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Re: C: men imprisoned and milked in high tech stalls
Date: 19 May 2010 14:17:15 -0000
From: stevek128

If you want to see a real super "milking" scene in a vanilla
world movie, try "A Boy and His Dog"... an old time end of the
world movie.

The "Boy" is needed to impregnate the surviving women of an
underground group of survivors. But they hook him up to an
orgasm machine that just keeps going and going. The scene of
white fluid jetting thru clear tubing is not to be missed!


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Re: C: slave penny's adventures
Date: Sat, 22 May 2010 02:13:14 +0000
From: penny slave

Penny's punishment

We left off earlier with me facing 60 strokes due to a weakness
in my character.

Before we changed our relationship, I was a chronic masturbator.
I don't think my mistress actually knows the extent. Usually it
was an average of at least once a day. She then figured that
most of my bad behaviour was due to this. Now she decides when I
orgasm. If I behave poorly, or disrespectfully, I can give up
any hope of cumming.

Luckily so far she has decided to show pity on me about once a
week. This is a dramatic decrease from before. After about six
or seven days, I feel that I will do anything to cum, and she
takes advantage of it. Usually I have to complete some extra
chores, such as cleaning the floors on my hands and knees, to
earn my orgasm. This of course is no guarantee! The only real
guarantee is that she will get what she wants.

Getting back to the 60 strokes; the original number was thirty.
I asked permission to go into the closet, the only place I am
allowed to wank as she does not want to see it, when to my
amazement she agreed. "But the punishment is doubled."

Since I am a simple creature who can only think with his penis,
I readily agreed.

After I emerged from the closet, she gestured to the bed with
her paddle. I lay on the bed and awaited the first stroke. The
first thirty were the regular discipline strokes which are
designed to remind me of my place. These were delivered hard,
and I kept count. They were hard, but I was not prepared for the
punishment strokes which she applied full force...

I gasped, my head raised up and I managed to say "31" I managed
to take the rest without losing count.

After that I had to sleep on my stomach.

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Re: C: eager for more FemDom
Date: Wed, 19 May 2010 20:10:01 -0700 (PDT)
From: Thomas McBride


Thank you for the info. I have read the new installment. It is


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C: Hood Reviews - FemDom rubber fetish reality
Date: Mon, 24 May 2010 10:23:05 +0100
From: rfrub

Hood Reviews - A FemDom/male-sub history.
A leather and rubber fetish real life journey.

If when i was twenty, you had told me that i would spend many
years of my later life, regularly hooded, as a live in slave to
a Dominant Female, i would have probably have been somewhat
surprised, uttered a nervous laugh, told you to "f off" or used
some other choice phrases.

The idea even then was not utterly unfamiliar. i had been buying
porn since my mid teens and was aware of the various "types" of
possible relationship. But being a hooded slave would not have
connected up with me at all. Earlier on, in my school-life, i
had been bullied and nor had home been a terribly happy place
either. Aged twenty, i had finally escaped home and was
beginning to discover life could be enjoyable.

The route to becoming a hooded slave started simply enough. A
student field trip to London in 1984 saw an idle hour or so in
Soho. A pair of rubber sheath briefs hanging in a window caught
my eye. i thought they looked different. They might make
cleaning up afterwards easier. They were bought and it was not
long before i realised the very special hold rubber had on me.
But not hoods.

Some time passed. i found myself in a relationship. Almost
without realising it or talking about it, we both decided it
would be Fem Dom. Very funny that, it really "just happened".
Soon after we started dating, She made clear She was in charge
of the sexual agenda. And although the language was not there at
the outset, from then onwards i had been collared and it was not
long before i was literally collared.

Being collared was the first effective step to realising i would
become a hooded slave. i realised there was much more to sex
than cock play and that my Mistress wanted to control and know
all of me. Conquering my head, both heads, linking them
together, making me understand they were two ends of the one
organ became a group of ideas that i slowly grew to understand.
Being sexual had for years been a cock thing, now She taught me
to see it as a whole person thing. All of me would serve Her and

It was in that context one particular issue of Shiny was read.
Late 1980s. Issue 27 of Volume I. A fantasy story "Weak in the
presence of Booties".

Initially i could not get why a beautiful blonde one moment, the
next had her individuality lost as "the tight rubber hood was
vulcanised onto her head" - and a tight leather collar/chain
leash added for good measure. i found myself coming back to this
story, i still do. Why? Why would she want to wear such a thing?
i had by now been wearing rubber for a few years and i began to
ask myself "would i allow my head to be hooded like this?". What
would it feel like, what would it mean?

Even without wearing one, i began to associate the words
surrender, capitulation, slavery with the hood. Capitulation,
handing over my head. Mistress was teaching me about my two
heads being one and how She would control them.

Rather reluctantly - at first - i began to see the logic that if
my cockhead had become used to a rubber "hood" or sheath (always
relied on them for birth control) then logically so should my
other head be sheathed.

Quite apart from any physical feelings, i had not a clue what
the consequences of wearing a hood would be. i could understand
that accepting the hood would be to make a physical statement to
Mistress about my relationship to Her and to lust.

In all the years that have followed, the hundreds and probably
thousands of times that i have been hooded, Mistress has herself
only tried a hood less than a handful of times. So She is never
hooded and Her explanation is that in our relationship, only the
slave wears the hood. This gets the story to the moment when we
agreed i would buy a hood. A straightforward Latexa roll on.
Since when the collection has grown to a current tally of nine

The Latexa roll on

The first purchase. There's still one of these around. Probably
on generation three of these. They do wear out and eventually
rip. i learnt that roll ons are not the easiest of hoods to don.
They certainly have their role. i know i struggled to put it on
the first time. Felt quite panicky and silly. All the ones i
have had have just had nose holes and to lose sight and to have
to learn the breathing technique, combined with the assault on
smell and taste and feel that donning a rubber hood brings, all
at once, is quite an ordeal.

i do remember i managed to calm down and make a decision that
once it was in place, it had to stay there and i had to go
through to orgasm with it on. It certainly needed willpower that
first time but there was something inside me that was urging me
to persevere, some recognition that this was how it had to be.

i managed to calm down and with my other head in sheath briefs
started to work myself. That first time it did not take too long
and i immediately wanted out of the hood afterwards. It had been
quite emotional but through a gamut of conflicting feelings and
thoughts, i realised that things had changed and that the hood
would go on again.

