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The Prisoner - Chapter 81

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The Prisoner, by Will Cane

Chapter 81

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It was one of the newspaper tabloids that started the public
interest in the new Correctional Centres: Rumours of excesses
taken by both male and female staff started to spread.
Sometimes, the treatment the prisoners receive when loaned out
for service in the Community was far harsher. Needless to say,
any released prisoner who was known to be talking to the press
was soon removed from view with a judicial restraining order
that committed them to one of the even newer Enhanced Centres.

The overwhelming fear that was ingrained into every prisoner was
to be totally obedient to any female remotely in authority
otherwise their release to society would be delayed
indefinitely. Obedience to any form of abuse or discipline was
simply part of the system to them.

One young female reporter did carry out interviews with the ex-
prisoners and managed to elicit graphic accounts of how severely
individuals had been treated. But what none of them knew, as
they whispered the accounts of how they had been abused to the
attractive and sympathetic female reporter, was that she
actually held rank in the Security Services. This ensured that
once the stories had been put into an official report, the
report itself was given a classification that would keep it away
from all but official eyes. Then the whistle blowers would find
themselves seized on some pretext of breaking the conditions of
their release and delivered to a far worse Centre than the one
that they had been originally held in.

The first report came from a thirty five year old male by the
name of Chater. He had been treated pretty much within the rules
in the Correctional Centre, even though that was bad enough in
itself. It was when he was sent out to work in the community
that he really had problems. This had been an approved system
whereby ladies with status in the area would have the benefit of
a male or female prisoner to use as a servant. In no time it
became subject to abuse and corruption and anyone with the cash
to bribe Corrections Officers could come by some free labour to
say nothing of the opportunity to ill-treat someone who had no
recourse to any complaint or justice.

Chater had been dropped off at a small detached house in the
country and signed for by a Mrs Shaw a slim dark haired woman in
her early fifties. He was dressed in the regulation t-shirt,
denim shorts and trainers that his particular centre required
with just a change of kit including an athletic support and a
wash kit in a small bag.

She showed him to a small room in the attic with just a simple
iron bed and blankets with the words that he could forget any
ideas about being on some sort of holiday. She sat on the bed as
he stood next to it at attention.

"You will address me as Madam and I will address you by your
surname. I expect high standards of respect and obedience at all
times. You will not be given an order twice.

When you step out of line I will ask for a visit from one of the
staff at your Centre to knock some sense into you. Strictly
speaking I don't have any powers of punishment but I wouldn't
rely on that fact too much."

She stood up.

"Is that understand Chater?"

He nodded nervously, his hopes of working for a kind employer

Without warning she slapped first his left cheek then his right
with the back of her right hand.

After that he managed to avoid antagonising his new owner too
much and seemed to be leading a reasonably pleasant existence,
at least, as reasonably pleasant as any prisoner/servant could

Days slipped by and the only event of note was when she called
him in and asked when he was last milked. Chater explained,
somewhat embarrassed, that it had been nearly a month ago. Mrs
Shaw grimaced:

"I may see if we can arrange something for you on purely health
grounds. In the meantime I want you to wear this at all times as
I have no wish to see your genitals, particularly if you are
unable to control yourself at any time and start to erect."

She handed him his issued athletic support that had been
modified somewhat. Inside the pouch, stitched to the upper part
of the lining was a white rigid tube. Inside it were numerous
plastic spikes.

He was told to ensure that the end of his uncovered penis was
properly fitted into the tube with the foreskin pulled hard
back. Any amount of engorgement would then force the unprotected
glans up into the hostile tube and encourage a rapid change of
attitude. It could be removed for natural functions and at night
but to prevent any distasteful sights for Mrs Shaw, it was to be
in place at all times other than those exceptions.

He then settled into the routine of the house. It was true that
Mrs Shaw treated him with total contempt, especially in front of
her visitors and relatives particularly the female ones and that
she had used a strap on his covered backside on a couple of
occasions. She certainly seemed to find every demeaning and
unpleasant job such as her personal laundry and keeping the
house toilets spotless for him to do - but on the whole, life
was better than in the prison.

