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The Prisoner - Chapter 83

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The Prisoner, by Will Cane

Chapter 83

The previous episode, Chapter 82, is at:-

The people in the neighbourhood had always known the bleak and
forbidding building as the Old Police Station, and this name had
remained long after the constabulary had moved out to more
modern premises. The three storey Victorian building lay empty
for some years until the need to establish the new Local
Corrections Offices.

It took some months before the place was up and running. The
function of the establishment was to provide a place where
offenders released to work locally could be sent by their
temporary owners for punishment should the offences or
complaints be too serious or too distasteful for them to deal
with personally.

With the level of abuse that was becoming all too regular in the
system it wasn't long before the services on offer were
increased to include relief milking sessions and many more
varied forms of discipline than were officially sanctioned.

All that was necessary for the owner was for them to complete a
simple online form. After due consideration by a local
committee, an appointment time would be sent back. The owner
would then inform their charge of the date and time they were to
report along with a list of pre-arrival procedures that would be

Simpler events such as the infliction of a routine maintenance
beating were dealt with by the prisoner arriving with a note
from the owner in plenty of time for the arrangements to be made
before the appointed hour. The journey was always to be by the
local 'bus service and with the new bright red ID cards that
they were obliged to display so that everyone else travelling
was sure to know their destination and therefore the purpose of
the visit.

It had been made a policy that, with the exception of the
Maintenance punishments, the prisoner was not to be told the
reason or reasons for the visit so this would cause them to
spend some time searching their minds for the offence that they
had obviously committed and greatly increase their apprehension
and fear level. Neither would they be told what the punishment
would be until they had been secured over the punishment horse
with a gag in their mouths to prevent protest or even comment.

The original intention was for the "Locals" as these correction
offices became known, to be staffed with professionals from the
Correctional Centres but the number of "Locals" being
constructed and the expansion of the Correctional system soon
caused a shortage of suitable ladies.

It was decided to have the experienced wardresses in charge of
the local offices, but the majority of the punishments and
treatments would have to be administered by local volunteers.
The minimum age for recruitment was eighteen and the maximum
fifty-five provided that a basic fitness test could be passed.

Uniforms were to be white blouses with plain blue ties, long
black skirts and high heels. Shoulder tabs were worn with the
shirt with "Volunteer" stitched in white. Unlike the regular
wardresses no straps were carried but they did have one of the
newer springy crops with a round leather tab at the end with a
small hole in the centre.

The interviews were held in a formal setting at the nearest
Correction Centre. Applicants were thoroughly questioned on
their attitudes to inflicting corporal punishment and whether
they had any experience. Those selected were then invited to
attend the evening punishment session where it was arranged that
heavy thrashings would be required.

This initial exposure ruled out those of a squeamish disposition
and the ones that were left were subjected to intensive
interviews to determine their attitudes to infliction of
corporal type punishments on both male and female prisoners.

The ones that were found suitable then had to pass a simple test
where they were handed firstly a piece of paper detailing the
complaint that had been raised on a prisoner, then a second that
ordered a punishment with a medium weight strap and finally
taken to a punishment room where a nervous male or female was
awaiting sentence. Here they were expected to lay on one of the
straps with sufficient enthusiasm that the staff would be
inclined to offer them the post.

Needless to say, the opinions of the prisoner were not called

A period of probation was then served where the ladies dressed
as wardress volunteers carrying out routine administration. They
would then be given a list of various punishments that they
would carry out to the satisfaction of a full time wardress
before being fully signed off to lay on the punishments to the
visiting prisoners.

The volunteers came from all sections of the community and in
all shapes and sizes. The one uniting feature was that once they
had changed from their day clothes into their uniforms they
became authorised to inflict pain and as such create real fear
in the minds of those they met in the building.

The type of implement and number of strokes was always laid down
by the full time wardress in charge so in theory the degree of
punishment was controlled. However, the nature of the females
who volunteered for such infliction ensured that there were
always ways to be found to increase both the humiliation and
actual pain that the prisoners would receive.

Once the door to the punishment room had been closed and locked
behind the volunteer lady and the hapless victim, no one would
be any the wiser if subtle techniques were employed in a
sadistic way that greatly added to the distress that the
punishment was originally designed to impose.

