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April 25, 2013

The Vacation - Part Eleven

From: randolphus
Date: Tue, 25 Dec 2012 10:29:41 -0500 (EST)

The Vacation
by "randolphus"

Part Eleven

Sonia Revisited

I took out the last load from the dryer and set up the ironing
board next to the TV. I ironed the blouses then the brassieres
that had gotten so tangled and then the panties because that was
all that was left. I put everything away. Actually I removed and
re-folded almost every drawer I opened. I sorted the hanging
clothes in her closet and then I arranged her shoes and
remembered what else she liked.

I nuked the foot cream in the microwave for only a few seconds
because some creams turn to liquid if you go crazy with the
microwave and I got the heater and the towels.

Carol said: "Maybe Lisa will give you to me?"

I couldn't talk.

Carol said: "Maybe a little more strap will help you talk?"

I said: "I'm sorry Miss Carol, that was an incredibly sweet and
generous thing you said but my mind is in such turmoil that I
can't adequately reply."

All that while I was rubbing her feet

Later Carol said: "I'm going to take a chance and let you sleep
in my bed unbound."

I said: "Miss Carol the result of that is when you open your
eyes in the morning, I will hand you coffee and be ready to
serve you."

After breakfast Carol rushed me to clean the kitchen and get
ready. I had a sense of loss that I had difficulty ignoring.
Carol took me to where I waited for Sonia almost two years
earlier. She said: "There is no moving."

I said: "Yes ma'am and is this so long or a good bye?"

Carol said: "Remember you are a slave and the only thing you
should be thinking about is how you will delight Miss Sonia. Is
that understood?"

I said: "Yes ma'am."

I stood and focused on Sonia and wondered where she was. Sonia
was inside already and she came out and collected me. We cleaned
rooms, I lost count. Sonia was all business, no distractions.
She checked my work and only once found some issue. It turned
out the toilet was leaking water. Carol had let me review the
notes I made and Sonia was surprised I remembered what to do.

Sonia let me take breaks and we went to lunch together. I tried
to repay her consideration by working as hard as I could. When
we finished Sonia said: "Wow that was a lot of work, do you
still have enough energy to work in my apartment?"

I said: "I'll do my best Miss Sonia."

Sonia's apartment was tiny compared to Carol's house.
I said: "Miss Sonia will I spend tomorrow night here?"

Sonia said: "You may not ask questions like that, I should give
you a demerit but since that would be the first today I will
overlook it."

I said: "Thank you Miss Sonia."

I wanted to be useful so I needed to know if I had just tonight
or if I was coming back. I guess I'm used to not being told

I said: "Does Miss Sonia have anything she would like me to do?"

Sonia said: "No, but you have to fix dinner."

I said: "Yes ma'am, I'll do that first and while I'm cleaning up
I'll see what else I should do."

Sonia said: "Can you do laundry?"

I said: "Yes ma'am?"

I looked for pasta, then potatoes then rice. Then sauces, then
curry, then paprika, anyway I made a rice dish with a can of
beef soup and some spices and fresh veggies I found and it
turned into risotto or a mess, I wasn't sure. Miss Sonia liked
it but I couldn't duplicate it again.

I cleaned the kitchen so it was cleaner than I found it. Then I
gathered the laundry that Sonia indicated and she had me pick up
clothes on the floor in her bedroom and the bathroom. The
laundry room was downstairs and there was no elevator. I made
four trips up and down from the basement to the third floor and
ironed and put Sonia's clothes away while she watched

I arranged someone else's clothes drawers for the second time
today. Thoughts like that kept creeping into my head. I resolved
Sonia is very pretty and I have to work for her.

It was after 9:00 and I told Sonia: "Miss Sonia the kitchen is
cleaned and I did the laundry and put the clothes away. I do
fingernails and toes and trim hair and give massages."

Sonia said: "I'd like all of that but it's late; I've never had
a massage so let's do that in about ten minutes."

I said: "Yes ma'am, may I make preparations?"

She said: "Go ahead."

I found a sheet that I put on the bed and found some vegetable
oil that I warmed in small bowl in the microwave. I only needed
a thimble full. I figured out how to increase the temperature in
the bedroom.

