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Re: admin: Good News for Visa/MC/JCB users
From: "David" at u4ds.com
Date: Tue, 22 Dec 2009 04:06:12 -0000


On 1 Dec 2009 Christine wrote:

>We have now arranged credit card processing with Verotel

And we can now confirm that we have finished altering all our
order pages a few days ago. So everything is now working with
all the major credit and charge cards. Please let me know if
there is anything you find that we've missed.

One benefit of the change is that Verotel allow us to process
with JCB, Visa and Mastercard for instant video downloads. So
I've created new "tiny screen" download versions of our videos
which are now also available using Amex and Diners.

You can see actual size screenshots of all five new "tiny
screen" download versions at:-


but here is one of my favourite memories of being "Queened" by
Christine from "Stiletto"...

Those who would still like to have a CD or DVD version can now
instantly download the video and for and extra $10 get the CD or
DVD as well. The best of both worlds.

David at u4ds.com

See Christine and David on video.

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C: is piss drinking harmful?
Date: 22 Dec 2009 05:45:33 -0000
From: anwar

Hi, we are new to this forum.

We want to know if piss drinking is harmful in the long term. I
am a bit shy to ask this but my wife said she needs to know. On
weekends she forces me to drink her piss and no water. She loves
me and says I will become more obedient if I keep doing this. So
she needs to know if it is harmful.

Thanks in advance.

(This is not my real name. I will disclose it soon. My wife has
squeezed my balls to write this. She is sitting next to me and
she is having my balls in her hand and she is squeezing them
hard) I love my wife.

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Re: C: is piss drinking harmful?
Date: 22 Dec 2009 15:03:42 -0000
From: slavedoggieboy

anwar wrote:

>We want to know if piss drinking is harmful in the long term

Drinking your wife's pee will not be harmful to you as long as
she is in good health. I have done this thousands of times over
the years, and have not had any problems.

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Re: C: is piss drinking harmful?
From: "Christine" at u4ds.com
Date: Wed, 23 Dec 2009 02:37:38 -0000


"anwar" wrote:

>Hi, we are new to this forum.

Welcome. I'm sure you'll find the help you are seeking here,
feel free to ask more questions.

>We want to know if piss drinking is harmful in the long term.
>-snip- she forces me to drink her piss and no water

Your "no water" comment is the one I notice and this flashes a
warning light for me, as this is one area of risk. You should
drink plenty of water as well.

Fresh urine drunk directly from the source is not harmful in
principle, providing the urine is from a healthy individual. All
body fluids are dangerous if the fluids are from people who are
unwell. So, in practice what the urine might contain could be
harmful to you, and should be treated with respect and caution.

Even a healthy lady may be taking some medication, hormones, the
birth control pill, and any of these could pass a residue on to
you. So the wise individual would take the precaution of
drinking large quantities of water before and after consuming
urine to dilute the risks and flush the system.

Assuming you are both in excellent health and that she is not
taking medication I would advise your lady to take the
precaution of drinking plenty of water herself to dilute her own
urine, and I would advise her to order you to consume at least
one glass of water (minimum!) for every glass of fresh urine she
makes you consume.

Urine is a very useful growth medium, and if stored for any
length of time exposed to the air it may become contaminated
with bacteria which would grow well in such a medium. So consume
it immediately and fresh from the source to minimise the risk of

Personally I prefer urinating directly upon David's face. It
feels a lot more powerful than handing him a glass. The small
quantity he inevitably consumes while undergoing the humiliation
of me urinating all over his face is a miniscule risk.

Hope this helps.


You can see me urinating on David if you download the "Waters of
the Queen" video at:- http://www.mschristine.com/queenp.shtml

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Re: C: submissive aroused by angry Mistress?
Date: 22 Dec 2009 05:58:50 -0000
From: shywon

judy wrote:

>when I yell at him and am angry at him at times. Why would he
>get aroused by that?

Sounds a little like he is testing Your control. If You are
angry and want to keep the upper hand, send him away calmly
being sure he knows how disappointed You are.