All this information was, as yet, only a distant rumour to many
prisoners in the community such as Lang. She had presented
herself for inspection as ordered following her twelve slaps
with the paddle by Miss Sophie. She had to face away from her
male owner and ex-husband, stand with feet apart and then bend
fully over raising her skirt over her waist. The very act of
stretching the bruised flesh over her lower thighs hurt like
hell but she knew better than to offer any objections.

She heard Miss Sophie enter the room and the discouraging
clicking of the man's tongue as he looked over the punished

"You have hardly reddened her at all Sophie, you really must
learn to lay on the implement so that it really hurts. I will
have to arrange more practice for you. As we have some of the
neighbours dropping in for a drink tomorrow lunch-time, Lang
here will be serving them... so she is bound to make the odd
error that will need dealing with. As she knew some of them when
she lived here it will be a real test of her humility and
acceptance of her new status. Just make sure that you smarten
her up before they arrive... a bath would not go amiss, I can
smell her from here."

Before falling asleep Lang started the long process in oiling
the strap that was to be used for her Maintenance beatings. It
seemed heavier than she expected and was still rigid and
inflexible. She realised that she had only three days to work
any flexibility into the cruel leather before it would be
applied to her rear so she rubbed the oil in as much as she
could before returning the strap to the hook over her bed where
it was an ever present reminder of what was to come.

Following a restless night in her cell-like room, Lang did
indeed get her first bath as promised. She had served early
morning tea in bed to the couple and was told to wait outside
the adjoining toilet to await the convenience of Miss Sophie.
The young female eventually put her head out of the bathroom and
called Lang in. She was told that she could use the un-flushed
toilet and then take a bath in the soapy cooling bath-water left
by her owner.

The relief that Lang felt as she used the toilet was immense and
the chance of getting herself clean overcame any inhibitions she
had about using another female's dirty water. By the time she
had dressed again in the stale panties, old bra and her dowdy
servant clothes she felt almost human.

Having gone downstairs she was given her orders to prepare for
the arrival of the guests and even told who they would include.
There would be just three female neighbours and one single lady.
Those that had husbands would be consigning them to a day of
golf along with Sophie's husband. Not surprisingly Lang had
known one of them in her previous life in the house. She had
always struck her as rather arrogant and unkind and she knew
instinctively that she would relish seeing her obliged to grovel
to please her.

She was the first to arrive. When Lang responded to the door
bell and opened it to greet her with a curtsy, she had a grin
wider than her face at Lang's appearance. She quickly showed her
through into the large conservatory where the drinks were being

The next lady was around forty years old, somewhat overbearing,
tall and dressed in a business suit covering her voluptuous
figure. From the way she stared at Lang she knew that the woman
spelt trouble for her, given half a chance.

She didn't recognise the next lady either but then a woman
arrived with a man she recognised as having been in the same
Correctional Centre for a while. She was tall and slim in her
mid forties and wearing a leather skirt with a white blouse. She
made no attempt to offer any greeting but simply brushed past
Lang as she curtsied respectfully. The male had dutifully
followed the lady at a distance and parted company as she
entered the front door to make his own entrance via the rear of
the house.

With the help of the other prisoner-servant Lang served the
canapes and drinks as quickly as she could in the hope of
avoiding trouble. As she turned around, having picked up a full
tray of drinks, she collided with the neighbour from hell who
had carefully positioned herself on her blind side to cause such
a collision.

The room fell silent.

She rushed to clean up the mess assisted by the male prisoner
and as she was dumping the broken glasses in the trash heard the
voice of her owner ordering her back into the conservatory.

Lang arrived to find the guests sitting around the edge of the
room and scarcely able to keep the smirks off their faces. It
seems that they had been promised a display of how to deal with
prisoner servants along with their invitation, and now she had
provided the excuse.

She was ordered to stand in the centre of the room. Miss Sophie
stepped forward and gave her a stinging slap across the face.
She then turned to the guests:

"I can but apologise for this error. These prisoner servants
were supposed to have been trained before their release to the
community but it seems that Lang here has chosen to disregard
both her training and my reputation as a hostess. Clearly some
form of punishment is required and I believe that it will be
fitting if you all decide what it is to be."

The well built lady in the business suit asked if she had been
punished recently as in her view that might have kept her on her
toes. Sophie simply ordered Lang to turn her back on the guests,
spread her legs and touch her toes. She then reached over and
casually flipped her skirt over her back to reveal her bunched
up panties and the well bruised plump buttocks and thighs.

