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Android, Apple, Ipad, Kindle, SmartPhone videos

From: "Christine and David" at u4ds.com
Date: Thu, 30 Jan 2014 11:32:31 -0000


We are pleased to announce that our realistic and true to life
home movie style Fem-Dom Videos can now be downloaded in
different versions for all the major smart phones, tablets, and
even some older not so smart cell phones and computers too.

caning.jpg (now as Mp4 Wmv and 3gp as well as the existing flv)

Due to higher disk space and bandwidth allowances on our server,
we are now able to provide downloads for multiple versions and
file types to complete your order. So if you have several
different devices you just make one purchase to download all the
versions you need for all your home and mobile devices.

Please take a look at our videos at:-


where you can read about all five titles:-

Stiletto, The Caning, Brought to Heel, Waters of the Queen, and
Goddess which are available in a variety of file sizes from 48
to 688 mb and ranging from a shortish 21 minutes to a full
feature length 98 minutes.

Christine and David at Ms-Christine.com

The DOMestic discussion list. Now in our eighteenth year. The
password site now has over 6,700 files with well over 400
stories, plus pictures, and hundreds of articles. $26.99 for a
one year password. $16.99 for six months at


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