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sounds, silicone worm penis plugs, jewellery

Date: 1 Nov 2013 14:38:42 -0000
From: mrbill

Re: penis plug urethral play

I've been sounding for a while, I've improvised and used lots of items around the house to sound with. The best sounding I've found was with silicone worms, they're soft, pliable, easy to clean and insertable.

I recently have been looking into penis plugs, I ordered the silicone cum/piss thru one. It arrived a few days ago and I immediately put it in, what a rush, my hands were shaking I was so excited. It slipped in with lots of lube and a hard push, oh what a feeling!

I love the feel and I've been pissing thru it, so cool. I'm anxious to cum thru it to see how the cum flows out.

I am now looking for penis jewelry, it looks pretty cool. For anybody looking into penis plugs, take the plunge the feeling is exhilarating.

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How far does the "sound" go in? I would like to use some (I have
a set) but it only goes in so far. Do you push it in further?
Any advice you could give me would be appreciated.



gwpm wrote:

>How far does the "sound" go in?

I thought David and Madam already answered your questions on
this subject back in 2010 at:-


But David posted some info on penis plugs today at:-


>Do you push it in further?

In general, the answer is DO NOT push a thin sound as there is a
high risk of injury through puncturing the urethra.

NEVER use force.

A thicker one gently guided in is ok, think in terms of allowing
it to fall in. Withdraw it to add more lube if you feel any
resistance. Use only the slightest of gentle pressure to
encourage it further in.

Sharp pain means stop!

>Any advice you could give me would be appreciated.

The advice from:-


is to start with the largest size that can be fit into your
penis opening (urethra) without stretching or force. Use lots of
lubricant on the first several inches of the sound, as well as
around the opening.

Carefully stabilize and gently guide it in using an absolute
minimum of force. Let the sound "fall" in as far as it wants.
Once it stops going in, just let it be for a bit, before
experimenting with moving it in and out about 1/2 inch. At this
point it may also be a good idea to take out and re-lube the

sincerely, Christine

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Christine, thank you so much for this response. I appreciate it and will read it in detail.

I appreciate you (and David)!! You and your blog provide a great outlet for those like me who so desire a lifestyle such as yours, but have no hope in attaining that kind of relationship because our wives are not at all receptive to that.

Thank you again so much for providing the service you do!!

I appreciate you!


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