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posted by: "Christine" at u4ds.com / MsChristine.com
posted on: Thu, 19 Jun 2008 18:02:58 +0000


To submit your story or article for publishing on the DOMestic
blog / mailing list / and web site you simply email it to
DOMestic@MsChristine.com with a statement that you are the
author and that you own the copyright - See this page for
copyright details

If you wish to display your email address with the story or
article please say so, (we think this is usually unwise) , and
the story must be sent to us "From" the email address you wish
to display as explained at:-


We suggest that to avoid unwanted email or spam you should
consider using a contact service or free classified ad service
which allows you to hide your email address and only allow folk
who are logged in to send you a message, such as the free
service at:-


On DOMestic we do not display postal addresses or telephone
numbers, as we cannot verify such information, but you can put
such information on a profile page elsewhere on the web and post
the URL (web address) to that page if you wish.

If you wish to include your photo with your article or story on
DOMestic, then please attach it to your email and tell us in the
email that the picture is you, that you own the copyright, and
that you wish it to be published.

Further posting guidelines are at:-


Christine at Ms-Christine.com

The DOMestic discussion list. Now in our twelfth year. The
password site now has over 6,700 files with well over 400
stories, plus pictures, and hundreds of articles. $26.99 for a
one year password. $16.99 for six months at


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