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Re: C: electric with anticipation of being zapped
Date: 27 Apr 2011 15:22:39 -0000
From: Hunter

subby hubby m wrote:

>i have been fitted with a electronic dog trainer
>strapped to my balls

What brand and model of shock collar do you use?

How long have you had it?

Is it holding up to your usage?


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C: subservient sissy maid
Date: 12 Mar 2011 19:53:00 -0000
From: maid sylvie

Re: Mistress and her maid

Hi, I am a subservient sissy that loves serving the stronger
alpha Female. For me there is no greater joy than waking up in
the morning and to get out of my baby doll nightie and get
dressed. My usual attire is a pretty house dress, stockings with
garters, a bra and red lipstick with blue eye shadow. I fix
Mistress breakfast and see her out the door and I begin my day
of duties as a maid. I love it.

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Re: C: Riding a safer wooden pony?
Date: 15 Feb 2011 13:19:42 -0000
From: Tom Williamson

Danielle wrote:

>stand on his tip toes and cuff his hands behind his back. I
>tape a raw egg under each heel and have him stand holding a
>pair of my panties with his nose against the wall

Just replying quickly to say how much I love Danielle's approach -
simple but wickedly effective.

I find myself pitying her sub his perhaps long hours of
torment... but strangely jealous of him at the same time.



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Re: C: humiliating to him - sexy for me
Date: 10 Feb 2011 11:49:48 -0000
From: rfrub

David wrote:

>"The Dildo Gag, also known as a Dildo Hood or Penis Gag"
>-snip- "Anyone else care to recount some experiences of the
>dildo gag"

We have had one of these toys for some years now and its use has
had a profound effect on me. Years ago and I would never have
dreamt of wearing one. But a long relationship as my Mistress's
toy has trained me to understand and appreciate many things I
once found strange.

I love the dildo gag. Ours is not built into a hood although
sometimes it is worn with an open mouth hood. It is quite a
large organ with a smaller stubbier penile gag to fill my mouth.
I find it both intensely humiliating and very exciting to be
used by Her in this manner.

The strangest thing is just how much sensation it produces. Yes,
it must be "in the mind" but when it is used, it is as if I have
become a double headed dildo. I feel so much inside my head, not
just the firmness of her thighs around my head, that familiar
squashing sensation but somehow it is as if sensation is
translated down the outer shaft and into the mouth element.

That's beyond rational explanation I suspect but it is how I
experience this. Which means it is very profound, it is as if
its use has turned me into all cock.

The result is one of my strongest fantasies, that of two women
enjoying afternoon tea together knelt over me, backs straight
up, having swallowed up both my heads first.

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Re: C: humiliating to him - sexy for me
Date: 24 Feb 2011 23:41:07 -0000
From: Susan

I was considering pat/gwmp's comment about his wife not wanting
to be involved. Whilst this may be because of the way he
introduced it to her there are ways that it could be made more
attractive to her. It seems to me that for most people, both Dom
and sub the pleasure is increased if the orgasm is delayed.

So if pat/gwmp's wife wanted to increase her husband's pleasure
she could simply say that in order for him to enjoy his orgasm
more he should not cum for however long she chooses. If she says
this while they are having sex (however she may want to term it)
then she can say it with the best will in the world as a method
of increasing his pleasure and he can see it as a cruel Mistress
who is deliberately delaying his pleasure. The only thing is she
must not go into an explanation that she is only doing it for
his pleasure.

On those same lines, I used to tell my partner he could
masturbate in front of me but he had to ask permission before he
came. Most times he had to beg for a while before I allowed him
to cum (and always with the penalty of having to lick his cum
off a plate and he had to agree to the penalty before he came -
and he always did).

However on some occasions I allowed him to beg for some time
before I told him I was bored with the game and he was to stop
playing with his little weenie and to go and make me a drink as
I had lost interest. Oh the delight in seeing his little sad
face as he took his hands off his little weenie and went off to
make a cup of tea. And yes, I did have a big smile on my face
knowing that he had begged beautifully and I had enjoyed
depriving him.

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Re: C: humiliating to him - sexy for me
Date: 1 Mar 2011 12:28:24 -0000
From: pussikat steve

I would like to add to the comments above concerning humiliation
and the dildo gag. When I was with my Mistress, this never arose
because She was not interested in penetration but I can imagine
that it must be the most humiliating activity a sub can
experience. To have the gag strapped onto his head with the gag
part in his mouth and the large dildo sticking out must make him
look so ridiculous.

I imagine him kneeling with hands shackled behind him while She
stands in front and over him almost straddling his face. She
takes the head of the dildo into her and starts to push herself
onto him while grasping his hair. She 'face-fucks' him like this
until She has her satisfaction.

What must it be like for him? Watching at very close range as
the device slides in and out of that wonderful place where he is
denied entry; he can only watch as She uses him and enjoys
herself while all the time his silly little weenie is hanging
there completely redundant and unwanted.

He can see and smell the wonderful nectar that emanates from
that place where he wants to go but he cannot even lick it. The
dildo is 'enjoying' itself, the Mistress is enjoying herself but
he is just there to be used. Exquisite.

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Re: C: nuked returns to dating
From: "Darryl Ducharme" nuked_potatoes
Date: Mon, 21 Feb 2011 21:36:22 -0700


i miss everything. sorry not to post lately..... all involved
now... it's nice to read i am not so different... good fortune
to all

i feel so stuck right at the moment - for example how can you
love someone so so much but then love someone new? after they
tell you no no no it is really difficult

what to do...

nuked potatoes

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C: nuked begins a new relationship
From: "Darryl Ducharme" nuked_potatoes
Date: Mon, 27 Apr 2011 22:41:00 -0600

Hello all,

You may remember me from the past. I begin a new relationship.
Marjan has moved on. Very devastating for me... and after two
years of losing her, someone told me in a round about way i was
a stalking type guy.... when i realized this i stopped all
communication.... my love was very deep...

Then i met Mistress Mary a very beautiful woman. It was by
accident also online, but we live in the same city not an ocean
apart. She told me she was a sex addict and we were both raised
catholic.... and as it worked out i took her and her daughter
and grandson who i really love (the grandson) out to dinner, to
meet and say hello.

After a few months have gone by and i work often away out of
town, she kept me coming to her house. I have much to do at my
place but i wanted to see her more.. it's 5 months like this
now, and we play on internet but she does not know so well. And
lately, while i am away to work, we talk about a Mistress slave
relationship..... Well i did anyway...

She was SOOOOO HOT for this i could not believe, and she is
insecure about it... We are both in our fifties. I love her
grandson and her daughter.... Her daughter just adores me. Her
son just hooked up with me like magic and me him.... love the
little guy, i really do...

i am a little afraid the list died so i post.... i have been
working so much i forget the important things.

Thank You Ms Christine and david
loyal reader nuked_potatoes

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Re: C: all alone here
From: fem fan
Date: Fri, 20 May 2011 10:20:13 +0000

Christine and David wrote:

>don't all passively read what is sent out, but instead start to
>join in as well at -snip- so that we will grow to be even more
>useful to you all in the next fifteen years.

