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Anniversary Surprise - Chapter Eleven

From: Shoekisser

First chapter is at:-

Anniversary Surprise

Chapter Eleven

The next morning she had me up and dressed in the maids dress
early to clean up from the party. Monday was a work day, but she
had me call and say I was sick. My bosses' assistant answered
the phone. She had been at the party, and laughed when I said I
was sick.

"I'll bet you are staying home to clean house. And I'll bet you
are appropriately attired. Tell me what you are wearing."

My wife was listening on the extension, and indicated that I
should comply.

"I'm wearing a black bra, black waist cincher, black hose, and
black patent heels with my maid's dress."

"What about panties? Are you wearing panties?"


I got zapped.

"No, Mistress."

"Why not?"

"Because my wife hasn't decided if I'm worthy of wearing

I had previously noticed a pattern develop. Starting two nights
before we were going to host a party, she would refuse my
request for sex. "I want you to be nice and horny the night of
the party." So I usually tried 3 nights before the party. She
knew what I was doing, but didn't object.

So, by Sunday night, I hadn't had any relief since Wednesday,
and the events of the past few days had resulted in a lot of
sexual frustration.

By Monday night I was ready to climb the walls. Lying awake, I
heard her breathing get regular, indicating she was asleep. I
very quietly rolled over onto my stomach, and rubbed against the
mattress, trying to get relief.

"What do you think you are doing?" accompanied by a severe jolt.

I immediately rolled onto my back and pled innocent.

"Well, if you want to have sex on your stomach, we can arrange

She went to the closet, and got out her black leather corset and
put it on. Then black, knee-high, high heel boots, that I hadn't
seen before. I wondered when she had bought them, and whether it
was in anticipation of what was about to happen. Did she know I
would rebel and it would come to this? Finally, she attached the

"If it's sex you want, then it's sex you'll get. Up on your
knees", punctuated by the zapper.

I struggled to comply.

She climbed on my back, pulled up my nighty, and skewered me
with the dildo. She wasn't at all gentle, and, in fact, seemed
to be consciously trying to hurt me. She succeeded.

"You have been very disobedient, and have been asking for this.
I can see we will have to do this on a regular basis. In fact,
we may re institute this part of the wedding ceremony in our
meetings, so it can be witnessed by the women you work with. Is
that what you want?"

I risked a zap by saying it, but I felt I must reply with, "No,

Instead of a zap I got a, "Then shape up or I'll do it. In the
mean time, you need to be punished for your outburst. What was
it you said, 'This nonsense has to stop?'..", accompanied by a
jolt. "..'There are going to be some changes made around
here?..", another jolt.

"You are right. Obviously, I haven't made your appearance
feminine enough. As a result, you've gotten too many macho
ideas. We'll fix that starting tomorrow. You will start wearing
a bra, waist cincher, and hose to work, and everywhere else, for
that matter. You will look more feminine at all times."

Tuesday morning, she had me shower, then put on a black bra,
waist cincher, and hose.

"I'm tempted to send you off to work without panties under your

Fearing that a possible erection would be obvious without
panties, I said. "Please don't do that."

"OK. but the next time you screw up, I will. Put on these
panties. I bought you a new shirt and tie to wear."

The shirt turned out to be a woman's shirt, that was white with
pale pink stripes. It was very tight, particularly across my
padded boobs. The tie was pink with black stylized MTs, the
ManTran logo.

"No socks, just put your shoes on over the hose."

When I was dressed she eyed me critically. "That's better, but
those shoes are too masculine. We'll have to take you shopping
for some more suitable shoes"

So I went to work among the women who had seen me dressed over
the weekend. They all, of course noticed the black bra showing
through the too tight shirt, and my ankles covered by black
hose. I got numerous remarks about my attire.

That night, after work, we met, and went shopping for shoes, in
a women's store, of course. The pair she selected weren't too
feminine, loafers, but definitely women's, with a 2" heel. We
stopped at a shoe repair store to have plates installed on the
heels so "You'll sound like a woman in heels, and people will
hear you coming."

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