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Jim's Story - part seven

Date: Thu, 29 Oct 2009 15:15:42 -0400
From: randolphus

Jim's Story by randolphus
first part linked here

part seven

It was UPS. I signed for six boxes addressed to Kathleen. I
stacked the boxes and went to tell Kathleen.

She said: "It's very timely for the materials to arrive just
now. Come get your tools we have some assembly work to do."

Two of the boxes held parts to make a stock to secure a person.
Kathleen said she ordered this for me, and it's an omen that it
arrived after I acquired three demerits for the same lust
offense. That made me nervous enough that I stopped noticing her
bathrobe fluttering open as she moved. The other boxes I saw had
whips, belts and other instruments that even I thought were

She told me to move everything into her room. Then I got screw-
drivers an adjustable wrench and put the contraption together.
It consisted of a platform that I would stand on with rings near
where my feet would be, a rail about the height of my waist and
a frame holding an assembly to hold hands and head. When I
finished it looked diabolical.

Kathleen handed me accessories that fit into the rings so that
the feet could be secured. As I finished attaching the leg
bracelets, Kathleen stood watching me.

She said: "This will move the level of discipline to a higher
level; I can't have you standing for hours because you're too
useful. You will find spending just half that time in these
stocks will have an even better effect."

I shivered. But I put away the tools and folded the boxes and
carried them outside. When I came in Kathleen invited me into
her bedroom. She said, "Perhaps you can focus on these new
arrivals we have and dress me without lusting after my body, do
you think you can Jim?"

All I could say was: "Yes ma'am."

I asked if she would like a bath and she said "not now", she
wanted me to take her to the toilet. I knelt down thinking how I
would feel contorted in that frame. I saw many packages she had
received whose contents weren't shared with me. I tried to think
of this woman not as my mistress but an invalid that needed help
on the toilet, I wasn't related to her, I was just an orderly.
It seemed to work.

Then Kathleen said: "I see your were a little distracted while
you were attending me, that's good, but don't congratulate
yourself yet, I would like a massage, a full body massage."

I said: "I will get the massage table and some sheets and the
oil, Miss Kathleen." And I curtsied and went for the stuff. I
nuked the oil in the microwave for fifteen seconds to warm it.

I set up the table so that I could see the stocks that I had
assembled. I tried to imagine how long Kathleen would put me in
them. Yet I rubbed her back and her ass, and I could feel my
body becoming aroused. I tried to imagine that this was the 75th
client today that I had to massage. Maybe it helped. But then it
was time to turn her over.

I remember reading a zoology book that explained how unusual
humans were having boobs and pussy on the same side of the body,
he called humans the sexy animals. And faced with the double
whammy of sexiness, would I be able to think of how to pass a
camel through the eye of a needle, as my hands cupped her

Then more oil smoothing it over her stomach and then working
down, it was getting to be too exciting so I moved to her feet
and thought of one little pig went to market, etc, then back up
her leg, then the other, I wondered if she would miss me
massaging the high parts of her thighs.

"Would Miss Kathleen like a bath, now?" I asked.

She hesitated then answered dreamily: "In a little while."

I got fresh coffee, and ran the bath with extra soap to wash
away the oil.

I started with washing her back, and thought about what to fix
for dinner as I washed under and around her breasts, and how
often the house should be vacuumed while I washed between her

After drying her and putting her robe around her, she said: "You
may select my panties bra and garter."

I selected the least attractive color, a shade of gray and black
garter belt which was shiny, but I tried not to dwell on it. She
seemed to approve of my selection and sat down.

I tried not to look at her while I wrapped the belt around her
waist and fastened it at the front, unfortunately I saw just
above the clip her lovely breasts and just below the bush of her
pussy. I didn't think about it, much. I slid on her panties and
caught her breasts in the brassiere and fastened the clasp.

Kathleen said: "I think I have gray stockings, try to find

I said: "Yes ma'am." And I found them.

It's not real hard to roll a stocking onto a foot, but it's more
difficult if you try not think it's a foot. Then suddenly: SLAP!

"Pay attention," she said.

"Yes ma'am," I said.

I slid the other leg up with care and became aroused by her body
so close, my hands so close to her pussy, staring up at her

I saw her expression harden as I fastened the garters.

"I want the black platform pumps," she said.

I put them on her feet.

Then she stood up and grabbed my elbow and guided me to the
stocks. "Fasten your ankles to the platform," she said.

I did, but I had to stoop and lean, it wasn't easy.

"Now lean forward and put your head here and your hands," she

Then she closed the top half of the stocks and I was held tight.
The cross bar forced me to tip forward so there was weight on my
shoulders. She fastened a belt across my back so it was
impossible to move side to side or front to back. Then she left.
She closed the bedroom door.

She came back in and walked around where I could see her. She
looked like a page out of Playboy, gray bra and panties, shiny
black garter belt and extreme high heeled shoes. And in her hand
was a leather strap.

She said: "You lust after my body but you see what I have here."

"I want you to think of lust and the effect of this strap."

