat". I am usually not finished
cleaning until 3 or 4 in the morning. And quite often when I get
back home all I get is a "how was your cleaning." Emily never
acknowledges the cleaning other than leaving the notes and the
treats. Yet every time a note with a new address is given to me
my cock betrays me with its excitement.

"Here is your list of chores. We are going downstairs to watch a

"Clean well" my wife adds with a smile.

And so my day begins. It takes me a while to unpack all my
cleaning supplies and of course I know that I am to provide a
snack for the ladies as they watch their movie. This is so well
known that it isn't ever on the list.

I quickly slice the cheese and apples I have brought and rinse
the grapes. I place everything nicely on a platter and pop open
a bottle of Riesling that I brought up chilled. The smell of
cheese and apples combined with the pungent aroma and taste of
cum in my mouth is overwhelming.

Walking down the carpeted stairs in high heels is always a
challenge but combined with carrying a tray full of food and
wine is even more difficult.

I quietly enter the theater room and place the snacks near my
mistresses. I pour the wine and start to leave.

"Not so fast," Emily orders me. "Lift up your skirt."

I shyly hike up my skirt and both she and mistress give a laugh
and my straining cock in it's chastity belt covered with a
floral thong.

"Get cleaning" my wife scolds after laughing with Emily.

I close the door very quietly behind me.

"Chores" the list reads.

  • 1. Clean all the bathrooms.
  • 2. Clean the kitchen top to bottom.
  • 3. Clean all the baseboards.
  • 4. Vacuum all the carpets.
  • 5. Clean all the hardwood.
  • 6. Wash and replace all the sheets.
  • 7. Do the laundry.
  • 8. Lick all my shoes in the basket clean

I know better than to follow the list in order and immediately
go around to all the bedrooms gathering the sheets to be put
into the wash. Fortunately, Emily has a rather large and modern
washing machine and the sheets will be ready to put back on
within an hour.

While scrubbing the floor around the toilet in the guest
bathroom my phone beeps. Of course it is mistress text messaging
me a demand. This is a clever idea they came up with last time I

"More wine now," the message reads.

I quietly go into the theater room and pour wine for each of the
ladies. The wine was sitting right there next to them but we all
know that it is my role to serve them and that they need not
lift a finger.

"And take this tray out with you."

I take the tray to the kitchen and continue with my cleaning.

The day continues much in the same way with my cleaning hard and
stopping on and off to provide for some need of the ladies. I
can't really explain why, but performing these menial tasks for
my mistress or her cousin puts me into a submissive headspace
that is pure Zen.

There is something particularly submissive about cleaning
someone else's toilet while dressed as a slut maid or doing
their laundry and folding and putting away their husband's
clothes. And licking dirty shoes clean is absolutely mind
blowingly submissive for me.

"Stop and bend over," I hear one of them say as I am cleaning a
mirror. I am so absorbed in my submissive world that I have no
idea which one it was.

My panties are pulled around my ankles and I feel lube being
applied all around my anus.

Pulling the panties out of my mouth Emily orders me to "Suck my
dick, slut" while holding her strap-on to my face.

I quickly comply. I nearly gag though when my mistress impales
me with her strap-on.

"What a slut you are!" I am told while being fucked in the ass
and sucking the dildo in my mouth. "One of these days we are
really going to loan you out to the boys."

"Enough of that slut." I am told after several minutes of
fucking and sucking. "Quit screwing around and get back to work!
We are going out back," mistress says while shoving the panties
back into my mouth.

The ladies leave to sit on the patio while I am left to clean
myself up and put back on my panties.

After another hard couple hours cleaning the time is nearly 5:00
and fortunately I am done cleaning and can begin preparing
dinner. As is often requested, dinner consists of pear and
Gorgonzola salad, dry aged steaks, asparagus with balsamic
reduction and mashed potatoes. I know better than to make more
than the two of them will eat.

Knowing what is expected of me I keep all the trimmings in a
separate bowl for my dinner. While the ladies will be eating a
fine meal lovingly prepared I will be eating pear cores, the
hard ends of asparagus, fatty steak trimmings and uncooked
potato peels.

For whatever reason I find that this eating of scraps while my
mistresses enjoy a delicious meal to be ever so arousing. A
particular favorite meal from a brunch past was cereal with
golden nectar instead of milk dumped onto the bathroom floor.
Often I simply get a can of cold stew emptied onto a convenient

I light candles and set the table for a lovely dinner for the
ladies. I open the wine (a very nice 1992 California Cabernet
that I had been saving) and pour two glasses. I then go to fetch
the ladies.

Emily lives in a resort area and the back patio faces a walking
trail so going out to fetch them is always extremely scary and I
know better than to make any noise so I just go out back and
stand next to them until one of the asks me: "Is dinner ready?"

I swear that they love making me stand there exposed waiting for
someone to walk by. Fortunately no one ever has.

I follow them back into the house and pull the chairs out for
each of them. Keeping close attention on the ladies I serve them
each course and make certain to keep their wine glasses filled.

"Add this to your dinner" I am told when clearing the remains of
the steaks. I put the fatty remains of the steaks into the bowl
with the rest of my dinner.

I finish all the dishes while the ladies enjoy their wine.

"Go get yourself ready for dinner," Mistress tell me.

I know that this means that I must go take off my maids uniform,
lock my wrist cuffs around the toilet and wait for them to bring
my dinner to me.

After several minutes the ladies come into the bathroom and
present me with my dinner. "You have 15 minutes to eat,"
Mistress informs me after dumping out the mess of food scraps.

As usual, eating this mess while tied to the toilet never fails
to bring me to arousal. My cock strains against its cage the
entire time I am eating dinner.

"Slut, it's time to go home. Thank Mistress Emily for letting
you clean her house."

"Thank you Mistress Emily," I say as I am being unhooked from
the toilet.

"Put your uniform back on, clean up the toilet and load the

The ladies say their good byes as I load up all my cleaning
supplies into the car. All the while I think about the house
cleaning and cum eating I will be doing again within a day or

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Re: S: Cleaning for Emily
Date: 14 Jan 2011 11:58:01 -0000
From: jboy2386

Great story. It's interesting how extreme our imaginings can be.
I really enjoyed the story.

Jboy2386 (don't want to be muddled with all the other Jboys)

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C: Cum soaked panties and a vivid imagination
Date: 17 Jan 2011 23:10:49 -0000
From: jboy2386

If you have ever watched Christine's "Going out" video where
David winds up in the closet while his mistress gets "all
sticky." You might, like me, share an excitement for the idea
that the object of your worship is out getting drilled by a
stranger and returning with a special treat for her subby.

