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Mistress and her maid - parts five and six

From: sissy maid wendy
Date: Fri, 28 Aug 2009 23:54:26 +0000

Mistress and her maid - part five
First part is at:- Wonderful visit - Mistress and her maid

The maid had been directed not to relieve herself during
masturbation from the Monday to the Wednesday when she would
next be before her owner. Madam had decided her maid would be
milked on her next visit, it was expected to be a full half day
of service with milking mid afternoon and then time spent still
as a maid before leaving.

The maid was to be trained to be a sissy to ladies post orgasm.
Madam had determined her maid would have wider use when on loan
to mature ladies if the maid could be trained to continue in
service after an orgasm, this would allow for continuing
housework, companionship or even additional sexual use and in
particular, oral services.

Madam changed the usual schedule for the day with the maid being
required to arrive in Madam's suburb and wait for reporting
until summoned by sms message.

The maid was summoned and reported as her owner stepped from her
car and walked to the front gate. The maid quickly opened the
gate and front door of Madam's home, dropping to her owner's
feet to kiss her shoes as sign of submission and then kneeling
to kiss the location of Madam's trouser covered pussy as a sign
of respect. The three step procedure had been used for many
years to greet her owner when they were alone.

The maid followed the Mistress to the lounge, poured his owner a
glass of red wine, lit her cigarette and then whilst his owner
rested, the sissy maid went off and started the cleaning of the
dungeons and vacuuming the hallway.

As part of the maid's dungeon work she removed all the toys from
the corner shelves, and cleaned each one of the anal toys,
vibrators, eggs, large and small. The maid also found an
attachment electrically powered that fitted around a cock to
vibrate and enhance the feel of excitement. She cleaned them
all, placed them on the shelves, located a number of strap-on
harnesses, including her owners which received an extra special
cleaning. It was his owners to use on her sissy as she wanted

The maid quickly completed the cleaning of both dungeons and
vacuumed the hall. Before dressing in the maid's winter uniform
including suspenders, stockings, slips, camisole and blouse,
with high heels, make up and wig, but as always no panties.. the
maid was vulnerable at all times.

After spending time chatting to Madam and the household it was
inspection time for Madam, including of her sissy maid's clit,
and to read the report from the last visit. As Madam sat on the
high chair sipping her wine, her maid was as always required to
raise her skirt and display her Mistress' property - which had
not been emptied for many days.

The maid was now ordered to masturbate so her owner could make
sure the clit was functioning, erect and capable of use by
ladies in any way they might want. As the maid sat and stroked
her now large clit, Madam ordered the sissy to place the cock
clip vibrator around her sissy's now large and erect clit, but
to also after a while place a condom on the sissy clit. Madam
would use the remote control to increase the maid's erection as
the sissy masturbated.

Today the sissy was to milk in front of his owner on command.
After some twenty minutes of masturbation, her owner was
enjoying the sight of the sissy clit she now owned being milked.
On command the maid orgasmed. filling the condom, much to her
owner's smiles and pleasure to see so much cum from a large and
owned sissy clit.

After the sissy had cum, her owner continued to use the
vibrating control on her maid.

Unfortunately it was time for the sissy to now leave. The sissy
thanked her Mistress, changed and left to wait until she was
summoned again.

Had the maid not run out of time the maid was now certain that
with either a little restraint after the orgasm, and some short
companionship, the maid could have walked back into the
household with the condom still in place and in uniform for some
relaxation time for half an hour or more.

Perhaps having Madam later remove, or cut the tip of the condom,
to remove the contents, placing the liquid in her hand to be
placed drop by drop via her fingers on the nipples of her
breasts for her maid to lick clean.

This would be a special occasion and one that should be special
with special memories of the first time the maid would drink her
cum from her Mistress. It would also be fitting, as the maids
cum, including every drop, was now owned by her Mistress. This
would be a treat for a serving period of a few hours to ensure
the maid, post cum, was interested in moving onwards.

A little bit of time in uniform between cumming and licking the
liquid milk from the tip of her Mistress' nipples, drop by drop,
would be a very found memory for the Mistress.

The droplets would serve as both a reminder of the sissy's need
to drink cum when required, but with the symbol of drinking it
from her Mistress' breast showing the power of a woman's breast
and how they are used to train sissies and nurture males and
females - the symbol of submission of drinking cum with the
symbol of a Mistress' milk.

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Mistress and her maid - part six
(posted Fri, 4 Sep 2009 01:42:05 +0000)
First part is at:- Wonderful visit - Mistress and her maid


The maid arrived at 12 noon as directed with lunch of a roast
chicken, salad and two bottles of red wine

Today she would be serving not only her owner Mistress Ayla, but
also Mistress Genevieve (Mistress Genevieve, had full use of the
sissy maid when she wanted and was also custodian of the maid
when Mistress Ayala was away).

maid wendy on arrival sat next to her owner for the last-minute
instructions for the day - before heading off to change into the
sissy's maid uniform that was tailor made by Mistress Genevieve.
It was a short skirt, with an additional section to the uniform
that was a bit like a pinafore, stitched to the dress, with all
the edges of the pinny and skirt edged in white lace.

Today the maid also wore dark blue bra, a white satin camisole
and sheer white blouse, and three slips, two of white and one of
pink, the dress crossed over the back so the underwear was clear
to all in the house. Underneath the maid wore a white suspender
belt with dark black stockings and high heel black shoes....

The maid as always wore no panties, but remembered to tie a long
(possibly two meter) length of lace around the base of her sissy
penis/clit before lacing and tying the ribbon around the shaft.
This as a reminder of her place in the house and sign that her
penis/clit was now owned by her Mistress.