The woman with the male servant commented that she certainly
kept her man in a more tender and receptive state so that he was
in constant fear of having to take more punishment.

Such was the murmured interest shown by the other guests that
she called him in from the kitchen. His glance took in Lang's
exposed humiliation and he soon found himself in the same
position next to her with his trousers and pants down to his

His buttocks and especially the back of his thighs were
certainly more bruised than Lang's and the newness of the
bruising indicated a recent topping up. One by one the guests
moved forward to run their fingers over the exposed flesh on
both servants.

The business suited lady reached between his legs and pulled his
dangling scrotum back between his thighs asking if his owner
felt that punishments in that area were appropriate in the
domestic environment. She was assured that should there be any
sexual inappropriateness on his behalf she would certainly
consider a genital punishment and he was due to receive one that
night along with his maintenance beating for displaying an
erection earlier in the day.

"That would be fascinating," remarked the heavily breasted
female. "Would it be possible to bring the event forward so that
we could all watch? I'm thinking of getting one of these
prisoners myself and seeing how they should be disciplined would
be most instructive."

The male's owner looked enquiringly at the host, Sophie, who
smiled her agreement immediately, offering to lend any equipment
that might be required if the boy's own implements were not
close by.

Lang was despatched to collect the items the owner needed. They
included her own punishment strap from beside her bed and a
collection of implements from the punishment room. Following a
whispered conversation between the owner and Miss Sophie, the
latter left the room to collect a couple of items from the

When everything had been assembled the boy's owner introduced
herself as Amanda and started what would turn out to be a master
class in domestic discipline for male and female servants.

Lang was told to adjust her dress and wait behind the guests who
all sat in a wide padded sofa. The male, just referred to as
"boy" was ordered to fully strip and stand rigidly at the
present in front of them. He was around thirty, nearly six feet
in height, well built with moderate body hair and short dark
hair. He was very, very, nervous.

Amanda explained how this would be a demonstration of the
regular Maintenance beating but would also include his weekly
inspection and a dose of genital discipline. Before she even
looked at the male she reached down and picked up his white
cotton briefs turning them inside out.

"I firmly believe in carrying out unannounced inspections of
underwear as well as regular ones such as this. I am looking for
any signs... any signs... of penile activity that might indicate
unauthorised self-abuse or even stains from a period in
erection." She then held the garment out to the ladies. "I'm
afraid that such signs are present as you can see."

She pointed out the slightest spot of discolouration in the
crotch area.

"This will be dealt with in a while. For now, he is well aware
that evidence has been found and that a price for this
tumescence will have to be paid. I like to start by emphasising
my authority so I need to change his position slightly."

From the look on his face he knew what was coming as, following
instructions he took his hands from on his head and placed them
behind his back with the fingers gripping his opposite arm near
his elbow. Standing back she then raised her right hand and
brought it rapidly down across his face. Before he could even
react, the same hand came back across his other cheek leaving
both reddened. A barely discernable "Thank you Ma'am" came from
the victim.

"It seems a shame to have Wendell here in front of witnesses
without them contributing in some way," Amanda remarked looking
at the well-built lady.

She immediately stood up with a broad smile, announced herself
as Louise Maxton, and said that she would be delighted to help
out. Following Amanda's advice she removed a large ring from one
hand leaving just plain gold rings that she had been told would
not cause any undue damage. Wearing high heels, she was as tall
as the servant as she stood in front of him. She had a certain
presence that encouraged him to brace hard without any further

The right hand was raised behind Mrs Maxton's head and brought
down and round with a force that surprised everyone in the room,
particularly the prisoner who was nearly knocked off his feet.
As she raised her left hand he instinctively closed his eyes
just before the hand hit his right cheek even harder. It left
him shaking with either shock or fear and forgetting to offer
his gratitude.

This error was immediately jumped on by Amanda.

"I'm sorry Mrs Maxton, but as the wretch has forgotten to thank
you for your efforts, I will have to ask you to repeat the

Louise couldn't believe her luck. The afternoon was exceeding
her wildest expectations. She removed her business jacket
revealing a long sleeved white blouse. What had appeared to be a
large frame shrunk as her waist firmly contained in the skirt
was revealed. She was certainly wide around her hips but it was
her thrusting chest that everyone noticed even under the blouse.
Adding to the delay she then slowly rolled up both sleeves to
indicate that she meant business.

