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Jim's Story - part thirty-seven

Date: Sun, 01 Jan 2012 20:34:01 -0500
From: randolphus

Jim's Story by randolphus
first part linked here

part thirty-seven - Tuesday

I was having a meeting with Carmen and two of the programmers
about our web site. I stood behind my desk and my guests sat. I
suppressed a yawn.

Carmen said: "Did you sleep well last night?"

I said: "Yes thank you, Miss Carmen."

I didn't want to discuss last night. We were discussing
debugging techniques. We received reports that our page didn't
work sometimes. I listed some things that could be done, that
should have been done, but I wouldn't point that out. It was
accepted and the meeting was ended.

Carmen said: "Did I cause you to stand in the corner all night?"

I said: "Yes ma'am;" I tried to remove any feeling from the

Carmen said: "Are you being pouty?"

I said: "No ma'am, not at all."

Carmen said: "Betty is your governess; maybe I'll give her a

I said: "Miss Carmen, I didn't raise the subject, I understood
why I was punished, and I'm not pouting."

Carmen said: "You're afraid of Betty?"

I said: "I guess I am Miss Carmen."

Carmen said: "I saw how you bolted upstairs when she told you to

I said: "Yes ma'am."

Carmen said: "What do you want to say?"

I said: "I realized how angry everyone was with me when I
brought dinner back last night."

Carmen said: "They weren't mad at you; we had an argument about
whether you should be here or not. Betty said that if you have
to clean monitors and toilets that you're not needed here and
that she has plenty of toilets for you to clean. Sarah said that
you're needed here but Peggy wants you to be humiliated. I was
on the fence; like today's meeting we need you. But I agree with
Betty, your time is valuable."

I described to Carmen what Betty's regimen was like. I said:
"She wants me to get her permission for anything I do."

Carmen said: "So do I."

I said: "I'm not resisting, but do I have to get permission to
go to the bathroom?"

Carmen said: "YES."

I assumed Carmen was joking: I said: "And the other extreme, I
can't do nice things like serve appetizers or buy surprises."

Carmen said: "You can't make those decisions; you need your
mistress to decide and give you permission."

I said: "Yes ma'am;" I knew arguing would lead to more trouble
for me.

Carmen said: "Betty and I will work on you together. Will you
like that?"

I said: "Miss Carmen, I like everything you do."

Carmen said: "Betty and Peggy are having lunch and I was

I said: "Miss Carmen, I would like to look into some of the
backup problems we discussed, May I?"

Carmen said: "Yes but don't forget your chores."

I said: "Thank you ma'am."

I didn't want to think about what Peggy and Betty and Carmen
would discuss. I focused on cleaning toilets. There is more to
it than just elbow grease but the point of it all was to
humiliate me. I realize I was thinking bad thoughts that lead to
bad attitude and then bad behavior. I couldn't help it.

While I was back on my backup problems, Sally called and said
Peggy would see me right now and to hurry. I did.

Sally uncharacteristically led me right in to see Peggy. Peggy
said: "Have your ladies boxed you in?"

I was amazed how insightful she was. I said: "It feels that way
Miss Peggy."

Peggy said: "You may tell me your point of view, speak freely."

I said: "To put it simply I can't surprise you if I have to ask
permission, what are surprises - sometimes it's a present, or an
invention, which may come from hunches and whims."

Peggy said: "That was very elegant, what are you going to do
about it?"

I said: "I will try to satisfy Miss Carmen and Miss Betty."

Peggy said: "I think you make an important point. I won't forget

I said: "Thank you ma'am."

Peggy said: "We are finished."

I curtsied and left.

I curtsied to Sally. Sally said: "I want to talk with you."

I said: "Yes ma'am."

Sally said: "I suddenly have a lot of power over you."

I said: "Yes ma'am."

Sally said: "I want you to tell me why you like Carmen better
than me."

I said: "Miss Sally I like you very much."

Sally said: "You didn't answer my question."

I said: "I spend lots of time with Miss Carmen because Miss
Peggy assigned me to work for her, ma'am."

Sally said: "Maybe if I whipped you, you would like me more."

I said: "Yes ma'am, but before you do that perhaps I might be of
service to you."

Sally said: "How?"