It certainly did. We learnt about the role of talcum powder in
easing the donning. Slightly mixed blessing that. Talcum does
make wearing rubber much more straightforward and will extend
the life of rubber clothing but there are health issues. Regular
breathing of talcum is not recommended.

As we explored we quite soon learnt that there are other
possibilities with hoods which obviate the talc challenge - see
later. One person on a list recommended cornflour as a harmless
substitute for the talc. Never been too sure whether she was

Although initially it was about learning to accept being hooded
when wanking, quite soon the move came to full intercourse
hooded and with the collar and lead on. We soon discovered that
this was "us". It handed control to Mistress. Submissive
tendencies are massively encouraged if all you are wearing is a
rubber hood with no vision and your collar and lead are
constantly being tugged.

Since then it has been a regular way for us to do what we have
to. i began to understand that being hooded "eased" the cut-
loose. That the hood took me to another realm in the way that
when i am commanded to enter Her, my other head is taken. i
began to see the sheathing of both heads as being about
submitting to this other realm. Letting Her and lust have their
way with me. i began to realise that this was the safest form of
sex. Not asserting myself but allowing both my heads to realise
themselves by sharing in submission and obedience.

It took a little while to learn all this but over time, i came
to relax with the idea that i had become a hooded sex slave.
From there i began to explore much more deeply the world of the
hood. A bit like cars, they come in all sorts of shapes and
sizes, all capable of achieving completely different outcomes.
As a beginner i had little idea of the incredible diversity
possible. i was exploring the internet and, with Mistress, real
sex shops and beginning to appreciate what might be possible.

i remember an incredible e-conversation with a lady in
Shropshire who told me about a multi-tail rubber pony hood she
had someone make for her. It allowed her to tie herself with her
hair into the hood. The thought of being tied into your own hood
struck deep into me. Allowing the hood to become part of who you

The Leather Hood

A visit to a sex shop led to the second hood purchase. i wonder
if you recognise this? You go into a sex shop and occasionally
something connects instantly. A whoosh of "energy" flows and you
feel instantly connected to a garment or toy. You can sense it
wants you to buy it. Certainly does not happen every time but on
a handful of times it has with us. A process that has produced a
Mistress belt for Her, a chastity belt for me and other items.

One of those occasions saw us buying our first leather hood.
Leather is different to rubber. i probably prefer rubber's
encompassing taste / smell / texture and She probably prefers
seeing me in leather. As She moved to train me to sleep hooded,
something that took years and can still defeat me, i learnt it
was easier to sleep in a leather hood. Just that tiny bit less

The leather hoods (we bought the first one and after about 20
years, we got a local manufacturer to make a copy) are
associated with an "easy time". It remains humiliating to know
it has to be worn. Both have rear zippers, a mouth zipper and
eye holes. The slightly looser fitting nature of leather makes
breathing easy. The rear zippers make wearing and donning

Mistress can enjoy spending hours polishing both my heads and
takes me to a weird sort of "dreamland". We call it "prepping"
and eventually it becomes the precursor to Her having Her way.
It has taught me to wait and wait and wait. Sometimes for days
at a time until She requires me.

Meanwhile i have been trained to do day to day tasks, to cook,
to write, to clean in the leather hood. It is possible to do the
same in the rubber ones (newer Daxine ones, see below) but even
after many years i have to admit to finding it a struggle to
concentrate for any length of time in a rubber hood. One way or
another i end up thinking about only one thing even if i have
been trained to wait.

A regular use of the leather hoods is for massage. Mistress
loves a regular full body massage which i have learnt to
provide. We get through a lot of Johnson's Baby Oil. Baby Oil
and rubber do not mix. The opposite for the leather. So very
often the massage is undertaken with the slave masseur hooded in

So the leather hoods have become comfortable everyday wear.
Seeing myself hooded is a constant reminder of who i really am
and who i really belong to. The newer leather hood was bespoke
made and i can recommend this. The fit is exact, the rear zipper
closes right down and an eyelet beside the end of the zipper
tracks means it can be padlocked on.

The sensation of knowing that a hood is "locked on" is profound.
It reinforces the sense of being the prisoner of the hood and
the humiliation of knowing that i have chosen this path is
exquisite. My choices have got me into the hood but i am no
longer in charge of its removal. i am its slave.

The experience of having to go to a fetish leather worker and
submit to the fitting process for the new hood was pretty
profound too. Having to acknowledge to a stranger, a craft
worker, that i was simply a sex slave who needed a new hood.

Cunni Hood

A quick note about the next purchase. A version of a roll over,
a simple Latexa cunni hood (you remember those Latexa adverts
promising unimaginable pleasure?). How accurate they proved to

Quite early on in the hood affair, we bought a cunni hood. A
simple rubber pull on with eye openings which also assist
breathing and a very clever tongue moulding. i can only describe
this as sucking the tongue into its hold. i certainly find it
very hard to wear without the tongue being pulled out and held.
Once in that state, everything else comes naturally.

In our relationship i quickly discovered i longed to be Queened
and to service my Mistress orally. i love her taste and although
the cunni hood would appear to prevent that, in fact as i serve
her She starts to drench me in juice and this makes its way into
the mouth. The combined taste of Her honey and of the latex
ensures i continue to work.