She was much slower this time in taking aim. She really hit hard
on the left cheek knocking his head to the side then slowly
positioned herself to use her other hand all the while fixing
him in her stare. This too seemed harder than the earlier one
and he could hardly wait to stutter "T-t-thank you Ma'am!" with
some enthusiasm.

"Not a good start Wendell. Your lack of respect for Mrs Maxton
has placed me in a very embarrassing position, so don't expect
any sympathy from me if you find this little session unpleasant.
You will now kneel down in front of these ladies and apologise
for your behaviour by kissing each of their feet and stating
that you are indeed sorry."

He started at the feet of Mrs Maxton who slowly uncrossed her
legs placing her high heeled shoes on the carpet a little
distance apart. Her tight skirt was above her knees and as
Wendell changed from giving her right shoe a deferential kiss
his eyes passed just below her slightly parted knees. He duly
said "I apologise Madam for my lack of respect to you." ...and
then kissed her left shoe tip.

Next to her was Sophie wearing a loose cotton skirt. A she
uncrossed her legs she deliberately planted her shoes over a
foot apart. Wendell kissed her right foot, went to look up at
her face to apologise, but stupidly was unable to control
himself and looked up the skirt for a split second. Sophie
pretended not to notice. Instead she waited until he had
apologised to the other two females then stood up and blew her

"Amanda! I am amazed and disgusted at your servant's behaviour.
He deliberately looked up my skirt at my most intimate underwear
whilst he was supposedly apologising. Just look at his wretched
penis, he is even having an erection and displaying a total lack
of respect for every one of us."

The other three women joined in the condemnation revelling in
the look of terror that the boy now displayed along with the
hardening appendage. It was only the briefest of glances with
each lady... but as they had complained and he had erected, it
would have to be dealt with. He was soon at the attention
standing in front of them awaiting his fate.

His owner was fuming. "I can but apologise ladies for this
display. I do have a way of dealing with the inappropriate
tumescence that is usually effective. He seems to hate having it
done but I don't see any other alternative than for us each to
apply that particular discipline to him, if you are all in

She moved a large square leather footrest into the centre of the
room and ordered the male to stand over it with a foot either
side. He could only achieve this by taking up a semi-squatting
position with his thighs well apart and his scrotum dangling and
accessible. Placing his hands on the floor made his position
even more vulnerable but ideally placed for what his owner had
in mind.

"I suggest that we each administer a slap to the rear of his
genitals. I find that this really gets through to him and tests
his acceptance of my authority in remaining still and accepting
the inevitable discomfort. As he will be receiving five such
slaps today it should be a most beneficial experience. Perhaps
if we allow... say... two minutes recovery between each
application... he will have time to recover and think about his
errors before the next one. I will go first to demonstrate."

She knelt next to his left foot, supported herself by gripping
his left thigh with her free hand and then gently stroked his
scrotum with her other fingers. Flattening her right hand she
brought it back to a few inches behind the target then with a
sudden movement, slapped the rear of the exposed and hanging
genitals. A grunt of pain came from the male as his knees flexed
and body shuddered. He knew that he was required to remain in
position and somehow managed it.

"It's the subsequent slaps that really have the required effect
ladies. Right now he is suffering a dull ache that extends up
into his stomach but he knows that more is still to come and
that he has no choice but to accept the pain."

Mrs Maxton was next. Having positioned herself on her knees she
reached between his legs and gently grasped his penis,
commenting upon how the treatment was already "doing him good"
as his "stiffy" was fast disappearing. She then firmly grasped
his testicles to remind him of what was coming. When she was
given the nod by Amanda she let go, moved her fingers back and
then slapped the dangling bulbs with an audible sound.

This time his knees really buckled and he would have collapsed
on the stool in the hope of protecting his testes, but Mrs
Maxton re-took them in an even firmer grip and warned him to get
back in position.

Sophie stood up and moved towards him. "I suppose that we should
help him absorb the pain by letting him know what will happen if
he tries to avoid our slaps." She said with a smirk. "How about
six strokes with a cane from each of us if he breaks position?"

This was agreed by all the ladies.

Having gently lifted and lowered the sagging scrotum a few times
Sophie gave it the sharpest slap thus far, causing the genitals
to fly forward until restrained by their own limits of

Wendell could not believe that this was happening to him. He was
shaking all over and a cold sweat had broken out all over his
naked body. He knew that he simply must accept the slaps no
matter how much the pain increased each time.