In the story here about "Cleaning for Emily," it starts with
poor slave getting a pair of cum soaked panties stuffed in his

So, what do you think? Is this safe and sane or barking mad. My
wife and I play a cuckold game based on Christine's software.
She "milks" me now and again and freezes my slave squirt for
later use.

When she "Goes out" I never really get to hear what happens. Her
panties are of course soaked with cum on her return. The frozen
squirt is gone, but as she says - "how do you know I didn't use
yours to cover up my lovers?"

We probably would never actually do it. If we did what's the
consensus on just how dangerous it is?


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Re: C: Cum soaked panties and a vivid imagination
Date: Sun, 06 Feb 2011 18:56:41 -0000
From: "David" at u4ds.com


jboy2386 wrote:

>Christine's "Going out" video where David winds up in the
>closet while his mistress gets "all sticky." -snip- drilled by
>a stranger and returning with a special treat for her subby
>-snip- Is this safe and sane or barking mad

It is totally safe if the person who gets Mistress all sticky is
a fictional creation and doesn't really exist.

Some might think we would both be barking mad to indulge in such
a pretense, but it is highly exciting for me to imagine my
Mistress is really "all sticky" when she has told me to clean
her intimate places on her return after a night out. My
imagination fills in all kinds of blanks.

In reality, it would be highly unsafe for my Mistress to accept
the bodily fluids of any other person, in any orifice, unless
she was totally confident that the partner was totally healthy
and free of sexually transmitted diseases.

To a lesser degree, it would also be risky for me to clean her
up afterwards. There is no doubt in my mind that the risk to her
would be greater, and I'm also in no doubt that she would be
highly cautious in her behaviour. She would have a partner use a
condom to protect herself, even if she thought him likely to be

>When she "Goes out" I never really get to hear what happens.
>-snip- We probably would never actually do it. If we did
>what's the consensus on just how dangerous it is?

I think one important issue on safety is whether it is one
regular lover as an additional partner that one is confident of,
or whether the additional partners are "players" - the latter
would be highly dangerous to share fluids with. And multiple
players would be lunacy.


Download "Games People Play" by David

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Re: S: Jim's Story - part eleven
Date: 2 Feb 2011 16:44:06 -0000
From: John Barton

A most interesting vignette. However, I think Lucy and Karen
should have had Jim pay homage, a verbal tribute to their
wonderful unique anatomy. Like say.....

In the toilet Lucy ordered, "Jim remove my panties. Now look.
Look very well."

She bent low, knees straight. The glorious ample ass rose high,
bobbed then gyrated. Dark amber pubic tufts showed delightfully.
She arose, then peed holding her skirt high. She touched her
lipstick and simultaneously pointed at her still dripping bush
then motioned me forward. Pushing my head into it she ordered,
"lick me clean."

I complied with alacrity.

"Kneel, now your best sincere verbal homage please!"

"Queen Goddess Lucy, your body temple is unique and fits my
fantasy of the beautiful Mistress of my dreams. The derriere so
fine. Firm yet soft smooth globes create the ass to die for. Oh
to knead, kiss and playfully spank that gorgeous thing. And the
copious springing tendrils that create a hirsute dream for me.
It so wonderfully tickled my loving face just now. And the
aroma, yes the aroma, and the tasty salty juicy blend, they
have me floating. Oh thank you Goddess for this reward."

To be continued. Karen's verbal tribute tomorrow.

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Re: S: Jim's Story - part eleven (2)
Date: 3 Feb 2011 14:30:34 -0000
From: John Barton

Continuation of my reply to Jim's Story # 11:

When Lucy takes Jim to her room I imagine this scene: "Jim, your
earlier verbal was nice. Kathleen is lucky to have you as total
slave, but right now you are under my control. You will now
serve me as you would Kathleen. What does she really dig."

"Her menu is long and varied. But corporal, body worship,
exhibition are favorites - and in endless varied forms."

"Body worship? Sounds most interesting. Tell me, Jim, do you
worship all her body."


"Um, yes sounds good. But she's not here so we will do it my

"Wonderful Miss Lucy."

Lucy began slowly undressing. "You have not seen all of me." She
cupped and lifted gorgeous mounds. "You may kiss me now."

A really good kiss - two tongues searching mouths - now suckling
ramrod nips that jutted like soldiers.

With heavy panting breath she continued slowly removed each
remaining garment. As if on stage she strutted, turned, and
gyrated. A gorgeous naked Lucy now cavorted in wonderful poses.

"I enjoyed, so much, your complements on my derriere earlier
today. Let me present it formally right now."

She turned, bent over, thrusting it high as possible. A slow
gyration. "You may kiss me now, intimately."

A mouth smack on each mounding cheek. then the hard press of
lips deep between the crease - quick but full contact made.

She arose, "a very good start, slave Jim." She verily pranced
around the bed then raising legs high, then back over her head,
knees tight. which again presented the ample ass so wonderfully.

He virtually dove in. Quick kisses all over that ample treasure
of fine girl ass, ending with deep thrust into the crease from
which peeped electric curled tufts He rose, then lay beside her.

"Lucy, may I begin my worship with kissing first your lips"

"Oh yes, yes!"

They kissed like beginning high school lovers for several
minutes. So fine. Neck nibbling, ear nipping, blowing in each
ear. Then a another long two- tongues searching kiss.

"Hands clasped on your neck please."

She looked surprised but complied. He suckled, nibbled, then a
real tongue washing.

"I love that you have not shaved there."

In arousal Goddess odors and tastes are another treat for
adoring slaves. Twenty minutes more of kissing nearly all her
skin. And the eating. So marvelous. The cleft, hair sprouting,
leaping, twining. And then, this time not a quick lip-peck, but
a full blown expression from slave to Goddess that her puckered
rose was his treasure too.

"Lucy, I can verbalize a tribute, but my tongue wagging,
searching, thrusting, says more that my best uttered words. And
indeed, Lucy, you possess a body temple that all men would
covet. A wonderful treat to fully adore each and every inch and
every dimple, aperture, and limb."

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C: training program question
Date: 5 Feb 2011 20:02:38 -0000
From: jboy2386


Question for you. I have tried to support your efforts by buying
the videos and the training program.

My partner and I still love the training program, which is now
very old.

Did you ever consider an upgrade price? Seems a bit harsh to
shell out another $99 for the 2009 version.