Hello to all,

I am writing as I noticed that there have been little or no
digests in the past few months, and having emailed Mistress
Christine it turns out that this is mainly due to the fact that
little other than stories have been posted to the DOMestic site,
which is a great reason to join, but means that the digests,
which I looked forward to, have been few and far between.

That being the case I decided to put in a little missive below,
in the hope that one, might lead to another, and we can get this
great institution back up and running as I, for one, miss it!

Humbly from his knees before his superiors


email address info

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C: Do Mistresses ever TAKE a "vanilla" male?
From: fem fan
Date: Fri, 20 May 2011 10:20:13 +0000

Hello to all,

A little about myself first, I am a mid 30's male based in the
southwest of England (M4 corridor) who has, to date, never
submitted to a dominant female (of any type) even though this
stokes an almost uncontrollable fire within me.

I subscribed to DOMestic some time ago to find out if there WERE
real dominant women out there who got their kicks from knowing
and revelling in their absolute superiority over males, or
whether this was just a crazy fantasy that was only ever met by

I have to say I was extremely happy to find that there were
definite yings to my yang out there, so I would like to thank
the readership for showing me I'm not alone.

I would also like to metaphorically bend a knee to all the true
mistresses out there - if you don't mind my saying so, you
terrify and excite me in equal measure. Given my relatively
average normal life, it is an odd thing to know that if I were
to ever meet you, your mere existence, your attitude, could turn
me into a mindless plaything while in your presence, and your
power over me would be absolute.

However, the point of this mail is to try to start a thread.
So in that vein I guess I have two main questions.

Do Mistresses ever TAKE control? and where can they be found?

Firstly, have any of the dominant women out there ever seen and
desired a "vanilla" male, and decided they wanted him, and over
the course of time used their superiority to turn this vanilla
male into their slave or plaything? Does this ever really
happen? And if so, how?

Women with this attitude, who pursue their goals with absolute
authority and power are, to me, the epitome of true dominance...
but do they exist? I realize that ultimately the exchange will
be mutual, but is the submission ever created and extracted by
the superior?

I am sure there are a lot of stories of subs requesting to be
dominated, and ending in a dominated situation, but is there a
flipside to that coin, where the female starts by requesting
power plays where she is in the ascendent and slowly, the power
shifts and develops to a point where she demands it and the
relationship changes to one of a true mistress and slave?

The second question, which I guess is a little more personal, is
how do you spot a dominant woman? Are there any telltale signs
that might tell someone that the woman they are looking at is
one who they should bow their head to? I understand that in the
gay community there are "hanky" codes - is there any such thing
in the Femdom community?

To be honest, I'd just like to meet and talk to a truly dominant
woman, know that what she talks about, what she enjoys, she
TRULY enjoys. To be able to discuss who I am openly, and know
that the woman I am talking to understands, and even enjoys what
we are discussing. A woman who knows and embraces the fact that
she is superior to males, a woman who views men she takes as
inferiors, as possessions and playthings.

To be in a situation where we both know that she has all the
power and I am not worthy of getting to my knees and cleaning
her boots with my tongue, am not worthy to offer my mouth for
her pleasure or even her convenience...

Does anybody out there know how I would find these true

Apologies for the length of the post, but hopefully you may find
something of worth in there, or something you might decide
worthy of a response.

Humbly from his knees before his superiors


email address info

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C: The Lady Who Liked To Spank In Street Clothes
Date: 10 Feb 2011 21:31:07 -0000
From: Brendan E.

Re: "Naked male clothed female"

This reminds me of the fantastic relationship I had and still
have with the "The Girl Who Spanked In Street Clothes."

A few years back, before the internet, I answered this magazine
ad: "Lady likes to spank up-turned bottoms. No charge. Spanker
wears street clothes. No sex."

It appeared in a south Florida dominant magazine. The simplicity
and uniqueness of this ad gnawed at my soul.

I called, saying, "I thrill to serve a woman who truly relishes
her dominant role."

She said I could come over at 1:00 pm. She ended with "I wear no
fetish garments and there is no sex."

Well now, my interest was really whetted. I knocked at 1:00pm on
the dot. An attractive lady of about twenty-seven greeted me
with a friendly warm smile.

"Sit down. Tell me why you seek a woman to spank you."

"I am an experienced submissive. Playing slave to a demanding
lady is my thing I serve Mistress Elizabeth on a regular basis
and others from time to time. There is no real sex, intercourse
that is, but it is certainly a sexual thrill for both of us. The
routine varies, so I never know what is coming next. I cannot
take really brutal whippings. She knows about what I can take.
She ties me now. There are always copious tears, but seldom my
'safe word'. Then its other games, humiliation, exhibition, body
worship, etcetera."

"Why does she tie you?"

"It adds so much. It brings the tingly goose bumps."

"Now, your turn," she offered.

"Connie, do you really love to spank a man?"

"Oh yes, Yes indeed. I just love it."

"What would you spank me with?"

She jumped up. "I'll show you." She returned with a ping pong
paddle, a cock whip, and a cut off leather belt. "I also use my
bare hands and my fingers. I like to pinch." Her eyes fairly

"Can you play the haughty demanding Mistress bit?"

"I have never played Mistress and slave, so far I've just been
spanking. But I think I could play a demanding Goddess role with
just a little coaching."

"How long have you been into spanking, Connie?"

"Only a couple of months. I learned my sister spanks her boy
friend, Kermit. One Saturday night after dinner she said:-

'And now for desert, just for you Kermit, I have invited Connie
to watch our game tonight.'


'Strip, strut!' she ordered.

He pranced, wonderfully naked now. It bobbed, up down and all

'Present yourself.'

He stood directly before her, cupping 'them' as if presenting a
jewelled treasure. In awe I watched. With a one-eighth inch-
thick rope she so quickly bound 'them'. They jutted in a 'bob'.
She wrapped 'it' tightly at the base, perhaps four turns,
leaving about thirty inches dangling.

'Dance and beg!' She barked. I was shocked. But what a
delightful display, 'it' grew so marvelously and so quickly. He
beseeched 'use me well dear Goddess Janice.' Agog, I stared

"Some sexual excitement too, I suppose."

"Well, well yes. I had never seen a naked man used this way. It
was not just a spanking. Barely four feet away, my eyes riveted
on his roped package, she worked him. This man that I knew so
well, in such positions, and Sister at him with ardor and

My soul came alive. Her left hand grasped, squeezed, and yanked
as the other flailed. I was invited to take a turn at him.
Kneeling low, ass high, he was a most inviting target. I
hesitated, then whopped those lovely inviting ass cheeks. Then
lower thighs. For the life of me I cannot explain it, my
adrenalin surged.

'Use both hands,' Sister exhorted.