As the maid finished dressing, he could hear from the adjoining
room her Mistress and owner chatting to Mistress Genevieve as
she arrived, he could hear her Mistress telling the Mistress
Genevieve that her sissy maid was changing and would be with
them soon.. the maid finished dressing, put her long blonde wig
on, and went to the lounge to greet Madam and her visitor.

After greeting the ladies, the maid went to pour the tea and
coffee for them - but as luck would have it the kettle had not
boiled so when she served the tea and coffee it was cold. Both
Mistresses frowned on this with Mistress Genevieve noting it as
unacceptable and punishment would be handed out later for this
mistake. The maid then made the tea and coffee, poured the wine
for the ladies, and then went to prepare and serve lunch.

Lunch was served in the second dungeon with the maid seating the
Mistresses, serving their meals and pouring their wine. The
ladies were left on their own to chat and await additional
service from the maid.

After lunch was served the maid was summoned to the ladies
dining table to give both of them a foot massage, starting with
Mistress Genevieve. The maid then knelt before her owner
Mistress Ayla for lengthy foot massage and tongue worship of
each toe, and taking her time to suck for an extended period on
Madam's large toes like they were a penis, all the time looking
up at her owner as she smoked cigarettes and sipped her wine.

After the maid had finished her sissy duties, she assumed the
usual position over Madam Ayla's knees, the maid raised her
skirt to allow her sissy clit to find its usual place of being
gripped between her owners leather clad legs. Madam raised the
sissy maids skirts for a sound spanking, to remind the sissy
maid of her place in the household, to show the guests in the
neighbouring room who would be able to clearly hear the
spanking, so that they would also know who owned and controlled
the sissy maid.

A sound spanking of 304 slaps of Madam Ayla's hand warmed up the
sissy's bottom before the maid fell to the floor and kissed her
owner's feet, both of them, before raising herself to her sissy
knees and kissing his owner's leather trousers on the patch that
held Madam's womanly essence, through only the thickness of
Madam's panties and the leather thickness of Madam's trousers.
But this was a very, very long way from any possibility of
sight, or the maid's tongue.

After the maid's owner left the room, the sissy maid finished
cleaning the luncheon items away and returning the room to its

Upon returning to the lounge the sissy sat on the sofa next to
her owner after first facing the humiliation of standing in the
middle of the room and raising her skirts in full view of the
household to display her reddened bottom.

After a discussion, Mistress Genevieve had a new whip she wanted
to try out, and what better place than on the sissy maid who had
served her cold coffee earlier in the day.

Mistress Genevieve directed the sissy back to the dungeons,
allowing the sissy to pick which room she would be caned in. The
sissy chose the front dungeon, being the furthest from the
household members, so she could scream or whimper for the
enjoyment of Mistress Genevieve. The maid was directed to the
bench, ordered to bend over the bench and raise her skirts
revealing her naked and very pink bottom.

Mistress Genevieve asked the sissy how many strokes she should
receive, the sissy for the first time with Mistress Genevieve
thanked the Mistress and asked the Mistress to make the decision
and the sissy would accept what Mistress thought appropriate.

The sissy was then whipped with four strokes of the new whip,
which was not flexible like a cane so it almost felt like a
solid piece of timber hitting the maid with a thud. It hurt and
the maid whimpered, asking the mistress for mercy and promising
not to let it happen again, but it was too late. Mistress
Genevieve was determined the sissy would be punished. After
those four strokes, Mistress Genevieve put down the whip and
took a flexible cane from the rack in the dungeon to give the
sissy another three stokes so she would remember her place.

After Mistress Genevieve had finished, the maid immediately fell
to the floor to kiss the Mistress' feet, to grovel and thank the
Mistress for her guidance.

The maid was then led back to the lounge and again in front of
the household displayed her reddened and now striped bottom.

The maid returned to the seat next to her owner, before walking
to the front gate and assisting Mistress Genevieve as she left.
The maid thanked the Mistress as the gate closed.

The sissy maid now returned to her owner to be instructed to
check the dungeons as her owner would be there for inspection

Madam entered the dungeon, inspected her property, checking the
maid's shaven sissy clit and sissy pussy. Madam checked the
maid's work in cleaning the dungeon but the maid's owner had
decided more with the cane was necessary. The maid was to
receive her second caning for the day.

The sissy was directed to the bench for second time today, but
before her owner selected the cane, her Mistress raised the
sissy's skirts as she was bent over the bench. With Madam
grabbing the maid's hips with both hands and holding the sissy
to her leather trousers Madam simulated a fucking of the sissy's
tight male pussy.

As the maid leaned over the bench looking to her right she saw
the Madam's harness and dildo, knowing that Madam was reminding
the sissy, her slave, what she is capable of and how it would be
very soon when Madam would exert her rights to her sissy's tight

After this Madam then selected a cane from the rack and stood in
position to cane her sissy's bottom. The cane swished through
the air and struck the maid's bottom on four occasions, after
each the sissy's legs buckled as the cane did hurt, but the maid
straightened her legs up and raised her sissy bottom to receive
each of the remaining strokes from her owner.

Today the maid was dismissed without milking and without any
soft treatment. It was a very hard day for the maid with little
rest and leaving with her sissy ribbon covered balls so full was
very tough on her. She also had been left with no permission to
cum, except when she would be allowed vanilla sex the following

Could she hold that long? An additional seven days on top of the
four she had already held back for.

The sissy maid left her owner's home a little disappointed that
her sissy clit was still full but knowing her Mistress was
pleased with her performance as the household sissy and personal
maid to Madam Ayla


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