The Daxine Hoods.

Unfortunately Daxine are no longer operating. Perhaps a decade
ago, they had quite a name in rubber fashion. They worked out of
East Lancashire i think and shops like Cathouse (which is still
on the go at Liversedge) sold their products. It was one visit
to Cathouse that saw us find a Daxine slave hood. We had wised
up to the idea that it was time to move on from rubber moulded

A visit to Daxine was always enjoyable. The girl who i think was
the proprietrix struck just the right note to ensure a
submissive male like me would purchase.

The Daxine hood was shown off as a hand-made item which with a
rear zipper overcomes the talc challenge. It was described as a
slave's hood and to justify that there were two vertically
zippered flaps over the front. These covered the nose, mouth and
eye holes. This was the first time a rubber hood allowed me
those luxuries but the ability to have that area zipped away
with the flaps, just reinforced the loss of control over such
basic functions.

So for something over a decade the Daxine products have been
part of my life. Products, because like the leather hoods, it
became clear it was worth buying another. i think i ended up
with a large and a medium fitting and discovered the
considerable difference in effect between the two. The smaller
one was far more assertive and constraining although with the
stretchiness of rubber both could be fully zipped shut.

They are worn easily with a collar locked on over them which
makes their removal practically impossible. It took a good long
while but finally i learnt to sleep regularly in them. Usually
for no more than 5/6 hours after which the torment becomes too
much. Sometimes in the depths of a cold winter, it really has
been pure comfort to spend the full night zipped away in one.

Mistress discovered that their nature enabled her to manipulate
me and the house work. i had grown up in a very traditional male
dominated world. My army officer father expected his wife to do
every last jot of domesticity and i was certainly not expected
to lift a finger. Mistress has retrained me in many respects and
this has included numerous aspects of housework. However I've
always baulked at the toilet. i don't do that. Not unless a
Daxine hood is brought out and i am otherwise rubbered up. Then
i will put every effort into creating a shining toilet bowl.

So the Daxine hoods are used for housework, as night wear and of
course for play. So much has happened to me in those hoods. Too
much to recount but they have helped re-write my attitude to
women, pleasure and lust.

One regular technique is that i have to work unselfishly at her
pleasure trained not to cum myself. A special signal whereby i
am signed off to take my pleasure comes when the zippered flaps
of the hood are shut by Her. Before that moment, the release is
not permitted and i would endure punishment for misbehaviour,
but from that moment, shut away in the black grip of the hood,
lust is allowed its final way with me. Irrevocably orgasm has
become associated with the utter helplessness of being
completely sealed up and held.

Sealwear Hood 4438

One of the most famous names in the rubber fetish fashion scene
is Sealwear from Dorset. i had often toyed with ordering
something. It might surprise the reader but we don't spend that
much on fetish! We share many diverse interests and fetish is
not at the top of the spends. That said we also rate fetish as
providing incredibly good value for many. i think the Daxine
hoods were about seventy-five pounds each and they have provided
days upon days of wear.

However as the years passed, it was obvious they were starting
to wear. Seams would need re-gluing in. A stretchiness would
develop that was too free. They're still worn but they're now
like old friends rather than instruments of discipline and
training. It was time for an upgrade and i favoured Sealwear
with the order. A good relationship with a bespoke supplier
counts for much and i would recommend Regina who fronts
Sealwear. She explained in great detail the extra features of
their product that justified a premium price. And when their
product arrived, she was right.

Superficially the design is like the Daxine design. i sent a
Daxine one as an example of what we sought. But here is a
flavour of their care in design:

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

"1. Our hoods always have a panel in the middle over your head
one each side next to the back zip. This gives a proper shape of
your head and a perfect fitting. Your hood only has two side
Do you want it exactly copied like the Daxine hood or can we use
our Sealwear Pattern?
Please advise.

2. Our front cover is therefore stuck on the middle panel
without the metal rivet. Because this it doesn't need. Do you
want this additional rivet because it's also affecting the
Please advise.

3. The zips in your mask are showing because they are cut out.
There is no additional facing for hair protection in the inside
of your mask. We are normally hiding the zip plus additional
facing inside.
Please advise.

The thickness you ordered is 0.89mm royale.
The hood you have sent me is 0.50 - 0.60mm thickness.
Because of the thicker material it is more restrictive we will
produce the hood slightly bigger as discussed."

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Germanic thoroughness i think and the most significant phrase
turned out to be "it is more restrictive".

Even unpacking and feeling the new hood, made me shake. It was
immediately heavier and i thought how on earth can i wear this?
i was very surprised to discover i could, but only just.

The design was so inspired that it treads the absolute edge of
practicality and marked discomfort. The rear zipper does close
fully but only when genuine strength is applied to the pull, and
that zipper is lockable. The result bears some similarity to
wearing a posture collar. The head is held up by the rubber in
the collar area. To lower the head requires definite effort.
Likewise although there is a mouth opening, it is an effort to
open the mouth and speak. The natural hold of the hood leaves
the wearer shut. Adding a small dildo gag can complete the
process. Or as our play has now taken us, the hood will
accommodate a strap on double dong.

The reader's imagination can enjoy the psychology of having to
face a hooding, with your hands cuffed to a waist-belt and a
Mistress fastening first the collar and lead followed by the
double dong. Rubber fills your mouth as you become speechless.
Whining whimpering is all that is left as your eyes (the hood's
flaps cannot be closed) focus on the solid rubber tip of the
phallus dancing at just that focussing spot where your vision

To be face fucked like this or even to be laid out with both
your dildos at head and groin rearing up as two Mistresses
settle down on you for their leisurely afternoon tea is to go
far into the realm of female domination.