Just a thought!


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Re: C: training program question
From: "Christine" at u4ds.com
Date: Sat, 05 Feb 2011 21:07:24 -0000

Hello jboy2386,

I'm not harsh at all :-) as you will see....

jboy2386 wrote:

>My partner and I still love the training program, which is now
>very old.

Yes, I think perhaps you purchased back in 1999, and I'm pleased
you are still enjoying it ten years later.

>Did you ever consider an upgrade price?

Yes. But you probably don't have to pay an upgrade fee.

When we introduced version 3 we did make a nominal charge to
folk who had versions 1 and 2 to go to V3, as it was a major

>Seems a bit harsh to shell out another $99 for the 2009

The 2009 version you refer to is version 3.2, and was only a
minor change within version three to make it work on IE8 and
other modern browsers.

If you need a copy of 3.2 to get V3 working on your system just
drop a line to me at the support address listed on the Fem Dom
Software page
, with the name and address you used when
purchasing any previous version 3, and I'll email you the latest
version free of charge.


The Fem Dom Training Software.
Advises on how best to train your husband/lover.

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S: Jim's Story - part thirty-three
Date: Tue, 21 Dec 2010 21:27:25 -0500
From: randolphus

Jim's Story by randolphus
first part linked here

part thirty-three - Friday

I found coffee in the motel and brought it to our room, this
woke Betty and I gave her the coffee and I was amazed how
beautiful she was. Why didn't I think she was beautiful when we
first met?

Betty said: "Did I give you permission to get coffee?"

I said: "I think so Miss Betty, at least until we get home."

Betty said: "That was to make coffee."

I said: "I'm at your mercy Miss Betty but I thought you said any
sweet thing."

Betty said: "You're right, I said that, why are you so nervous?"

I said: "I'm not allowed to argue."

Betty said: "Then why did you?"

I said: "I was afraid of being punished."

Betty said: "But you should be punished for arguing?"

I said: "Yes ma'am"

Betty said: "Isn't it up to me to decide?"

I said: "Yes ma'am of course."

Betty said: "I'll think about it."

I wondered if this would be the last time I dressed Betty. She
was attractive to me because she was so much like Sarah but

In the morning I could bear sitting at a restaurant for
breakfast. Betty said she didn't drive on freeways. So I had to
drive and sit on my very sore butt. Betty guided me to a store
where I bought a thick lamb's wool pad for my seat. How did she
know where the store was, and why was she so considerate? I

I told Sarah we would be home in the early afternoon. By the
time we arrived my butt wasn't hurting any more. I helped Betty
from the van and carried in her suitcase behind her.

Sarah and Kathleen hugged and kissed Betty who returned the
affections as if they hadn't seen each other for years. I
curtsied but I was ignored. I carried Betty's suitcase upstairs.
I carried all the boxes upstairs; there was a large dresser and
Betty's bed that I couldn't move by myself.

The ladies moved to the family room and were chatting and I
entered, curtsied three times and stood waiting. Sarah asked
Betty if I had behaved. Betty said that I was a sweetheart.
Sarah and Kathleen were complimenting Betty on selling her house
and packing up so quickly. Betty accepted the compliments with
'there was some luck involved.'

I said: "Excuse me Miss Betty."

Betty said: "What Jim?"

I said: "You may have either of two rooms, would you like to see

Betty said: "No you choose, if I don't like it you can move me
to the other one."

I said: "Yes ma'am, but I also need help getting your bed and
the dresser upstairs."

Sarah said: "Don't be tedious, get us some wine and then go fix
Betty's room."

I said: "Yes ma'am;" I Curtsied three times and left to search
for some wine.

I returned, curtsied and served some Cabernet Sauvignon wine. I
left the bottle. And curtsied.

I managed to get the mattress upstairs and inspired by that I
got the dresser up also. I tried to imagine being Betty - would
I like facing the street or facing the back of the house. I
decided that Betty would like the street view, she could see who
comes and goes.

I moved the furniture a few times to get the best layout. I
emptied the boxes and put everything away, into drawers and into
the closet. I took care to fold her panties and bras. I arranged
her shoes nicely.

I folded the packing boxes and took them outside. I visited my
mistresses and curtsied three times.

They took no notice of me.

I said: "Miss Kathleen I would like to return the van, it will
take about half an hour."

Kathleen said: "How will you get back?"

I said: "I left my car in the lot where I rented the van Miss

Kathleen said: "Consider dinner for us and check the
refrigerator, we haven't shopped while you were gone and maybe
pick up some groceries and Carmen left you a list and it's on
the refrigerator."

I said: "Yes ma'am, I'll also go to the store, so it will be an
hour and a half."

Sarah said: "Jim, Miss Betty will take over managing you here at
home. Ask her permission to return the van and shop."

I said to Sarah: "Yes ma'am."

I said to Betty: "Miss Betty, I would like to return the Van and
then shop for groceries specifically for dinner tonight, I
estimate the overall time less than an hour and a half."

Betty said: "You have permission to do that, what else will you

I said: "Miss Kathleen said that Miss Carmen left me a list of
feminine hygiene products to purchase for the office, I would
like to purchase those also."

Betty said: "You can buy all that in one store?"

I said: "I can buy most things at the grocery store but I also
go to Trader Joe's store to buy wine and cheese."

Betty said: "I've never seen a Trader Joe's store so I'll go
with you."

I said: "Thank you Miss Betty."

Betty said: "The way you should have asked for permission was to
say at the beginning which stores you were planning to visit. We
will work on that."

I said: "Yes ma'am; would you like to see your room?"

Betty said: "Lead the way."

We went upstairs and I showed her the front room I had set up.

She looked in the drawers and must have seen her underwear and
in the closet and saw her shoes lined up and her clothes

Betty said she wanted a hook in the wall opposite her bed and I
followed her to the bathroom and she said one opposite to the

I said; "Yes ma'am."

We went downstairs and I put Betty into the van and I got in.

Betty said: "You did a nice job on my room, did you have

I said: "Miss Sarah said to get wine and then fix your room."

Betty said: "That's good, I'm waiting for you to do something
without permission so I can use the lovely stocks Mom got for

I said: "Miss Betty I promised I would never disappoint you.
Would you like me to do something without permission?"

Betty laughed: "Do you want me to beat you?"

I said: "I want to do what you want, always."

Betty said: "You're a sweet boy and we all love you."

Betty offered to buy all the feminine products. I bought all the
food I needed. We checked out in separate lines almost at the
same time.

