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follow DOMesticFemDom on Twitter

Date: Wed, 29 Sep 2010 02:11:57 +0100
From: "Christine" at u4ds.com


Thanks to Ms Milliscent who convinced me that I didn't have to
be a constant or personal Twitterer myself to allow DOMestic
readers to get the benefit of updates on what's happening on
DOMestic via updates (or Tweets) on Twitter.

So you can now follow DOMesticFemDom on Twitter at:-


DOMestic is now a Tweeter.

I previously wrote:

"You twitter if you want to. The Lady's not for twittering!"

And I stand by that, I have no plans to indulge in idle
twittering about my daily life.

However I also wrote:-

"if you think you can say anything serious and worthwhile in
less that 140 characters, you are probably wrong"

And I now see I was both wrong and right, DOMestic can say
something worthwhile. We can say with a short Tweet with a link:-

"Hey, come look at what's happening, somebody just said
something, and it's usually worthwhile to check out what's being
said on on DOMestic"

Thanks also to David who has set up a system which now means
that every time you post a message on DOMestic a Tweet will
automatically go out via Twitter letting our followers know that
there is something new happening on DOMestic.

I hope that this will also bring lots of new interesting posts
from Twitterers and make the DOMesticFemDom page on Twitter a
valuable page for you. Please follow DOMesticFemDom at:-


Christine at Ms-Christine.com

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I see that you are now on Twitter. Have you also considered
Fetlife to get the word out about DOMestic?




MaitresseX wrote:

>Have you also considered Fetlife to get the word out about

Not really. I've seen a couple of references to Fetlife in posts
by folk here on DOMestic, but when I went to take a look at the
links they gave it required me to register to see the links,
which I found irritating. So unfortunately I don't know a lot
about it.

My putting a DOMestic feed on Twitter doesn't really serve the
purpose of getting the word out about DOMestic, as it seems to
us that folk need to already know about DOMestic before they
will be very likely to find our Twitter page. So in my opinion,
we are advertising Twitter more than vice versa. (not that they
need our advert!)

I only caved in with regard to Twitter because it became so
universal in usage that not being on there seemed to be a
potential disadvantage, and because folk are using it as their
one stop "feed" for everything they want to follow.

That is what Newsfeed readers were designed for, and Twitter
seemed to us to be an unnecessary addition as we all have a feed
reader by default in our web browser nowadays. But it has become
clear that we were wrong on that point because most folk just
don't seem to understand that they have already have a Newsfeed
on their system.

If folk here think that DOMestic having a page on Fetlife would
be useful, then I'll have David take a look at that. Please feel
free, anyone, to send us your suggestions off list about how
best for DOMestic to better use Fetlife or Twitter.

Christine at Ms-Christine.com

Renew or get your DOMestic password at:-


Ms. Christine and David,

I would strongly encourage DOMestic to consider participating on
Fetlife (as was recently discussed)... It's the next stage of
things, I think.


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