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Mistress and her maid - part four

From: sissy maid wendy
Date: Sat, 15 Aug 2009 01:24:30 +0000

Mistress and her maid - part four
First part is at:- Wonderful visit - Mistress and her maid

the maid was summoned to report and prepare the dungeons for use
by Mistress Genevieve

Dungeons cleaned, one converted to a school room and toilets
cleaned. Uniform worn was red apron and sheer see through black
panties only.

Mistress Ayla's champagne was chilled, with the maid dressing in
uniform and waiting Madam's return - due to Madam Ayla's late
return the maid waited dressed for one and a half hours, then
changed back to street wear.

Madam returned, maid served drinks, followed Madam to dungeon
for inspection and foot worship of Madam - as maid was bent over
the bench and ordered to lower trousers and underwear for use of
the cane by his Mistress, 6 strokes were applied.

The maid reported for service the following afternoon to clean
house and prepare for Mistress Genevieve to use.

maid wore the summer formal uniform.

maid dressed Mistress Genevieve for her session, served drinks
to her Mistress in mixed company and sat with her Mistress
whilst she waited and listened to Mistress Genevieve conducting
her training.

wendy on this day, was again denied an orgasm even though he sat
next to her owner.

After household inspection the maid was placed over his
Mistress' knees, with her skirt raised, his punishment was a
spanking of over 300 caresses of Madam's hand, before Madam
reached for the cane to administer 8 strokes with it.

The maid was dismissed with no pleasure or relief, but with his
balls so full and him so needing relief, she was to be allowed
to use her Mistress' property and empty herself later that night
when alone - when she did there was a very large amount and it
seemed to take forever to finish.

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