We went to Trader Joe's. It's an eclectic market specializing in
wine, cheese, imported delicacies and specialty produce. I saw
Betty was fascinated; another foodie in the household would be
welcome. I bought granolas, wines, cheeses, frozen meat patties,
packaged meats, bread, muffins, did I say wine. Trader Joe's
does not ask if you want paper or plastic, they bag it in paper
bags with handles. Betty was ecstatic.

On the way home Betty said: "After you put the food away, let's
play with the stocks, I want to examine your ass, I may not beat

I said: "Yes ma'am."

Betty said: "When we get home, you will want to put the food
away, I will expect you to request permission to do that. Then
because you're such a dutiful boy you will place yourself into
the stocks, but I want you to ask for permission."

I said: "Yes ma'am."

Betty said: "You have been doing a lot of autonomous work; from
now on you get permission from me."

I said: "Yes ma'am; do I have permission to do nothing?"

Betty said: "Of course not. Whenever you have nothing to do, you
come to me and stand at attention or because you're such a sweet
boy you can kiss my feet all the way up to my knees."

I said: "Yes ma'am, but what if you're sleeping or not around?"

Betty said: "If I'm sleeping you write a note explaining what
you are about to do and slip it under my door. If I'm not around
you deposit it first with Mom and then Sarah. If they decide not
to give you permission then you won't have it. In summary you
cannot be doing any task if I or Mom or Sarah has not said you
may. Except if every one of us is asleep you can submit your
request to me in writing."

I said: "Yes ma'am."

Betty said: "You don't understand why you have to do this, you
explained so well why you stand and serve while we eat dinner;
this is the same principal. You are completely under our
control. Isn't that where you want to be?"

I said: "Yes ma'am, I see but I thought I could do things that
no one asked that would please you?"

Betty said: "We know that and think it's wonderful, but imagine
how much better if you have to get permission to do it."

I said: "Yes ma'am, I see."

Betty said: "Please pay attention to getting permission because
I'm very strict, there are no more exceptions you will be dealt
with severely."

I said: "Yes ma'am;" and I shivered.

Miss Betty: "May I put the food we brought away when we get
home, it takes fifteen to thirty minutes."

Betty said: "Excellent you may do that."

I said: "Miss Betty: One of my tasks is doing laundry. On
Thursday nights I hand wash Miss Sarah's and Miss Kathleen's
undergarments, which I iron on Friday night. I presume with your
approval I will have the honor of doing yours as well. My
question is that since I wasn't present this past Thursday or
Friday what Miss Sarah and Miss Kathleen's expectations
concerning making up those chores are?"

Betty said: "You are wondering if you have to do that tonight
prior to placing yourself into the stocks?"

I said: "Yes ma'am."

Betty said: "Report to me when you're finished putting the food
away and I will let you know."

I said: "Yes ma'am."

When we got home I put the food away and thought about what
Betty said. Maybe they don't know how much I do. But do I have
to ask permission to go to the toilet, I wondered?

I curtsied and stood at attention near Betty's seat. I didn't
want to be kissing Betty's feet under Sarah's gaze. No one paid
any attention to me. So I continued to stand and feel stupid,
nothing new.

Betty said: "Jim owes me a little stock time."

Sarah said: "I'm hungry have him fix dinner."

Betty said: "You heard; you may fix dinner."

I said: "May I also set the table and clean the kitchen, Miss

Betty said: "You may."

I thought that I got off lucky because Betty could have wanted
to know what I was going to fix (I had no idea at that moment)
or how long it would take.

I decided that when in doubt boil water and see if there is
pasta. Step two - what to put on the pasta, etc. They got
spaghetti Carbonara, spinach salad, dinner roles and Chardonnay.
Cooking the bacon took most of the time. Sauteing the garlic
helped everyone start salivating.

I seated the ladies, and offered additional ground black pepper
or shredded parmesan.

With three ladies I did more fetching than just standing. They
almost didn't leave me any. I cleared the table, cleaned the
kitchen, started the dishwasher, and reported back with three
curtsies and I stood at attention feeling stupid. I was ignored
until Sarah said: "Is there more wine?"

I said: "Yes ma'am;" curtsied three times and went to get the
bottle. Returned, curtsied and poured wine for each lady. Placed
the wine on the coffee table, and stood at attention next to
Betty, I felt heat around my neck, I was blushing from
embarrassment. The ladies ignored me.

Finally Betty said: "I understand Jim that you put yourself into
the stocks, please strip before you do."

I said: "Yes ma'am;" and curtsied to everyone.

I waited in the stocks and after ten or fifteen minutes Betty
showed up and tightened the strap and lowered the top that held
my head and hands. Evidently someone had given her instruction.

Betty examined my butt. She said there was only a trace of the
beating I received. She said: "Tomorrow we could give you a
caning if it becomes necessary."

She said: "Where do you sleep?"

I said: "With my wife when I can, frequently on the floor in
Miss Kathleen's closet."

Betty said: "Would you like to sleep with me?"

I said: "It's not my decision."

Betty said: "You're right but I asked you a question."

I said: "I love my wife. Miss Kathleen persuaded my wife to keep
me on the basis that I become her slave and facilitated me
becoming so."

Betty said: "When you and Sarah married you were both straight?"

I said: "Yes, I had fantasies but I never discussed it with

Betty said: "We've been talking about me taking you over."

I said: "Yes ma'am."

Betty said: "My mom and Sarah aren't really into domination.
They've done well with a very talented and willing subject. But
I am and I think I can take you further than you have imagined."

I said: "Yes ma'am;" She wasn't asking me anything. And I didn't
like this conversation. I was totally immobilized. If I said the
wrong thing I could be left here all night.

Betty said: "Have you been left in this overnight?"

I said: "Yes ma'am, just once."

Betty said: "Was it uncomfortable?"

I said: "Yes ma'am; it was terrible because basically I was
standing but leaning forward, and there was pressure on my
shoulder, everything hurt by morning, and Miss Sarah and Miss
Kathleen were mad at me."

Betty said: "I was thinking of leaving you here all night
because you're not excited at my proposal."

I said: "Yes ma'am."

Betty said: "Will you be more enthusiastic in the morning."

I said: "Miss Betty you are beautiful and what you say excites
all my fantasies, I have come to adore you, and I have so much
respect for you, but my one and only love is Sarah. If she tells
me I have to be your slave I will do the best I can."

Betty said: "So you want Sarah to give you to me?"

I said: "Essentially, but it's complicated because I am no
longer permitted to want?"