A powerful mechanism by which the hood works is to mimic the
cunt. A tight rubber hood swallows the wearer up. It consumes
the person who is hooded in the same way that the female
dominant consumes her slave. All sorts of adjectives are shared
in the process. Hot, airless, sweaty, wet, dark, tight, smelly,
sound warping, crushing, sucking, humiliating. If you can tick
all those, you're likely to be a hooded rubberlover appreciative
of fem-dom!

Gas Mask

Is a gas mask a hood or not? i don't know why really but for
years i had ignored them. Finally i saw an ebay deal so good
there was nothing to lose so i purchased a straight-forward
basic mask (nothing fixed below the screw on inlet). This was
almost certainly ex Soviet. i've quite accepted it but to be
truthful, it does not excite Mistress. i use it as practical
housewear. i can see easily to work but the tight grip around
the cheeks and head and the smell remind me constantly of the
fetish. i like the idea that the radically changed head reminds
the wearer that for the rubber submissive, home is another

Denber hooded top

There's now only one more hood to describe and it is not an anti-
climax. The Denber website shows it as "Shirt With Gloves, Hood
and Breathing Tube Code 385B."

i had already bought for both of us quite a variety of Denber
rubberwear. It had all been entirely satisfactory. i chanced
upon this top only a few years ago. Almost all my hangups about
hooding had gone. Do they ever all go? Would it be ever be quite
right to be totally blase about being hooded? It's always a bit
weird to feel the need to submit to the hood and i think it
always will be.

Anyhow i found myself coming back to this site and image time
and again. Even with my changed attitude to hooding, i thought
"that is a bit much". Absolutely sealed in rubber from the waist
up apart from a breathing tube for the mouth.

It did cross my mind that worn with the rubber sheathed tights
they had already supplied, the two garments would deliver total
enclosure, completely. Wearing them would see myself utterly
rubberised, changed into a piece of rubber, become a Rubberman.
Slowly the desire to submit took hold. It probably required
several months from first even thinking about the prospect to
finally pushing the buttons and ordering the top.

Everything and nothing could be said about it when it came.
Let's just say it is worn, repeatedly, not often, but it does
get worn. i now know what it is like to be totally held all over
in rubber and to be absolutely dominated by a female in that
state. It is to go to a place beyond words, to fly, to ride the
broomstick, to enter another universe.

i would not dare suggest that the reader should follow this
exact path. It is incredibly personal. It has to be something
that you wish for, that you are willing to submit to. It means
so much not to be alone when the call of the rubber comes. To
have Mistress happy and excited to share and see Her Rubberman
is so re-assuring.

i never get to see myself in this state of total rubberisation,
covered in rubber from head to toe, vulcanised, silenced and
sightless, sheath full and potent. It is a vision for Mistress
only and She is the proud spectator and sometimes player who
gets to see what happens when the rubber and the hood finally
have their way with me.

Breathing and discipline

The wrap-up covers two topics. Various mentions in the narrative
have been made about breathing. It is really important. For the
two of us, we leave serious breath control to the realms of
fantasy stories. It can be imagined. Our choice is not to enact.
There are a few well verified tales of people coming to grief in
bondage gear in which hoods have played a role (trawl through
IAR). Already we have suggested any regular ingestion of talc is
not recommended.

What we discovered was unexpected and a bit paradoxical. The
zippered hoods with eye and mouth holes below the flaps (Daxine
and Sealwear) are perfect for breathing safely in. You breathe
through the zipper when the flaps are sealed. But the "blinding"
is total. i have never felt at all difficult in this matter when
in these hoods.

The roll-ons are different and to be honest i don't really
recommend their long term use. Desperately trying to tear one
off does not strike me as a great pleasure.

So enjoy being zipped up. You will feel totally isolated from
the everyday and if Mistress is in charge of the zippering, you
will have handed over control of your basic functions of the
mouth and eyes. But you should be safe.

The Denber hooded rubber top is not a zip on and it offers the
double challenge of neck entry (talc) and subsequent removal. i
guess many of you have discovered that with rubberwear putting
it on is often easier than getting it off, especially after the
O. This is certainly the case with this piece. It slides on so
easily and then you sweat and you become "glued in".

Becoming sealed into your rubber skin has its own excitement.
Rubber in the vanilla world is a material of suppression and
insulation - denying conductivity. In our fetish universe it
becomes a super conductor of sensuality erogonising everything
it touches.

Erogonising the head confirms the control you have surrendered.
This is a very intense experience and when carried out with
complete sealing from the waist upwards (or even total
enclosure) some care is needed. The presence of a partner, in my
case Mistress, is really recommended. It means someone else can
enjoy the visual spectacle of your predicament. But their
presence is also a safety net.

Very occasionally i have gone solo in the hooded top. i cannot
completely recommend it as described. You have to know yourself
very well to know you can stay calm and remove it after your

Helpful tip we have found is that the top comes off very readily
when wettened in a bath or a shower and of course rubber shower
sex is a whole other world of fun. If this design was amended
and a short vertically running zip inserted at the rear of the
head, then entry/exit, resolving breathing in a hurry, use of
talc would all be ameliorated.

The challenge there is that a relatively cost conscious moulded
rubber manufacturer like Denber does not use zips. Glued seams
is as far as they go. The solution then is to buy your goods and
get a craft worker to modify if you don't have the expertise.
Denber for instance sell some wonderful rubber leotards for men
but their life expectancy would be so much better if the
shoulder straps were zippered across the strap top.

Another "edgy" topic is discipline and punishment. The idea of
being a slave suggests life might get uncomfortable. Rubber
hoods are often sold as discipline or punishment hoods. Whilst
respectful of individuals and their choices, for us the emphasis
is on the word discipline.