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Re: C: submissive aroused by angry Mistress?
Date: 24 Dec 2009 10:12:17 -0000
From: "O"

judy wrote:

>My sub lickslave seems to get aroused when I yell at him and
>am angry at him at times. Why would he get aroused by that?
>Can anyone comment to me about this?

I have experienced this....

I had met and became friends with a female dominant, who was
less experienced than appearances, and after several meetings we
met with a view to playing. She had indicated she liked to use a
whip hard. She also mentioned in passing that she had an anger
problem, and I was surprised, as by appearances, butter wouldn't
melt in her mouth.

Well, later in the evening she became angry for little apparent
reason and it escalated to a rage of anger.

She angrily threatened to put me in my stocks and give me an
extreme whipping and leave me there all night.

I had to pull back and refuse, as in her state, it breached all
safe, sane and consensual parameters.

I stuck to my guns and never played with her, because I felt it
was unsafe, but it was a tremendous turn on for me.

I don't like making anyone truly angry, and I was quite
surprised by my arousal.

I think because to submit to her (in her state of anger) would
have been a complete and total submission with no way out, when
it was clear it was going to go way past any safeword levels.

This in itself has a certain appeal, and I have lived in a
relationship where safewords were there, but seldom (if ever)
used, and then only if there was some sort of issue (such as
cramp or restraints cutting off circulation).... you just took
what punishment was decided on.

This level of trust takes a considerable amount of time to

My passing comment is that if your slave is turned on by your
anger, to use it on your slave, but not at the time of the
actual anger. Take time to find your equilibrium and later,
during the session, recall the events that made you angry and
act out your anger, without really being truly angry. The effect
will be the same for your slave, and for his correction, but
it's a safer option.


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Re: C: submissive aroused by angry Mistress?
Date: Thu, 24 Dec 2009 18:38:03 -0000
From: "David" at u4ds.com


judy wrote:

>My sub lickslave seems to get aroused when I yell at him and am
>angry at him at times. Why would he get aroused by that?

I think there are many possibilities, and you might want to
explore those by discussing it with him. Just ask him why he
thinks your anger turns him on. It's possible that it reminds
him of some formative experience, or it might be that when you
are angry he finds the idea of punishment more credible and
exciting than in so called play situations.

I know we've discussed anger here on many occasions, and I found
so many references to it when I searched the DOMestic member's
site, that I couldn't list them all here.

What I think may be a common motivation for a submissive
becoming aroused at his mistress being angry, may be the concept
of "real punishment".

So I restricted the search of the DOMestic member's area to
"real punishment angry" so as to come up with something that
might shed light on your question of "why" and I quickly came up
with an article I wrote many years ago called "Real punishment
hurts the ones we love" at:-


I'll repeat and re-edit the relevant parts of it here...

If I imagine for a moment the little boy in tears when his
mother slaps his legs and tells him off, I realise that why he
is crying is not totally about the physical pain. He is crying
because he is emotionally hurt by his mother's anger.

What we (I think I'm including most or all of us into dom-sub)
do is the opposite. We are sharing. We want to know that our
partner, dom or sub, is enjoying it. So some of us enjoy 'play
anger' from our dominants.

For some of us into "real punishment" a kind of magic occurs
when we as subs watch the dom play act the anger in a convincing
way. So convincing that we nearly believe it, but not quite
convincing enough that we fall in to the trap of really
believing we have upset them.

Over thirty years ago, in an earlier marriage, as a young twenty
year old man, I experienced a "non playful" spanking, shortly
followed by a lashing with a riding crop.

The circumstances were as follows,

We were at a social function associated with my wife's work. I
was one of the few men there. Most of the guests were sales-
women akin to my wife. I had a ball, dancing with them all. At
first my wife took it all in good spirits, pleased that I was
getting on so well with her friends. But either I pushed it too
far, or she became jealous. I don't honestly know which.

We had played fem-dom games at home for very brief periods. But
I had never experienced anything like this. In the car driving
home she made it very clear how angry she was and said little
else. When we entered the kitchen door she literally pushed me
across the kitchen table and ripped at my trousers and laid into
my backside.

I loved it.

My initial resistance, which was at best half hearted soon
abated. She gave me a hiding and then fetched the riding crop
which I had previously purchased for play. I was lectured
throughout and told never to behave that way again.