Mercifully the last two ladies seemed, by comparison, almost
gentle with the slaps and he was soon back at the 'present' in
front of them. Despite his odd error they were more than
impressed by the way he was receptive to their authority and
knew that it was necessary to accept whatever they dished out.

Amanda admitted that she had found what she thought was the
ideal way of keeping the male in permanent fear. She simply used
the facility of sending him to the Local Correction centre at
frequent intervals for what she termed "Remedial" punishments.
Experience had taught her that despite her frequent efforts to
beat some sense and obedience into him, a regular dose of what
she thought of as professional discipline applied in formal
conditions by an experienced lady disciplinarian really brought
him up to a decent standard of servility and respect.

The ladies took an immediate interest in hearing about this
facility and asked her to explain:

All she had to do when she felt that a little extra discipline
was needed was to type in her complaint on the "Local" website
and await an appointment being sent back. She would then let
Wendell know, and the more notice he had, usually 36 hours or
so, the greater the time to build up his stress level.

He would shower and present himself for a naked inspection,
desperately trying to think what offence he had committed and
therefore how severe his punishment would be. Amanda in turn
would check his body for cleanliness but give no hint as to what
had displeased her.

Fully dressed and with his red ID card prominently displayed he
started the long journey by 'bus to the centre. He meticulously
followed the rules for prisoners travelling in public. As well
as keeping his ID clearly visible he stood for the whole journey
even with seats empty all around him. He knew that any member of
the public could take offence, either real or imagined and
having noted the number on the ID, report him to the authorities
who took a dim view of any such complaints.

The word had certainly got out about what happened at the end of
that particular 'bus route for anyone with a red ID card and he
received several grins from other passengers who knew full well
that he could only be on his way for a punishment of some kind.

In some ways his first visit caused him less fear and
apprehension than the subsequent ones. Ignorance was indeed, in
that context, relative bliss. The procedure to be followed had
been printed out by his owner and memorised by himself the night
before. He marched smartly up to the raised main reception desk
where he was obliged to look up to a large black lady dressed in
her wardress uniform. She was in charge of the whole centre and
regularly took the reception position to meet all the day's

Standing to attention he announced his name, remembering to add
the title "Madam" at the end.

Chief Wardress Rathbone stared down impassively at him before
checking her computer screen. She was tall with a firm body
albeit larger than average. She had been a semi-professional
athlete in her day specialising in weights and shot put and
retained that air of strength from continuing use of the gym.
Her hair was swept back in a formal bun that added to the
appearance of a formidable woman who was not to be trifled with.

"Good Morning... 'Mister'... Wendell", she said with a sarcastic
tone. "You know the procedure I trust. First, change into your
punishment clothes, then take a seat in the holding area and you
will be collected when my staff are ready for you."

He went in to the changing room and was given the standard white
vest with a number in large black letters on both the front and
the back, thin shorts and sandals all of which were designed to
make life simpler for the staff and even more humiliating for
the prisoners. He could well imagine that the females, obliged
to wear just a thin un-supporting vest and small tight panties,
felt even more vulnerable.

Having stripped completely he donned the items and following the
orders of the young wardress drank a pint of water that she
poured "To keep him properly hydrated" then marched over to the
entrance to a large well lit room from which the door had been
removed. In it, sitting at a desk with a computer terminal was
one of the junior volunteer officers aged around 18 years. She
nodded at Wendell and pointed to one of the rows of low wooden
benches on which sat other prisoners awaiting the convenience of
a staff member.

The benches were arranged in a row one side of the room for
males, with the other row facing them for females. There were
three males and four females all with the combined look of dread
and inevitability on their faces. One of the females, a 25 year
old slim blonde had clearly already visited one of the
punishment cells and sat sobbing and sniffing into a paper

The benches themselves were designed to add to the ordeal.
Instead of a flat surface they had half inch metal ridges
running from the front to the rear every two inches. No attempt
had been made to smooth off the edges. A one inch raised ridge
indicated where their anal cleft was to be positioned.

Given that most punishments were inflicted across the victim's
seat, these ridges were designed to press across the stripes
greatly adding to the discomfort. Prior to any punishment they
were just uncomfortable, especially if any other beatings had
been laid on in the preceding days. Following a recent thrashing
however, they would be agonising.

