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Jim's Story - part five

Date: Thu, 29 Oct 2009 15:15:42 -0400
From: randolphus

Jim's Story by randolphus
first part linked here

part five

I cleaned away Sarah's dishes and cleaned the little bits of
mess in the kitchen. Everything was orderly. I got the newspaper
set it on the kitchen table with the headline up. Set a place
for one person and waited for Kathleen.

"Good morning Miss Kathleen," I said, and curtsied. Then I began
preparing coffee for her.

She smiled and sat down almost without taking her eyes off me.

I felt very conspicuous with a wet spot on the front of my
girdle and I tried to take her attention away from me: "What may
I prepare for you for breakfast?"

"I want poached eggs, bacon and toast," she said.

I worried that my lack of cooking skills would be found out, but
this was easy. In about six minutes she had it all served to her
steaming at the same time, the kitchen smelled great from the
bacon and coffee and toast aromas. I saw genuine appreciation in
Kathleen's eyes.

I tried to stand by like the best waiters I've ever seen. I then
got a large glass filled with ICE and filled with water. I
wondered what else I could do. And I stood there for a long time
while she ate. And I stood there, that was the hard part.

When she finished, I asked: "May I clear the table Miss

"Yes," she said.

She said, "When you've cleaned up here, come into the family

"Yes ma'am," I said.

I cleaned the kitchen slowly, wondering what we would say to
each other. I walked into the family room, curtsied and stood.

Kathleen said: "I'm very happy with you Jim. I want to discuss
our relationship before we go further."

"Yes ma'am," I said.

Kathleen said: "My daughter's marriage was dissolving and I lost
my husband, I did the only thing I could, I did research. I
learned about 'Different Loving', and I discovered a world that
amazed me. I decided that I could save the marriage, get to know
you, have some fun. I want you to tell me what you think."

I said, "I was blind to Sarah's disaffection, I would never have
told Sarah about my kinkiness, my life is for Sarah, and I will
do anything to be with her." Then I said: "But I'm afraid."

Kathleen said: "It's understandable, but think of me, I was
afraid too, and had plenty of reason. What if you weren't into
any of this, you're bigger and stronger, so I took a chance and
it's now your turn."

"Yes ma'am," I said.

"Good, now that we are clear. How did it work this morning with
Sarah?" she asked.

"I made a list of things that she did that she wanted me to help
her with," I said.

Kathleen looked at the list. "I guess you need training," she

"Sarah told me to report that I forgot to call her 'Miss Sarah'
and say 'Yes Ma'am' on four or five occasions," I said.

Kathleen said, "I'm going to start a book for you, I have a
steno pad that I haven't used. It's in the desk drawer. Get it
for me."

I found the book and brought it to her with a pen.

"Kneel down at my feet, put the book there between my feet and
write down what Sarah told you to report, then write down that
you have soiled your girdle. If you look up between my legs, you
can also write that down. We will settle our accounts later,"
she said.

What could I do? I began writing Sarah's complaints, my
involuntary dripping into my girdle, and peeking only once up
Kathleen's skirt, I just couldn't help it. Finally I just hung
my head in resignation. I felt so overwhelmed by this woman.

Kathleen said, "Let me see the list you made of what Sarah needs
in the morning."

I gave her the list, still on my knees in front of her. She took
my head and placed it between her knees while she read the list.

I loved Sarah but here I was lusting after her mother. What was
wrong with me I wondered.

Finally Kathleen said: "I will train you to do these things are
you ready to begin?"

"Yes ma'am," I hoarsely said.

"Let's start in the bathroom on the toilet," Kathleen said. "You
have been there have you not?" she teased.

I felt nervous, but reasoned I was licking her pussy last night
after she had peed. Why was I afraid?

Kathleen led me by the hand. At the toilet, she said: "I have
nothing on now so you don't have to undress me." She was wearing
just a robe.

I was kneeling in front of her, feeling tense. She peed.

Then she said: "Don't wipe, dab the tissue until I'm dry." When
I finished she said: "You did that well."

I felt proud and aroused. This was startling, I was again
lusting for this older woman, and I felt accomplishment because
I succeeded at wiping her. I am truly weird.

Kathleen went into her bedroom and sat in the chair by the desk
that had a mirror and lots of make up paraphernalia. She said:
"Now lets see if you can find me a nice pair of panties and a
brassiere and help me put them on."