It was fantastic.


My best guess is that I wanted or enjoyed her proving that she
loved me. Her jealousy which was always a problem in our
marriage was finally expressed in a way which knitted with my
own sexual fantasies.

That marriage ended a few years later but the non-playful anger
and consequent arousal experience has never been repeated.
Although Christine can act angrily in our role-pay which is
often very arousing (but deep down I know it's play).

Nowadays I would be hurt by the idea that I had done anything to
make my partner really angry, and quite simply I almost never do
so, but the concept of play anger is something we've used
frequently and Christine and I have successfully weaved this
into our role-playing lifestyle by treading carefully and
discussing what things we both enjoy.


Download "Games People Play" by David

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Re: C: slave spurting torments and ideas
Date: 22 Dec 2009 07:03:28 -0000
From: MichaelK

VeryCurious wrote:

>It really gets me turned on when she controls how/when/if I
>have an orgasm, so I sent her a list of things to try


Your list is a great list of what you would like your wife to do
to you.

Perhaps your wife will want to please you one day by making you
do some of these things.

But if she is "making you" do something to please you, then it
is hard to call this domination.

A more interesting list (for me) would be what SHE might like to
happen when you submit to her. If you find things that she
wants, that make her feel relaxed and comfortable about having
you under her power, and that she enjoys, then she is likely to
want to be in charge more often.

As you are in a loving relationship, she will probably want to
do a few things to please you as well, so you might not miss out
on your fantasies.

But the starting point is HER feeling that she really is in

When I'm with a partner I never ejaculate unless my partner
wishes, and I do this how she wishes.

I feel that she is in charge when she does not let me cum.

And she enjoys that I remain horny because she has left me
charged up.

I feel that she is in charge when she makes me cum.

And she enjoys me doing this when and how she says, the feeling
of her power of making me do this, and that my energy is then

Even a non-dominant woman can enjoy having the power to say when
and how her man may cum.

The how is very rarely as exciting as your list, but the fact
that my partner enjoys her power, and the how and when is what
she wants, is very powerful and fun for both of us.


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Re: C: slave spurting torments and ideas
From: Jonathan Howes
Date: Tue, 22 Dec 2009 10:10:15 -0400

Here's one we use quite a bit. I am in chastity and my wife lets
me out after bringing her to orgasm orally. I then get in
position to mount her. She takes my member in her hands and
depending on her mood she either lets me in or uses the tip of
my penis as a tool on her clitoris until she comes looking at me
in the eyes the whole time. I almost come every time with just
that small contact, but never quite get there, then its back
into chastity. Either that or a specified number of strokes 10-
20 if I come. Back in I go if I don't. Same delightfully


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Re: C: slave spurting torments and ideas
Date: 22 Dec 2009 17:51:24 -0000
From: Kinkmarshall

VeryCurious wrote:

>gets me turned on when she controls how/when/if I have an
>orgasm, so I sent her a list of things to try.

Looks like you are the natural dom in the relationship, as every
one of your list items is a different way of having you cum in
your ways.

My Mistress chooses when (maybe once a week, if I am lucky) and
how I will come. I have been allowed to be inside of her 3-4
times in the past year. I would not dare to make a suggestion on
how I would like it, as our relationship is all about my
Mistress Wife, and not about me.

I do believe Mistress allows me the frequency of orgasms she
does because of her feelings towards her husband and not her

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Re: C: slave spurting torments and ideas
Date: 23 Dec 2009 19:39:18 -0000
From: Shadowlady

I am in agreement with some of the other posters. It comes across
as very much centred on what you want, not what you can be to her
to bring out the dominant in her. If she does what you like in
this fashion, even if it is in a top role, aren't you the one
still in charge, not her?

Everybody is different of course and if it works for you then
great. But if my boy would present me with a shopping list like
yours, it would be a turn off for me.


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Re: C: slave spurting torments and ideas
Date: 23 Dec 2009 14:05:06 -0000
From: pussikat steve

Well, this is all about you isn't it? Never mind about your
orgasms, how about finding out how She would like to cum!