She had not followed through on her threat to seek the services
of one of the staff from the local Correctional Centre to
discipline him, for which he was more than grateful. On the
whole, for a prisoner, life was pretty good.

Until he was taken to his first ladies coffee morning:

It seemed that several ladies in the area who had prisoner-
servants met up on a regular basis to compare notes. To legalise
the proceedings of these meetings the ladies would always invite
a "guest speaker" from the Correctional Centre who would be
especially selected for her uncompromising attitude to both male
and female inmates. Mrs Shaw was soon invited to join the group
and took Chater along for the first meeting.

The house was large and in its own grounds. They were met at the
door by a male slave dressed as Chater was in T shirt, shorts
and trainers. He indicated the kitchen to Chater and escorted
Mrs Shaw into a large well lit sitting room where the hostess, a
slim fair headed lady in her mid-thirties was serving coffee.

There were eight ladies present ranging in age from late teens
to early forties. They were all dressed in formal blouses and
skirts. One of the younger girls was a niece of the house owner
and the other younger girl the lady's Polish au pair. The guests
were seated on comfortable armchairs along one wall.

A loud knock at the door announced the arrival of a further
guest. This time it was a uniformed prison wardress by the name
of Miss Sinclair. Tall, heavily built in her thirties with long
blonde hair drawn up in a rigid bun behind her head she went
round introducing herself with a firm handshake.

Meanwhile the male who had answered the door broke the bad news
to the four male and two female prisoners assembled in the
kitchen. One of the females and two of the males had served time
under the woman and were immediately nervous of how she would
conduct the morning's procedures.

As one of them explained:

There was a wide variety of staff in their centre. All were
strict but Miss Sinclair had earned the reputation of being
harsh, unforgiving and severe in all her dealing with the
prisoners. Being on report to her always resulted in being
sentenced to more strokes or pain than the other staff and when
she was on punishment infliction duties she put extra effort
into every stroke or whack ensuring that all the so called
penalty strokes for misbehaviour during punishment were
allocated and inflicted.

Any hopes of an easy time at the weekly meeting of their owners
were dashed. He also mentioned that he had been told to move
from her car boot two items. The first was a black four feet
long cylinder with a closed top that when lifted made the all
too familiar dry rattling sound of canes. The second was a black
hold-all that contained items that he couldn't even guess at.

The house owner, Mrs Rooney started the after-coffee events by
calling in her personal male servant to clear away the cups and
equipment. The group of prisoners were then called in and told
to form a line in front of the seated ladies at the 'present'

Mrs Rooney announced that there were two new servants and with a
smile in Miss Sinclair's direction suggested that they be given
the traditional welcome. Chater and a young female were called

Mrs Rooney then moved a high backed chair into the centre and
produced a wooden hairbrush from a nearby shelf. "Well ladies...
the servants will now take a whack on each buttock from each of
us as is our tradition here."

The lady of the house sat in the chair, pulled her skirt up to
reveal her stockinged thighs and motioned the girl towards her.
Following her orders the girl raised her short skirt and
blushing, lowered her small white panties to her knees before
she lay across the lap. Her buttocks still showed the bruising
from a previous beating when she was still in the Centre but Mrs
Rooney brought her brush down with her weight behind it on each
cheek in turn.

By now the other ladies had produced their hairbrushes and
arranged themselves on the edge of the armchair seats. The male
replaced the female over the lap with his shorts down but his
athletic support in place. By the time he received his welcome
whacks the girl was already well down the line of ladies with
her buttocks becoming more agonised with each application.

Just when they thought it was over, Miss Sinclair borrowed one
of the heavier brushes, ordered them both to bend and touch
their toes and laid in with her own efforts.

The meeting proper could then start.

Miss Sinclair, still wearing her full uniform and hat announced
to the room that her talk would be on the subject of
"Maintenance treatments for prisoners in the community."

