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Jim's Story - part thirty-six

Date: Sun, 25 Dec 2011 09:23:21 -0500
From: randolphus

Jim's Story by randolphus
first part linked here

part thirty-six - Back to Work

Sarah and I ride together to the office. However, I drive and
Sarah rides in the back. We arrive early but many of the other
employees have seen this and it just adds to my humiliation.

I returned from cleaning the rest room to report to Carmen. I
saw her standing outside of my office and I went to her. She
said: "You have to report to my cubicle, go there now or you
will be late."

I saw they were taking my desk apart. I said: "What are they
doing to my office?"

Carmen said: "Go stand in my cubicle now!"

I said: "Can't you tell me what's going on?"

Lisa and Jan were walking by and Carmen said: "Lisa, Jan, will
you escort Jim to my office. He has to stand facing the cubicle
wall and wait for me."

Jan took my arm and I was excited and worked up but I wasn't
going to struggle with my staff. Lisa took my other arm and I
was escorted to Carmen's cubicle.

Jan said: "You have to stand here and there is no talking and

Lisa said to Jan: "Why can't he talk?"

Jan said: "Carmen always tells him that."

Lisa said: "Do we have to stay here and make sure he doesn't

Jan said: "No Carmen will take care of him."

I was burning up with humiliation. I was an object to these

Maybe about twenty or thirty minutes later Carmen arrived and
said: "You are in serious trouble, you not only didn't report
here like you have been told to do, you disobeyed me when I told
you to come here and you tried to aggressively question me." She
didn't ask me a question. Carmen said: "You have nothing to

I said: "I'm sorry Miss Carmen."

Carmen said: "Come with me and I'll show you your new

I followed Carmen, I was very apprehensive. She said: "You have
a new stand-up desk. We decided you've been sitting too much.
These chairs in front of the desk are for your visitors, you may
not ever sit in them."

I said: "Thank you Miss Carmen"; the furniture was dark wood,
seemed to be very good quality, I was impressed.

She said: "Go back to standing in my cubicle; I'm deciding what
to do about your bad behavior."

I curtsied and said: "Yes ma'am;" I wanted to seem contrite. I
stood for another twenty or thirty minutes waiting for Carmen.

She said: "You're going to be caned in the conference room. I
can't manage you when you won't do what I tell you."

I heard her making a call, I think to Peggy. She said: "He's
standing here facing the wall."

She listened then said: "That'll be fine, the more the merrier."

Carmen said: "Our whole department will witness your caning.
Peggy and Sally will be there too."

I wanted to die. 'How can this be happening?' I thought.

We walked to the conference room, me behind the sexy Carmen.
Only Sally was there, she had brought the cane. Carmen said: "Go
to the end of the table and take off your pants and underpants
and bend over the table."

I said: "Yes ma'am;" I knew that the whipping paled next to the
humiliation but I knew that Carmen would whip me hard enough so
I would lose my composure. I hope somebody sits on me and
muffles my screaming and crying so a shred of my dignity will be

I could hear people coming in and talking. It was a happy event,
getting out of working and seeing a spectacle. Peggy came in and
the room got quiet.

Peggy said: "This is not the first time Jim has been caned in
this room on this table. But we want to start a new policy. As
you know Jim is accountable to every one of us here. We expect
him to do many different things and Carmen has been trying to
keep tabs on him by herself. From now on, I would like all of
you to pay attention to Jim's work and his behavior including
any lack of respectful behavior and report it to Sally. If you
wish you can report it anonymously. Periodically we will invite
Jim to a meeting and Sally will report to Carmen the complaints
from you and she will administer the correction."

Carmen said: "Jim has become disobedient and we can't have that,
would someone please volunteer to sit on him?"

Lisa said: "I'll do it."

Lisa it turned out was wearing a full skirt so it completely
covered me; I was in a warm dark tent of privacy, like an
ostrich with its head in the sand. And I was completely seduced.

Carmen said: "Jim isn't very brave when he is being caned so
don't be disturbed by his crying and pleading." And Carmen
struck a very hard blow; and another until I counted about
thirteen when she stopped. But Lisa didn't get off.

I listened and there was a discussion going on if I had gotten
enough strokes. Then they talked about different numbers of
strokes for different offenses. They calculated that there were
three offenses, late for cleaning the toilets, because I hadn't
gone to the right place and I didn't go there when Carmen told
me to, and aggressive questioning.

Everyone it seemed had an opinion but a consensus formed around
twenty-five strokes with credit for the ones I had gotten.