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Re: C: slave spurting torments and ideas
Date: Sat, 26 Dec 2009 18:58:07 -0000
From: "David" at u4ds.com


VeryCurious wrote:

>I have been a reader of DOMestic for years, but I've never

You are off to a good start, thanks for an interesting list of
ideas. I think there are many newbie dominants reading DOMestic
who will find such lists a useful source of ideas that may not
have occurred to them.

Don't mind the negative comments from any fem-dom purists who, it
seems to me, may not have read your introductory paragraph and
instead concentrated on responding to the "list".

I know that when I first explained my fantasies to Christine
(some 30 years ago now) that she was puzzled about what I meant
by "if you do decide to let me orgasm then you can make it as
cruel as you like" - and she wanted me to suggest some ways in
which she could do that. Being "cruel" did not come naturally to

>I've always been turned on reading about female domination. My
>wife enjoys being both submissive (I believe she prefers this
>role) and dominant.

You believe she prefers to be submissive? Have you asked her?
And of course, there is the question of which role you prefer,
many "switches" have a preference in one particular direction.

It's possible that she only prefers the submissive role because
she is uncertain about what to do when she is dominant. But if
she really does prefer submission, do you indulge her fantasies

>We have only role-played for about a year and she gets nervous
>when faced with having to try new things.

It's natural to fear the unknown. And of course it's potentially
worrying for the partner of a submissive, not knowing how to end
a role-playing scenario once it's started. This can result in
deciding not to start at all. So your list may help her. But I
think talking about your fantasies - what turns you both on, and
why, with an emphasis on "both of you" can only help to clear
the fog.

>It really gets me turned on when she controls how/when/if I
>have an orgasm, so I sent her a list of things to try.

I hope this was a list she requested. It can be intimidating for
a partner to receive such a long list of things that turn you on
and they may see it as demanding, or a "do me" list.

But if a "sharing fantasies" discussion results in an agreement
to write such things down and share them, then that can be

>I'm sharing the list with the group in the hopes that some
>readers will try some new things with their submissives.

Thanks for your list, it is most welcome. I think that one
advantage of such sharing is that other partners of submissives
can pick a few ideas from DOMestic that they fancy trying for
themselves without feeling there is any pressure from their own

To that end you might encourage your own partner to read
DOMestic herself.


Download "Prickteasing" by David

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S: Vicky Takes Control - part three
Date: Tue, 8 Dec 2009 22:34:03 +0000 (GMT)
From: Humble Serf

Vicky Takes Control - Part 3
first part linked here

Pete felt a growing emptiness deep in the pit of his stomach. As
the city lights slipped past he thought how cold and harsh
everything looked at this late hour. The streets were empty and
the car made smooth progress through the night. Pete hated
himself for it, but he kept on sneaking glances in his rear view
mirror at the loved-up couple on his back seat. Vicky couldn't
keep her hands off Thierry. The alcohol was wearing thin and he
was glancing a little nervously at Pete.

He whispers "Doesn't your friend mind?"

Vicky giggles and presses her palm against the expensively
tailored silk trousers of Thierry's designer suited straining

"Oh don't worry about him. He's not exactly my friend. He works
for me."

Pete couldn't believe his ears! His cheeks flushed red.

"He's your driver?"

"Yes. Among other things. He's my..." Vicky pauses and meets
Pete's eyes in the rear view mirror. "What would you call
yourself Petey?"

"Your manservant?" he shoots back sarcastically. She's taking
this way way too far now he thinks.

"Exactly. My servant."

Thierry looks surprised and then shrugs. It's none of his
business and all he cares about is the gorgeous woman who
appears to be taking him home for a night of pleasure. Who cares
about the hired help.

The pair continue canoodling as the merc speeds through the
night. Pete can't take his eyes off his young wife in her sexy
short crimson silk dress. He feels himself take in a deep breath
as a strap falls casually off her shoulder and Thierry's hand
snakes up to cup her breast. Pete wonders when he and Vicky were
last this sexually intimate. He can't even remember.

