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2009-12-06 ( 8 edited messages )

# C: boi learning to be a better slave for Ma'am
# C: slave punishment
# S: Vicky Takes Control - part one
# S: Jim's Story - part four
# Re: S: Jim's Story - part four
# admin: Good News for Visa/MC/JCB users

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C: boi learning to be a better slave for Ma'am
Date: 27 Nov 2009 19:36:44 -0000
From: catholicschoolboi

This boi's Mistress has sent him here to learn, and this boi is
SO grateful for the opportunity to explore and be a better slave
for Ma'am! Thank you! Bows.

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C: slave punishment
Date: 29 Nov 2009 16:12:32 -0000
From: Mistress Abbie

In "slave contract and punishments" slavemale88 wrote:

>what is your favorite punishment -snip- what triggers the

My slave has issues keeping on task regarding his emails and
journal entries. The only thing that comes to mind is he is
taking the most important part away from me and that is
communication. So by choice I take myself out of his life for
two days, no contact is allowed. I understand that counters what
I'm wanting, but I need him to feel how he's made me feel.

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S: Vicky Takes Control - part one
Date: Sun, 6 Dec 2009 13:43:33 +0000 (GMT)
From: Humble Serf

Hi Christine,

I hope you and the DOMestic readers enjoy this first part of my
story 'Vicky Takes Control'. I am the author and own the

Best wishes,

humble serf

- - -

Vicky Takes Control - Part 1

Vicky sits on the edge of the bed looking at her husband Pete.

"I don't know how to say this... I do love you, but, it's just
not the same," she said. "I mean we've been together for years.
And I've never had an orgasm. Never. Not without finishing the
job myself. How many have you had?"

Pete has no idea. He opens his mouth to answer and closes it

"Exactly. And you do love me don't you honey?"

"Of course!" Pete not only loved Vicky deeply, but thought she
was the sexiest creature on the planet. Right now, this was
reinforced by the pink silk thong and tight white cut-off t-
shirt she was wearing as she got out of bed. But what he liked
most about her was her winning smile and good heart. She was
always looking for the best in people. Always generous. Always

"And I love you. But we can't be expected to be as passionate as
we once were with each other, can we? Not after 7 years."

Pete didn't like the sound of this at all. He'd always been
really proud of having Vicky by his side. He knew he was
punching above his weight with her. All his mates were
gobsmacked when he introduced her. She was a world class looker.
Pete knew he was in good shape, with a decent cock, but nowhere
near the same league as Vicky.

"We haven't had sex for nearly six months," she added.

This drove Pete crazy. It was so unfair. "Not for want of me
trying!" he commented sarcastically.

She touched his cheek and caressed his face. "I know sweetheart.
It must be hard for you. But I just don't seem to fancy you any
more. I mean I love you. And don't think I'd ever leave you. But
should we really resign ourselves to a sexless life from now on.
Is that what either of us want? Is that what you want Pete?"

"Uh... no! Of course not. Let's fuck each others brains out
right now!" Pete says playfully reaching out for Vicky.

She pushes him off. "I'm serious. I want to try someone else.
Just for sex. It won't change anything between us. It might even
be better for us."

Pete is shocked. "You want someone else? Who? I'll kill the

Vicky rolls her eyes. "Oh calm down. There isn't anyone else.
Not yet. I want you to be part of it. I want you to help me

"You want me to help you choose a man to have sex with you?"

Vicky smiles sweetly. Pete is stunned.

"Why would I want to do that?"

"To make me happy dear. And because I never want to go behind
your back and threaten our wonderful loving relationship."

Pete is at a loss what to say. Vicky cuddles up next him.

"I knew you'd be adult about this. I knew it. You're my big
strong man. You can take anything!"

Pete felt his cock stiffen as she placed her head on his
shoulder. She smelled fantastic.

"We could go clubbing and find someone. I wouldn't do it with
anyone without your approval. We'll do it at our place for
safety. But you'll have to make yourself scarce upstairs. You
can't watch. It would put me off."

"Just once?" Pete asks.

"I don't know. Let's crawl before we can walk, and walk before
we can run" she pecks him on the cheek and stands up. Pulling
her thong unconsciously out from between her cheeks, Vicky fires
one of her big smiles at Pete. She looks good enough to eat in
the bright morning sunshine.

"I'll see where we can go tonight."

"Tonight? So soon?"

"I don't want you getting cold feet" she giggles, blows a kiss
and leaves the room.

Pete is left on the bed with a raging hard on wondering what the
hell he seems to have just agreed to.


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S: Jim's Story - part four
Date: Thu, 29 Oct 2009 15:15:42 -0400
From: randolphus

Jim's Story by randolphus
first part linked here

part four

Why do I have to stand here I was thinking, when she walked in
and said: "You have to stand here because you are still
presumptuous. You take wine without asking, you act arrogant
because we responded to your animal acts, you are not behaving
the way I want."

I could tell she was sitting in the chair, and continued: "You
will come to understand that we expect total subservience in
everything.. Do I make sense?"

