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Your Freedom (and censorship)

From: Mr. Grundy
Date: Sun, 4 Jul 2010 17:00:53 +0100

Dear Christine and David,

You will no doubt recall that I have been banging on these past
years about censorship in the UK and that, for example, since
26th January 2009 it has been illegal for anyone in England and
Wales (and now Scotland, I believe) to possess an "extreme"
image, even if the activity itself is legal.

Well, I was intrigued to learn that the new UK coalition
government has kicked off an initiative, I quote "to create a
more open and less intrusive society. We want to restore
Britain's traditions of freedom and fairness, and free our
society of unnecessary laws and regulations - both for
individuals and businesses

The UK government website for this undertaking,
called "Your Freedom", is:


I had a quick look at this site the other day and,
unsurprisingly, it has attracted its fair share of nutters, but
a couple of people have contributed on the anti censorship

May I, through your site, ask your UK supporters to log on to
the "Your Freedom" website and make some contribution to the
censorship debate? It might raise the profile of the matter in
the political eye.

For further details of the state of affairs in the UK I can
commend the Backlash website:


But it makes depressing reading, so be warned.


Mr. Grundy.

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