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WebMistresses displaying DOMestic

From: "Christine" at u4ds.com
Date: Sat, 20 Feb 2010 02:55:43 -0000


One of the benefits of offering DOMestic as an RSS feed is that
it is possible for a Web Mistress or Web Master to display a
DOMestic feed in an unedited form without being in breach of

For example. Below is a box that any legitimate and legal web
site can legally display to adults.

Web Mistresses:- To display the above box on your site use the following code:-

<iframe src="http://www.webrss.com/get_mysite.php?mysiteId=16419"
 width="540" height="260" "frameborder="0"></iframe>

You can edit this code to suit your own web site at:-


using the digest feed location:-


If you don't like the code I've supplied or any of these methods
of displaying it. There are lots of other websites offering
different ways you can use RSS feed content from DOMestic or
other RSS feeds from other sites on your own website. See this
Google link for many examples:-


You will need the feed locations to set up your own code:-

The digests feed is at http://www.mschristine.com/domestic.xml
The Blog (individual messages) feed is at

It has come to my attention today that some websites are
displaying DOMestic content without permission. Only RSS feeds
properly displayed in an unedited form can legally be used.
Anything else is a breach of copyright and will be subject to
legal action.

See DOMestic copyright details at:


More information about DOMestic Newsfeeds is here.


Linking code can be found on:


Christine at Ms-Christine.com

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Is there any way that I can change the background color of your
RSS to black with white text? I can't seem to find a solution to
properly display the feed.



Hello cuckold,

There are numerous ways to display RSS feeds. The site I
suggested in my post is only one of many. See the Google link
for many other examples.

However on the front page of "webrss" one thing I see in the
middle of that page under "Take any Feed and convert it to
display fresh content on your website" is "Customize colors of
rss wrapper to 170 different colors."

I see from the links there that you need to sign up for a free
account with them to do stuff with feeds using their systems.
Then you can include any feeds from any site.

DOMestic digests feed is at:-


And individual messages at:-


Christine at Ms-Christine.com

More information about DOMestic Newsfeeds is here:-

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