I decided I better answer: "Yes madam."

"Why were you so slow to answer; were you thinking about the

"No ma'am, I thought I wasn't allowed to talk when I stood in
the corner, then I realized you were expecting an answer."

"I'm glad you understand that I have rules that need to be
interpreted. Well I have some equipment here that you will
appreciate," she said.

Then I felt a collar being placed on my neck. The front of the
collar had a snap dangling from it which she snapped onto the
ring I had screwed into the wall. Then she pulled my hands
behind me and I felt handcuffs going on.

"Now I can leave you here to think about our relationship," she
said. "After you determine that you are well tethered I want you
to not move or make any noise." She turned off the light and
closed the door.

I did as she said, and verified that I could not get loose, so
simple and so tight. Then I stood still for what seemed a very
long time.

Then I heard her come into the room, the light went on, and I
could hear her moving around and undress, I think I could tell
she was dropping her clothes on the floor. I heard her pulling
the covers off the bed. I wondered if I was going to stand here
all night. I wondered if she was looking at me or reading a
magazine or had fallen asleep, then the television went on. This
wasn't fair, I thought. I made dinner, I cleaned up, I performed
sexually, and then I get punished? O yeah, I had a little wine.

The TV went silent, Kathleen said: "I guess you think this isn't

It seemed she could read my mind.

"Understand that it's not about fair, it is about: you are our
slave and we are your goddesses. Always think that way," she

"My goal is to make sure you understand that intellectually and
emotionally," she said.

"I have to be very strict for the process to work, and it suits
me. I also have a bitch streak that you will get to know," she

"If I had fallen asleep all night it would have been better than
letting you off without any punishment," she said.

"You may become afraid of me. Fear is a form of respect. This is
what you need, what you want and I promise you will get. "And
don't think that Sarah will protect you. She has come to agree
with my program. She thinks I saved her marriage," she said.

"I wouldn't mind letting you stand there all night, remember you
told me you would, or was that sexual lust talking, but you have
to get up to see Sarah off in the morning," she said.

I was happy to hear that, to get out of standing here, to see
Sarah, good news.

But then nothing happened. Then I could hear soft snoring. I
wanted to yell to wake her but I didn't dare. I was afraid
already. How long have I already been standing here, what time
is it? I was miserable.

I guess I began to doze when I felt the snap being removed from
the screw eye. She used the dangling snap and chain as a leash
and dragged me into the bathroom and forced me onto my knees and
dragged me between her legs and she peed.

"Lick me," she said.

Okay, this was new for me, I tried not to hesitate, the sexiness
of it all began inflaming me and I dove in and licked and licked
until she shuddered and pushed my head away.

She took me to her bed, covered me and got in. "The handcuffs
stay on until morning," she said and we went to sleep.

I woke earlier than Kathleen, my arms hurt, the handcuffs chafed
my wrists, and I was incredibly horny. I gently rubbed myself
against the bed then stopped. What would Kathleen do if she woke
and caught me humping the bed?

I couldn't even adjust the sheets because my hands were
handcuffed behind my back. What if Kathleen oversleeps? Do I
have an obligation to wake her in time to be up for Sarah? What
can I do for Sarah anyway?

Kathleen woke up, checked the time, remembered I was there,
looks at my erect member and grabs it, "You haven't been
indulging yourself have you?" she asked.

"No ma'am, good morning Miss Kathleen," I said, trying to change
the subject.

She gets out of bed, totally naked. I was getting so horny with
all this intimacy and I wasn't getting any sex. Kathleen had
come three times, Sarah four times, and me zero. Definitely

Still naked, Kathleen finds some clothing in a drawer and it
looks like a pair of long pants. She unlocks my handcuffs and I
want to rub my wrists.

But Kathleen interrupts that: "put this on!" she ordered.

It's sort of a girdle and it might be sized for her, but it's
difficult to get it onto me, I manage, but it's really tight.

Kathleen says: "You will always wear that so I don't have to
worry about you getting into unauthorized behaviors. You should
thank me for this because if I caught you playing with your
cock, I would beat you senseless."

Then there is a pause, and I know I have to answer: "Thank you
Miss Kathleen."

She thoughtfully looks at me and says we'll have to go shopping.
Then she dismisses me with: "Report to Miss Sarah."

We had been married six years at that point, and had been
talking of children and here I now was "Reporting to Miss Sarah"
in some undersized girdle so I can't masturbate without

I walked in and Sarah was in bed sleeping. I quietly went out, I
went downstairs, made some coffee and sugared it the way Sarah
likes and went upstairs, she was still sleeping.

I put the coffee on the night stand and bent to kiss her, when
she awoke and looked at me.

She said: "Did you curtsy when you came in?"

"You were sleeping," I said.

"That's no excuse; remember to report that to Mom," she said.

"Why do I have to do that Sarah," I said. And I knew I had
screwed up. "I'm sorry Miss Sarah, it's my first morning and I
got confused," I said.

She said: "That may be so but Mom says we have to be very strict
or it won't work."