Mistress regards hooding me as an opportunity to train me to
behave the way She wants. She knows i desire the hoods greatly
and She works that desire to Her ends when i am hooded. She
knows i will do things when hooded that would be far more of a
struggle otherwise.

Mistress many years ago did discover the merits of physical
discipline and She has trained me to take the discipline in
these hoods. By no means every time they are worn but
sufficiently often that i do associate their wear with the
possibility of the discipline. The angle She puts on this is
that this is a positive experience even if painful and

Real punishment for real misdemeanours takes place in other

Something positive to close with. Nature hands us out all an
individual visage. Sometimes its beautiful. Sometimes we can
make it beautiful. Sometimes the beauty is in the eye of the
beholder. And sometimes nature's gift struggles to be appealing.
And we all age. But regardless of what nature has brought us, we
can all choose and work to be beautiful inside.

Some recent science was claiming there's no such thing as
altruism. Balls i say. We all can make extra-ordinary choices,
we can all explore grace. It is what makes humans different. The
male submissive adores the grace of the Female Dominant and
works to explore and develop that.

Sometimes quite apart from any pleasure that wearing a hood
brings, the same hood can release us from the expectations and
judgements that too much concentration on the face brings. The
hood can be face-saving.

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S: Jim's Story - part twenty-one
Date: Sun, 20 Dec 2009 23:17:09 -0500
From: randolphus

Jim's Story by randolphus
first part linked here

part twenty-one - Carmen

Carmen entered my cubicle, and I stood and curtseyed.

She smiled and said: "I've been reading about Fem-Dom."

I said: "Yes ma'am." I was trying to think of a way to end this,
hoping the phone would ring.

Carmen said: "Are there a lot of guys like you?"

I said: "You mean in the wanting to be owned sense?"

She said: "Yes"

I said: "I think there are lots, I've heard numbers like five to
twenty percent, but I know there are way more guys wanting to be
owned than women who are into it."

She said: "How did you find each other?"

I said: "I met Sarah in college, and we got married as a
straight couple. Sarah's mom found me out and paired us."

Carmen said: "That's really weird, so why don't you keep it

I said: "I don't know. I think Miss Sarah talked to Miss Peggy
and I think we're participating in an experiment being conducted
by Miss Peggy."

Carmen said: "So let me get this straight, you have to do
whatever I tell you?"

I said: "Basically yes ma'am."

She said; "Do I have to do what you tell me?"

I said: "It's ambiguous, I don't think so, ma'am."

She said, "Are you cleaning the screens and keyboards every
morning because I told you to?"

I said: "Yes ma'am."

She said: "You may sit down."

I said: "Thank you ma'am." And I sat.

Carmen said: "What would happen if you just ignored me?"

I said: "I guess you would tell Miss Peggy who would tell my
wife who would be angry with me."

Carmen said: "Would she beat you?"

I said: "I'm sure she would, but I feel bad when she's angry
with me."

Carmen said: "So why are you here if you can't boss us around?"

I said: "Miss Peggy's vision is that I can show you the
opportunities we have to be more effective, and that you will
elect to go that way."

Carmen said: "And if we don't?"

I said: "Possibly I'll be replaced with a conventional boss, or
we will all be replaced, or our inefficient ways will destroy
the company."

Carmen said: "Will I get to beat you."

I said: "I don't know."

Carmen said: "This is neat, thanks." And she got up to go.

I stood and curtseyed.

Later that afternoon Peggy asked me to come to the big
conference room. I felt a foreboding but I went. Sally was
standing outside the door and I curtseyed and told her Miss
Peggy had summoned me.

She took my arm and led me around the corner.

She said: "Face the wall and stand there, and stand very still."

I was amazed; my nervousness was increasing. What had I done I

After about ten minutes, Sally came for me and escorted me into
the conference room. There were about a eight people sitting
there, including my staff, Peggy, and Sarah. Sally took a chair
and left me standing at the head of the table.

Peggy said: "I learned this afternoon that you have been
disrespectful to Carmen. I discussed it with Sarah, and we think
it would be appropriate if Carmen were to give you a beating
with all of us present. Prepare yourself by removing your
clothes and bend over the table, your hands straight out."

I had been setup. I was going to be beaten. I could take that in
my stride, but with nine women watching, I was mortified. I did
what Peggy told me to. The table hid my locked up penis from
view, and I waited.

To my horror they started talking about my penis corset as if I
wasn't there. Sarah was explaining that I had to be deprived of
sex to continue to be subservient. Then it was how often I was
beaten, the chores I did, cooking, cleaning and she didn't even
spare talking about washing her and her mom's underwear by hand.

My head was down on the desk and I was glad I didn't have to
face them; I noticed that Carmen was staring at me and I caught
her eye, she was smiling.

Peggy said that Sarah normally used a cane, and they didn't have
one but they found a yardstick that Carmen would use. Peggy
asked Sally to sit on my back so I wouldn't move.

Sally wasn't too heavy but it made breathing difficult. Sarah,
my dear wife, gave Carmen advice: "He is trained to count the
strokes and thank you for giving it to him. He loves to scream
and moan, but you want to stroke him hard enough to see the
outline of the yardstick. If you hit him twice in the same spot
he really howls, but you can do it until the area gets really
red without worrying about permanent injury."

I felt like she was talking about a piece of meat at the
grocery. I'm pinned to a conference table, with a secretary who
was wearing a short skirt, sitting on my back, and my wife
trades whipping techniques with one of my employees.

Carmen said: "You have to count and thank me, do you

I said: "Yes ma'am." And I discovered it came out as a whisper
because of the weight on my back.

Carmen said: "I didn't hear that."

I sucked in air and tried again: "Yes Ma'am."

Then thwack, it hurt but not like a cane.

