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femdom looking for ideas to do to my sub

Date: 13 Feb 2010 17:34:50 -0000
From: Emily

I am fairly new to the world of femdom. I am looking for ideas
to do to my sub. My sub is going to be tied up at all times so
that he is forced into bi-humiliation.

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"tied up at all times"... sounds like a chore for you. If he's
tied up all the time when you're making use of him, then you
aren't so much training him as forcing him into behavior, which
doesn't necessarily break his will.

From my own experience, my previous domme made a point of
training me to where she could simply touch my wrists, ankles,
and say "You are tied here and here." No actual restraints were
required any longer. I was obedient to the idea, adhering to her
desires, her will. Since I'm a sub, that's going to color my
perspective, since by nature I desire control, but I think you
will gain far more mastery over him by training him so that even
without actual ropes, he does as instructed. When he voluntarily
submits to anything - that's when you know you own him.


Send him to menstruation class.


Menstruation class? Is there such a thing? Can you expand on
your answer. Excellent idea? Thank you.



Emily wrote:

>looking for ideas to do to my sub

I like to humiliate my slave with tasks of tedium. Right now I
have him blindfolded and gagged. He is on his hands and knees
searching the place desperately for a pair of my scented panties
which are hidden in a spot on the floor unknown to him. He has
been at it for one hour now.

Whoops. I just realized I forgot to hide the panties yet! Wait
until I tell him he has been wasting all this time. He will find
that to be humiliating.



Menstrual training information is noted in message number 1367 at this Yahoo group for transgendered men who dream about or want to be considered a girl:




Mrs. Kravitz wrote:

>Send him to menstruation class.

And if there is no "class" near you, then there is plenty of
useful information to be found on DOMestic.

I just put Menstrual training into the search box on the front
page of the DOMestic blog at http://u4ds.com/

There were quite a few results. One of the most useful was at:-


David gave the following links there in July 2006:-

Instituting a Male Menstrual Cycle - by Judy

Instituting a Male Menstrual Cycle - reply by Ms Christine

Instituting a Male Menstrual Cycle - reply by Vickie Tern

If you are simulating female menstruation, be careful. As I
wrote in one of my own previous posts:-

Sanitary pads and towels are a good idea. The more old fashioned
they are the better to humiliate with (tie on ones!).

Tampons can be very dangerous inside the anus. They can dry the
area and adhere to the sensitive tissue therein, and can cause
damage and permanent harm.

Tampons are designed to be inserted into the vagina which is
usually a naturally moist and lubricating area. They are usually
inserted when the area is producing a flow for the Tampons to
soak up. They were not designed to be inserted into the anus.

There is the also the risk of the Tampon being lost up there.

Why take risks? I strongly suggest using something non
absorbent like a small butt plug for insertion to simulate a
Tampon, and that you secure it to something on the outside to
prevent it being lost internally.

In this way the simulation of inserting something need not
endanger the health and safety of the submissive, or result in
embarrassing visits to the hospital.

For more on Tampon use please also see


where Erin suggests 2 tampons in a very well lubed condom with
the open end tied off with string to dangle outside.

I'd go one step further and rather than let the string dangle
externally to his anus, I'd suggest that a string which is a
fraction longer can be secured to something "dangling" on the
outside. I'm sure we can all think of something external and
dangling to tie the string to in males :-)


The DOMestic discussion list. Now in our thirteenth year. The
password site now has over 6,700 files with well over 400
stories, plus pictures, and hundreds of articles. $26.99 for a
one year password. $16.99 for six months at




I have tried to access older messages but to no avail, specifically the
one you referred to 1367. Why can we not access these messages?




Joan S wrote:

>I have tried to access older messages but to no avail,

You posted your message via YahooGroups, which leads me to
believe you are not reading DOMestic via the blog which is the
best place to read it and where you will see all current
content, many back issues, and links to everything ever posted.

You can see the DOMestic blog at:


where you will find links to everything posted on DOMestic in
the last 13 years.