A twinge of sadness shoots through him, only to be overwhelmed
by a growing ache in his cock. He can't believe it. He was
getting hard watching Vicky with her young stud. What was wrong
with him? He was hurting and hard at the same time. 'What a
disgusting pervert', he thought about himself. It didn't occur
to him that Vicky was clearly just as perverse as he was. But it
certainly occurred to her and she was loving it.

Pete kept his eyes on the road and tried to ignore the sounds
from the back seat. A few minutes later he pulled up at their
large Victorian West London pile. He'd worked hard for his home
and was proud of it. He always felt a sense of satisfaction
hearing the tires of his expensive car crunch over the gravelled

"Here we are" Vicky said brightly to Thierry. The young man was
obviously impressed. Pete switched off the engine and opened his
door to get out. He noticed neither of his passengers made any
move. Vicky fired him a mischievous glare. He got the message
and opening the rear car door for her, stood to one side as the
couple climbed out and headed straight up to the front door.

Vicky let them in and directed Thierry into the front room. Pete
was about to follow when she placed her palm on his chest
stopping him.

Loudly, for Thierry's benefit, "That's all for tonight Petey."
She ran her hand down to Pete's crotch. He could feel his cock
twitching madly under his wife's touch. "You can go to your
quarters. We won't be needing you any more."

Pete didn't know what to do, say or even think. Vicky whispered
coquettishly "Oh, and your little cutie is all excited... Shame.
God Petey, Thierry's cock is huge! I can feel it throbbing

"Vicky?" Thierry calls.

"Coming!" and she pecks Pete on the cheek, hisses "guest room
for you" and runs off into the living room, shutting the door
behind her, leaving Pete stunned in the hallway wondering what
has just hit him.

He considers striding into the room and telling Thierry to get
the hell out of his house. But he knows he won't. He's too
afraid Vicky might just leave him to rattle about his huge pile
alone for the rest of his days. He couldn't imagine even a day
without her. Besides, Thierry looks like he'd make mincemeat out
of Pete if he wanted to. He swallows his pride trudges upstairs,
pausing at his and Vicky's bedroom door. His hand is on the door
knob before he realised it. Habit. He holds it for a moment
before slowly letting go and dejectedly slipping into the small
guest room next to their bedroom.

Shutting the door he looks at the small single bed and matching
vanity unit. The room smells of fresh flowers. He can't remember
the last time he had stood here. He had never slept in it. Vicky
kept the room like this for her younger step-sister's occasional
visits - less frequent now that she had grown up and gone to
university. 18 years old he thought. Unbelievable how time goes.

Pete got undressed down to his underwear, laid his clothes
carefully on the hardwood chair next to the bed and climbed
under the cool cotton sheets. He switched out the light.
Exhausted, he wanted to sleep and wake up tomorrow and forget
this whole horrible strange night.

And then he heard it. Giggling. Giggling coming up the stairs.
They were actually going to do it in his bed. Vicky was going to
fuck Thierry in their marital bed. He heard the door shut and
the muffled laughter and sounds of the pair of them knocking
into furniture as they collapsed onto the bed. Moments later he
could hear the rhythmic creaking of the mattress. They were
having sex.

And then Pete realised that his cock was raging hard.

To his horror, as he listened to the moans of his wife and the
gasps from Thierry coming through the wall in the dark, Pete
found himself imagining Vicky's legs, her breasts, the curve of
her hips, her lips, her neck. And then he realised he was
furiously pumping away at his cock keeping pace with the ebb and
flow of Vicky's conquest. He heard them yell at climax and
couldn't hold himself a moment longer. A jet of cum sprayed
across his bare chest and hit him in the face. He was mortified.
And yet he couldn't remember his jism spraying so high and far
ever before. Whatever was going on might be deeply humiliating.
But it was also intensely, life-changingly thrilling.

And then through the wall he heard Vicky and her man begin all
over again. Pete closed his eyes and tried jerking off again
until eventually fatigue overcame him and the night drew in.


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S: Jim's Story - part six
Date: Thu, 29 Oct 2009 15:15:42 -0400
From: randolphus

Jim's Story by randolphus
first part linked here

part six

I puzzled over dinner, I didn't think spaghetti would go over
two nights in a row, and honestly that's all I knew how to cook.
Luckily Sarah had a good collection of books. I found an old
paper-back called "The I hate to Cook cookbook." What food did
we have?