I tried to yell: "Thank you Miss Carmen, one."

Then thwack again and Carmen said: "You should count or you will
get more than I intended."

I sucked in air and tried to yell: "Thank you Miss Carmen, two."

Then thwack again and Carmen said: "No that was one. Start over
from the beginning."

Then thwack. I yelled: "Thank you Miss Carmen, one."

"Try to speak louder." Carmen said.


I sucked in air raising Sally a few inches, like I was a bucking
bronco and screamed: "Thank you Miss Carmen, two."


By the fifth stroke I was out of breath from the effort to
inhale against the weight of Sally but Carmen was relentless, we
repeated five.

To my mortification I was crying by nine. I couldn't breathe.
The pain was getting intense. I think we did nine three times.

Carmen took mercy and said she felt I would change my attitude.

Peggy said: "Thank you Carmen, you did a good job. Let's let Jim
recover, perhaps he should stand in the corner and you can watch
him for a while Carmen."

Sally got off my back, and I could take a deep breath again.
Everyone left except Carmen. She was very flushed.

Carmen said: "You can take your choice of which corner to stand

I said: "Miss Carmen, may I put my clothes back on?"

She said: "Not now, maybe later."

I got up, and faced the nearest corner. I have never felt so

Carmen said: "I hope you're not too angry with me, but I just
wanted to try beating a man."

I didn't know if I should be talking.

Carmen said: "I asked you a question, you know I could beat you
some more."

I said: "I'm sorry Miss Carmen, I didn't know if I was allowed
to talk while standing in the corner. I'm not angry with you at
all. I put myself into this situation and I'm entirely at your
service. That was the point of this punishment episode and I
already subscribed to the idea. You can do whatever you want but
I have to do what you say."

Carmen said: "I like that idea."

Carmen said: "Would you like to wash and iron my underwear?"

I said: "Yes Miss Carmen, I would, but I don't get to do what I
want. My wife Miss Sarah, her mother, and my boss, Miss Peggy
get to decide what I do, and of course you have already ordered
me to clean the screens and keyboards, which I try to do

Carmen said: "Maybe I could have you come to my apartment and
clean it and do my laundry. Would you like that?"

I said: "Yes ma'am."

Carmen said: "If you don't do a good job, I'll really beat you

I said: "I know that Miss Carmen."

I could hear Carmen stroking herself and making little 'mmff'
noises. After a while she made noises like sucking in lots of
air, suggesting she had climaxed.

I'm just a sex object on display for her.

Carmen said: "I'm going to ask Peggy if you can come out of the
corner yet."

Carmen said: "Peggy said you have to stay in the corner until
1:00 PM and I shouldn't tell you what time it is. She said she
wanted to know if you moved. Because she said you have been
trained to not move. Also you were right, you are not allowed to
talk, but I didn't tell on you. But I might if you don't please

Now she's blackmailing me, but I will do anything for her

Finally Carmen said: "It's 1:00 and you can come out of the

I said: "May I get dressed, Miss Carmen?"

She said: "You really are obedient, of course you can." She left
the conference room.

I got dressed and went to my office.

There was enough work so I focused on it and blotted everything
else out.

I asked my staff to meet in our conference room at 4:00.

I was embarrassed after the spectacle earlier but I tried to
focus. When everyone was seated: Judy said: "Are you going to be
whipped again?" Everyone laughed or giggled.

I said: "I've installed the new call logging software, and it
will automatically install on your computers when you log-on
again. The purpose of the software is primarily so that if one
of us knows something we will all know it, additionally in the
future, we will make the data available to our users so we will
effect a transparency in our operations. I want to warn you that
you should not make comments in the database you don't want read
by the users."

There were a lot of good questions and substantive discussion. I
had also installed software that made a list of all the
computers on our network and I linked it to the calls program so
they could see what hardware and software the user had when they
called for a problem. This pleased my programmers. I ended the
meeting on that up note. Judy came and apologized for the
remark. I thanked her.

I went to my office and Carmen followed me in. I had to get up
and curtsy and I said: "Hello Miss Carmen."

She said: "I talked to the other girls and we want you to take
care of the women's restroom."

I said: "Yes ma'am. Do you think I should do that in the morning
or after you have left?"

Carmen said: "No, all day, we want you to keep it clean and make
sure it's stocked with ladies personal items."

I said: "Isn't the cleaning service doing a good job?"

She said: "They are okay, but this is to keep you down. They had
a meeting and decided you were really doing a great job and
thought you might get too arrogant. Washing some toilets will
teach you humility."

I said: "I don't mind the scrubbing toilets, but I have two
concerns, my time is very valuable to the company and what about
the ladies coming and going, how can I be cleaning when they are
using the place?"

Carmen said: "I agree your time is valuable, but it was your
wife and Peggy that decided it. Your staff was consulted and we
agreed you could work on the stalls that weren't in use. We
won't mind."

I said: "But what if some other woman came in and found me

She said: "They will make it a private bathroom. Is this what
your wife calls tiresome arguing?"

I said: "No ma'am, I beg pardon. When do I start?"

She said: "I was sent to tell you, right now."

I said: "Will you show me which bathroom we are talking about?"

She said: "I'll take you there and tell you what to do and I'm
supposed to make sure you do a good job. Peggy said I could
spank you if I'm not satisfied with your work. And your wife
said she would bring a cane for me to use."

I said: "Yes ma'am."

Carmen got up and I followed her. Carmen is another woman in my
life. She is about my age, and I judge her as being attractive.
She is about five feet six inches. She has light brown hair
which comes down to near her shoulders; she has brown eyes and
looks serious most of the time. She was wearing a yellow dress
that just brushed her knees. Evidently she has taken an interest
in me.