Additionally, the benches were low to the floor causing the
prisoners knees to be much higher than their hips. This had the
effect of forcing more of their body weight on to their
throbbing buttocks and tightening the skin in the area. With the
females being required to sit with knees wide apart, this caused
them to display their pantied crotch even more blatantly than

To increase the fear and anticipation the system denied the
victims any idea of what they were about to receive and they
were kept waiting for an inordinate time. Additionally, each one
of them returning to the holding cell having been dealt with was
required to stand in front of the group and state what they had
just received before taking their seats.

Just as Wendell had found a moderately comfortable position a
plump forty year old female marched in. Her face was flushed and
tear stained but she managed to compose herself and announced
her name adding: "My punishment was 12 strokes of the strap
across my naked buttocks and thighs," before taking her seat
with some exclamations of distress, with her knee high position
fully revealing the red band marks on the back of her upper

Nothing happened for many long minutes. Around the walls were
several notices designed to put the prisoners' nerves even more
on edge: "No protests of any sort accepted" and next to it "Any
prisoner making any complaint or criticism shall be liable to
additional punishment at the discretion of any staff member."

One notice stated "Prisoners are advised to relieve themselves
before each punishment. Those wishing to do so should ask a
staff member for permission." In itself this caused them to feel
discomfort and the need to use a toilet. There was one supplied
at the far end of the waiting area in full view of everyone and
it wasn't long before a tall extremely slim female prisoner
stood up and marched to a position in front of the staff desk.
She executed a curtsy to the young girl and, with a blush, asked
for permission to relieve herself.

The girl, clearly one of the new group of volunteers, glanced at
her VDU then looked up at the prisoner:

"No! Come back in fifteen minutes and ask again girl!" the staff
female snapped.

Having checked her VDU she knew that the girl would be collected
for punishment in less than fifteen minutes and that sending
prisoners to the punishment cells with a full bladder could only
add to the amusement of her colleagues giving them more scope
than ever for further humiliations and pain infliction.

A thirty something female in Nurses uniform appeared at the open
door and called out Wendell's number. Covering his surprise that
he was to get it over with so early he leapt to attention and
snapped out a smart "Ma'am" in response. He soon found himself
following the nurse, not downstairs to the punishment cells but
up a long flight of steps. She opened a door labelled "Clinical
Milking Room" and walked inside followed by Wendell.

The room had white walls ceiling and floor with large windows. A
strong smell of antiseptic hung in the air and around the walls
were various stands, boards and furniture designed to hold
prisoners who were receiving the medical attentions of a staff

Wendell could only assume that he was to receive a medical
examination and was somewhat shaken when he was told that his
owner had requested that he be milked before he was punished on
the basis that he was due for a regular milking and also that
she felt a thorough milking before he was punished would help
concentrate his mind. He knew only too well that the policy of
making the "extraction" as unpleasant as possible would be fully
followed in this room and the thought of that and the ill-
treatment to come made him more than nervous.

Just then there was a knock at the door and in walked two young
females dressed in street clothes rather than a uniform of some
sort. With a snigger the taller of the two with long fair hair
in a pony tail wearing a tight business skirt and blue blouse
announced to the Nurse that Chief Wardress Rathbone had said
that as they were in the building as part of a work experience
scheme, they could watch the procedure and then witness the
subsequent punishment of the male. The younger, shorter girl in
glasses with long dark hair wearing a thin shirt top and a short
denim skirt nodded enthusiastically in agreement.

The Nurse asked if this was their first visit and they both
nodded adding that they had been looking forward to it for days
as they eventually hoped that it would lead to a part time job
as a disciplinarian in the Local.

Shrugging, the Nurse said that it would not be a pleasant sight
to watch, but they would have to learn sooner or later how the
males were dealt with and the sooner they both got started the

She then turned to Wendell and ordered him to remove his vest
shorts and sandals then assume the 'present' position in the
middle of the room.

He glanced nervously at the two girls, then removed and
carefully placed the items on the floor then braced himself into
the 'present'.

"This is a good position for him to hold to start your training
ladies," remarked the Nurse. "This ensures that he is fully
exposed and you have complete access to any part of his body for
an inspection. He is also required to maintain that position
even though you may be a little harsh in your examination."

Despite his best efforts at self control, Wendell felt his penis
start to erect as a result of the humiliation of being so
exposed to the three women. One of the girls noticed it first
and with an exclamation of disgust, pointed it out to the nurse.

