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Disciplinary Wives and Domestic Discipline

Date: 17 Dec 2013 13:20:22 -0000
From: Gary

Re: Domestic Discipline - Disciplinary Wives

I spent 12 years happily married as a submissive and obedient
husband, under the leadership and authority of my loving but
very Dominant Wife.

Ours was a 24/7 way of life, I was under my Wife's authority in
all aspects of our marriage, both outside the home and in the
home, both outside the bedroom and in the bedroom.

My Wife was loving and affectionate as long as I was Her
properly submissive and obedient husband, but She was also a
no-nonsense Disciplinarian if She felt I had misbehaved,
disobeyed Her, or given Her any back talk.

I believe Female authority and leadership, and male submission
and obedience represents the most ideal, and most natural gender
roles for marriages and relationships.

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