I remembered the last time she spanked me over her lap in that
chair and I said: "Yes ma'am," and I started to look in her
drawers. I found a green panties and in the drawer below a
matching bra. I took them to her.

Kathleen said: "I don't think I want green today, see if you can
find red."

I quickly said: "Yes ma'am," instead of saying; "If you wanted
red ask for it."

Kathleen said, "You are such a dear to indulge me this way,
maybe I won't spank you quite as long as I was going to."

I wondered if she really can read my mind. I found very red
panties, then I found the matching bra. I kneeled down and she
allowed me to put on the panties, then I stood behind and
wrapped the bra around her chest trying to catch her boobs, and
fastening the clasp in the back. The right boob was caught half
out of the bra. I was paralyzed. I couldn't just say: "Excuse me
ma'am, let me push this one in." What should I do?

Kathleen chuckled, "It seems you are rather clumsy, I guess you
will have to get the book, but first, please adjust my

I unhooked the brassiere, and carefully caught each breast in
the cup and pulled it tight and clasped it in the back.

Kathleen said: "Very good, but you won't get off Scott free, now
get me my garters."

I looked in a drawer I hadn't opened and found five or six
garter belts of different colors and styles. But no red ones.
"Would you like a black one, Miss Kathleen?" I asked.

"Okay slave boy," she said.

I wrapped the garter belt around her waist and fastened it. She
wriggled it and seemed satisfied. I looked for stockings, and
found them in yet another drawer. "May I select these black
ones?" I asked.

She said: "That would be nice. Be careful with them, if you
cause a run you will earn a beating."

"Yes ma'am," I gulped.

I have seen on TV and the movies and in porn how stockings are
pulled onto a leg, but I had never done it before. I wanted to
sit down and take a break. Here sat my mother-in-law in red
panties and bra waiting for me to put stockings on her. I rubbed
my sweaty hand on my girdle. I could see she was watching me, I
knelt in front of her, one of her stockings bunched up in my
hand, and she lifted her leg, and I oozed the bundle up her foot
and then her leg, and I just wanted to put my face into her

I got them on, then I played with the garter snaps, and fastened
it with luck. The other stocking might have been easier but my
brain was on fire with lust. I smoothed the stockings up her
legs and snapped the garters tight. There is a garter in the
front which is fastened while she sits with her feet on the
floor. The garter in the back requires her to lift a leg and I
have to put the side of my head against the other leg, look into
her crotch and reach an arm around the leg and remember to

Then she stood up and I saw her ass in the red panties and I
wanted to kiss it but I didn't dare. I guess she was satisfied,
because she said: "Now you can take off my panties."

At first I didn't understand, then I realized that if the
garters are outside the panties they have to be undone to get
the panties down. While she stood over me, I unbuckled the
garters, my face was at the same level as her ass and pussy, it
was a miracle that I unsnapped the four garters, pulled her
panties down, fastened the garters, pulled her panties back up,
all without raping her.

She said "I feel like a skirt and blouse."

I guess that should have meant something to me. But I didn't
have a clue. She pointed to the closet and I found skirts on
hangers, I took out several and showed them off, she shook her
head, she was clearly laughing at me.

I selected several others, and got the same rejection, then
another two, she picked a black one. Then I looked at the
blouses (shirts) and picked a gray one and she liked it. I
figured out that the blouse would go first. Finally she was
dressed. But my problems were just starting.

"Do you know anything about makeup?" she asked.

I said: "No ma'am."

Then it was an agonizing half hour, but we were finally done.
"Tomorrow you will give me a bath," she said. "Now go get the
book and come back and kneel in front of me."

I got the book and knelt in front of her and handed her the
book. She gave it back to me to write first clumsiness due to
inattention putting on madam's bra, and putting on panties
before stockings. Then she took the book and read the items I
had written. She studied them for a long minute.

She said: "Do your chores, change the linen, empty the trash,
finish vacuuming and then report back to me, it will take some
time to execute all the punishments you have earned."

I wasn't as afraid as I had been previously, we had been so
intimate, all her anger against me must be gone now, I thought.

The chores were simple enough and it didn't take me long. I
found Kathleen in her bedroom, I curtsied and said: "I finished
the beds and trash, Miss Kathleen."

