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sniff like a proper doggy

Date: Fri, 26 Oct 2018 14:15:02 +0100
From: "Christine" at u4ds.com

This morning as I was putting on my underwear I looked back at
the bed to see that David was now awake and was clearly looking
with interest. At my age, it's not totally unpleasant to know
that hubby is still attracted to me.

Even if he was feeling frisky, as usual, I wasn't in the mood
for play. But I couldn't let him get away with ogling and lust
without some humiliation.

A thought struck me, and I picked up a pair of my discarded
knickers from the dirty laundry, went to his side of the bed,
and dropped them onto his head.

"Sniff like a proper doggy," I said, and I left the room.

The phrase is of course one I use in my video Brought to Heel. I
knew it would spark memories of that scene for David which would
be vivid in his mind as he masturbated. (see image in my
signature below)

I left it about five minutes, and then called through, "That's
enough now."

When he came through in his dressing gown looking a bit
sheepish, I said, "Well aren't you going to thank me?"

Another memorable phrase, but from a more well known film.
Any alert readers know which famous actress used it to complete
her victim's humiliation?

"Thank you," David mumbled as he realised his humiliation had
been achieved because he was actually thanking his wife for a
allowing him to sniff her knickers.

"My pleasure....." I answered. "Put on the blunt spikes in the
bedroom and get dressed."

Christine at MsChristine.com

Get yourself Brought to Heel and sniff like a proper doggy...

sniff like a proper doggy

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