She explained that the powers that be were uneasy about the
relatively benign treatment that many such prisoners were
receiving in the hands of their owners compared with their
treatment inside the Correctional Centres. All too often the
excuse was given that the prisoner had been behaving well, and
this may well be true, but that the essential edge of respect
and fear had been reduced.

The recommendation, or more to the point requirement, was that
all prisoners must receive a maintenance punishment session
every week. It was felt that this should be given at the same
exact time every seven days and that it should be severe enough
so that they would most certainly not look forward to it with
anything other than trepidation. The minimum set was to be eight
strokes of the heavy strap across the naked buttocks and it
should be laid on hard.

She ordered the elder of the female prisoners to bring her the
hold-all and on unzipping it, produced a meaty looking leather
strap with a wooden handle. The business end was around eighteen
inches in length and almost a quarter of an inch thick with
rounded ends.

"This is one of the type that we use in the Centres and both the
male and the females seem to find it effective. It is far from
being the heaviest strap we use but it is sufficiently heavy to
give substantial pain. They are available from Amazon and I
suggest you order yours as soon as possible so that you can
start the new system with your servant. Remember, it's not just
the application that achieves the level of respect but also the
knowledge that come hell or high water, they will receive it at
the appointed time."

A shudder went around the standing prisoners.

That time would be entirely at the discretion of the owner,
perhaps first thing in the morning or at a set time in the
evening... it was up to her.

There was a brief murmur of conversation in the room and the
first question came from Mrs Rooney:

"What happens if I happen to have just thrashed my boy for some very real offence, as I have done just half an hour ago before we left home... Will I have to delay the maintenance?"

"Certainly not," replied Miss Sinclair. "The rules are very
clear in that no reduction in punishment is to be given because
of existing bruising or tenderness. The Strap will have to be
laid on hard... exactly on time."

Mrs Shaw indicated the nervous Chater to the ladies: "I am not
too happy with the business of disciplining my servant because
frankly, the sight of the naked male repulses me. Can I get
around this somehow so that he will receive the necessary
punishments to keep him in line but I will be spared the effort
and the embarrassment."

"Of course, of course." said Miss Sinclair with a smile. "Many
ladies feel the same way so we have introduced sessions at the
Centre so that any owner can send their prisoner along with a
note and one of the Correctional staff will inflict either the
punishment that you require, or if you leave it to them, one
that will have the desired effect. You can send them for either
a correction or for their weekly maintenance. If having
inflicted a specific punishment, he or she is due for a
maintenance thrashing they can be kept until the appointed time
and then given it. This does mean a longish trip by public
transport to and from the centre, but that should increase their
anticipation and I am sure that if the 'bus is full for the
return, the wardresses will have made sure that they don't mind

When the ladies laughter had died down there was one more
question from a well built horsey lady in a tweed jacket and
skirt. She pointed out a tall well built man in his late
twenties as her servant.

"I think that my boy will agree that I err on the side of
strictness when it comes to inflicting punishments and his
backside is kept in a suitably receptive state, but what happens
if I am unavoidably out of the house on the odd time he is due
for one of these regular sessions? I would fix Thursday at
7.30pm as being the set time just before I have dinner but I am
bound to be called away sometime or other."

"Do you have neighbours that you trust?"

"Indeed, on one side my neighbour is a good friend who is
greatly interested in my situation with a servant".

"Then the easiest solution would be to arrange for this lady to
beat your boy in your absence. Perhaps she could have a practice
run that needn't count the day before the scheduled beating. She
may need a little training from you but this would cover your
absence. When she does act on your behalf you can check the
punished area when you return to make sure that the strap was
laid on effectively just to be on the safe side."

The lady continued with her questions:

"I'm pretty happy about the concept and timing for this type of
punishment but I am worried about the level of effort that I
should put into the beating. Would it be possible for you to
demonstrate this Miss Sinclair?"

