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Cleaning for Emily

From: slcfemdomcouple
Date: 7 Jan 2011 19:54:14 -0000

This story is 90% true and based on real events that have
happened to me and the other characters. Names have been changed
of course. The only parts that haven't happened is the eating of
cum other than my own, although that has been talked about
regularly, and the cleaning of houses other than my wife's and
her cousin's. Her cousin is a real estate agent though and I
imagine that the time might come when I am cleaning other houses
for her.

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Cleaning for Emily
by slcmalemaid

"These had better be clean," I am told when my Mistress removes
the previously cum soaked panties from my mouth. "And now here's
your dinner," she continues while dumping my food onto the
toilet seat.

Of course the cum in the panties was not mine but was my "treat"
for being allowed to clean my Mistresses' cousins house yet
again. And I knew every item in my dinner since it consisted of
all the "inedible" parts left over from my preparation of my
Mistress and her cousin's dinner.

I guess that I should start at the beginning. This arrangement
began on my birthday several years ago when I made the
suggestion to my wife/mistress that I would love to serve both
her and Emily, her cousin, on my Birthday.

Both ladies had so much fun being served and pampered while I
was tormented that it quickly became a regular routine. Thus,
when informed at work the previous evening that we would be
going to Emily's house for cleaning and to get everything ready,
I wasn't surprised at all.

"Open wide for your treat," Emily tells me as the door is opened
for me and my Mistress.

Without any delay the panties are shoved into my mouth where the
taste of cum immediately permeates all my senses.

"Jack had a really big load stored up," she says with a smile.

Cleaning for my mistresses is always accompanies by such a

I guess that informing my wife that I thought swallowing someone
else's cum was the most submissive thing I could think of wasn't
such a great idea. Some days I am gagged with a pair of cum
soaked panties. Other times I am given a used condom that is to
be sucked clean after performing my duties. Once there was spent
semen on the floor of the kitchen that I had to lick up.

I am not sure how Emily and my Mistress obtain all the cum,
presumably Jack, Emily's husband, gets a hand job into the
panties but I have learned through their hints that not all the
cum is his. In any event it is always made clear that the cum is
a special treat that I am given in "payment" for my cleaning

"By the way," Emily casually informs me, "I have a new house
that I am listing and I will need it cleaned by Friday."

I can't get upset since cleaning these houses for Emily was my
idea. The thing though about cleaning the other houses is that I
am usually quite alone. Emily will give my wife the address who
will then give it to me. I have to drive to and from the house
in uniform. I will show up at the house at night where there is
a note and the requisite "treat". I am usually not finished
cleaning until 3 or 4 in the morning. And quite often when I get
back home all I get is a "how was your cleaning." Emily never
acknowledges the cleaning other than leaving the notes and the
treats. Yet every time a note with a new address is given to me
my cock betrays me with its excitement.

"Here is your list of chores. We are going downstairs to watch a

"Clean well" my wife adds with a smile.

And so my day begins. It takes me a while to unpack all my
cleaning supplies and of course I know that I am to provide a
snack for the ladies as they watch their movie. This is so well
known that it isn't ever on the list.

I quickly slice the cheese and apples I have brought and rinse
the grapes. I place everything nicely on a platter and pop open
a bottle of Riesling that I brought up chilled. The smell of
cheese and apples combined with the pungent aroma and taste of
cum in my mouth is overwhelming.

Walking down the carpeted stairs in high heels is always a
challenge but combined with carrying a tray full of food and
wine is even more difficult.

I quietly enter the theater room and place the snacks near my
mistresses. I pour the wine and start to leave.

"Not so fast," Emily orders me. "Lift up your skirt."

I shyly hike up my skirt and both she and mistress give a laugh
and my straining cock in it's chastity belt covered with a
floral thong.

"Get cleaning" my wife scolds after laughing with Emily.

I close the door very quietly behind me.

"Chores" the list reads.

1. Clean all the bathrooms.
2. Clean the kitchen top to bottom.
3. Clean all the baseboards.
4. Vacuum all the carpets.
5. Clean all the hardwood.
6. Wash and replace all the sheets.
7. Do the laundry.
8. Lick all my shoes in the basket clean

I know better than to follow the list in order and immediately
go around to all the bedrooms gathering the sheets to be put
into the wash. Fortunately, Emily has a rather large and modern
washing machine and the sheets will be ready to put back on
within an hour.