Again I hesitated! I touched lightly then I grasped 'them',
squeezed 'them', then gripping 'it' firmly, I pulled him close.
His eyes betrayed extreme excitement. I kissed him lightly. The
whip fell. We embraced, kissing passionately. I savored every

Later we discussed it. He said my watching added so much, and
that my participation sent him soaring. I stammered, 'I don't
understand it' but I loved it all. And the kissing, Yes the

'Connie, you to ought to try the other side - the submissive

I made no comment, but gave him my best smile. He gave me a book
to read."

Her evident joy in participating in the scene with Kermit, and
the vivid descriptions started my arousal. I tried to remain
calm saying, "The 'street clothes' hooked me. Why?"

"I did not want to be thought a prostitute. I have no fetish

"How long have you been spanking?"

"A couple of months. I have had many men call and two women. I
have had much conversation. There were two no shows. You are my

"Did you offer yourself as a submissive with Joy and Kermit?"

"Yes, we did a night of it. It was good too, but I love the
power, and besides that is another story. What about it, are you

"Yes Connie, I am ready."

"Let me hear the oath you take with Mistress Elizabeth."

I Knelt...

"Connie, Goddess of my dreams, I promise to abjectly obey. I am
your abject total slave until you end this session. So help me
God! Amen!"

"I like that."

"Now I am morphed into your helpless slave. I have pledged my
sacred honor to obey. I tingle with anticipation.. The whip I
dread, but I love the fantasy of a slow painful erotic whipping
by a gleeful demanding lady."

"Um, what? What's that?"

I could tell she was excited.

"Kneel! Sit! Kiss my bare toes. Suck my left big toe. Light my
cigarette." She barked orders.

I complied quickly, down to the last detail with 'dedicated-
slave' ardor.

She sat down motioning me to stand in front. "Um, yes. You, my
gift-horse slave, are to be inspected, tested. And used as I saw
Sister demonstrate. Take off all your clothes."

Buck naked, and this mesmerizing creature staring at my
enlarging cock, I felt the surging pleasures of the true
submissive, as the 'good session' begins.

"Face away hands clasping neck."

I felt finger tips below, then lower, then the full hand clasped
'both of them' hard, then twisted.

"Now fingers to floor, straighten the knees."

The hand was not removed, I struggled to comply. It seemed 'they
both' might come loose in her hand. She was indeed learning
fast. Pain, humiliation, but what a wonderful sensation.

"Now face me" She knelt, staring, eyes only inches away from
'it'. She thumped 'it' hard. She giggled, slapping 'it' with the
back of her hand. Finger-nails dug in.

I winced.

"Be still slave."

Then slowly, ever so slowly she extracted three curly red hairs
from 'it's root.' Again the gleeful girlish giggle.

A cascade of blows befell my upthrust ass. Hair brush, paddle
and belt each seared my backside. Tears flowed, I was balling.

"Get up cry baby. Now, slave, I want to get into your head. Pour
out your soul. Your inner thoughts just now. Your special yens.
Describe the past good sessions you still savor. I have been
around the block but I am rather lacking in bdsm techniques. I
want a crash course. Be not modest, use the nitty-gritty earthy
words of uninhibited lovers."

For a full hour I complied. I thought the session about over.

"Brendan, dear slave, have you ever heard of 'Venus In Furs'"

"Sure, it's the bible - the modern genesis of this game."

"Kermit gave it to me after my first eye-witness scene with
Sister. Remember, in 'Venus' Wanda took her man to Italy, where
slavery was still legal. And there he consented to become her
legal slave. Then she whipped and humiliated him with satanical
vengeance. Didn't you just love it."

"Yes, it was pretty extreme. But I loved it all."

"And Brendan, you just pledged yourself my abject slave until I
ended the session, did you not?"

"Indeed I did, and I have loved every minute of it."

"And dear Brendan, slave, this session is not over. You will
stay with me. I need practice. Later we shall perform for Sister
and Kermit. And I yearn to display you in front of a few

After one week she ended the session.

This was the beginning of a very long friendship that continues
as I write.

Brendan E

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admin: November 2010 to February 2011 update
From: "Christine at DOMestic"
Date: Sat, 12 Mar 2011 16:23:42 -0000


I've now completed and uploaded the November 2010 to February
2011 update to the members only web site.

Supporters of DOMestic can see the latest at


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If you don't have a password you can search at least 3 months of
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You can support DOMestic and access over 400 stories at:-

Meantime enjoy the story episodes posted below....

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S: Jim's Story - part thirty-four
Date: Tue, 21 Dec 2010 21:27:25 -0500
From: randolphus

Jim's Story by randolphus
first part linked here

part thirty-four - Saturday

In the morning Sarah said: "Jim, I was so proud of you."

I didn't ask any 'tiresome' questions. I just dressed her. She
knows I lust after her all the time but she accepts it. I think
she was smiling while I was putting on her brassiere. I can't
help it.

Sarah said: "Go downstairs and make breakfast for all of us, you
know what we like and we will talk to you."

I put on some underpants, because Sarah hadn't locked me into
the penis corset and didn't allow me to get dressed. I made sure
Sarah saw me curtsy.

I cut up lots of fruit and mixed it together, and granola and
yoghurts, and poached eggs, toasted muffins and coffee. I put
plates, and silverware and bowls and cups. Everything was ready.

Kathleen was first I curtsied and fixed her coffee and took her
order for egg muffins, then Betty and then Sarah: Curtsy,
Curtsy. I was busy for five minutes then I stood.

Sarah announced that mom (Kathleen) was retiring as my
governess. My new governess was going to be Betty. Sarah
explained to me that Betty would make sure I was doing the work
and administer whatever discipline was needed. She went on that
there was no appeal to Betty's decisions concerning me, and
Sarah would arrange to be with me through Betty. So Sarah wanted
me to understand that Betty ruled my world except when she let
me be with Sarah.

Betty said: "We like you so much Jim, that we will change our
waking times in the morning so you can dress all three of us
every morning. We will try to have breakfast and dinner together
every day. At night time you will help us get undressed into
bathrobes or bed. Weekends everyone will be given a spa
treatment. You will have all your chores such as house cleaning
and laundry to do. I will make up a schedule and see to it that
you follow it. What do you think of that?"

I said: "I will work as hard as I can."

Betty said: "I will work very closely with you."

The ladies liked the breakfast.

I said: "Miss Betty, I would like to eat the leftovers and clean
the kitchen."

Betty said: "You may do that Jim."

I curtsied three times and ate up. Then I cleaned the kitchen,
since I had cleared it with Betty I did a little extra cleaning.
Then Betty came in.

Betty said: "You may not clean all day, I've made you a schedule
and you have to adhere to it."

I curtsied and said: "Yes ma'am;" I knew it was starting.

Betty said: "First you should know I brought the strap you met
last week with me."

I said: "Yes ma'am I haven't forgotten."

Betty said: "First we're going to lock you back up. Then you can
study your new schedule."

Betty said: "As a policy you will not get punished for lusting.
But if you fail to do your work you will get punished. If you
deviate from your schedule without permission you will be
severely punished, by that I mean more than the belting you got
over the chair."