The room went silent. Miss Sinclair stood up, placed the strap
on her chair and removed her uniform jacket rolling up her

"This is one of the reasons for me being here so of course it is
possible. Which of the servants will assist in the demonstration

A murmur went round the room and it was mentioned that lots were
normally drawn to see which servant would receive any
demonstration punishment that may be required. Numbers were put
into Miss Sinclair's hat and each prisoner told to take one out.
It was then announced that the lowest one would be the one

A gasp came from the female in her early forties by the name of
Mortimer when she looked at the number in her hand. She had
committed no offence but would now have to submit to a harsh
strapping just on the whim of the Wardress. She was five feet
six inches in height with fair hair in two schoolgirl style
pigtails and somewhat overweight despite the stringent diet and
frequent exercise that her owner subjected her to. Without being
told she bent over the back of the chair and gripped the

Miss Sinclair had other ideas for her:

"One of the prime reasons for the maintenance system is that the
prisoner is denied any false modesty. They should always be
fully stripped for this so get your clothes off girl!"

Mortimer blushed furiously. She had hopes of maintaining some of
her self respect but that hope had been dashed. She was more shy
than most and resented having to display her less than perfect
figure to anyone who happened to be present. But she also knew
that with Miss Sinclair no hesitation should be displayed. She
didn't even bother to look at her owner so didn't see the lady's
self satisfied grin.

It was known to many in the room that Mortimer was the first
wife of the husband of one of the guests, Jayne Preston, an
extremely attractive lady in her late twenties. Jayne had set up
a flat together with Mortimer's then husband who had
subsequently been forced to be generous with the alimony to
Mortimer leaving his new wife with little of the luxuries she

When Jayne learned that Mortimer had been sent to a Correctional
Centre for an unrelated offence it had been a matter of time
before she could arrange for her husband's ex wife to be
delivered to her for "domestic duties". Now she would be able to
sit back and watch her suffer yet again.

Mortimer removed her blouse, skirt and shoes then to shouts of
"Hurry up girl!" she slipped off her large support bra allowing
her breasts to swing free. Small bruises were apparent over
their surface, and both nipples, large by nature, looked tender
and swollen. As she bent to remove her suspender belt and
stockings the after bruising of regular beatings were visible on
her over-large buttocks.

Mortimer had been left unshaved both underarm and crotch and
being forced to display the dark mass of hair greatly added to
her humiliation as her owner planned it would. Her panties were
hardly of consequence as the small white pair had bunched up
well into her cleft... but off they had to come.

Miss Sinclair instructed two of the males to manhandle an
armchair to the front of the audience and leave it with the back
facing them.

"The decision on whether to restrain your servant for punishment
is, of course, left entirely up to you. I recommend that all
Maintenance applications be laid on with the subject
unrestrained and therefore needing to display a level of self
control. This will add to the anticipation as it will open up
the possibility of being able to award penalty strokes for any
such lack of control."

Once more a shudder ran through the assembled prisoners. All
would normally opt for being strapped down to guarantee there
would be no penalties for movement. The securing straps removing
that opportunity for the hand to fly back or the movement of the
hips that could help to avoid a blow.

"So we will utilise the armchair here," Miss Sinclair went on
indicating that the woman should bend over it's well stuffed
back with her legs wide leaving her buttocks tight and high with
her thighs indecently spread. Her legs were shaking slightly
from the coldness of the room and the knowledge of how her
crotch was so shamefully exposed.

Miss Sinclair stood with her feet well apart, raised the strap
over her shoulder and brought it down on to the waiting cheeks
with a loud slap.

It left a white impression on the flesh when the buttocks had
rebounded. A low whinny came from the woman as the strap was
raised again and brought viciously down.

All eight strokes took but a minute to deliver with the target
lurching left and right but remaining tight over the back of the
chair. The buttocks were more white in colour before the
circulation returned as the woman was told to stand and then
face the audience at the 'present'.

Mortimer's face was flushed, and tears of shame and pain were
running down her screwed up face. She could see the group
staring with interest at her whole body as she was forced to
fight the pain and display herself to them. She consoled herself
with the belief that it was now over for her and that another
prisoner would be chosen as victim.

Once again Miss Sinclair had other thoughts.