My wife has handed me to Peggy who, together with my wife has
handed me to Carmen. And Carmen is about to assign me more
chores. It was she who has me cleaning the programmers'
computers in the mornings.

We arrived at the toilets, and Carmen said: "Open the door a
crack and announce yourself as 'Jim to clean the toilets?', wait
a second and go in. Check the sinks, the unoccupied stalls, and
the overall cleanliness, make sure the mirrors are spotless.
When you're done, report to me and I will check it. You can
start now, there are cleaning supplies in that closet."

I said: "Yes ma'am."

Carmen walked out, I curtseyed.

I used a scrub brush on the toilets, cleaned the mirrors, mopped
the floor, washed the counters and polished the chrome fixtures.
I reported to Carmen that I was done.

Carmen said: "It took you 40 minutes, you have to do it in less
than thirty."

I said: "Yes ma'am, when should I do it again?"

Carmen thought for a minute and said: "Do it at 9:30, 1:30 and
4:30 every day."

I said "Yes ma'am."

I curtseyed and went to my office.

A while later Carmen came in, I stood and curtseyed.

She said: "One of the stalls had paper in the toilet; I assume
it was occupied when you cleaned. The rest looked okay. I won't
give you a demerit even though you took too long."

I said: "Thank you Miss Carmen. I found a little cabinet had a
box of tampons, is that what I need to keep in stock?"

Carmen said: "I'll ask everybody if that's what they want;
meanwhile don't let those run out."

I said: "Yes ma'am."

I was really busy because I was trying to run a department and I
was given these time consuming chores. I wanted to have meetings
concerning the call logging software and the graphical web
design software, and the day was slipping by.

I asked everyone if we could meet at 2:30. They all agreed.

At 1:30 I cleaned the toilets again and did it in twenty

Carmen checked it. She said: "The toilets looked very clean."

I thanked her respectfully.

At the meeting it was known I was cleaning toilets and a
discussion immediately began about what products should be
stocked in the little cabinet. Carmen wrote down a list. I was
beginning to appreciate her. I managed to get the topic onto
software and we concluded the meeting in an hour.

( Part 22 on the DOMestic blog this evening )

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S: Newcomer at the Club
Date: Thu, 20 May 2010 20:26:17 +0100
From: rfrub

Newcomer at the Club

It was going to be Carl's first night at the club. After
literally years of trying, he had met a girl who he both loved
and who was a real Amazon.

It must have taken ten adverts in Forum, three years membership
of Dateline, and I do not how many meals out in about thirty
different restaurants around Leeds. Still Carl knew what he was
looking for.

Finally his patience, politeness and dogged determination had
paid off. He had always slightly suggested to his dates, that a
forceful but kindly girl was what he sought. Someone who would
take charge but still respect his needs. Someone who one could
share the rest of life with, those nights at the theatre or
those trips to sunny Brid.

Oddly enough, most of the girls seemed to think that taking
charge in bed was the man's job, while they lay still and
thought of England. So even though they too wanted to go to
sunny Brid, Carl had to gently go his own way.

Her name finally turned out to be Anna. She was an up and coming
hard working secretary. She seemed to respond to him instantly.
It turned out her father had run away from home. Left with her
mother, she had been brought up to take life by the horns, and
do what she needed.

Her mother had lectured her on the perfidy of the male. "Set's
up the bloody system, so that he's on top and you're beneath,
then what does he do, has everything he needs, and still bloody
well runs off, to find someone else to get on top of. Mark my
words, Anna, never let a dammed man get on top of you!"

This message, Anna grew up with.

At school, she had slightly revised her thoughts. Yes, lots of
them did seem to resemble mauling bears, some were even
attractive mauling bears, she avoided these. However there were
some blokes who seemed a little calmer, people who you could
actually talk about the weather with. She was sure that
somewhere there was a guy sufficiently nice, and perhaps even
pliable, that the prospect of sharing your life together was
even attractive.

She too was patient, her career took up her energies. Rule
number one was obviously be financially independent. To do that,
her 14 year old self had recognised that she must succeed at
school. This she did, and now she was succeeding at work.

Work had been an enlightenment. Certainly there were some girls
who just seemed to be marking time before marriage and
pregnancy, though often it was the other way around. However
since her office was quite demanding, there were some quite
demanding ladies employed.

She had never been aware of Amazons as a concept but Tracy, a
married lady about ten years older, had shared her confidence.
Anna's initial surprise had rapidly changed to a recognition of
a kindred spirit. She had been amazed to learn (and then rather
pleased) that you could find men who did as they were told in
bed. You could even find men with strong minded characters who
could earn their own livings, and yet when undressed were as
demure and submissive as any woman was supposed to be.

Tracy had told her about their club, where a small group of like
minded woman met to support each other. In a hostile climate, it
was a sort of counselling service. It also acted as a training
clinic. Every month, the group met with their men, then they
stripped them, and played with them. Apparently Tracy and her
friends, had made no end of progress in becoming mistresses of
Fem Dom. Where they had started out uncertainly, now they trod
confidently, with their men trotting obediently behind.

What was more according to Tracy, these men were happy too.
Everyone seemed to gain, the girls were no longer left like
second class citizens, hurt and bleeding in the dark. The men
released from their stereotypes were discovering the real joy of
worshipping a female with a healthy dose of self abandonment.
The women knew what they wanted and told the men exactly how to
do it, the men found that it was far easier and just as
pleasurable to do what they were told.

Some of the women had discovered that their men were crying out
deep inside to be tied up and whipped! Even the Amazons had not
quite realised the full nature of male lust when untied from its
centuries old duty.

Anna's problem was that, she could not join without a partner.
Hence Anna was overjoyed when after several meetings, Carl's
real needs had been communicated to her, and she liked his
cooking too. They had quickly become lovers, but progressing to
the Amazon club had taken a while longer. Only when Carl had
become completely relaxed with Anna's own lovemaking did he
agree to submit to her suggestion.