I said: "Yes ma'am, thank you Miss Betty;" As bad as it sounded
I felt this lady and I could come to a working relationship.

Betty said: "It won't be easy but it won't be real hard if you
do everything I tell you exactly the way I tell you."

I said: "Yes ma'am."

I was standing and Betty was sitting in a chair. She pulled my
shorts down and fitted the device around my penis and locked it.

Betty said: "Mom and Sarah said you take care of paying bills
and making investments. I want you to take care of mine also,
but I want to be kept informed about what you're doing."

I said: "Yes ma'am: Miss Kathleen is also involved and you may
wish to involve yourself."

Betty said: "No thanks, you and mom do it. You have four to five
hours to do that, is that enough?"

I said: "Yes ma'am."

Betty said: "You will sleep in my room, possibly in my bed for
the next seven days. Sarah has agreed that I have to develop
your routine."

I said: "Yes ma'am;"

Kathleen and I reviewed our investments. Betty had given me a
folder and Kathleen and I looked at the contents. We were
surprised because Betty was very rich, she had more money than
Kathleen and Sarah and I had together. It was all in banks. As I
looked further into the folder Betty had sold companies and
property. She still owned several restaurants and a hotel worth
an unknown amount. The properties were in Las Vegas.

I recommended that we take her liquid assets and put one third
into bonds, one third into mutual funds, and one third we will
trade like we do our accounts but add a zero when we trade

Kathleen said she would do that and we started searching for
companies to buy and evaluated the companies we owned. As a
practical matter one can only do this for a few hours at a time.

I returned to Betty and told her our plans. She said she
approved and would ask Kathleen if she had questions. Betty said
this was an excellent time to do her spa treatment. While I was
removing Betty's shoes she told me that the establishment where
I had the terrible beating was one that she started and sold to
a group that had other adult sex operations.

I was joking: "Where was the sex Miss Betty?"

Betty said: "Don't be silly, all of this is about sex. Slavery
is illegal; you're a sex maniac and got yourself into this."

After I got her naked she lay on the massage table and talking
ceased. She and Sarah have beautiful bodies. And the budding
masseuse in me is finding this a special joy. Then the craziness
in me dwells on the worshipping of the lady. I live to give
massages to pretty ladies.

Betty likes to take a quick shower but I would have loved to
bathe her. She came out and I wrapped her in towels and lovingly
rubbed her all over. I think she knew she was being loved.

I filed her nails on her fingers and toes; actually they were
buffed because they were so perfect. I toyed with changing the
color, but I liked the red and I didn't have anything better.

I dressed her and she half smiled at me the whole time. I wanted
to ask what was on her mind but I wasn't on that kind of
relationship with her.

She liked the makeup I got for her (which she punished me for
getting) which I helped her put on. I saw her look at her watch.
I thought 'good: she now knows how much time it costs to take
care of a lady.'

Betty said: "That took almost an hour."

I said: "Normally it takes longer Miss Betty."

She said: "Why?"

I said: "You weren't feeling randy while I gave you the massage,
you took a quick shower instead of a nice bath, your nails were
done a few days ago, you knew what you wanted to wear and didn't
change your mind, and your make-up went right on. No adjustments
or try something else."

Betty said: "What should we budget?"

I said: "Can we say on average it would take ninety minutes, but
I would never disappoint a lady and say I have to go, so
sometimes longer, ma'am."

Betty said: "Could you do three ninety minute sessions in a

I said: "I think so, ma'am."

Betty said: "You need to understand that I will demand you
perform on the schedule I give you, and of course you know the
consequence of not pleasing us."

I said: "Yes ma'am, the problem is my lovely clientele is not
average or typical or anything like that. One day fifty minutes,
next day twice that."

Betty said: "What are we going to do?"

I said: "Schedule one hour per lady and after each schedule one
and a half hours of cleaning. If a lady takes too long, I will
report to you that the cleaning was delayed."

Betty said: "How can I allow you to have that much discretion?"

I said: "Maybe the ladies can sign a time sheet;" the answer was
she had to trust me

Betty said: "You will report to me when you have finished with
mom or Sarah. Then I'll know where you are whenever I want to."

I said: "Yes ma'am that will work."

Kathleen is my best massage subject because I've done her the
most. I remembered how sexy I used to find her while dressing
her and I would fear her accusing me of lusting. I could easily
lust for her. I put her stockings on looking straight into her
pussy. I wondered what she would do if I kissed her thighs or
started licking her pussy. I saw her smiling. She liked me to
have these thoughts.

I reported to Betty who was sitting in the dining room snacking
on something she found, since she was alone I curtsied and
started kissing her feet. She let me do that for a few minutes
and then said: "Take off my shoes and socks."

I said: "Yes ma'am;" and took off her tennis shoes and socks.
And started kissing her toes after a few minutes she said: "What
do you want to report?"

I said: "I finished Miss Kathleen, ma'am."

Betty said: "What do you want to do?"

I said: "I can collect the laundry and sort it and start the
washer, then vacuum the downstairs, and that should bring me to
Miss Sarah."

Betty said: "Put my socks and shoes back on then you may go do

I said: "Yes ma'am;" and I did not kiss one more toe or do
anything to get this lady riled.

I curtsied and visited the ladies bathrooms and as far as I was
concerned it was a panty raid; along with bras, stockings, panty
hose, a few blouses, skirts and jeans.

At times when I get turned on by touching my ladies' panties and
bras, I wonder are these ladies pushing my buttons with
exquisite skill because they love me or did I fall into their
hands and they are using me. The panty washing is an example of
this. The benefit to me is that I get aroused, the benefit to
the ladies is they 'know' I'm thinking about them. It makes me
wonder. Are they doing it for me or am I doing it for them?

While I'm scrubbing some faint stain from the crotch of a panty
I imagine the webs of restraint by which I'm bound. They may
inspect it and say I didn't clean it, or they will notice I
didn't iron a bra properly. So I am fastidious about the
underwear the clothes and every little thing. I never considered
myself a perfectionist, but I'm so under their control. And I
realize I put myself there and I'm most afraid they will put me
out. So I'm trying harder to always please.

But what's fun is finding the 'freshest' panty and sniffing it.
After I dump them into soapy water it's just work; or I may
imagine how under control I am by the ladies wearing these,

I hung them all over the dryer racks, I now have two but I will
need another.

Then I vacuumed, and learned where Sarah, Kathleen and Betty
were. I washed up and put on after shave and visited Sarah in
what was our bedroom with the massage table. I was sure to
curtsy, and I set up.

Sarah is so lovely, I asked with some trepidation: "Miss Sarah
may I use my tongue and mouth during today's massage?"

Sarah said: "Jim you know you are not allowed to come on with
propositions, please report this violation of a basic rule to
Betty and tell her I want to watch when she punishes you. Yes
you may use your mouth, but remember I have a cane if I'm not

I said: "Yes ma'am;" but I was amazed by my wife. I took extra
care giving her my best massage. At first I sucked on her toes
and that was all, but while I was massaging her thighs a pair of
hands grabbed my hair and put my tongue to work. I didn't think
she would have to use her cane.