"It is always necessary to consider the application of penalty
strokes following a beating of this type ladies. These are
entirely at the discretion of the disciplinarian but should
certainly be awarded for any refusal to remain in position, any
attempt to avoid the strokes or any verbal remarks that the
subject may let slip. Mortimer here has taken the demonstration
beating fairly well, but that doesn't relieve me, or her, from
giving a full demonstration to you. I will therefore have to lay
on two further strokes to show how I think these penalty strokes
should be applied."

Mortimer gasped in shock and, looking at Miss Sinclair shook her
head and said:

"P..please Miss.. No more... please!"

Without even looking in her direction Miss Sinclair said that
the penalty strokes would now be four in number.

It took some seconds before Mortimer was again positioned over
the chair. Her buttocks were now covered in red bars from the
strap and she continued to whine and sniffle with her runny

"Any penalty strokes must be given with the original
implement... but not necessarily to the same area. You will see
ladies that this girl has almost unmarked thighs so I will lay
the strap on to the tops of each. This will be a test of her
obedience so perhaps her owner would like to give her a word of
encouragement before I start."

Her owner walked over to the front of the chair and gently
lifted Mortimer's tear stained face. She then whispered a few
words in her ear and resumed her seat.

Without further waiting Miss Sinclair brought the strap down
across the left thigh top, then the right.

Whatever promises or threats Mortimer's owner had made to her,
they worked. It obviously hurt her to the core, but she remained
in position even when the last two were laid on with Miss
Sinclair's customary strength. She was then told to rejoin the
other, now more apprehensive, servants in their line which she
did with a shuffling gate and tears running down her face.

Miss Sinclair sat casually on the back of the chair and asked
for questions.

Mrs Shaw again mentioned her distaste at seeing her servant
naked and asked if the punishment sessions at the local
correctional centre could be expanded to include milking the
male prisoners.

Miss Sinclair responded with enthusiasm:

"Firstly we must also realise that the Government heads in
charge of the Correctional System are in the process of
requiring the female prisoners to undergo a similar form of
milking as it has been found that prolonged celibacy is as
detrimental to their health as well as the males. Naturally the
policy of making the event as unpleasant as possible will also
apply to them so any ideas that you ladies have would be
appreciated and I will pass them up the chain. But in the
meantime we can certainly make that service available to you Mrs
Shaw. When was your boy last milked?"

Hearing that it was over a month Mrs Sinclair looked concerned
and said that she had better check, calling Chater to the front.

"Many owners appreciate the benefits of keeping the males
frustrated but a limit of four weeks should be observed
otherwise they can either have a nocturnal emission that will
give the appearances to the owner of unauthorised masturbation
or become too interested in their female owner. The first
problem can easily be dealt with by giving him a sound caning on
the off chance that it was caused by him but the other can be
more of a problem with him staring with lust at any female that
he meets. Many owners simply cannot stand the sight of erections
and the official policy is that given release every month there
is no valid excuse for any tumescence other than being told to
become erect by the lady in charge of him. With Mrs Shaw's
permission I will examine this male for your benefit."

"Strip boy!"

Now it was Chater's turn to suffer. He removed his T shirt,
shorts and trainers and stood at the 'present' in just his
athletic support looking enquiringly at Mrs Shaw.

Mrs Shaw returned his look with a grimace and a shrug indicating
that she did not intend to object and that he was on his own
with the Wardress. She did however tell Miss Sinclair that his
support was her idea and what it did.

Miss Sinclair rubbed her hand over the front cup and could feel
a degree of swelling. She ordered him to remove it which he did
with some difficulty hopping from one foot to the other and
resumed a rigid 'present' position.. Almost immediately his
penis swelled to the fully erect state, despite his mental
efforts to control it.

"Well, ladies, even bearing in mind his delay in being milked
this is a blatant case of erection without permission that will
need dealing with. But first I will indicate the basics of
examining the male prisoner."

She reached into her bag and slipped on a pair of latex gloves.

