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Baroness Sacher-Masoch - Masochism trivia

From: "Christine" at u4ds.com
Date: 9 Mar 2009 18:46:19 -0000


A piece of trivia for those interested in the origin of the word

Marianne Faithfull's maternal great-great-uncle was Leopold von
, the famous 19th century Austrian nobleman whose
erotic novel, "Venus in Furs", spawned the word "masochism"

Marianne Faithfull in Istanbul 2008

Marianne Faithfull - Istanbul 2008

This piece of trivial information was not known to me until I
saw Marianne Faithfull interviewed on the BBC's Andrew Marr show
yesterday when she mentioned that although she has inherited her
title of Baroness, she doesn't actually use it.

Marian Evelyn Faithfull is Marianne Faithfull's name by birth,
and her mother was Baroness Eva Erisso von Sacher-Masoch. Her
father, Major Dr. Robert Glynn Faithfull, was a British military
officer and college professor in psychology.

Wikipedia mentions that Marianne Faithfull commented in March,
2007, "I'm even going to Budapest, which is nice because I'm
half English and half Austro-Hungarian. I've inherited the title
Baroness Sacher-Masoch - it comes from one of my great uncles
who gave his name to masochism."

Marianne Faithfull makes peace with her past

What I know about men - by Marianne Faithfull

Christine at Ms-Christine.com

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