I reported to Betty who was in her room reading, by kissing her
feet. Betty let me do that until I was getting myself hot. She
said: "What do you have to report?"

I said: "I finished Miss Sarah, but she asks that I report that
I propositioned her and it is a basic rule that I may not come
on to her or Kathleen, Miss Betty and she said she wanted to
watch while you punished me."

Betty said: "What do you have to do today?"

I have more vacuuming to do, then it will be lunch time, then
clean up from lunch, in the afternoon I have to do the toilets
and empty all the trash, normally I vacuum after that but there
is probably a mess somewhere."

Betty rearranged my work, I thought it was 'thoughtful' but it
didn't much matter because one guy working alone still has to do

Cleaning toilets and taking out trash is a slightly yucky job so
I wear gloves. Also when I do sinks and clean mirrors. Then I
washed up and made lunch for three beloved ladies (and me).

While standing at more or less attention with a towel on my
elbow I listened to the conversation. They were talking about
politics and Hilary Clinton. I was just the 'help'.

I ate the leftovers and washed the dishes and vacuumed. I
reported to Betty, who was in her room reading, and I went to
kiss her feet and she stopped me.

She said: "You are under a punishment sentence. You are adding
to your burden by forgetting the procedures. Stand at

I did. I feel awfully stupid standing at attention, in Betty's
bedroom. But I don't want to cross her. By now I shouldn't even
have these thoughts. I am a slave and they get to tell me to do
anything they want and I try to do it. I guess that makes it

Betty said: "You may move over to the corner and put your hands
on your head."

I said: "Yes ma'am."

Betty said: "No talking and no moving."

I feel the corner is only a few degrees this side of total
rejection, of course that's totally ridiculous. Why do I have
such attitude problems now? I wondered.

Betty left, but I daren't move. Then I heard voices; it was
Sarah and Betty chatting about some memory they had. I'm a big
guy but they don't see me, standing in the corner with my hands
on my head.

Finally Betty says: "Jim, go put yourself into the stocks."

I curtsied twice and said: "Yes ma'am."

I have really begun to hate this contraption. I fastened my
ankles tightly because I know Betty will check; and I leaned in
and put my hands and neck into the cutouts and waited. Finally
the door opened and Betty and Sarah came in. Sarah moved the
chair in front of me and sat down. Of course she looked lovely
and desirable. Betty fixed the strap and checked my ankles and
lowered the top of the pillory.

All the while Betty was chatting with Sarah, distracted from
locking me up. I'm not the object of this activity, I'm not even

Betty says as if she was being interrupted: "Okay Jim, tell us
why you're fastened down here."

I said: "I made an overture to Miss Sarah and I'm not allowed

Betty said: "Have you done this before."

I said: "Yes ma'am."

Betty said: "Were you punished?"

I said: "Yes ma'am."

Betty said: "Do you remember what the punishment was?"

I said: "No ma'am."

Betty said to Sarah, "Don't you think he should remember the

Sarah said: "Maybe we've been too soft on him."

Betty said: "Jim, my policy is to make each punishment memorable
because the next one for the same offense will be worse. That
will prevent you from committing such an offensive behavior

An instant later my world exploded in pain. Betty slashed me
with a strap and I saw stars and had trouble inhaling, when
another one exploded. I got fifteen like that and I was
devastated with pain. Just breathing was difficult. Betty was
also winded.

She said: "We'll be back;" she said to Sarah: "Let's have some

Lights went out, the door was closed. And I waited.

Betty and Sarah came back. Sarah sat in the chair looking fresh
and lovely sipping wine.

Betty said: "I like to precede the caning with a little
strapping to make the skin tender."

I said: "Oh no Miss Betty I can't take a caning after that."

Betty said: "Haven't I told you that you may not talk while you
are assigned punishment. I'll add a few strokes to remind you.
When I'm punishing you I expect you to comport yourself properly
or you will earn considerably more strokes. Is that clear?"

I said: "Yes ma'am;" I wondered if this was being taken further.

I received seventeen very hard strokes and was completely broken
down, I cried, I coughed, my nose ran, and my breathing was

Sarah said: "I want you to think about not coming on and I want
you to think about how important it is for you to obey our
rules. We're going to have a discussion afterward and if you
can't answer thoughtfully, there will be more caning."

I was left for a long time, I estimate an hour, but I was
discomfited by the tears I couldn't blink away, my nose being
stuffed up and of course the rigid uncomfortable posture I was
held in.

Sarah and Betty came back. I could only see Sarah. She said:
"Tell me Jim, why is it important that you refrain from coming
on to us?"

I said: "You should be safe from male predation. I'm not allowed
to ask for sexual activity because we agreed on that."

Sarah said: "That was very good. Now tell us why obeying our
rules is so important."

I said: "I said the rules create the framework where I can be
your slave and be accountable. I try to obey them so that you
will continue to be my owner."

Sarah said: "Will you come on to us again?"

I said; "No ma'am."

Sarah said: "Betty is making a note on the beating you're
getting and she will give you worse if you come on to us again."

I said: "Yes ma'am;"

Did she say beating I'm getting, how about beating I got; of
course I didn't ask anything.

Betty said: "You can fix dinner and clean up but your punishment
will continue in my room, report promptly after you clean up."

I said: "Yes ma'am;" they completely defeat me.

I went into the kitchen and washed my face and hands. I just
wanted to cry I was so beaten down.

I steamed a bunch of brown rice. I opened a Trader Joe's bag of
oriental chicken with orange sauce. I made a warm spinach salad
with tomatoes. I set the table. The rice took all the time. They
loved it, there was hardly any leftovers for me. I even ate what
was left on the plates. There was plenty of rice. Cleaning up
was easy and quick.

I reported to Betty, and I saw a grim countenance, she was
wearing her black teddy, after curtsying I stood at attention;
and waited. I knew I was being tested. I remember the severe
strapping I got the last time she wore her teddy. Finally she
told me to get the paddle. I knew where it was because I put it
away when I unpacked her.

I handed over the paddle and she said I should strip, and lie
across her knees.

I felt closer to Betty than I had in days, her skin was warmer
than mine and I inhaled her scent, never mind that she was going
to hurt me, our skin touched and I felt electricity flowing
between us.

As I expected, she really hurt me. I got fifteen very hard
strokes and they smashed the ridges from the caning and the
tenderizing effect of the strap. I wondered if I could walk. I
could but stretching the injured skin hurt.

She made me stand in the corner again. She turned on the
television. I could tell from the TV that I stood there nearly
an hour.

She told me to put away the paddle. Then I was allowed to
undress her and take her to the toilet. While kissing her pussy
to get off drops of moisture she said my punishment was over.
She said she Betty was happy because Sarah thought her methods
were working. I felt so boxed in.

Betty let me sleep with her but she told me to kiss her feet
until she fell asleep. I just fell asleep there too.