"Mmmm... well... you must expect a fairly frequent loss of
control such as this when dealing with male prisoners. I could
have him punished on the basis of insolence but as we are here
to milk him I will overlook it this one time. Have you both
handled a male's genitalia before?"

The elder of the two nodded that she had and she was chosen to
start, but this was clearly to be a first for the other girl.
First she was told to feel the nipples to see how they responded
and how they were almost as sensitive to pressure as were the
female variety. She was told that when a male was up for a
Genital Punishment these were a useful point of pain infliction
as well as the "lower" bits.

Following the nurse's suggestion to give them a good squeeze she
did just that resulting in a grunt and twitch from the male. As
she released them the younger girl needed no encouragement and
went straight in with her long nails which caught Wendell by
surprise. As she dug the nails into his now pronounced teats he
almost doubled up in pain but even as he lowered his arms to
relieve the tightness of his nipples that she gripped so
tenaciously, a sharp "Keep still Boy" from the nurse made him
stand back to the 'present' despite the continuing pain from her

When she did finally release his nipples it was not only Wendell
who realised that the girl was unusually sadistic.

The nurse handed out latex gloves and all three pulled them on
to their hands with loud clicks as they released the elasticised
cuffs around their wrists. She grasped the penis and started her

"Start by uncovering the end if the male is uncircumcised and
checking the area for general cleanliness especially around the
rear of the glans whilst holding the foreskin hard back. Rubbing
one finger tip firmly around the ridge should reveal any
deposits or you can use something like a wooden toothpick
instead. Do lift the penis up so that the underside is fully
exposed. Then move down to the scrotum, bearing in mind that it
is impossible to thoroughly examine this area without some
discomfort for the subject, but Wendell here knows better than
to complain or try to impede your efforts. Feel the shape and
condition of each testicle between your fingers and also the
other contents of the scrotum until you are satisfied that there
is nothing untoward. Don't worry about knowing what is normal
and what is not, if you are selected to work here you will have
to handle several males every day and will soon learn to
recognise any problems."

These inspections were universally hated by all the male
prisoners. Having to stand, naked and fully exposed whilst any
of the female staff, or in this case two young girls who had
walked in off the street to satisfy their curiosity, groped
squeezed and pulled your most private parts was bad enough. But
the pain and discomfort that they always seem to cause in the
pursuit of being "thorough" always made it worse. These two
"trainees" proved to be no exception to that rule.

The taller girl went first. She was certainly firm, especially
running her finger round the glans but at least she went easy on
the contents of his scrotum. Not so the younger dark haired
female. Despite her claimed lack of experience she managed to
have him gritting his teeth from her first grip of his penis.
Somehow she managed to force his foreskin so hard back that it
hurt, especially when she used her other hand to scrape around
the base of his glans with a sharp nail that she had cleverly
forced through the thin latex of her glove.

She then knelt on the floor in front of the male so that her
eyes were almost on a level with his genitalia. She reached
forward and soon had a testicle gripped firmly between the
fingers and thumbs of each hand. She rolled the sensitive bulbs
around as if handling fruit in a market then suddenly utilised
the protruding nail to jab the right testicle causing him to
gasp and bend forward.

She looked over at the Nurse and smiled as Wendell was shouted
at by her to remain in position. He was relieved when she
reduced the pressure and started to feel all around the dangling
sack exploring the internal connections that reached up into his
body. With a final squeeze of both testes she stood up and moved

"Well ladies," the nurse continued, "the next part of the
examination is pretty revolting but entirely necessary."

She went on to explain the location and function of the male
prostate and soon had their subject kneeling on a bench with his
head well down and facing away from them. The nurse then ordered
his knees to be spread and back arched to present his anal cleft
as much as possible. She supplied some lubricant for the two
females to spread liberally on the fingers of their right hand,
the younger girl having sensibly changed her glove for one that
was intact.

It didn't take long. Wendell knew better than to clench or
resist in any way and was relieved that the cream they had used
didn't contain any substance that would irritate his delicate
membranes, as it so often did during anal examinations. They
both pressed and rubbed against his prostate with two fingers
firmly and uncomfortably inserted as deeply as they could into
his rectum. Both were removed with a loud plopping sound and he
was told to stand back at the 'present'.