"When examining your own servant it is up to you whether you
wear these but when examining a prisoner with whom you are not
familiar, I would recommend them especially if you find the
personal contact rather revolting. The first point I would make
is that the examination is to satisfy yourself with the male's
general condition and not to titillate him in any way. The body
search should also reveal any hidden items. Firm handling is the
secret and any discomfort he may feel is just a very necessary
part of the process. Prisoners like Chater here should be well
experienced in such examinations so should submit to the
handling without undue movement."

She then moved down his naked body starting with his mouth and
nostrils, demonstrating the sensitivity of his nipples and then
firmly grasping his penis.

"All of us have a view on whether, with the uncircumcised male,
the foreskin should be over the glans or pulled fully back. This
is certainly necessary for the hygiene check when the under rim
of the glans has to be checked for any deposits. This is
particularly important when chastity tubes are normally worn."

Chater, standing rigidly at the 'present' flinched only slightly
when his foreskin was snatched fully back and his penis was
twisted in all directions as the sensitive glans was checked.
One of the owners asked Miss Sinclair how she thought the area
should best be cleaned if, like her boy, it tended to collect
smegma that had a rather unpleasant smell.

"I hear from other lady owners that one of your old toothbrushes
dipped in one of the astringent mouthwashes and rubbed
vigorously all round the rim of the glans is very effective, if
somewhat uncomfortable. The more uncomfortable it is the more
effort the male will put into cleaning himself. For those
prisoners who are forbidden from touching their appendages it
will be up to their owner to carry out the cleansing as
frequently as is required. Also ladies, do not forget to carry
out frequent checks on the underwear for any signs of emission.
Any form of erection will often leave tell-tale leakage stains
that you should deal with harshly. This erection that has
suddenly appeared must be extremely embarrassing for you Mrs
Shaw so you will no doubt ensure that he is punished for it

She then placed her right hand under his scrotum and lifted it

"Now to the more sensitive areas ladies: Fear is one of our most
useful tools in disciplining these morons, and the fear of
having these hurt in any way always concentrates their minds.
Care has to be taken to avoid any possible damage but as even a
gentle slap... like this.... can hurt. One doesn't need to be

Despite his training Chater gasped and lurched forward as the
hand slapped the underside of his testicles. He had the good
sense to rapidly resume his position.

"The secret of testicle punishments is to give the boy plenty of
notice as to what is about to happen. Position them carefully
with, say, legs apart and genitals dangling. Tell him that you
are about to hurt him and then carry it out. The one word he
won't want to hear as he regains his composure is the word....
again... when he knows another slap is going to be inflicted."

"Just one area that we haven't examined ladies and one for which
latex gloves are always required." She delved into her bag and
quickly donned a second pair over the first.

She ordered him to bend over the back of the chair and spread
his legs wide.

"You would be surprised what these males can hide in their
rectum so never hesitate to give them a thorough examination up
as high as is necessary. Lubricate generously for your sake more
than his and...."

She forced two fingers harshly into the puckered orifice.

"Probe him deeply!"

She then went on to show the disposable plastic speculum that
she recommended using to widen his anus painfully so that a
visual inspection could be made with a flashlight.

With a flushed face Chater was dismissed back to the line up,
and that seemed to complete the talk while the room soon became
a hubbub of conversation as the ladies discussed their ideas,
none of which would be pleasant for the servants.

Over the next week or so the policy of Maintenance Beatings was
commenced by the assembled owners with the delay only caused by
a wait for the approved strap to arrive by courier. Most of them
came with a bottle of oil with which the flexibility of the
leather could be increased at the expense of an increase in the

Following the official suggestions the straps were hung next to
the prisoners' beds with the day and time of the appointed
application written alongside. They provided a chilling and
constant reminder of what was inevitably to come.

Several of the prisoners also found themselves catching buses to
the new Local Corrections Volunteer office when their owners
couldn't be bothered to thrash their servants themselves,
noticed that they needed milking, or were due for a Maintenance
Beating. Or sometimes all three.

To add to their misery, orders came down that any prisoner out
in public was to wear and display an identity pass so that any
female member of the public could note their name and pass on a
compliment about their behaviour... or raise a complaint.

Serving in the Community was about to become far worse than
doing time in the Correctional Centres.

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