Betty said: "Neither my mom nor Sarah are into any of this
domination, they do it for you because I told them about it."

I said: "Yes ma'am, I have come to realize that they were just
pushing my buttons because, well I guess because they loved me."

Betty said: "That didn't bother you?"

I said: "Of course it gave me pause, Miss Betty, but your mom
and Sara started it so I 'played' along, and tried to pay them
back with love and service. They escalated it and I tried to do
the same. Then I met one of your soul sisters."

Betty said: "Are you talking about Peggy?"

I said: "Yes ma'am. I am privileged to know two actual
practising domineering females."

Betty laughed. "So it's been a game for you?"

I said: "I don't think so. Sara has changed, your mom is
conflicted about her feelings, one of my co-workers who is a
rising star, is trying it out. Sarah thinks that I will never
come on to her and say 'how about a role in the hay tonight
baby;' I'm saying that we have all changed."

Betty said: "Okay, you may end up here all night because I lost
a bet to Sarah. She said almost exactly what you said and I bet
her a hundred bucks that you were easy pickings."

I said: "I'm at your mercy Miss Betty."

Betty said: "In that case you are in trouble. But maybe your
wife will rescue you."

Betty left; turned off the light and closed the door.

About an hour later my lovely Sarah came. She caressed my head
and kissed my forehead and eyes and then on the mouth. Then she
released me. I carried my clothes and followed her upstairs to
our bedroom.

Immediately Sarah set on my penis corset to unlock it. Sarah
said things to me like I could have her forever, we did
everything. And it was all wonderful. Sarah in my arms was my
dreams fulfilled.

Part 34 will be on the DOMestic blog this evening at:- http://u4ds.com/

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S: The Prisoner - Chapter 81
From: Boz 4444
Date: Tue, 28 Dec 2010 20:12:32 +0000

Another Chapter for your approval.
Kind regards,

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

The Prisoner, by Will Cane

Chapter 81

Members can read the 80 previous episodes at:-

It was one of the newspaper tabloids that started the public
interest in the new Correctional Centres: Rumours of excesses
taken by both male and female staff started to spread.
Sometimes, the treatment the prisoners receive when loaned out
for service in the Community was far harsher. Needless to say,
any released prisoner who was known to be talking to the press
was soon removed from view with a judicial restraining order
that committed them to one of the even newer Enhanced Centres.

The overwhelming fear that was ingrained into every prisoner was
to be totally obedient to any female remotely in authority
otherwise their release to society would be delayed
indefinitely. Obedience to any form of abuse or discipline was
simply part of the system to them.

One young female reporter did carry out interviews with the ex-
prisoners and managed to elicit graphic accounts of how severely
individuals had been treated. But what none of them knew, as
they whispered the accounts of how they had been abused to the
attractive and sympathetic female reporter, was that she
actually held rank in the Security Services. This ensured that
once the stories had been put into an official report, the
report itself was given a classification that would keep it away
from all but official eyes. Then the whistle blowers would find
themselves seized on some pretext of breaking the conditions of
their release and delivered to a far worse Centre than the one
that they had been originally held in.

The first report came from a thirty five year old male by the
name of Chater. He had been treated pretty much within the rules
in the Correctional Centre, even though that was bad enough in
itself. It was when he was sent out to work in the community
that he really had problems. This had been an approved system
whereby ladies with status in the area would have the benefit of
a male or female prisoner to use as a servant. In no time it
became subject to abuse and corruption and anyone with the cash
to bribe Corrections Officers could come by some free labour to
say nothing of the opportunity to ill-treat someone who had no
recourse to any complaint or justice.

Chater had been dropped off at a small detached house in the
country and signed for by a Mrs Shaw a slim dark haired woman in
her early fifties. He was dressed in the regulation t-shirt,
denim shorts and trainers that his particular centre required
with just a change of kit including an athletic support and a
wash kit in a small bag.

She showed him to a small room in the attic with just a simple
iron bed and blankets with the words that he could forget any
ideas about being on some sort of holiday. She sat on the bed as
he stood next to it at attention.

"You will address me as Madam and I will address you by your
surname. I expect high standards of respect and obedience at all
times. You will not be given an order twice.

When you step out of line I will ask for a visit from one of the
staff at your Centre to knock some sense into you. Strictly
speaking I don't have any powers of punishment but I wouldn't
rely on that fact too much."

She stood up.

"Is that understand Chater?"

He nodded nervously, his hopes of working for a kind employer

Without warning she slapped first his left cheek then his right
with the back of her right hand.

After that he managed to avoid antagonising his new owner too
much and seemed to be leading a reasonably pleasant existence,
at least, as reasonably pleasant as any prisoner/servant could

Days slipped by and the only event of note was when she called
him in and asked when he was last milked. Chater explained,
somewhat embarrassed, that it had been nearly a month ago. Mrs
Shaw grimaced:

"I may see if we can arrange something for you on purely health
grounds. In the meantime I want you to wear this at all times as
I have no wish to see your genitals, particularly if you are
unable to control yourself at any time and start to erect."

She handed him his issued athletic support that had been
modified somewhat. Inside the pouch, stitched to the upper part
of the lining was a white rigid tube. Inside it were numerous
plastic spikes.

He was told to ensure that the end of his uncovered penis was
properly fitted into the tube with the foreskin pulled hard
back. Any amount of engorgement would then force the unprotected
glans up into the hostile tube and encourage a rapid change of
attitude. It could be removed for natural functions and at night
but to prevent any distasteful sights for Mrs Shaw, it was to be
in place at all times other than those exceptions.

He then settled into the routine of the house. It was true that
Mrs Shaw treated him with total contempt, especially in front of
her visitors and relatives particularly the female ones and that
she had used a strap on his covered backside on a couple of
occasions. She certainly seemed to find every demeaning and
unpleasant job such as her personal laundry and keeping the
house toilets spotless for him to do - but on the whole, life
was better than in the prison.

She had not followed through on her threat to seek the services
of one of the staff from the local Correctional Centre to
discipline him, for which he was more than grateful. On the
whole, for a prisoner, life was pretty good.

Until he was taken to his first ladies coffee morning:

It seemed that several ladies in the area who had prisoner-
servants met up on a regular basis to compare notes. To legalise
the proceedings of these meetings the ladies would always invite
a "guest speaker" from the Correctional Centre who would be
especially selected for her uncompromising attitude to both male
and female inmates. Mrs Shaw was soon invited to join the group
and took Chater along for the first meeting.