Finally I made a casserole with rice and two kinds of soup and a
big salad with nuts, raisins and fruit. I was so nervous I found
our best white wine and put it into the freezer so it would get
cold. This maid learned his lesson, no wine for me, I'll stick
to the vodka. What I needed was flowers and we had some roses
still blooming so I made a small bouquet. Set the table and
waited an agonizing fifteen minutes before Sarah came in. We
hugged and kissed and I thought everything would be fine.

I served the dinner, poured the wine and stood at attention
while both Sarah and Kathleen commented on the casserole and the
salad and the wine. I was feeling pleased until I saw the grim
expression on Kathleen's face. When dinner was over Kathleen
said: "Clear the table and wait in the kitchen until I call

Of course, I said: "Yes ma'm."

I ate the leftovers but I didn't drink the wine, then I washed
up and cleaned everything in the kitchen and found even more
places to clean. I knew Kathleen and Sarah were talking and I
was again not invited. Finally Kathleen came in and said: "Bring
the leftover wine into the family room."

I guess that meant I had to come too. I brought two glasses, the
bottle, and curtsied twice and gave each lady a glass and

Kathleen said: "Put the bottle on the table and go to my room
and bring the handcuffs."

I curtsied twice, "Yes ma'am."

I brought the handcuffs and the key, curtsied twice, and
presented them to Kathleen.

Kathleen said: "Hands behind you."

I did, she clicked them shut and said: "Sit on the floor over
there." She pointed to the opposite corner of the room so we
could see each other.

Sarah said: "Mom said you were lusting after her, is that

I said: "I was very aroused when I was dressing and undressing

Sarah said: "Were you punished for that?"

I said "Yes ma'am, I was." But I was trying to hide the fact
that sitting here looking at the two of them was arousing me

Sarah said: "So what's the harm, he's just a horny male, he's
probably aroused now."

I thought 'there she goes reading my mind'.

Kathleen said: "I didn't want an affair with your husband."

Sarah said: "But I don't care if you have one, I guess it's all
in the family."

Kathleen said: "You don't feel jealous?"

Sarah said: "Not at all, you have carte blanche with him."

Sarah continued: "He is married to both of us, that's how to
look at it. It's not that he's getting twice the sex, but he's
getting twice the work. So he dressed and bathed you, you're
doing great mom."

I thought I had something to say here but kept my mouth shut.

Then Sarah said: "Mom, I think he forgot to address me properly
again, I think you need to punish him more." Sarah smiled at me
while she said that.

That was cruel I thought.

Kathleen said, "At least we taught you not to drink the wine,
come here."

She removed the handcuffs and gave them to me. "Before you put
them away, pour us some more wine, then put on the collar and
stand by the ring in the corner."

I remembered to curtsy twice and say: "Yes ma'am." I thought
this was totally unfair. I tried to stand still but I felt
crushed by the injustice of it all, that made me restless and
Kathleen walked in just when I was changing my weight around.

"I see you haven't learned how to stand in the corner yet. Maybe
you need more practice," she said.

I didn't know if I should say anything. She snapped the collar
to the ring and took my arms and handcuffed them again. She went
to the bathroom.

I was worried because this wasn't like her. I kept wondering
what I had done wrong. I just couldn't think of anything. Yes
she really got me hot sitting there in her red undies, and how
can one bathe a lady? Is it possible to not get aroused?
Doctors, and male nurses must be used to it because I can't
imagine them getting hot over their female patients. Well, I'll
try not to move and maybe it won't be too long. I couldn't tell
if she was looking at me because I couldn't look around, but I
heard nothing at all. Then the lights went out and the door
closed. I couldn't be sure if she went out or if she was still
in the room. I couldn't hear anything. The time dragged on.

I heard her move, then she went into the bathroom and peed, then
she came over to me and unhooked me. I was dragged over next to
her bed and pushed down on the floor still handcuffed. She
rummaged around and found a blanket and covered me. Then she
turned off the lights and got into bed. I fell asleep quickly.

