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learning to be a dominatrix

From: "Christine" at u4ds.com
Date: Mon, 13 Jul 2009 04:01:11 +0100


In "how to be a better dominatrix" - "Willing to learn" wrote:

>I too am new to this whole thing.. and actually we tried it
>for the first time last night.. and well.. it ended up going

That's fine, don't worry about it. Think of dominating a
submissive male as like learning to ride a bike (if you'll
excuse the analogy) - do you remember your first time on a

Most folk don't go anywhere the first time they sit on a
bicycle, you may go round in circles if you are lucky, and you
will most likely fall of a few times before you get the hang of
it. Some folk even have stabilisers (training wheels) or even a
parent holding the bike up. Although I think sitting on a guy's
face is quite a bit easier than staying upright on a bicycle.

Anyway, until you get your balance, think of DOMestic like the
dom/sub stabilisers. Ask questions here yourself and soon you'll
begin to get the hang of it even if you will not be ready to
head out or get up any speed on the main road. As you've just
discovered by reading a thread from 2008 any replies posted to
your questions now will also help others like yourself in the

Where do you want to go with your new bicycle? Why did it not
get there? Did it a least start to go in the right direction?
What made you lose balance and fall off?

>Thank you all for your great advice, and any more you post!

To post more advice we need new questions. However, the "how to
be a better dominatrix
" message you replied to was posted over a
year ago in June 2008, and there has been a lot of good advice
given on DOMestic before and since.

Your best way to access some of that advice is via the front
page of the blog at:-


and scan down the sections in the sidebar until you see a
subject which is appropriate or of interest.

For example, the section this post is filed under is....

Learning / To be Dominant at:-


But there are lots of other topics that may interest you, too
many to give links to them all here.

Any time you need help there are 4 key strokes to get you
straight to DOMestic - u4ds - You can just type U4DS in most
search engines or browsers and you'll go straight to the front
page of the blog and you can then scan down the menu on the
right hand side to topics like....

Communication / Introducing Wife to FemDom
Communication / Session Planning
Communication / Slave not submissive
Communication / Wife understands

Learning / Contracts and Rules
Learning / Training Hubby

to pick out just a few. When folk send in a post or question we
try to file it under all the relevant headings so folk can find
the most relevant topics later.

Why not send in a separate post on any of these or other topics
yourself, tell us more about you, your partner, and where it is
you want to go on your new bike? :-)

Christine at Ms-Christine.com

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Advises on how best to train your husband/lover.

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