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S: The Prisoner - Chapter 82
From: Boz 4444
Date: Thu, 30 Dec 2010 14:33:52 +0000

The Prisoner, by Will Cane

Chapter 82

The previous episode, Chapter 81, is at:-

It was only a matter of days before the ladies of the coffee
morning and many others had implemented the suggestions made by
Wardress Sinclair.

The leather punishment straps had been ordered and delivered
with the necessary oils for the intended recipients to rub in on
a daily basis. The straps were each hung close to the prisoner's
bed with the date and time of the next application. One owner
had even supplied a large calendar and told her servant to
ensure she ticked off each day with the punishment days ringed
in red felt tip. And each day the strap required oiling, even on
the day of application.

Some owners decided on an early start for the time of the
maintenance beating. One prisoner was required to wake his owner
at 6 am., and with him naked on her bed she laid on the strap in
her night dress and with bleary eyes... but... full force.
Others chose more civilised times, purely for their own

One example was a Mrs Redfern, a forty year old local councillor
who had managed to acquire a young 20 year old male university
student. Her husband had left her and she had spent some of his
alimony in bribing an official to lay her hands on one of the
younger ones. "The boy," as she called him had been with her for
a few days that were for him blissfully free of any punishments.
Then a large parcel of equipment arrived that would, as she put
it, "enable her to train him properly".

She kept him dressed in jeans, trainers and an open necked shirt
for the sake of propriety in case anyone visited. Once she had
become used to having him in the house addressing her as
"Madam", her confidence grew and she was ready to reveal her
true nature.

She had previously worked as a librarian and still retained the
dowdy look so common in that profession. Greying swept back
hair, round rimless glasses and despite a heavy but well
breasted body a rather pudding face had never made it easy for
her to find boyfriends... but now her search was over as this
one could be modelled to comply with every fantasy. She
cancelled her membership of weight watchers as she now planned
to spend more time indoors.

It was Friday night when she lay the implements that she had
just received on the kitchen table and called him in to stand in
front of her.

She was not particularly sadistic by nature but had always
wanted to be in a position of authority over a male and
instinctively knew that inflicting pain was a sure way to ensure

The boy stared nervously at the items on the table. Until then
he had hoped that he was with one of the rare owners who simply
used the prisoners for household duties but now he realised that
the humiliations and pain he experienced in the Correctional
Centre were to be continued.

She told him that she had been far from satisfied with his
behaviour and manners since his arrival and that she was now
about to deal with that. He had yet to be examined so he was to
strip naked in front of her.

This had happened countless times in the Centre, but it all
seemed very strange to be doing it in front of what was
obviously a housewife and in her own kitchen. He knew better
than to question an order and removed first his shirt, then
trousers, socks and trainers. Finally he slipped his small
underpants off and, without being told, sprang to the 'present'

He was taller than Mrs Redfern and well built with an athletic
body that had been well exposed to the sun even in the
Correctional Centre. The white area of his buttocks were still
marked by thick bruise lines where he had obviously been caned
before leaving for this house. She had heard that he had been
abused by several of the wardresses and always seemed to benefit
from firm rather than kind handling. As expected, the
embarrassment of being exposed started his penis to erect.

She motioned for him to stand closer, then reached forward to
grasp his penis with some force.

"From your report I note that this has been the cause of several
punishments when you were in the Centre. Several times you were
up for a beating because of your inability to keep it in check.
I have considered whether to put it in restriction but then
decided that it would be more fun to leave it free to behave or
misbehave... as your self control should dictate. You will keep
the head uncovered at all times while you are here!"

She harshly pushed the foreskin fully back, making him flinch.

"And you had better keep it clean and deflated whenever I see or
inspect it. Furthermore, I shouldn't have to mention that any
failure to attend to it's hygiene will also irritate me... and
believe me boy... .you really don't want to do that!"

She moved her hand away.

"I will overlook this little stiffy of yours on this one
occasion and I don't have time to carry out a full check of your
other genitalia right this moment as it is time for your
Maintenance Beating. I will lay this on every Friday night at
precisely 8pm."

She picked up the new, light brown stiff and inflexible strap
and drew it lovingly through her left fingers.

"This is new and stiff so expect the edges to leave a few weals.
It will be in your own interest to rub some oil into the leather
over the next week so that it will be a little more supple
before your next 'Maintenance'. Now to the rules that you will
follow every Friday night in preparation for your beating:

At precisely 7.30pm you will go upstairs. Strip, and take a
thorough shower. This will be using just the cold tap and I will
check to ensure that you do not use any hot water whatsoever.
All heating will be turned off in the bathroom and both the
windows will be wide open. You will not use a towel to dry
yourself but instead you will stand in the draught from the
windows until you are reasonably dry.

At exactly 7.55pm you will stand outside the small bedroom which
has been adapted into a punishment room where you will receive
any disciplines you have earned. You will stand on the white
disc that I have placed near the wall at the 'present' position
no matter how much you are shivering with the cold.

At 8pm I will call you into the room and lock the door behind
you. Without being told you will then kneel on all fours on the
leather bench and await your beating.

In accordance with the rules for Maintenance Beatings you will
not be secured and must remain in position until I tell you to
stand. Any penalty strokes will then be announced and you will
resume the position to take them."

She then added ominously that any other punishments that had
been earned in the preceding 24 hours would then be inflicted.

"It is now 7.30 boy. Get yourself upstairs to the bathroom and
start your shower. I will be in the punishment room preparing
the equipment and will call you in at the appropriate time. You
can collect your clothes from down here later."

The young male nervously climbed the stairs and entered the
large bathroom. The windows were indeed fully open and the
temperature had dropped to the chill of the outside night air.
He noticed that a paper seal had been placed over the hot tap in
the shower cubicle so there was no way he would be even tempted
to increase the temperature of the water.

Bracing himself he opened the cold tap on the power shower and
was hit by a fierce deluge of ice cold water with a force that
stung his skin wherever it hit. He applied the soap as quickly
as he could and then moved around under the cold downwash to
remove it flinching as the needle jets hit his now exposed

He left the shower and stood as ordered on a mat next to the
windows. The breeze and his own hard rubbing with his hands soon
removed most of the water and the violent shivering that had
involuntary started displaced more. A short prison hair cut
helped to partially dry his head but it was a wet and shivering
male who took up the 'present' position awaiting the call.

When he was summoned into what had been designated as the
punishment room he marched in and took up a position on all
fours on a long wide leather bench eighteen inches from the
floor. Before he lowered himself he noted the bare white room
with the boards over the small window and the rack on the wall
which now contained the results of his owners on line shopping.
She stood dressed in a tight white shirt and wearing a short
black skirt, feet apart holding the new tawse in her hands ready
for the event to start.

She positioned the shivering male with knees wide and elbows
together with his buttocks well back and his back dipped.

"I would advise against any form of protest be it verbal or
unnecessary movement. You should bear in mind that the standard
dose is merely eight lashes but any fault in accepting that
punishment will result in penalty strokes and the number of
those is entirely at my discretion. We will now start."