"We will now attend to the milking. Remember, this has to result
in an ejaculation but we are required to make the whole process
as unpleasant as possible so that it will not be looked forward
to with anything but apprehension in the future. There are a
variety of ways he can be presented for our convenience and as I
normally insist on trying for three spurts from each male, we
can try one each. The first position will be at the 'present' as
he is now. If you would both care to change your gloves for
these heavy duty rubber ones you will notice that they are
heavily ridged to enable you to get a proper grip."

Having determined that one was left handed and the other right,
she soon had a girl seated at right angles either side with
their parted upper thighs gripping him just above the knees. The
young one was instructed to hold the dangling scrotum to stop
any bouncing whilst the other lubricated her right hand,
snatched his foreskin fully back and started to pump the shaft
up and down.

Once a rhythm had been established and the male started to make
small movements of his pelvis in response, the nurse stopped the
girl and handed her a small tin containing a white crystalline
substance. Following the nurses instructions she applied a
liberal amount of what she realised was crystals of rock salt
then resumed pumping but at a greatly increased speed.

The male's reaction was instantaneous. From experiencing a
pleasurable sensation from the small gloved hand the crystals
were now being dragged along the shaft and back scratching at
the retracted foreskin and throbbing glans. The pace was
increased to maximum and the grip on his legs increased.

Despite the stinging pain, the massage of the shaft was still
stimulating and he suddenly felt the surges of an ejaculation,
an ejaculation that he couldn't stop even if he wanted to.
With more pain than pleasure he spurted into a glass jar that
the nurse had suddenly produced and held just clear of his
penile tip.

"That, ladies, was not the most satisfying experience that this
male has ever had, but believe me, the next two will be far
worse. His penis is already a little sore but we will make it
even more tender in this next position."

She soon had him back in the position he had held for the
prostate examination. This time his rapidly re-erecting and
reddened penis was hanging down between his legs. The younger
girl with dark hair was given the task of extracting more

On the nurses advice she sat behind him and reached up to grasp
the penis from between his thighs. She played gently with the
penis to ensure that the male started to enjoy the experience.
In no time she was pumping with her small hand encircling the
shaft and rubbing up and down from the tip almost to the base.

She took her time and stopped frequently for the nurse to judge
his readiness. Eventually the nurse gave her some cream to
spread liberally on her hand before she started to rapidly pump

The cream contained some sort of chilly extract.

The burning cream was rubbed hard into the sensitive tissue and
combined with the eroticism of what was happening the male, with
a strangled moan, ejaculated into the nurses waiting jar.

"When a male is here for a routine milking I normally only allow
one ejaculation," said the nurse. "In this case the object is to
remove even the slightest sexual thrill that he might have from
being punished so I do my best to drain them as much as
possible. There is no guarantee that this boy will provide a
third sample but we will do our best. In case he has any
thoughts about holding off and not co-operating we will let him
know right now that such behaviour will be punished. By now he
may well be sore and very tender in that area but there are still
a few tricks that we can employ."

For the third milking the nurse elected to have him securely
strapped down on his back to a table with his legs spread and
securely strapped to two arms that came out of the end of the
table. This left his genitals hanging free.

The elder girl was detailed to sit between the spread legs giving
her hands full access to his now sensitive parts. The other was told
to stand at his head which was just below waist high to her. For
some time the seated girl gave him gentle massage to his shaft and
glans until it started to harden. The state of his penis caused him to
complain with deep groans, even though the overall effect was erotic
to him.

The rate of pumping was increased and despite the pain, Wendell
found himself responding and he tried to lift his head to look at his
masturbatrix. At this point the nurse nodded to the younger girl, who,
blushing deeply lifted herself up so that the males gasping face was
trapped under her short skirt. He now found himself staring up at her
panty clad crotch just before the daylight was extinguished and his
nose and mouth were almost totally covered by the thin material.

At this point the other girl slowed down to take some proffered
lubricant from the nurse, then went back to pumping with renewed
energy and speed. It was more of the chilly based cream and the pain
level for his stretched and retracted foreskin and glans went off the
scale. With a loud scream into the panty face mask he felt the surge
of the orgasm and the ensuing wave of shame that his self control
had been completely taken away from him by these young girls.

When released he was ordered back to the 'present' as the now
giggling females took their leave with several backward glances at
the male they had so effectively humiliated. When the paper-work
had been completed the nurse ordered him to dress and proceed

It was a very subdued male who found himself back in the waiting
room. His penis throbbed and felt completely raw but at least he
realised that a compromising erection was beyond his
capabilities for some time.

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