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Clothed Female Naked Male (CFNM)

Date: 15 Feb 2010 05:07:52 -0000
From: MichaelK

My recent CFNM experience

Part of my practice of Devotional Sex is that I tell my female
friends that I will do as they say in all things sexual and

Usually this offer is just taken up by my friends accepting a
foot or back massage. But occasionally something much more fun

A week ago my friend Tracey came over. She was tired, and I
offered her a foot massage. She was pleased to accept this

I had been flirting with Tracey about Clothed Female Naked Male
(CFNM) for a long time, so, as it was very hot and humid, as I
got the foot cream out I asked whether she would like me to take
any clothes off.

She said that I could take my t-shirt off.

A bit later I mentioned that our Devotional Friendship worked
well for her because she could enjoy a foot massage whenever she
wished. I added that if she ever told her friends about this it
would make an even better picture if she had a naked man at her

To cut a long story short, she asked me to take my shorts off!

We both enjoyed my arousal as I sat naked at her feet and
continued with the foot massage.

The full story is on my website including some comments from
Tracey in the article:-

"A foot massage and the first Reveal"

What was great is that she really enjoyed our adventure almost
as much as I did.

This was not my first CFNM experience, but it was my first with
Tracey. As I say in the full story, sometimes the second time
with someone is even better, so I'm hoping that Tracey might
want to do it again one day.

Fortunately her comments about what happened are very positive,
so I might be lucky.

Of course doing kinkier things with a partner is lots of fun.
But just enjoying some CFNM that goes no further with a friend
is a very fun and satisfying experience.



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Back in February I told you about my adventure with my friend
Tracey when she had me be naked as I gave her a foot massage.

I've finally written up the story of what happened a few weeks
later when Tracey next visited me.

The second time worked even better than the first because we
both felt more relaxed about what we were doing. Tracey felt
more in control and I got much more aroused than the first time.
And this time Tracey decided to take things a bit further by
playing with me with her feet. This was something that I had
never experienced before.

Her keeping me aroused for about an hour as I massaged her feet
created a very powerful dynamic. As this was relaxation and fun,
and there was no humiliation, what we were doing was like a
Tantric ceremony.

You can read the full story, including some comments from
Tracey, in the article:-

"The second Reveal and some sensual foot play"

Has anyone else experienced Tantric CFNM?





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