The house was large and in its own grounds. They were met at the
door by a male slave dressed as Chater was in T shirt, shorts
and trainers. He indicated the kitchen to Chater and escorted
Mrs Shaw into a large well lit sitting room where the hostess, a
slim fair headed lady in her mid-thirties was serving coffee.

There were eight ladies present ranging in age from late teens
to early forties. They were all dressed in formal blouses and
skirts. One of the younger girls was a niece of the house owner
and the other younger girl the lady's Polish au pair. The guests
were seated on comfortable armchairs along one wall.

A loud knock at the door announced the arrival of a further
guest. This time it was a uniformed prison wardress by the name
of Miss Sinclair. Tall, heavily built in her thirties with long
blonde hair drawn up in a rigid bun behind her head she went
round introducing herself with a firm handshake.

Meanwhile the male who had answered the door broke the bad news
to the four male and two female prisoners assembled in the
kitchen. One of the females and two of the males had served time
under the woman and were immediately nervous of how she would
conduct the morning's procedures.

As one of them explained:

There was a wide variety of staff in their centre. All were
strict but Miss Sinclair had earned the reputation of being
harsh, unforgiving and severe in all her dealing with the
prisoners. Being on report to her always resulted in being
sentenced to more strokes or pain than the other staff and when
she was on punishment infliction duties she put extra effort
into every stroke or whack ensuring that all the so called
penalty strokes for misbehaviour during punishment were
allocated and inflicted.

Any hopes of an easy time at the weekly meeting of their owners
were dashed. He also mentioned that he had been told to move
from her car boot two items. The first was a black four feet
long cylinder with a closed top that when lifted made the all
too familiar dry rattling sound of canes. The second was a black
hold-all that contained items that he couldn't even guess at.

The house owner, Mrs Rooney started the after-coffee events by
calling in her personal male servant to clear away the cups and
equipment. The group of prisoners were then called in and told
to form a line in front of the seated ladies at the 'present'

Mrs Rooney announced that there were two new servants and with a
smile in Miss Sinclair's direction suggested that they be given
the traditional welcome. Chater and a young female were called

Mrs Rooney then moved a high backed chair into the centre and
produced a wooden hairbrush from a nearby shelf. "Well ladies...
the servants will now take a whack on each buttock from each of
us as is our tradition here."

The lady of the house sat in the chair, pulled her skirt up to
reveal her stockinged thighs and motioned the girl towards her.
Following her orders the girl raised her short skirt and
blushing, lowered her small white panties to her knees before
she lay across the lap. Her buttocks still showed the bruising
from a previous beating when she was still in the Centre but Mrs
Rooney brought her brush down with her weight behind it on each
cheek in turn.

By now the other ladies had produced their hairbrushes and
arranged themselves on the edge of the armchair seats. The male
replaced the female over the lap with his shorts down but his
athletic support in place. By the time he received his welcome
whacks the girl was already well down the line of ladies with
her buttocks becoming more agonised with each application.

Just when they thought it was over, Miss Sinclair borrowed one
of the heavier brushes, ordered them both to bend and touch
their toes and laid in with her own efforts.

The meeting proper could then start.

Miss Sinclair, still wearing her full uniform and hat announced
to the room that her talk would be on the subject of
"Maintenance treatments for prisoners in the community."

She explained that the powers that be were uneasy about the
relatively benign treatment that many such prisoners were
receiving in the hands of their owners compared with their
treatment inside the Correctional Centres. All too often the
excuse was given that the prisoner had been behaving well, and
this may well be true, but that the essential edge of respect
and fear had been reduced.

The recommendation, or more to the point requirement, was that
all prisoners must receive a maintenance punishment session
every week. It was felt that this should be given at the same
exact time every seven days and that it should be severe enough
so that they would most certainly not look forward to it with
anything other than trepidation. The minimum set was to be eight
strokes of the heavy strap across the naked buttocks and it
should be laid on hard.

She ordered the elder of the female prisoners to bring her the
hold-all and on unzipping it, produced a meaty looking leather
strap with a wooden handle. The business end was around eighteen
inches in length and almost a quarter of an inch thick with
rounded ends.

"This is one of the type that we use in the Centres and both the
male and the females seem to find it effective. It is far from
being the heaviest strap we use but it is sufficiently heavy to
give substantial pain. They are available from Amazon and I
suggest you order yours as soon as possible so that you can
start the new system with your servant. Remember, it's not just
the application that achieves the level of respect but also the
knowledge that come hell or high water, they will receive it at
the appointed time."

A shudder went around the standing prisoners.

That time would be entirely at the discretion of the owner,
perhaps first thing in the morning or at a set time in the
evening... it was up to her.

There was a brief murmur of conversation in the room and the
first question came from Mrs Rooney:

"What happens if I happen to have just thrashed my boy for some
very real offence, as I have done just half an hour ago before
we left home... Will I have to delay the maintenance?"

"Certainly not," replied Miss Sinclair. "The rules are very
clear in that no reduction in punishment is to be given because
of existing bruising or tenderness. The Strap will have to be
laid on hard... exactly on time."

Mrs Shaw indicated the nervous Chater to the ladies: "I am not
too happy with the business of disciplining my servant because
frankly, the sight of the naked male repulses me. Can I get
around this somehow so that he will receive the necessary
punishments to keep him in line but I will be spared the effort
and the embarrassment."

"Of course, of course." said Miss Sinclair with a smile. "Many
ladies feel the same way so we have introduced sessions at the
Centre so that any owner can send their prisoner along with a
note and one of the Correctional staff will inflict either the
punishment that you require, or if you leave it to them, one
that will have the desired effect. You can send them for either
a correction or for their weekly maintenance. If having
inflicted a specific punishment, he or she is due for a
maintenance thrashing they can be kept until the appointed time
and then given it. This does mean a longish trip by public
transport to and from the centre, but that should increase their
anticipation and I am sure that if the 'bus is full for the
return, the wardresses will have made sure that they don't mind

When the ladies laughter had died down there was one more
question from a well built horsey lady in a tweed jacket and
skirt. She pointed out a tall well built man in his late
twenties as her servant.

"I think that my boy will agree that I err on the side of
strictness when it comes to inflicting punishments and his
backside is kept in a suitably receptive state, but what happens
if I am unavoidably out of the house on the odd time he is due
for one of these regular sessions? I would fix Thursday at
7.30pm as being the set time just before I have dinner but I am
bound to be called away sometime or other."