I felt her unlocking the handcuffs. I said, "Thank you Miss
Kathleen." She got back into bed and said: "Make coffee and help
Sarah get ready."

I said, "Yes ma'am," curtsied and went out.

I made the coffee and hurried upstairs to show off to Sarah what
I had learned. That was a nice thought but the flip side is:
'hey look at me, I'm a ladies maid.'

She was still lying in bed, I bent over and kissed her good
morning and said: "I'll bring the fresh coffee and be right
back, Miss Sarah," I curtsied at the door.

I brought the coffee and coaxed Sarah out of bed. She
immediately went to the bathroom and sat down on the toilet. I
brought the coffee and knelt in front of her, offering the cup
and doing the wiping. I helped her up. I asked her: "May I get
your garments, Miss Sarah?"

She smiled and said: "Yes, that would be sweet; I'll let you
pick the colors."

I found red panties and a matching red bra that had a little
white bow. And I found pantyhose in another drawer. I slipped on
her panties and wanted to put my face into her and I thought she
would say something about my smoothing the bottoms of her
panties with my hands. I would have liked to handle her breasts
as I put them into the cups of the bra but I thought I was
pushing my luck. I thought everything I had put up with was
worth sliding the hose up Sarah's legs. Panty hose are difficult
to put on and so erotic, I was lucky to do it without running
them or causing Sarah any discomfort. I couldn't help myself, my
hands were literally shaking, and I probably couldn't have
talked at that point.

I helped her on with the dress she chose and the shoes she
selected. I carefully powdered and painted her face, she made
small adjustments.

Sarah said: "You are such a good maid, what would I do without
you?" smiling.

When we were almost done, Sara said: "Tell mom you need work on
your lusting. I was worried you might rape me."

"Oh Miss Sarah, I would never do that," I said.

She said: "I'm glad to hear that, but mom needs to work on you."

I was flabbergasted, work on me? But I didn't say anything, I
didn't want to argue. I curtsied and said: "I will get breakfast

I served the coffee and juice and sectioned grapefruit. And
stood while Sarah had her breakfast. Sarah said again: "It's
nice to have such a talented slave." She smiled sweetly at me.

When Sarah left, I cleaned the kitchen and waited for Kathleen
with some apprehension. How am I going to tell that woman I need
work on my lusting?

I decided to bring Kathleen the coffee instead of just waiting.
I knocked on her door and entered, curtsied and announced:
"Coffee, Miss Kathleen."

Kathleen was still lying in bed, but I could see she was awake.
She said: "Put the coffee on the night table and get my robe
from the chair and my slippers."

I said: "Yes ma'am," and did as she asked. As I offered her robe
she sat up and I got to view her breasts, I tried not to look.
Then when I helped her find her slippers, I got a nice view of
her pussy and I tried not to look. In spite of my efforts I was
very aroused and I guess my face must have been flush and that
must have given me away.

Kathleen said, "I see you're lusting already, I'm trying to
ignore it, that's why you're wearing that girdle, but you will
have to put a stop to it."

"Yes ma'am," I said, but I thought what in hell AM I going to do
about it?

She said: "Get the book."

Automatically: "Yes ma'am," What book? I wondered then it came
to me the book to write behavior errors. It was sitting on the
night stand on the other side of the bed. I brought the book and
kneeled in front of her.

She dictated: "Write lusting and then write lusting after being

I did and said: "Miss Sarah told me to ask you to work on my
lusting this morning."

She said: "Then add 'Lusted at Miss Sara' on a separate line."

I did, and I could see that there were three lusting offenses
one after the other. I felt that they had conspired, because I
hadn't done anything different. They were the ones exposing
their bodies to me, in provocative ways.

"What can I do about it, Miss Kathleen?" I asked.

She said: "Think other thoughts, instead of focusing on our
bodies, think about our feelings and needs." She continued:
"When you dress us, you're doing a job, focus on what you're

"I will try," I said.

At that moment the doorbell rang.

Kathleen said, "Go answer the door."

"Yes Miss Kathleen," I said, I curtsied and went.

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Hello You Two..... It's Boxing Day, take some time off and go
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