Carmen resumed the caning, each stroke harder than the previous.
I screamed and cried but it was muffled by Lisa's skirt. Lisa
got off me and I noticed that she was very pretty.

Carmen said: "Stand up and face the wall!"

I found it painful to move but I did and said: "Yes ma'am."

It seems that Carmen and Sally and Peggy were talking. Peggy
said: "Sally you should note the suggestions for the punishments
that were made and you and Carmen can discuss and refine them.
Maybe we can institute a fixed number of strokes for each

Sally said: "I'll work on that; that should improve his

Peggy and Sally left. Carmen said to me: "See what you caused to

I said: "I'm sorry Miss Carmen."

Carmen said: "You'll probably get caned every week."

I agreed with her assessment.

Carmen said: "You can pull your pants up and go stand in my

I said: "Yes ma'am."

I stood in Carmen's cubicle for another half hour. When she came
back Carmen said: "I told Peggy that I thought this might be a
bad idea but she liked it very much so now you will have to live
with it. Every one of the ladies here can rat you out for a spot
on the mirror or their favorite tampon being out. You can't
defend yourself, there's no appeal, its just strokes. You could
end up getting fifty or a hundred strokes, it's crazy."

Carmen is such a good manager that she is now worrying about my
welfare. I only wish I could stop standing here. Carmen said:
"This is all your fault."

I thought her frustration was that she lost her autonomy dealing
with me. She has to at least share with Sally. And it was her
choice to escalate punishing me. I understand why she is
troubled but I'm stuck standing here. And she said it was all my
fault because she realizes it's not.

Carmen said: "Don't you have anything to say?"

I said: "At least you will do the caning."

Carmen said: "Why does that make you happy."

I said: "I thought it would make YOU happy, Miss Carmen."

Carmen said: "It does a little."

I said: "You're not happy because you want to decide how much
and why yourself?"

Carmen said: "Yes."

I said: "I think I'm still available to you for whatever you
want to do, it's only this special event that's being run by a

Carmen said: "No, if you're late coming back from cleaning the
toilets, I have to report you to Sally."

I said: "Oh."

Carmen said: "And Sally will look up what you get for being late
and that's how many strokes you get."

I said: "Don't you decide how many I get for being late?"

Carmen said: "Yes but I don't always give you the same."

I thought to myself that Peggy is actually a very observant
person, I didn't know if I was being rescued or imperilled.
Carmen beats me according to her mood, Sally will always cause
me to be beaten the same amount, but now I have nearly ten
supervisors handing out demerits.

I said: "Miss Carmen is there something I should be doing?"

Carmen said: "You want out of standing facing the wall?"

I said: "Yes ma'am."

Carmen said: "I'm considering leaving you for the night, but I
can't fasten you. This is the second time you have made me
really angry at you."

I felt her take my arm and we went downstairs to the toilet.
Carmen said: "You may no longer talk and you can't look at me.
If I could take you home I would beat you until you passed out."

She is so mad at me but she lets me get on my knees between her
naked legs and get inches next to her pussy. Who is using whom I
silently wonder? I love this woman and it hurts me that she is
upset. Even if she is not physically hurting me, it hurts.
Carmen thinks she suffered a political set back and maybe she
has it in for Sally. I wish I could talk.

I'm patting Carmen dry and she says: "I can see you want to
talk, go ahead, but if I don't like it you have to stop and I
might find some way to fasten you standing for the night."

I said: "Thank you, ma'am. I was reflecting that IT managers
hold a lot more marbles than administrative assistants do."

Carmen said: "Are you trying to cheer me up?"

I said: "Another thing Miss Carmen is you're way prettier."

Carmen said: "Alright, you may look at me."

I said: "Since I'm a slave, I don't have any standing in saying
this: I consider you my protege and I feel that I have learned
many things from you and somehow I'm your protege too."

Carmen said: "Can I check you out?"

I said: "It's okay with me, in fact it's choice one, but
consider choice two, you can take me home and tell three
sympathetic women what a terrible thing I did today that had
unexpected fallout on our favorite lady."

Carmen laughed and said: "They'll beat you again, or have me
beat you, do you really want more?"

I said: "No ma'am; but I'm saying you have to check me out and
hope none of them questions me aggressively."

Carmen said: "Why? Could they beat it out of you?"

I said: "I never lie."

Carmen said: "Can I tell them that I'm having an emotional
crisis and I need you?"

I said: "Yes ma'am;" but if I said I was having an emotional
crisis everybody would yawn.

I overheard Carmen talking to Betty. Carmen described what went
down as: "He went a little berserk, he frightened me and it took
several of the programmers to subdue him. As a result, Peggy has
taken him away from my authority. And no one else here
appreciates how much it hurts."