"What won't work?" I said.

"Loving Female Authority," Sarah said.

"What's that?" I said.

"Mom read that about 5 to 10 percent of men secretly want to be
dominated by a woman, but they have difficulty admitting it, and
society doesn't exactly recognize it. She decided you were one
of those and thought she and I could make all of us happy if we
adopted the practice," Sarah said.

"Did anyone think of asking me?" I said.

"I thought Mom was going to discuss it with you," Sarah said.

"Mom thinks you took to it very well and are enthusiastic,"
Sarah said.

"I just don't want to get slapped and beat up," I said.

"Then it's working," Sarah said.

"No, I mean that I would like to be asked, I would like time to
think about it, to discuss the terms, not just be kidnapped," I

"Well, do you want to do it or not?" Sarah asked.

"Kathleen said that if I didn't, I would lose you," I said.

"I talked to Mom about that and she said we could change things
and it might be fun and you might enjoy it," Sarah said.

"I hadn't realized you were unhappy," I said.

"I was feeling that we didn't have a relationship any more,"
Sarah said.

"But you're always working," I said.

"You weren't appreciating what I was doing," Sarah said.

"I told Kathleen I would do anything so that I don't lose you,"
I said.

"Mom took that as a yes, I imagine," Sarah said.

Sarah smiled and continued: "So what you have to do now is be
useful to me or get into more trouble, so lets hurry up. Get me
dressed. What can you do for me."

"I have no idea, Sarah," I said.

Increasing her smile, Sarah said: "You will report to mom, Miss
Kathleen to you, that you failed to address me correctly at
least five or six times and didn't curtsy, now get to work or
there will be more to report."

"I'm sorry Miss Sarah, what can I do for you?" I said.

"This morning you can watch me get ready, starting tomorrow I
expect you to help me. I want you to study what I do and figure
out how you can do it for me. You can take notes. You will
realize how inept you are, but we will train you, or maybe send
you to a class," Sarah said.

I just said, "Yes ma'am."

It was a delight to watch her get dressed, I felt like a peeping
tom, I wanted to jump her bones so badly, which she would have
seen except for the girdle which held me in. She grew sexier as
she put on more clothes. When she sat at the mirror in panties
and bra, and I just stood there lusting for her, I wondered if
she could hear me panting. I was writing down each step to keep
my mind off the sex, and wondered how I could focus on anything
but her sexiness if I touched her. When she was done I felt

I made breakfast and served Sarah, standing while she ate. When
she finished her coffee she said, "I'm very lucky to have such a
good cook for a slave."

I was very pleased that I could make Sarah happy with a
grapefruit, orange juice and coffee. But I also thought that I'm
not much of a cook.

"Thank you, Miss Sarah," I said. "May I give you a hug?" I

She just gave me a hug and a hard kiss. She reached around and
grabbed my ass. I could see in her eyes that she was horny. But
I didn't know what to do about it. I kissed her on her throat
and back to her lips which were very soft and then her neck.

She took my hand and led me into the family room, sat on the
sofa and pushed me down on carpet and pulled up her skirt and
said: "Hurry up."

I pulled down her pantyhose and panties and dove into her pussy.
I seemed to be good at this because she started climaxing in
minutes and I felt her hand holding my head against her to let
me know not to stop. The second time took longer.

She said, "Now put me back together."

I did. And I asked, "Should I put this on the list, Miss Sarah?"

She laughed.

Meanwhile I could feel that my girdle was getting moist from all
this stimulation by Sarah. I wondered what the consequences of
that would be.

I finished helping her on with her undergarments and then
helping her with her skirt and blouse and helping into her

"You're a very fine lady's butler," she said.

And she went out the door.

( Part 5 on the DOMestic blog this evening )

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Re: S: Jim's Story - part four
Date: 26 Nov 2009 14:32:36 -0000
From: Miss Brooklyn

Wow. I sure wish I had Miss Kathleen as a mom. It would sure
make life easier =D

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Re: S: Jim's Story - part four
Date: 28 Nov 2009 21:28:31 -0000
From: Susan's pet

This story is totally unrealistic, but damn, it turned me on!
In my fantasy I would love to be in his place. Everything seems
to fit. I hope whoever wrote this will write more!

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Re: S: Jim's Story - part four
Date: 2 Dec 2009 15:07:21 -0000
From: Anthony

It was a wonderful scenario, it made me very excited about being
controlled that way.

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admin: Good News for Visa/MC/JCB users
Date: Tue, 01 Dec 2009 17:23:06 -0000
From: "Christine" at u4ds.com


We have now arranged credit card processing with Verotel
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accepts Visa Mastercard and JCB.

This will be good news for all those folks in recent weeks who
have discovered that our other processor Multicards are now only
processing "Adult" orders through American Express, Diner's Club
and Direct eBanking.

Our order pages for the passwords and the software have now been
updated, and we are working our way through the rest of the
books, manuals and videos as we have time.

With the season upon us, drop us an email if there is anything
you want us to get organised in a hurry for you.

Christine at u4ds.com

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