Determined to make every stroke count she moved round to his
side and raised the strap over her right shoulder. Pausing only
to inhale a deep breath she brought it rapidly down to strike
across the centre of his buttocks with a loud "Thwack".

It took just a split second for the pain to hit his brain and
overcome the shivering urge. Instinctively he uttered a brief
expletive and forced himself to remain in the designated

Each subsequent stroke was delivered with Mrs Redfern's full
weight and his buttocks were soon swathed with red bands of fire
with what would soon be sore lines as the edges of the
inflexibly new strap dug into the skin. The last stroke came low
down almost at the top of his thighs but somehow he held on,
desperate to avoid giving her a reason to inflict any penalty

"Present!" came the order and he leapt to it thankful that the
ordeal was over. He held himself rigid and resisted the natural
urge to massage the searing pain away.

Mrs Redfern reached down and grasped his limp penis.

"I'm pleased to see that you are controlling this object at
least boy, but what a pity that you couldn't control your vocal
cords. I am disgusted that you should have used such a foul word
in my presence especially when I had warned you. I appreciate
that you are in some pain at the moment but I wouldn't be doing
my job if I didn't award some penalty points for the outburst.
Now let me see... there were four letters in that word... so
four extra strokes should be sufficient... unless of course you
misbehave again as I lay them on!"

He felt sick with fear. Having assumed that the punishment was
over it was hardly more than half way through. He wished that
she had strapped him down so that the option of moving was not
his. He knew that any refusal to hold his position would be
dealt with by laying on even more pain so knelt on the bench as
she directed, clenched his fists, forced his mouth tight and

To his surprise she lifted one leg and straddled him facing his
rear. He could feel the plump inside thighs brushing against
either side of his body as she inched her way down his spine.
She leant over and stroked the back of his right thigh with her
left hand resting her right hand holding the strap on his

"Two strokes down each thigh then boy... brace!"

She carefully and accurately laid two strokes down the sensitive
rears of each thigh from the still burning band at the top to
just above the inner fold of each knee. It hurt like hell but
her victim managed to remain in position helped by her weight on
his back.

She climbed off and ordered him back to the 'present' position.

His face and mouth indicated the pain level that the routine
punishment had achieved and the knowledge that this would be
repeated every week at the same time for no reason other than
policy didn't help. Fortunately his months in the Centre had
taught him that the only attitude to take was one of acceptance
and submission which he did his best to display as he waited to
hear whether she would deem the way he had taken the strap to be
sufficient or whether even more lashes would be laid on.

She smiled and said that he had been a good boy so she could now
move on to introducing him to the other implements.

"I intend to keep you on a tight rein so you will be meeting
these implements soon enough. So that you can appreciate the
need to keep in my good books I will let you feel a couple of
whacks from each of them. In view of the state of your buttocks
right now it is fortunate that this is just the start of my
collection, however, as I can't pretend that they will do
anything other than inflict considerable pain. We will start
with the small paddle which is normally applied to each buttock
in turn.

Back in position with your head well down backside properly
presented and knees together."

She leant over the reddened throbbing buttocks with the tear
shaped wooden paddle, raised it... and brought it down with a
loud slap on the right cheek. Slowly and precisely she then
repeated the blow to the other cheek.

His head was dizzy from the pain but he saw her stocking covered
legs as she moved around him to hang the paddle up and replace
it with the oblong board pierced with holes that would be next.

He could remember seeing that type used in the Centre on the
females with the larger meatier backsides. Whereas the smaller
one could be used for prolonged beatings, he knew that the
larger one impacted with some force over a wide area and so was
regarded as a really severe punishment that left wide and deep

It was, and it certainly did... taking his pain to even higher
levels as the effect of the two heavy whacks soaked in.

Back, albeit still squirming, at the 'present' he had to watch
as Mrs Redfern systematically replaced the board on the hook and
took down the cane that was hanging there. She lovingly ran it
through her hands then bent it almost double to observe its
cruel flexibility. Finally she gave it a few full powered
swishes through the air.

"Mmmm so much pain for so little effort... which is why it has
been the favourite instrument of disciplinarians since time
began. You know boy, it can be plastic, leather covered or just
plain old fashioned bamboo like this. They all hurt like hell as
I'm sure you already know. You have felt it in the Centre I take

The nervous lad was made to tell her about his worst caning....

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

How a young Chinese wardress who had it in for him contrived to
be the one who awarded an official punishment that he was due
and how, being given at the evening punishment session it was
videotaped and he was forced to watch it afterwards with her.

She was 18 years old and very slim with black hair in a long
plaited pigtail under her uniform hat and rimless glasses. She
walked around him checking that the straps that held him to the
caning frame were secure and that his legs were the correct
distance apart to spread the buttocks and that his back was
dipped tightening them. She then retrieved a soggy leather gag
from the floor where it had fallen when the previous victim, a
middle aged woman was released, forcing it into his mouth and
fastening the strap behind his head.

She looked towards the lady Governor who was heard to announce
the sentence:

"Miss Lee, please lay on 24 strokes with the grade two cane to
the buttocks and... and at your discretion, the thighs."

Miss Lee replied with a curt "Yes Madam," and removed her
uniform jacket then her tie handing them to the female prisoner
who was assisting her. She selected the cane from the rack,
swished it a few times to get the feel of it and then moved into
position to the rear and behind the waiting prisoner. She placed
her feet well apart to give herself balance, raised the cane
high over her right shoulder, raised herself on to the toes of
her uniform boots and brought it whistling down to lash into the
centre of the buttocks.

She considered herself rather privileged in being allowed to
thrash during a formal punishment session and was determined to
impress the Governor. She had decided not to lay the strokes
evenly but to concentrate them on a six inch wide band on the
lower part of the buttocks so that many of them would be
overlays. This technique was brutal rather than scientific and
always resulted in more pain for the victim and therefore more
credibility for herself.

The prisoner was soon screaming into his gag and the band of
cane strokes swelling to meet the next impact. Watching the
video, with his nates still throbbing made the boy relive the
entire event especially when the last four strokes were brought
slashing into the crease between the thighs and the buttocks.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

He was brought back to the present when Mrs Redfern asked what
happened post thrashing. The boy explained, blushing with shame
and embarrassment that he had to report to Miss Lee in her
apartment for what she described as a post-punishment

Once he was stripped she did indeed check the state of his
buttocks and thighs with her sharp nails as he bent and grasped
his ankles. She then however told him that he would now be
obliged to "relax" her as she termed it or face further beating
from her personal strap that she had clipped to her waist.

He just couldn't face yet more pain so made no protest when she
led him into her bedroom, lay on the bed with her knees up and
thin legs well parted and pointed commandingly up her skirt. He
crawled up from the bottom of the bed towards the white pantied
crotch either side of which were the tops of the uniform
stockings and the suspenders that supported them.

At this point Mrs Redfern herself was blushing with lust more
than embarrassment and she indicated that he was to stand
astride the bench with his hands flat on the surface so that he
was almost bent double. The skin on his buttocks had already
tightened so he achieved the position with some difficulty.