One of the things I learned from Carmen is never to say it's not
my fault.

Carmen said: "Betty said you have her permission to console me
any way you can but she will want a report."

I told Carmen that Betty was another Peggy.

Carmen and I went to a bar that can best be described as a
'neighborhood bar.' There wasn't a lot of noise, not a lot of
people, and mostly not beautiful people - except for Carmen. It
does a guy good to walk into a public place with a pretty lady.

We ordered beer. Carmen told me about the power struggles the IT
department had with Sally and her friends in the ordering and
shipping departments. Carmen said that when I came everyone was
shocked and stepped back from fighting. Suddenly everyone
understood why everyone else was there. "We woke up. We don't
know how it happened but we think you did it."

I thought that was nice but we're here for Carmen: I said:
"Companies live and die on customer service and IT departments
are a customer service function, and you have what I call style.
You can roll over backwards for the users, or you can be
aggressive and defensive, in between there is a sweet spot. You
do it better than anyone I've ever seen."

We sat very close and Carmen said: "I'm going tell Betty that
after one beer you forgot to say ma'am or Miss."

I said: "I'm sorry Miss Carmen, ma'am."

Carmen laughed: "Would you like to go to my apartment for a
little more caning."

I said: "Always Miss Carmen, but couldn't we have another beer

Carmen said: "Is that talking back?"

I said: "It's in the ears of the listener, I think."

We stayed for three beers. Carmen drove me to Sarah's house and
I talked her into coming in.

Betty said that no one had dinner yet and a take out order had
been assembled and I would go pick it up and serve it, after I
provided everyone with some wine. That's how I left Carmen with
Betty, Sarah and Kathleen.

When I returned the temperature in the room had plunged to minus
ten. The icy stares directed at me told me that Carmen had told
the story so that I was the evil culprit that caused irreparable
damage to the sweet Carmen.

I tried to elevate the mood; I curtsied to everyone and offered
to refill wine and get water.

Betty said: "Hurry up with dinner."

I said: "Yes ma'am;" and curtsied to everyone.

I very quickly set out plates, glasses and silverware and wine
and announced dinner is served and waited on everybody. I
listened to the conversation but they were no longer talking
about me or work, it was about a story Sarah told. Everyone was
talking and laughing and being happy which made me happy.

Toward the end of the meal Betty said: "You may clean up then
stand in front of the hook in my room."

I said: "Yes ma'am."

I don't know why but I knew better than to ask. I made as quick
work of cleaning as I could so Betty wouldn't be waiting. I went
upstairs and stood in front of the hook I had recently
installed. I didn't have to worry; I did the waiting, as usual.
Betty arrived and fastened a collar around my neck and
handcuffed me. She snapped the collar to the hook.

Betty said: "I told Carmen that you will stand there all night
as she wished. She's very upset about losing a power struggle at
work and blames you, and you're being punished. I don't agree
with that, but we are grateful to Carmen for taking care of you
and respect her wishes."

Betty said: "There is no moving until I fall asleep."

I wondered if I could sleep standing up and I fell asleep
leaning forward against the wall.

I woke and my shoulders and legs were sore. I could hear Betty
was moving around, so maybe I wasn't permitted to move. I tried
to hold still.

Betty unlocked my handcuffs and unsnapped me from the hook.
Betty said: "Kathleen says you can put the collar on yourself, I
expect you to do that from now on."

I said: "Yes ma'am."

She grasped my arm and led me to her bathroom. I saw she was
naked and I liked looking at her. Next I was kneeling on the
floor between her knees looking at her pussy. How many more
hours of standing fettered against the wall would I earn for
kissing her pussy? I didn't want to find out so I kept kneeling.

If I hadn't been fastened to the wall I would be bringing coffee
now and breakfast would be sitting out. I keep forgetting that
these women can read my mind.

Betty said: "I want you to tell me your thoughts."

I said: "If I wasn't fastened to the wall I would be bringing
you coffee now and breakfast would be made."

Betty said: "You had to be punished but if there was some way I
could have automatically released you an hour ago that would
have been nice."

I said: "Yes ma'am."

Betty said: "I like that you bemoan your punishment not in terms
of the discomfort it caused you but the missed services to us
from you."

I said: "I live to serve you Miss Betty."

Betty said: "Well you can serve me now."

I said: "Thank you Miss Betty."

Betty said: "Hurry up, or you'll be late for Sarah."

Betty let me put underwear on her and sent me to get ready for

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