I said: "May I come back to you in a few hours?"

Sally said: "I want you back here in two hours."

I said: "Yes ma'am."

I asked Carmen for a meeting in my office. She came. I stood and
she sat. We closed the door. I said: "Miss Carmen I would like
to speak with you as an associate instead of as a slave."

Carmen said: "Okay, but if I tell you to stop you have to stop
and if I don't like it I'll call Betty."

I said: "Thank you ma'am. Sally just asked me why I like you
better then her. I thought you might assign me to clean her
toilet, and let her report her satisfaction to you."

Carmen said: "What will Peggy think?"

I said: "Evidently Sally has been on to Peggy and she empowered
Sally - for which I was whipped and spent a night standing;
present it to Peggy as Sally wants more and this is an idea,
ma'am; one last thing is that I have to get back to Sally in
less than two hours."

Carmen said: "I'll think about it. Sally is your problem and you
may no longer talk to me as an associate."

I said: "Thank you Miss Carmen."

About an hour later Carmen came to my office again and said:
"Peggy said that was a wonderful idea and said I was very
sensitive to the situation."

Carmen closed the door and came around my desk and hugged me.
Carmen said: "The caning and standing all night was because
Sally is in to you, you poor boy."

I said: "Miss Carmen you should visit Sally and make the

Carmen said: "You're right but I have the feeling that you're
doing things without my prior permission and I told Betty I
would report that to her."

I said: "Miss Carmen, I wish you could forgive me for acting
without permission if it benefits you."

Carmen said: "Then you can do anything you want."

I said: "And as long as it benefits you I think that's good,
because if I didn't then all that benefit would disappear. I
bear all the risk, if I do something without prior approval and
it doesn't benefit you I expect to be punished."

Carmen said: "Why can't you get permission?"

I said: "Because I couldn't have said to Sally that I have to
get permission to comfort you please wait, could I miss Carmen?"

Carmen said: "No you couldn't, but I decide if it benefits me
and if it doesn't work out I'll call Betty, I can see you're
afraid of her."

I said: "Yes ma'am;"

I think I have Carmen's permission to do whatever benefits her
without permission.

After lunch Carmen sat in one of the chairs in my office. She
said: "You may perform sweet acts without prior approval, what
are they talking about."

I asked: "What happened Miss Carmen?"

"Peggy, Betty and I were in a meeting and you came up. Peggy
said: 'You are an exceptional person and have many gifts to
give. Not Betty, not me and not herself, could anticipate what
those gifts will be. So while I support you keeping him on a
short lease, you should let him give you his gifts.' Betty
seemed to understand. I had no idea what she was talking about."

I said: "What she meant is that you should let me do extra
things without getting upset just because they're extra."

Carmen said: "You can do whatever you want?"

I said: "No ma'am because if you or Betty aren't pleased by what
I did I'm still subject to your discipline. But what Peggy said
was that if you are pleased then just accept it."

"Okay, get back to work." Then Carmen left.

Peggy came through, not because she was my friend but she wants
solutions to problems and improvements to procedures that I
might provide.

I got to work on an unauthorized project, the browser problem: I
downloaded Firefox, Opera and Safari and installed them. I
viewed our web in each. It was apparent that the page painted
normally only in Internet Explorer. I called the developer of
our Integrated Development Environment and they knew of the
problem. They told me how to download a fix. I did. It worked. I
reported the problem and its solution to Carmen.

Carmen came to my office and sat down. She said: "Did you just
give me a sweet gift?"

"I had a hunch it was a bug in our IDE rather than in our page,
it was easy to check out but it was only a hunch."

Carmen said: "I want an account of all the details."

I said: "Yes ma'am."

Carmen returned to my office: "I talked to Betty and you're
checked out until 6:30, so clean the toilets and I'll buy you a

I said: "Thank you ma'am."

It's exhilarating to fix a software bug, especially when a dear
audience watches, especially Carmen.

I cleaned the toilet with lots of energy. I realized one of the
problems is there is no convenient place to throw paper towels
on one end of the toilet. That's why there is so often paper on
the floor. Everything was clean and shone when Carmen came in. I
of course ended up on my knees.

