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Domesticity - Real Fem Dom in daily life

From: "David" at u4ds.com
Date: Sun, 20 Jun 2010 01:24:50 +0100

As the blog is quiet I thought some folk might like to read some
of my earlier posts. I first posted this to DOMestic more than
ten years ago at:-


Every day as we go about our daily lives, I often find my
fantasies becoming reality. My fantasies are mostly based around
everyday domestic, mundane and ordinary circumstances, and oh
how I love it on the days when some of these fantasies come

Here are some of the things that have happened, and the everyday
circumstances in which they have occurred.....

"You can stay there and wait for me. I will be giving you six
strokes of the cane after my breakfast, six more at lunchtime,
and another six at tea time," Christine said as I awoke to a mug
of tea beside my bed. "And it will be a dozen tomorrow if I do
not wake to tea beside -my- bed tomorrow morning."

It was apparent that I had overslept. Thus was the start of
another working day. She was true to her promise, and I was
disciplined three times before the working day was over. At
lunch time the summons came via the intercom. At tea time she
simply ordered me over the back of a chair in my own office.

As I walked past our bedroom in the evening after work, on my
way to the bathroom, I glanced in and noticed that Christine was
getting dressed. Immediately I wondered if she saw me. It was
soon clear she had.....

"Come in here, David."

I returned to her bedroom and she ordered,

"Stand in the corner, nose touching the wall. I will not have
you sneaking around and peeking while I dress. I will thrash you
for it after I've finished my make up."

On another occasion Christine was sat watching television as I
came in from my office. Her feet were up on the stool, and I
noticed that a glimpse of her stocking top was visible as I
passed by.

Christine said..... "Makes you want a 'toss' does it?"

I replied.... "I'm sorry?" pretending not to know what she

"Peeking up my skirt! Makes you want to jerk off does it

I did not know how to reply, and was silent.

"Hurry up and get dressed I'm ready to go out. If I catch you
leering at me again I will put you in your place and teach you a

"Put you in your place" is her turn of phrase for queening.
"Teach you a lesson," usually means the plastic ruler on my
penis as she sits on my face.

At other times Christine might surprise me with things I would
never have thought of. Like the uses for household items.
Yesterday she returned from the store with a fly swatter, and
demonstrated it on her hand. The wicked gleam in her eye told me
what use it was likely to see in the near future.

At the local shop as we were buying a pair of shoelaces for my
trainers, Christine bought an extra pair and said to me out of
earshot of the storekeeper:-

"Report to me naked when we get home, I want to see whether I
can make use of these."

As we left the restaurant recently and got into the car
Christine said....

"You forgot to open my door for me, I shall punish you for that
later. I expect my cane will remind you to be a gentleman

The other evening as we were watching television Christine put
her stockinged feet up on her footstool......

"You can play doggy for me this evening, start by sniffing my
feet. Doggies like to sniff!"

One morning, I lay in bed watching Christine get dressed. It
looked to me, from the clothing she selected, as though she had
decided she was in the mood to play. After she was dressed, and
as she was applying her make-up, her eyes caught mine in the
dressing table mirror as I watched her.

"Turn and face the wall," she ordered, "I'll be checking for
signs of lust after I'm dressed."

Another morning she brought me a mug of tea as I sat at the
computer in the house, checking the email. As I thanked her for
the tea, she started to adjust her suspenders, deliberately and
unnecessarily revealing her stocking tops to me.

"I want you wearing your zapper by the time that tea is
finished, I might want to summon you into the bedroom later."

What man would refuse to wear his zapper, with such a promise as
an incentive?

David at Ms-Christine.com

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DOMesticity comes in all sorts of shapes and forms. Back in the
mid 1960s as women were finding their feet in the liberated
household it came with multi coloured Domestic Boiler fronts.
One of the leading concerns was Ideal Standard working from a
Hull factory. We can imagine the working conditions there and
how the boiler makers fantasised about a better life.

Here is a picture of a DOMestic goddess circa 1950s with her
"Ideal" for a better standard of DOMesticity.

A warm peaceful environment was what was on offer in the
advertisements. I quote: from one such. The "Ideal Autocrat"
boiler offers "a rocking grate (Brit Pat No 765201) with
special dumping device and stove enamelled jacket".

For those more interested in "old boilers" than DOMestic
goddesses you can see more "Ideal Autocrats" here:-

The Royal Red stove enamelled jacket of the Ideal Autocrat was
one of its particularly intimidating features which even today
would bring the natural submissive to their knees.

The key aims of DOMesticity then and now remain the same, to
retain the subject safely on the boil but harnessed to deliver
to order.



rfrub wrote:

>in the mid 1960s as women were finding their feet in the
>liberated household it came with multi coloured Domestic Boiler

You have a quirky sense of humour "rfrub". A lot more
interesting stuff to women was going on in the 60s than the
colour of their boilers as you well know.

>Here is a picture of a DOMestic goddess circa 1950s

I think most of the folk here would find pictures of DOMestic
goddesses much more interesting than central heating boilers.

The "Retro" pictures of women as they were portrayed in the 50s
are quite fashionable nowadays. They are also used quite a lot
on sites dealing with "DOMestic discipline" presumably because
they remind the older subs of teachers, mothers, and other
figures of female discipline those submissives remember from
their impressionable youth.

Images culled and lifted from old store catalogues, of strictly
girdled women in "retro" 50s undergarments are also popular on
many of these web sites.

>a rocking grate

Which reminds me. I'm certainly glad I have a willing submissive
who does the kneeling in front of the grate in our house. We
don't have central heating, and have only ever had fireplaces,
wood burning stoves and the like, which like the "old boilers"
you described still require a sub to get down on his knees to
clean them out.

>intimidating features which even today would bring the natural
>submissive to their knees.

As I said, a quirky sense of humour. While the design features
of the stove do require the person who cleans them to grovel. I
think it's unlikely that the features of the stove alone would
be enough to bring many submissives to their knees. An
intimidating DOMestic goddess is often enough to provide the

>The key aims of DOMesticity then and now remain the same, to
>retain the subject safely on the boil but harnessed to deliver
>to order.

You got that right.


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