I massaged Sonia's back first using the Lavender talc I found.
She was lean and she had ripped calves and distinct arm and
shoulder muscles. She played maybe tennis or worked out or both.
Her ass was compact and firm. I was tempted to just cup them in
my hands but I held myself down.

There is a hollow from behind the ear down to the collar bone
and she strongly reacted when I stroked there. I tried the other
side and she reacted, then on either side and she continued to
respond. Then I lightly smoothed the muscles enclosing the ribs
and brushed her breast and I felt her react to that too. I
didn't know what to do, massage is to relax the subject not
bring them off on the table.

Sonia said: "You didn't massage my breasts."

I said to myself 'the customer is always right' and went to work
on the breasts. Sonia's boobs are fine but they are on the small
side so I could squeeze them both at the same time.

Her hips were making motions as if I was petting her. So I
started to.

When she came her hand held mine in place and I continued to pet
her. Sonia said: "Wow that was a good massage."

I didn't know what to say.

Sonia said: "Carol said you give nice baths."

I said: "Would Miss Sonia like a bath?"

Sonia said: "Yes but no because it's late and we have to get up
early, where will you sleep, do I have to handcuff you?"

I said: "Miss Sonia everything is up to you. If you don't
handcuff me I will make coffee and have breakfast ready for you
and help you get ready when you open your eyes. And I can sleep
anywhere including the floor."

Sonia said: "If I let you sleep with me will you behave?"

I said: "Yes ma'am."

The way it worked out, I had my own pillow. Sonia's head ended
up on my pillow, my right arm was under her neck. Her back was
pressed into me. She reached back and took my left hand and
placed it on her breast. I guess I behaved.

We ended up doing more hotel rooms and Sonia was considerate and
I had become used to just being used. She said please and thank
you. She took me on breaks. I was so grateful that I worked as
hard as I could and was extra careful and attentive. That also
distracted me from thoughts about Lisa.

In the afternoon close to about 3:00 Sonia said: "I have to find
a reason to whip you."

I said: "Sonia you're the prettiest girl I've met. What are we
doing tonight?"

Sonia said: "You didn't address me correctly, you hit on me and
you persist in asking me about the future. I will have to
correct that behavior."

I said: "Yes ma'am."

Sonia said: "Is there some way we can tie you down?"

I said: "I don't see how but I promise I won't move."

Sonia said: "It's going to hurt a lot."

I said: "I expect it to, but I won't move."

She had a fiber glass rod and it hurt a lot, she was right. She
managed to sound genuinely indignant that I hit on her. She
said: "How dare you speak to me like that. This will remind you
who you are."

When she finished she touched my behind where she caned me. She
said: "Did that hurt?"

I said: "Very much Miss Sonia."

Sonia said: "I enjoyed being with you yesterday and today and
I'll be sorry to leave you."

I said: "I feel the same way Miss Sonia."

Sonia took my hand and she went to one of the chairs and told me
to kneel down and unbutton her jeans and I pulled down her cute
panties. Sonia sat in the chair and guided my head into her. My
world reduced to licking and sucking and trying to get air.

I said: "I'll work for you forever."

Sonia said: "Carol said you would say something like that after
I whipped you. But you can't because I'm leaving you where I
picked you up yesterday at 4:00."

I said: "Who is picking me up?"

Sonia said: "No questions Harry, you don't want another

I said: "No ma'am."

We straightened out the room we'd had so much fun in and I
noticed it was almost 4:00, I wondered how long I had been on my

Sonia took me outside and told me to stand very still. She
kissed me on the cheek and left.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

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April 1, 2013


Date: 1 Apr 2013 07:12:08 -0000
From: Sissy Slut, RitaB

I just came across a new chastity cage designed for all day use.
It's made of softer more pliable silicone and it's fully water-
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It appears fairly comfy for all day use and it even looks like
it's very light-weight.

It's called Dickcage and here's a web link to it.


It's not cheap but it looks well made. It's from Europe.

I may be trying it out soon so I'll try and follow-up here with
my thoughts on it..

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