So the day had come. Carl had agreed that Anna could take him to
the Amazon's meeting. Tracy had told Anna about how their first
visit would go and in particular what they would be doing to
Carl - this had to remain a secret. Carl did actually feel quite
nervous that evening. He had met Tracy several times now, but
there were five other girls, and apparently he would have to try
to service all of them.

When they got there, Katy opened the door. Immediately she had
taken Carl's hand and opening an ante room door, she had said
"Get in there and undress." Meantime smiling at Anna, she
invited her to join the others for a drink.

Carl undressed in what was just a cloakroom. Once naked, he just
stood there. He did feel frightened, but his cock was firm, and
as he waited he knew he was desperate for a girl, any girl to
come in and tell him what to do.

After about ten minutes, Tracy came in.

She actually smiled at him, "Don't worry, we'll make sure you
have a nice evening, even if we do want to spank the living
daylights out of your bottom." She moved close, and tweaked his
bottom. "Oh, I had better put this on you," she was holding a
lead and chain. She began fixing it around his neck, "Now
remember, don't speak unless you are spoken too, and on all
fours unless you are told, now down boy."

Carl got down on his hands and knees, he was hardly down, before
Tracy snarled "move", and she set off.

He had to follow, what a way to meet these people. He was naked,
with a collar and lead on his neck, crawling through the door
into the lounge. There was Anna, standing alone beside another
girl, both smiling broadly. Beside the girl another man was
crouched, his neck also in a collar and lead.

In fact dotted around the room, were four other naked males
crouching at their mistresses' feet. The fifth guy was sat naked
on a bar stool, in front of another empty bar stool.

Carl was just taking it all in, when Tracy began to speak.

"Ladies, thank you for coming with your pets tonight. We have
two new pets joining us to start their training programme, Carl
here, and Chris, who is already on his perch. For those not
familiar with how we train pets, I will remind you of how we
begin. The first lessons must aim to encourage obedience and
relaxation. Our pets must do what we ask willingly, to do this
all their orifices must be relaxed, and able to accommodate
anything we can offer them. They must not hesitate to undertake
any task, no matter how strange it may seem to them. To help
them, we have a little session on the stools. Most of you know,
what Chris has discovered, these are rather special stools."

Taking the empty one, Tracy showed Carl its seat. "You can see
that it is specially moulded to accommodate each buttock,
springing from it is this rubber dildo. In a moment, we will
put Carl on the stool and insert the dildo. Using these straps,
we will harness Carl securely, so he cannot get off, we will
also attach his ankles with cuffs to the stool legs. Once
restrained, we will sit him opposite Chris. I will then invite
them to mutually masturbate each other to orgasm. Once they have
come, we will manipulate them to erection before each of us uses
them as we please. Katy, Anna, take Carl and secure him!"

Carl's first night of complete slavery had begun. He was aware
only of trivial things like the female perfume around him. He
did think of the dildo, but it had been well lubricated, and he
was impaled with surprisingly little pain.

He was aware of the sweat on Chris's face, and the size of the
guy's organ, but he could not have said a word if he tried,
these girls had certainly taken charge. He felt the straps and
cuffs being fitted, as if in a daze.

Tracy's voice broke though the mist "Go on, wank each other."

He looked at Chris, he was about the same age, his cock was
hard, his eyes were glazed with a combination of lust and
anxiety. Both guy's hands began to move. Carl realised he had
never felt another guy's cock, let alone wanked another man, he
looked down at his own member, as the other bloke's hand cupped
it. Carl saw the hand began to move, and a spasm of pleasure
shook his groin as the guy started to pump him.

Carl knew he must follow suit, Carl wrapped his palm around
Chris' sweaty cock, and he too started pumping. As he did so he
was vaguely aware, that the room was completely silent. The two
guys were the centre of rapt attention.

He could not dwell on their stardom though, the effort to resist
his own orgasm while pumping the other male, all the while
feeling a huge plug locking him to the stool, had him close to

Through his haze, he was just aware somewhere in his mind, that
this was the fruition of a dream that his subconscious had lived
with, for so it seemed, as long as he could remember.

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Re: U: The Cuckoldress Videos
Date: 26 May 2010 01:41:04 -0000
From: Cuckdaddy

I finally got some time off of work and made this whole thing
better. My goal was to create the ultimate free social community
site where the users have total control with their Profile,
Videos, Pictures and Articles without restrictions over nudity,
language, file size, content.

There is no reason why you can't sell yourself here and find the
"ONE" to own or submit to. I still have to install Chat and Web
Cam capabilities so there is lots more to come. Please post any
problems you encounter in the Support Section of the Forum or PM
me. I hope You enjoy.


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Re: admin: WebMistresses displaying DOMestic
From: Robert Jones
Date: Thu, 27 May 2010 17:44:27 -0500

Is there any way that I can change the background color of your
RSS to black with white text? I can't seem to find a solution to
properly display the feed.


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Re: admin: WebMistresses displaying DOMestic
From: "Christine" at u4ds.com
Date: Fri, 28 May 2010 02:55:14 +0100

Hello cuckold,

There are numerous ways to display RSS feeds. The site I
suggested in my post is only one of many. See the Google link
for many other examples.

However on the front page of "webrss" one thing I see in the
middle of that page under "Take any Feed and convert it to
display fresh content on your website" is "Customize colors of
rss wrapper to 170 different colors."

I see from the links there that you need to sign up for a free
account with them to do stuff with feeds using their systems.
Then you can include any feeds from any site.

DOMestic digests feed is at:-


And individual messages at:-


Christine at Ms-Christine.com

More information about DOMestic Newsfeeds is here.

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