"Do you have neighbours that you trust?"

"Indeed, on one side my neighbour is a good friend who is
greatly interested in my situation with a servant".

"Then the easiest solution would be to arrange for this lady to
beat your boy in your absence. Perhaps she could have a practice
run that needn't count the day before the scheduled beating. She
may need a little training from you but this would cover your
absence. When she does act on your behalf you can check the
punished area when you return to make sure that the strap was
laid on effectively just to be on the safe side."

The lady continued with her questions:

"I'm pretty happy about the concept and timing for this type of
punishment but I am worried about the level of effort that I
should put into the beating. Would it be possible for you to
demonstrate this Miss Sinclair?"

The room went silent. Miss Sinclair stood up, placed the strap
on her chair and removed her uniform jacket rolling up her

"This is one of the reasons for me being here so of course it is
possible. Which of the servants will assist in the demonstration

A murmur went round the room and it was mentioned that lots were
normally drawn to see which servant would receive any
demonstration punishment that may be required. Numbers were put
into Miss Sinclair's hat and each prisoner told to take one out.
It was then announced that the lowest one would be the one

A gasp came from the female in her early forties by the name of
Mortimer when she looked at the number in her hand. She had
committed no offence but would now have to submit to a harsh
strapping just on the whim of the Wardress. She was five feet
six inches in height with fair hair in two schoolgirl style
pigtails and somewhat overweight despite the stringent diet and
frequent exercise that her owner subjected her to. Without being
told she bent over the back of the chair and gripped the

Miss Sinclair had other ideas for her:

"One of the prime reasons for the maintenance system is that the
prisoner is denied any false modesty. They should always be
fully stripped for this so get your clothes off girl!"

Mortimer blushed furiously. She had hopes of maintaining some of
her self respect but that hope had been dashed. She was more shy
than most and resented having to display her less than perfect
figure to anyone who happened to be present. But she also knew
that with Miss Sinclair no hesitation should be displayed. She
didn't even bother to look at her owner so didn't see the lady's
self satisfied grin.

It was known to many in the room that Mortimer was the first
wife of the husband of one of the guests, Jayne Preston, an
extremely attractive lady in her late twenties. Jayne had set up
a flat together with Mortimer's then husband who had
subsequently been forced to be generous with the alimony to
Mortimer leaving his new wife with little of the luxuries she

When Jayne learned that Mortimer had been sent to a Correctional
Centre for an unrelated offence it had been a matter of time
before she could arrange for her husband's ex wife to be
delivered to her for "domestic duties". Now she would be able to
sit back and watch her suffer yet again.

Mortimer removed her blouse, skirt and shoes then to shouts of
"Hurry up girl!" she slipped off her large support bra allowing
her breasts to swing free. Small bruises were apparent over
their surface, and both nipples, large by nature, looked tender
and swollen. As she bent to remove her suspender belt and
stockings the after bruising of regular beatings were visible on
her over-large buttocks.

Mortimer had been left unshaved both underarm and crotch and
being forced to display the dark mass of hair greatly added to
her humiliation as her owner planned it would. Her panties were
hardly of consequence as the small white pair had bunched up
well into her cleft... but off they had to come.

Miss Sinclair instructed two of the males to manhandle an
armchair to the front of the audience and leave it with the back
facing them.

"The decision on whether to restrain your servant for punishment
is, of course, left entirely up to you. I recommend that all
Maintenance applications be laid on with the subject
unrestrained and therefore needing to display a level of self
control. This will add to the anticipation as it will open up
the possibility of being able to award penalty strokes for any
such lack of control."

Once more a shudder ran through the assembled prisoners. All
would normally opt for being strapped down to guarantee there
would be no penalties for movement. The securing straps removing
that opportunity for the hand to fly back or the movement of the
hips that could help to avoid a blow.

"So we will utilise the armchair here," Miss Sinclair went on
indicating that the woman should bend over it's well stuffed
back with her legs wide leaving her buttocks tight and high with
her thighs indecently spread. Her legs were shaking slightly
from the coldness of the room and the knowledge of how her
crotch was so shamefully exposed.

Miss Sinclair stood with her feet well apart, raised the strap
over her shoulder and brought it down on to the waiting cheeks
with a loud slap.

It left a white impression on the flesh when the buttocks had
rebounded. A low whinny came from the woman as the strap was
raised again and brought viciously down.

All eight strokes took but a minute to deliver with the target
lurching left and right but remaining tight over the back of the
chair. The buttocks were more white in colour before the
circulation returned as the woman was told to stand and then
face the audience at the 'present'.

Mortimer's face was flushed, and tears of shame and pain were
running down her screwed up face. She could see the group
staring with interest at her whole body as she was forced to
fight the pain and display herself to them. She consoled herself
with the belief that it was now over for her and that another
prisoner would be chosen as victim.

Once again Miss Sinclair had other thoughts.

"It is always necessary to consider the application of penalty
strokes following a beating of this type ladies. These are
entirely at the discretion of the disciplinarian but should
certainly be awarded for any refusal to remain in position, any
attempt to avoid the strokes or any verbal remarks that the
subject may let slip. Mortimer here has taken the demonstration
beating fairly well, but that doesn't relieve me, or her, from
giving a full demonstration to you. I will therefore have to lay
on two further strokes to show how I think these penalty strokes
should be applied."

Mortimer gasped in shock and, looking at Miss Sinclair shook her
head and said:

"P..please Miss.. No more... please!"

Without even looking in her direction Miss Sinclair said that
the penalty strokes would now be four in number.

It took some seconds before Mortimer was again positioned over
the chair. Her buttocks were now covered in red bars from the
strap and she continued to whine and sniffle with her runny

"Any penalty strokes must be given with the original
implement... but not necessarily to the same area. You will see
ladies that this girl has almost unmarked thighs so I will lay
the strap on to the tops of each. This will be a test of her
obedience so perhaps her owner would like to give her a word of
encouragement before I start."

Her owner walked over to the front of the chair and gently
lifted Mortimer's tear stained face. She then whispered a few
words in her ear and resumed her seat.

Without further waiting Miss Sinclair brought the strap down
across the left thigh top, then the right.

Whatever promises or threats Mortimer's owner had made to her,
they worked. It obviously hurt her to the core, but she remained
in position even when the last two were laid on with Miss
Sinclair's customary strength. She was then told to rejoin the
other, now more apprehensive, servants in their line which she
did with a shuffling gate and tears running down her face.

Miss Sinclair sat casually on the back of the chair and asked
for questions.