While scrubbing the floor around the toilet in the guest
bathroom my phone beeps. Of course it is mistress text messaging
me a demand. This is a clever idea they came up with last time I

"More wine now," the message reads.

I quietly go into the theater room and pour wine for each of the
ladies. The wine was sitting right there next to them but we all
know that it is my role to serve them and that they need not
lift a finger.

"And take this tray out with you."

I take the tray to the kitchen and continue with my cleaning.

The day continues much in the same way with my cleaning hard and
stopping on and off to provide for some need of the ladies. I
can't really explain why, but performing these menial tasks for
my mistress or her cousin puts me into a submissive headspace
that is pure Zen.

There is something particularly submissive about cleaning
someone else's toilet while dressed as a slut maid or doing
their laundry and folding and putting away their husband's
clothes. And licking dirty shoes clean is absolutely mind
blowingly submissive for me.

"Stop and bend over," I hear one of them say as I am cleaning a
mirror. I am so absorbed in my submissive world that I have no
idea which one it was.

My panties are pulled around my ankles and I feel lube being
applied all around my anus.

Pulling the panties out of my mouth Emily orders me to "Suck my
dick, slut" while holding her strap-on to my face.

I quickly comply. I nearly gag though when my mistress impales
me with her strap-on.

"What a slut you are!" I am told while being fucked in the ass
and sucking the dildo in my mouth. "One of these days we are
really going to loan you out to the boys."

"Enough of that slut." I am told after several minutes of
fucking and sucking. "Quit screwing around and get back to work!
We are going out back," mistress says while shoving the panties
back into my mouth.

The ladies leave to sit on the patio while I am left to clean
myself up and put back on my panties.

After another hard couple hours cleaning the time is nearly 5:00
and fortunately I am done cleaning and can begin preparing
dinner. As is often requested, dinner consists of pear and
Gorgonzola salad, dry aged steaks, asparagus with balsamic
reduction and mashed potatoes. I know better than to make more
than the two of them will eat.

Knowing what is expected of me I keep all the trimmings in a
separate bowl for my dinner. While the ladies will be eating a
fine meal lovingly prepared I will be eating pear cores, the
hard ends of asparagus, fatty steak trimmings and uncooked
potato peels.

For whatever reason I find that this eating of scraps while my
mistresses enjoy a delicious meal to be ever so arousing. A
particular favorite meal from a brunch past was cereal with
golden nectar instead of milk dumped onto the bathroom floor.
Often I simply get a can of cold stew emptied onto a convenient

I light candles and set the table for a lovely dinner for the
ladies. I open the wine (a very nice 1992 California Cabernet
that I had been saving) and pour two glasses. I then go to fetch
the ladies.

Emily lives in a resort area and the back patio faces a walking
trail so going out to fetch them is always extremely scary and I
know better than to make any noise so I just go out back and
stand next to them until one of the asks me: "Is dinner ready?"

I swear that they love making me stand there exposed waiting for
someone to walk by. Fortunately no one ever has.

I follow them back into the house and pull the chairs out for
each of them. Keeping close attention on the ladies I serve them
each course and make certain to keep their wine glasses filled.

"Add this to your dinner" I am told when clearing the remains of
the steaks. I put the fatty remains of the steaks into the bowl
with the rest of my dinner.

I finish all the dishes while the ladies enjoy their wine.

"Go get yourself ready for dinner," Mistress tell me.

I know that this means that I must go take off my maids uniform,
lock my wrist cuffs around the toilet and wait for them to bring
my dinner to me.

After several minutes the ladies come into the bathroom and
present me with my dinner. "You have 15 minutes to eat,"
Mistress informs me after dumping out the mess of food scraps.

As usual, eating this mess while tied to the toilet never fails
to bring me to arousal. My cock strains against its cage the
entire time I am eating dinner.

"Slut, it's time to go home. Thank Mistress Emily for letting
you clean her house."

"Thank you Mistress Emily," I say as I am being unhooked from
the toilet.

"Put your uniform back on, clean up the toilet and load the

The ladies say their good byes as I load up all my cleaning
supplies into the car. All the while I think about the house
cleaning and cum eating I will be doing again within a day or

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Great story. It's interesting how extreme our imaginings can be.
I really enjoyed the story.

(don't want to be muddled with all the other Jboys)

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