She walked around behind me and said: "You have lusted in a
disgusting manner three times, it's my policy to increase the
punishment each time to limit the recidivism. For the first
lusting I will give you twelve strokes, for the second you get
fifteen and for the third it's raised to twenty. So Jimmy how
many is that?"

"I beg pardon madam, what did you ask me?" I said.

Kathleen said: "You should pay attention to me when I talk, that
will cost you, I'm not so good at sums, let's round it up to
fifty. I think this strap will get your attention. Are you

"But madam I can't possibly take that many strokes," I was

"I think you can and will," she said. And delivered such a
painful stroke that I screamed out. I could hear her exhale,
then there was another one and another scream from me. I could
not believe I could take so much pain. Then the third arrived.
And it was awful, maybe I'll faint, I thought, I tried to wiggle
but all I could do was to clench and unclench my butt, she had
me so tightly fastened. She paused, and I thought she might have

She said, "Jim, I know that it hurts, but did the strap get your

"Yes ma'am it did," I immediately answered.

"Then you agree it's a fine instrument indeed and I think more
will focus your attention further."

She continued: "After each stroke you will thank the strap for
its fine work, or you may thank me for applying it. Remember I
won't count the stroke unless I hear a clear thank you Miss
Kathleen before the next one touches your skin. Are we clear on
this, because fifty strokes is a lot and I don't want you to
have to bear more."

"Yes Miss Kathleen, I wish to thank you for the three strokes
you have given me."

Before I said 'given me' the next one landed and I screamed:
"Thank you Miss Kathleen."

I had never experienced so much intense pain. My throat was
becoming sore from screaming with pain the yelling thank you
Miss Kathleen.

She said: "That's 25, half the way. I will let you recover for a
while and after I have a little wine I will return and we will
resume the punishment for lusting. Are you going to lust after
Sarah and Me in the future?"

I said: "No Miss Kathleen."

She said: "I'm glad the strap has done such a good job so
quickly, please continue thinking how you will refrain from

Kathleen walked out and closed the door.

I couldn't move, the strap around my waist just left me enough
room to breathe, there was just a little wiggle at each foot,
and my head and hands had no space to move. My muscles ached
from the lack of mobility, and the backs of my thighs and ass
felt like they had been cut open. The stocks tipped me forward
so my shoulders were carrying my upper body. I found myself in
total misery and this bitch relentlessly toyed with me. Oh I
forgot, I'm supposed to think about not lusting. I want out of
this contraption.

Kathleen entered quietly, and said: "Are you anxious to finish
your sentence?"

I answered, "Please Miss Kathleen, I can't take anymore."

Kathleen said: "You can and you will, before I did the counting
and this is your punishment so you should do the counting. The
same rules apply, you must announce the count and thank me or
the stroke won't count. Lets practice, you are starting at 26."

I received a shocking hard stroke with no warning. I screamed,
then I screamed "twenty-six", then I screamed "thank you Miss
Kathleen", and the next stroke landed on the last syllable of
'Kathleen', 27 and so it went.

One time I screamed "thirty-four thank you Miss Kelly", and
Kathleen said: "That does not count, you are getting number 34,"
and stroked me extra hard. Tears were running down my face.

Finally I screamed "fifty" and "thank you Miss Kathleen."

Kathleen said, since this is your first session in the stocks, I
will leave you here for only another hour. Tell me what you will
be thinking during that hour.

I was in a daze and I heard Kathleen's tone harden, "Jim, do we
need more strap to get your attention?"

"Please no Miss Kathleen I'm focused," I begged.

"Very well then, tell me what you will be thinking about during
the next hour."

I thought, hour? What is she talking about? Then it came to me,
I said: "I will never lust after you madam or Miss Sarah."

Kathleen said: "That will be time very well spent. I will see
you later."

She left and closed the door. I sniffled for five or ten
minutes, snot came out of my nose, I felt so dirty and
repulsive. The time dragged as I ached. "Please let me out," I
moaned. There was no clock in my view. I tried to meditate but
the pain distracted me. I guess I'll do anything to not go
through this again.

Kathleen came in, and opened the top half of the stocks that
held my head and hands, and unfastened the belt that held my

Kathleen was still in panties and bra and garter, but she had
put on perfume, and I knew the hard part was still ahead of me,
because I felt so much lust for this woman that it was an ache.

Kathleen said, "You may release the leg shackles."

I did and she held me, because I would have fallen otherwise.
She helped me onto her bed and positioned me face down.

She said: "You can rest here for a short while and gather your
strength back."

She came back in what seemed like a few minutes and handcuffed
me with my hands behind my back, and left again. Why am I
deserving this? I wondered. I fell asleep and when I woke, there
was a cover over me. I lay there thinking of Kathleen and what
she was doing to me. The more she punished me it seemed the more
I was lusting after her. Where will this end?

I fell asleep again, then I woke up and Kathleen was naked
beside me and I guessed it was the middle of the night. I lay
there thinking of what I had become. I would do anything to
avoid being beaten like that. But I was committed to this woman
to a degree I couldn't have imagined. I guess she knew all that
and maybe that's why I'm handcuffed. I guess I'm the slave and
she is the goddess. She can do anything she wants and I can do
only what she lets me.

read part eight here

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