Mrs Shaw again mentioned her distaste at seeing her servant
naked and asked if the punishment sessions at the local
correctional centre could be expanded to include milking the
male prisoners.

Miss Sinclair responded with enthusiasm:

"Firstly we must also realise that the Government heads in
charge of the Correctional System are in the process of
requiring the female prisoners to undergo a similar form of
milking as it has been found that prolonged celibacy is as
detrimental to their health as well as the males. Naturally the
policy of making the event as unpleasant as possible will also
apply to them so any ideas that you ladies have would be
appreciated and I will pass them up the chain. But in the
meantime we can certainly make that service available to you Mrs
Shaw. When was your boy last milked?"

Hearing that it was over a month Mrs Sinclair looked concerned
and said that she had better check, calling Chater to the front.

"Many owners appreciate the benefits of keeping the males
frustrated but a limit of four weeks should be observed
otherwise they can either have a nocturnal emission that will
give the appearances to the owner of unauthorised masturbation
or become too interested in their female owner. The first
problem can easily be dealt with by giving him a sound caning on
the off chance that it was caused by him but the other can be
more of a problem with him staring with lust at any female that
he meets. Many owners simply cannot stand the sight of erections
and the official policy is that given release every month there
is no valid excuse for any tumescence other than being told to
become erect by the lady in charge of him. With Mrs Shaw's
permission I will examine this male for your benefit."

"Strip boy!"

Now it was Chater's turn to suffer. He removed his T shirt,
shorts and trainers and stood at the 'present' in just his
athletic support looking enquiringly at Mrs Shaw.

Mrs Shaw returned his look with a grimace and a shrug indicating
that she did not intend to object and that he was on his own
with the Wardress. She did however tell Miss Sinclair that his
support was her idea and what it did.

Miss Sinclair rubbed her hand over the front cup and could feel
a degree of swelling. She ordered him to remove it which he did
with some difficulty hopping from one foot to the other and
resumed a rigid 'present' position.. Almost immediately his
penis swelled to the fully erect state, despite his mental
efforts to control it.

"Well, ladies, even bearing in mind his delay in being milked
this is a blatant case of erection without permission that will
need dealing with. But first I will indicate the basics of
examining the male prisoner."

She reached into her bag and slipped on a pair of latex gloves.

"When examining your own servant it is up to you whether you
wear these but when examining a prisoner with whom you are not
familiar, I would recommend them especially if you find the
personal contact rather revolting. The first point I would make
is that the examination is to satisfy yourself with the male's
general condition and not to titillate him in any way. The body
search should also reveal any hidden items. Firm handling is the
secret and any discomfort he may feel is just a very necessary
part of the process. Prisoners like Chater here should be well
experienced in such examinations so should submit to the
handling without undue movement."

She then moved down his naked body starting with his mouth and
nostrils, demonstrating the sensitivity of his nipples and then
firmly grasping his penis.

"All of us have a view on whether, with the uncircumcised male,
the foreskin should be over the glans or pulled fully back. This
is certainly necessary for the hygiene check when the under rim
of the glans has to be checked for any deposits. This is
particularly important when chastity tubes are normally worn."

Chater, standing rigidly at the 'present' flinched only slightly
when his foreskin was snatched fully back and his penis was
twisted in all directions as the sensitive glans was checked.
One of the owners asked Miss Sinclair how she thought the area
should best be cleaned if, like her boy, it tended to collect
smegma that had a rather unpleasant smell.

"I hear from other lady owners that one of your old toothbrushes
dipped in one of the astringent mouthwashes and rubbed
vigorously all round the rim of the glans is very effective, if
somewhat uncomfortable. The more uncomfortable it is the more
effort the male will put into cleaning himself. For those
prisoners who are forbidden from touching their appendages it
will be up to their owner to carry out the cleansing as
frequently as is required. Also ladies, do not forget to carry
out frequent checks on the underwear for any signs of emission.
Any form of erection will often leave tell-tale leakage stains
that you should deal with harshly. This erection that has
suddenly appeared must be extremely embarrassing for you Mrs
Shaw so you will no doubt ensure that he is punished for it

She then placed her right hand under his scrotum and lifted it

"Now to the more sensitive areas ladies: Fear is one of our most
useful tools in disciplining these morons, and the fear of
having these hurt in any way always concentrates their minds.
Care has to be taken to avoid any possible damage but as even a
gentle slap... like this.... can hurt. One doesn't need to be

Despite his training Chater gasped and lurched forward as the
hand slapped the underside of his testicles. He had the good
sense to rapidly resume his position.

"The secret of testicle punishments is to give the boy plenty of
notice as to what is about to happen. Position them carefully
with, say, legs apart and genitals dangling. Tell him that you
are about to hurt him and then carry it out. The one word he
won't want to hear as he regains his composure is the word....
again... when he knows another slap is going to be inflicted."

"Just one area that we haven't examined ladies and one for which
latex gloves are always required." She delved into her bag and
quickly donned a second pair over the first.

She ordered him to bend over the back of the chair and spread
his legs wide.

"You would be surprised what these males can hide in their
rectum so never hesitate to give them a thorough examination up
as high as is necessary. Lubricate generously for your sake more
than his and...."

She forced two fingers harshly into the puckered orifice.

"Probe him deeply!"

She then went on to show the disposable plastic speculum that
she recommended using to widen his anus painfully so that a
visual inspection could be made with a flashlight.

With a flushed face Chater was dismissed back to the line up,
and that seemed to complete the talk while the room soon became
a hubbub of conversation as the ladies discussed their ideas,
none of which would be pleasant for the servants.

Over the next week or so the policy of Maintenance Beatings was
commenced by the assembled owners with the delay only caused by
a wait for the approved strap to arrive by courier. Most of them
came with a bottle of oil with which the flexibility of the
leather could be increased at the expense of an increase in the

Following the official suggestions the straps were hung next to
the prisoners' beds with the day and time of the appointed
application written alongside. They provided a chilling and
constant reminder of what was inevitably to come.

Several of the prisoners also found themselves catching buses to
the new Local Corrections Volunteer office when their owners
couldn't be bothered to thrash their servants themselves,
noticed that they needed milking, or were due for a Maintenance
Beating. Or sometimes all three.

To add to their misery, orders came down that any prisoner out
in public was to wear and display an identity pass so that any
female member of the public could note their name and pass on a
compliment about their behaviour... or raise a complaint.

Serving in the Community was about to become far worse than
doing time in the Correctional Centres.

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