DOMestic is not a Yahoo Group in the conventional sense. We send
the email digest out via multiple services, one of which is
YahooGroups. Unless you click on the blog links for the messages
which interest you, then you will not see any of the links

>specifically the one you referred to 1367

The link posted by Gladys to "1367" was not a link to a DOMestic
message at all. This was a link posted by Gladys to another
group altogether.

When you read the phrase "link displays here on blog" next to
anything posted on DOMestic, then unless you visit the blog
thread in question, you will not be able to navigate to the link
in question.

In this case the thread is at...


where you will be able to click on the link which displays in
the message about another group posted by Gladys there.

>Why can we not access these messages?

I have not visited the link which Gladys posted myself. I don't
read other groups. But I presume that to see the message on
another group you would need to join that group.

In the thread at:-


I also posted many DOMestic archive links on Menstrual training
myself. But many of the messages are some years old. To access
all thirteen years of archived messages on DOMestic, you should
consider getting a DOMestic password.

Christine at Ms-Christine.com

The DOMestic discussion list. Now in our thirteenth year. The
password site now has over 6,700 files with well over 400
stories, plus pictures, and hundreds of articles. $26.99 for a
one year password. $16.99 for six months at




Invite friends who might be interested in the scene over for
coffee. Let him give the "spiel". Here he bares his soul. The
deep urges of his inner psyche that make the really complete
submissive pour out. Make sure he is good at this role. Lots of
practice is the key.

When addressed as "slave" reason departs - I strictly obey. Thus
no opprobrium attaches to any thing she orders. That which I
might hesitate to initiate becomes my deep desire. Grovelling
most intimate body worship, supreme humiliation, and imaginative
corporal are wonderful rewards under her guidance.

You order, "strip slave! Get it hard...."

Now come close, let each lady touch and play. They are hesitant.

"Be not coy, ladies. You have had experience. Get at it! Pinch
it, slap it, squeeze 'em, make him fairly jump and dance. There,
yes, yank it a bit"

After a bit of lively action you order: "Position 1."

His ass goes over chair back, his neck in chair seat, head
extends slightly out from seat. Legs are spread and pointed
upward. Taking a whippy crop you tickle, then flick.

"Ladies, using a naked male to ones utter satisfaction is the
'piece de resistance.'"

Then a hard whap across the left cheek. Now balls are kneaded,
then squeezed hard. Now you give your spiel on the joys of using
a submissive male. Detailed and nitty gritty - from your inner
soul pour mesmerizing techniques. The girls are entranced by the
sight, the happening, and of your obvious love of this activity.
Each lady takes a turn with a different special whip. You demo
strap on service.

In between, from time to time as nature calls he receives their
golden nectar. The ladies are indeed interested. They will be
back for more demo.


my Mistress will put an inflatable butt plug in my ass, then
cuff my hands in front of me - makes me lay on my stomach, and
start with the paddle.

Every time I squirmed, she would give me a pump or two, then
once it was already so big I could hardly stand it, she would
roll me over and sit on me so I could lick her pussy, and for
every minute I couldn't make her cum, 3 more pumps.

Boy did I learn proper oral techniques fast! But still take a
dive here and there if u know what I mean.


I am a sub who enjoys humiliation, or at least the thrill of
doing something risky and being caught. One simple task I had
was to wear makeup and lipstick at all times when I was at home
alone. Well I did that one evening but fell asleep. Early
morning there was a knock at the door. I jumped out of bed and
answered the door with my visible lipstick etc. So I figure if a
slave does something like that it's just a matter if time till
he's humiliated.

I also have a tight, lightweight spaghetti strap girls shirt
that I'm forced to wear occasionally. A white bra underneath
shows up plain as day but also, across the front in pink girly
print... It reads "I wear girls underwear" along with a picture
of myself wearing panties. Very embarrassing.

Lastly my hardest task is having to ask permission in advance to
get off in any way but also before I get hard. I also have to
provide FULL details about who or what I got off to. Where I
shot my load etc. Then often find out that this info is being
shared with our friends.

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