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YahooGroups membership bug

From: "Christine and David" at u4ds.com
Date: Mon, 27 Jul 2009 20:43:50 +0100


If anyone has in the last couple of weeks attempted to
subscribe, unsubscribe, or change any email settings for their
subscription for any YahooGroup larger than 350 members, those
changes will probably not take effect until early August when a
bug-fix is hopefully expected to have updated the "replicated
database system".

According to Yahoo, the current effects of the RepDB system bug

  • The member list will be out of date with new members not yet appearing on the list, making it impossible for moderators to change the settings (or remove) these members.
  • Members who are not showing up on the member list will also not receive messages via email (although they can still read messages on the web or post via email).
  • Members who have recently unsubscribed will continue to receive messages from the group until the RepDB system is up to date.
  • Changes to email settings will not take effect.
  • Members who have been reactivated out of bouncing status will still not get email.

For more details of why you may be having problems with any
Yahoogroup that you have joined (or a group you moderate) you
can read details of the bug on Yahoo's blog at:-

RepDB Bug Affecting Big Groups

As the problem is at Yahoogroups and not on our servers, there
is nothing we can do but add our apologies to those you can read
from Yahoogroups at the link above.

There is no doubt that some of you will be affected by this bug
because DOMestic and FEMdom_sex has three groups which send mail
out via Yahoogroups:-

  • domestic 10643 members
  • DOMesticMsChristine 159 members
  • FEMdom_sex 1836 members

That means perhaps twelve thousand people who in this is holiday
period may want to change their email settings on two of those
groups above will not be able to.

The two distribution methods on Topica are not affected:-

  • DOMesticBdsm 2472 members
  • FEMdom_sex 1490 members

The three original lists, the click list, the individual
messages list, and the original Mime digest list have another
thousand or so, and they are all sent out via our own mail
servers, which are also not affected.

So there are maybe five thousand DOMestic and FEMdom_sex folk
who are not affected.

Having taken a look at the figures today to see what percentage
of folk might be affected, (around 60% of our mailing lists) we
figured we may as well provide this update while we are at it.

Why do we say "perhaps" and "maybe" regarding the numbers?

For a start some people are subscribed to more than one list.
Some folk are subscribed at both the YahooGroups and Topica

So the figures are not much better than guess-work and there is
no way of knowing how many of those 18 thousand people actually
still read DOMestic, how many let it drop into their spam
filters, how many bounce etc.

So, although we've been saying for quite a while that there are
over 10,000 folk now getting DOMestic by email, it's possible
that the numbers are somewhat larger or smaller. But we figure
10k is a fair guess.

DOMestic is now also being received by many more directly from
our server as a newsfeed.



It's strange that with perhaps 10k or more people reading,
barely a few dozen seem to participate.

Christine and David at Ms-Christine.com

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