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Devotional Sex

Date: 4 Mar 2009 02:22:14 -0000
From: MichaelK

I'm a long-term reader of DOMestic, but this might be my first

I have certainly learned much from reading this digest, and
before telling you my story, I wish to thank our hosts and all
those who have posted over the years.

My personal journey started with playing some Mistress / slave
games with a partner. Each time we started a game we both very
much enjoyed it.

We used to practice ejaculation denial, and I very much enjoyed
my energy increasing over the days.

But my partner did not want to be dominant all of the time, and
often after a few days my energy would be too much for her and
she wanted to go back to normal. Sometime our game would end in

What changed everything for us was when I read the book "The
Multi-Orgasmic Man", and then learned this technique.

Learning to orgasm without ejaculation, and to calm my erotic
energy, was the break through that made a huge difference.

Our mild FemDom games then became full-time. For the last two or
three years of this relationship I was always her Knight, and
she was always my Princess.

After this relationship ended I realized that adding the Taoist
multi-orgasmic man technique (plus a taste of Tantra) to FemDom
had created something that was not written about elsewhere.

I decided it needed a name, and I called it Devotional Sex.

Perhaps the biggest practical difference between Devotional Sex
and standard FemDom is that with Devotional Sex the woman does
not need to be dominant.

In my dating after my long-term relationship I told all my dates
about Devotional Sex. I was amazed by the results. Many dates
liked the idea, and all my first intimacy with a new date over
the last few years has used Devotional Sex.

I am in the process of writing a website about Devotional Sex.
As my site is free and contains no advertising, I hope our hosts
think it is ok to tell you that the site is:

I have gained so much from reading what others have written over
the years that this site is my way of giving something back.

It is such a huge task to write everything that much of my site
is not yet written. But I trust those who look at it will
appreciate the opportunity to read what has been written so far.

I am currently dating Princess Ada, and you might be interested
in reading the real-life story of our very first date at:

At the moment I am writing a detailed Blog about our Devotional
Sex life.

The first entry of this Blog is at:

and the most recent entries are at:

Most of the stories in DOMestic have been fantasy. I hope some
of you enjoy reading a detailed blow-by-blow account of the joys
of my reality.

What has worked for me might also work for you:

Men who want to live FemDom but have a partner who does not want
to be their full-time Mistress may find that their partner is
happy to become their Princess.

And men who want to enjoy FemDom in their dating might, like me,
find success in dating "normal" women and telling them about
Devotional Sex.

And I hope some women learn about Devotional Sex and decide that
this is right for them.

Of course I am not suggesting that Devotional Sex is the best
way for everyone to enjoy FemDom. But it has worked so well for
me I am sure that it will also work well for some others.

Best wishes to all,

Devotional Sex

[Password] [Books] [Fem Dom Software] [Victor Bruno] [Videos / Dvd]



Today I browsed the Devotional Sex site about devotional dating
and devotional relationships.

I realized that I have always wanted to be a Knight as expressed
in this site and would like to know if anyone has any practical
knowledge or desire to explore this with me.





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