"Okay Jim, you may now undress me. I think I'll have a bath
now," she said.

I started unbuttoning her blouse, which also had buttons on the
sleeve and then moved to the skirt and she got up and assisted
me in getting it all off.

She said: "Fill the tub make sure the water is the right

I said, "Yes ma'am," and curtsied and went into the bathroom.

I saw there were some bath salts or something and put some in
and filled the tub about two-thirds full.

I went back to the bedroom for her, and she was looking very
sexy in red panties and bra with garter belt and stockings, I
gulped and curtsied and said: "The bath is ready Miss Kathleen."
I wanted to add ma'am but I held back. I wanted to go on my
knees and start kissing but I didn't dare.

She just stood there. Then it dawned on me, I was to continue to
undress her. I was so overwhelmed with desire for her that I
almost couldn't get the garters undone, but finally she was
naked again. In the nick of time I found her slippers and robe.
I wrapped the robe about her and placed the slippers in front of
her feet and she stepped into them.

We went into the bathroom, and I helped Kathleen out of her robe
and into the tub. My eyes nearly ached from staring at her boobs
and ass and I noticed her looking at me with a funny expression.
I gave her my hand as she sank into the water.

Kathleen said: "You may wash me, start with my back."

I was so confused I said, "Yes Miss Kathleen," and curtsied. She
just smiled.

It's very very difficult to wash a pretty lady properly. There
is too much skin, where will my hand and wash cloth go? I washed
her back, and neck, under and over her boobs, her ribs and
tummy, her toes and legs and then the inside of the legs, then
further up. Then I lathered up the hair between her legs, all
the while trying not to pant.

Kathleen stood up and said "wash my behind", and I did trying to
think of soap and not where my hand was. Then I rinsed her all
over and she lay back and I washed her hair. I dried her with
two towels, used a hair dryer on her hair, and thought of using
it between her legs and changed my thoughts right away. I robed
and slippered her. We went back to the bedroom and started the
dressing process again.

After the panties, bras, garter and stockings, she said: "Get my
shoes, the black ones."

I "yes ma'am'd" and did. I put them on her.

She said, "Now you may pull down your girdle and lay across my

I didn't expect that but did as she said. And of course: "Yes

She had in her hand the hair brush I had been using. I had
noticed it had a longish handle and was heavy on the head and
had a wide plastic back.

"This is to address the problem of too much lusting for me when
I ask you to do a simple task of dressing and undressing me,"
she said. "A little admiration is okay, I find it flattering but
this all out panting and losing control of your coordination, is
too much, I think this will reduce your lusting and be a caution
to you in the future." With that she started laying it on.

It really hurt, I started begging but she seemed oblivious to
me, she held me around my waist and continued, I had no idea how
many, I begged, I promised, I forgot what but she kept on. I
could hear her breathing hard from exertion.

Then it was over. She said: "Get up and stand in front of the

She put the collar on, clipped it into the hook and said: "Hands
behind you." And the handcuffs went on. Then I heard her put on
her skirt and blouse and she left me standing there. The door
closed and there was silence.

I wasn't sure what had happened. She was right that I had lost
control. I was going mad with lust. But this was not my wife,
this was my mother-in-law. What does this do to the relationship
with my wife? What if this was some strange woman with whom I
had a liaison. What would Sarah say to that? What would Sarah
say if I told her I was in love with her mother. Clearly her
mother seduced me. But she says it's to save our marriage. So
who is the evil one here. I guess it's me, I shouldn't be
lusting after Kathleen. She is my wife's mother. So those
thoughts went through my mind, one way then another and I was
busily working on it when the door opened and Kathleen came in.

She said: "I hope you're thinking of what we have done." And she

I thought that what she meant was that she felt guilty about
seducing me. And I feel guilty about being seduced. Maybe we can
both say we did it for Sarah!

I tried not to move, but I did think that I was secured and
Kathleen was not, so my guilt is being expiated. I knew that was
ridiculous. Kathleen would say she was just indulging my
perversion. Sigh. I stood there for a very long time. Kathleen
came in finally and she unlocked the handcuffs and unsnapped my
collar and told me to remove the collar.

She said: "Get started making dinner and be ready to serve Sarah
and me."

I said: "Yes, ma'am," and curtsied and left to do the work. I
thought I heard some unfriendliness in those instructions.

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