Carmen said: "You negotiated a compromise from Peggy and Betty,
I want to know how you did it?"

I said: "Peggy asked and I got on my knees with Betty and asked
her. The question was do you want sweet gifts? And they said

Carmen said: "I really don't understand why you don't just get a

I said: "Miss Carmen, I cannot explain it but I love being under
your direction and I love what Betty is doing, but I felt that I
could not let them lose my gifts."

Carmen said: "I think you're crazy."

"I can't help myself."

"Address me properly, that came out automatically, sometimes I
feel funny taking advantage of you."

"Sorry Miss Carmen, on the contrary I feel I'm using you."

Carmen said: "We are each other's proteges."

I said: "Among my favorite memories is the week I spent with

Carmen said: "Again you failed to address me properly, do you
want me to tell Betty?"

"Please no Miss Carmen."

"Let's move to one of those high tables so you can stand, you're
not supposed to be sitting in my presence."

"Yes ma'am."

"I sometimes dream of taking you home and whipping you until you
pass out."

"Why Miss Carmen?"

"Because you become such a dedicated loving baby."

"I'm dedicated to you now."

"What does your wife think of Betty taking you over?"

"I don't know. This whole relationship has been strange being
handed around, speaking of that, what happened with you and

Carmen laughed: "I have handed you to Sally. Every morning after
you clean downstairs, you will clean Sally and Peggy's toilet.
Then whenever Sally feels it needs cleaning she will call you.
She will give you a list of personal products to keep in the
cabinet, and if she is not satisfied, she may cane you herself."

"Thank you Miss Carmen."

"Did I hear criticism from you?"

"No ma'am, I can imagine how difficult that agreement was for

"At first I was anxious about Sally, but then we talked and
discussed you, we became friends."

"I guess I should be scared."

"You definitely are going to get more canings in front of the

"Please be sure Peggy is invited."


"Because I think she will make sure I'm not too abused."

"Peggy is the one who told me to enforce time limits and order
you to clean the toilets."

"I sort of knew that but I think you've been pretty amazing the
way you've carried it all out."

I got a hug.

I said: "She's not my friend but I'm one of her employees and
one of yours, I heard the concern in your voice about the excess
caning I might receive."

Carmen laughed, "If you get excess caning its going to be
because I want to give it to you and not anyone else telling me

I said: "I love you Miss Carmen."

Carmen and I talked non stop while she drove me home. I got the
feeling she likes me and is comfortable working with me in our
weird circumstance.

I went to Betty's room and kissed her feet while waiting for her
to recognize me.

Betty said: "Tell me what is going on at work and what you did
with Carmen."

I explained about Sally, my new chores, and our discussion about
sweet gifts.

Betty said: "Try to explain to me why I should allow you to give
me sweet gifts."

I said: "When asked like that, the simple answer is that you
won't get them otherwise, I mean no disrespect Miss Betty."

Betty said: "Explain it to me."

I said: "If I decide to buy you a present or do something sweet
for you and you like it, you accept it. If you don't like it
then I did something without getting approval. The risk is all

Betty said: "Why would you take such a risk?"

I said: "Because I want to delight you every way I can."

Betty said: "What if I liked it and still beat you."

I said: "Miss Betty I am completely in your hands."

Betty said: "Let's see what happens. You know my methods, and I
don't make exceptions, but I may allow sweet gifts if I like

I said: "Thank you Miss Betty."

Betty said: "You have chores to do."

I curtsied and said: "Yes ma'am."

Betty set me up on a schedule so if I'm working on the schedule
I have Betty's permission to be doing it. Between work and
taking care of the house, there was almost no time that was not
scheduled. So life settled into chores. There was no time for
all the dalliances with the ladies that I so loved and I didn't
get punished very often.

read part thirty-eight here

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I love following this story. It seems so mundane, no real
whipping, bondage or other overtly femdom scenes, but the way
the ladies treat Jim as such a casual piece of property really
pushes my buttons.

It reminds me of some stories about femdom that @ted_subby has
written recently


I think perhaps Madame Pontellier should actually read the story
from the start before commenting on it. All the femdom scenes,
bondage and whipping she says are not in the story are there and
very "overtly".

Perhaps Madame only made her comment in order to post a link to
her own web site?

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