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sexual tension - why cock teasing works for me

From: "David" at u4ds.com
Date: Sun, 20 Jun 2010 01:31:14 +0100

Here is another very old post of mine first posted at:-

Sexual Tension

Many liberated folk agree on the importance of sexual
experimentation prior to marriage. I think most would agree that
having sex before marriage is important to establish
compatibility. Even if I am wrong about the 'most', I personally
think it of the highest priority to be sexually compatible
before entering into a long term committed relationship.

However my fertile imagination can come up with some
circumstances under which I might make such a long term
commitment to a woman who refused to let me have the pleasure of
actually "sleeping with her".

Like many submissive chaps I would probably be tempted to commit
to a woman if she locked me into a chastity belt and said, "no
nookie until after we are married." -smile-

The "hard to get" policy of many teenage girls some thirty years
ago, when I was growing up, has helped to make me an aficionado
of the kind of 'prickteasing' games and play I write about

It is a pet theory of mine that the sexual tension engendered by
prickteasing can substantially enhance relationships and help to
keep romance and passion alive long after the so called seven
year itch.

When wearing a chastity belt or device I am reminded of the
sexual tension engendered by being unable to get into the pantie
girdle worn in the fifties by a girlfriend. It is amusing to
speculate on whether that girlfriend might even now be the wife
of another chastity belt wearer. -smile-

I love it when my wife and Mistress locks me into my bondage
mittens to prevent wandering hands, and then sits on my lap,
just to let me know what I am missing. Especially so when she is
wearing a flimsy negligee, and gives me a goodnight kiss.

The bondage mittens are fairly rigid leather, not soft. Once the
hand is inside, there is a strap where the fingertips are, that
locks down to the wrist, thus making the hand form almost a
closed fist. It makes masturbation difficult and humiliating, so
I love it when she says things like....

"That will help you to behave, I might be in the mood in the

My not unconnected explanation, "Why" describes how and why I
came to like dom sub and prickteasing. "Why" is at:



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