"This will be two full strength strokes that will make the
paddle seem like love taps so you need to brace yourself against
irritating me and therefore needing further penalties boy."

Out of the corner of his eye he saw her twist her hips as she
raised the cane and herself, then heard the ominous whirring
sound increasing as she un-twisted and then the impact across
the centre of his scorched buttocks. The pain was
indescribable... but it always was with the cane.

That, he thought as he forced himself to remain in position, was
why she was using it on him.

The second stroke followed almost immediately and at least it
wasn't an overlay he thought. But bad enough.

Within seconds he was back standing but this time Mrs Redfern
stood almost touching his stomach with her breast. She looked up
into his eyes.

"Perhaps boy, that is your last exposure to pain tonight... or
perhaps not. You will now have the chance of... as your Miss Lee
called it... relaxing me. If you behave and perform well... all
will be good. But if you don't you can expect to be back over
this bench for more of the same.

Do you understand?"

He most certainly did.

She lay on her back on the same bench that he had suffered on,
raised and parted her knees and he found himself yet again
moving up between the thighs looking at a plumper panty crotch.
However much as he was repelled by the idea of providing this
service to a much older woman he knew that refusal or even a
lack of enthusiasm could not be an option.

He had no idea but not far away another prisoner was being
abused against all the rules of this community service concept.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

A forty five year old female by the name of Susan had, until the
past year, been living in what she thought to be an ideal
marriage. Both her husband, who was in his forties and she both
worked in different professional occupations that guaranteed an
excellent income and luxurious life-style. She was a natural
blonde, five feet 6 inches tall and blessed with good looks that
had only just started to fade and perhaps, in her complacency,
she had started to lose the girly figure that men found so

When she discovered her husband's involvement in an affair with
a girl less than half his age she was furious. Most of the money
in their relationship had been from her family trust fund so on
deciding to divorce him she felt confident that he would be the
loser when it came to the house and a distribution of funds.

And so it would have been had it not been for her outburst in
court: Everyone who knew her had been aware of a certain
arrogance to those she considered her inferiors and she was soon
being reprimanded by the Lady Judge, who had started the case
very much in support of the wronged wife, for outbursts
including calling the young girlfriend of her husband a slut and
a tart. Knowing the rules, the girlfriend did her best to play
the innocent, knowing that it would hurt and wind up the older
woman that she intended to replace.

The final outburst came when the Judge made a sympathetic remark
to the girl who had pretended to be innocent of her boy friend
even being married. At this point Mrs Lang completely lost it
and screamed at the Judge that she must be totally incompetent
and in siding with the girl friend, a useless bitch who should
be fired.

This was of course a civil rather than criminal court but the
status of the judge must never be questioned. Controlling her
temper the Lady Judge ordered her to be held pending the arrival
of the police and to be conveyed for trial under the new
regulations that dealt severely with anyone who questions female

At her trial before magistrates she did her best to apologise
and gain the sympathy of that court for the way in which she
would lose everything if they pronounced her guilty, She was,
after all, an innocent party.

The three magistrates were hardened to such pleas and determined
to uphold the integrity of the Judge. The verdict was Guilty and
the sentence was to be confined in the nearest Correctional
Centre for a period of not less than one year.

That one outburst, occasioned by the little girl lost attitude
of the girl friend had lost her everything. All her money and
all her property would now automatically be handed over to her
husband and she would be locked up in one of the hell-holes that
she had read about.

Her treatment within the Correctional Centre was no worse than
that of any of the other female prisoners. To a basically rather
naive and shy woman from a sheltered background it was
horrendous. The constant harassment and physical cruelty were
bad enough but she could not initially cope with the "personal
services" that the wardresses and occasional male warder
believed that they were entitled to enforce.

A few trips to the guardroom for unofficial thrashings and a
couple of formal beatings that marked her record changed her
attitude... at least outwardly to the point that she was
considered for work in the community.

Little did she know that her ex-husband's new wife had been
monitoring her progress through an old school friend who was on
the Centre Staff. As was usual in these corruption cases a large
sum of money, what had been her money, changed hands and she was
told that she would be released for work the next day, but given
no idea of who her new employer would be.

There was the usual routine medical that the centre Nurses made
as humiliating as possible followed by the by now traditional
thrashing in the guardroom by one of the policewomen. Dressed in
the prisoner school girl outfit she was stripped below the
waist, strapped down on the caning bench and twelve strokes laid
on hard across her naked buttocks by a buxom female police
sergeant. She entered the Centre transit van still sobbing and
clutching her few possessions.

She scarcely looked at the other prisoners as they sat with
their panties around their knees in the uncomfortable grills.
Needless to say, the male driver found every possible bump in
the road to add to their discomfort as their bruised bottoms
slammed down on the metal seats and they received frequent
blasts of ice cold or piping hot water to aid their hygiene

One by one they were dropped off to their new owners, each
hoping that they had drawn a kind person in what they knew was
the lottery of allocation.

Had she been near a window Susan would have recognised the area
in which they were travelling, then the road. When she was
released and allowed to pull up her panties the female wardress
grasped her left arm tightly and led her out of the vehicle.

There are no words to describe the shock as she realised that
she was at what had been her house. She half stumbled to the
door and when it was opened by her ex-husband's new wife she
almost passed out and hoped that this was some horrid nightmare
from which she would soon awake.

It wasn't. With scarcely a glance the young wife signed the
formalities for the handover and the wardress left, leaving
Susan standing in the hallway with her new owner.

The new wife was aged just 22. Tall and slim with small breasts
and a pert young face surrounded by short dark hair. She was
casually dressed in jeans, trainers and a thin sweater. The
expression on her face was not that of a warm welcome.

"I understand that your surname before you married was Lang, so
that is what you will be called in this house. You will address
me as Miss Sophie and my husband as 'Sir'. Don't expect anything
but a hard time from both of us and I have my husband's
permission to inflict corporal punishment on you subject to his
final approval when he comes home.

This means that you may expect a punishment any evening when you
have displeased me. Additionally I have permission to use a
light strap on you at any time for minor offences. I think that
I will start by interviewing you on a formal basis so follow me
through into the study."

She led the way into a book lined room and sat in a comfortable
office chair behind a large desk. Lang was motioned to stand in
front of the desk on a small carpet that had been positioned for
the event.

"Stand to attention when you are in my presence until told
otherwise... and I won't tell you again that I require a curtsy
when you approach me or vice-versa."

Not wishing to antagonise the girl, Lang bobbed a curtsy and
stood rigidly at attention with her hands at her side, shoulders
back and feet together looking straight ahead as she had been
taught in the Centre.

There were the usual questions about her training and how many
punishments she had attracted. Then Sophie moved on to the
personal things concerning her new prisoner. First she asked
about the departure beating that she had received only a few
hours previous and whether it still hurt. Having been told that
it did, she ordered Lang to turn around and then part her legs
and bend fully over for inspection.

The poor woman could not believe that this was happening to her,
but she'd had the required level of obedience beaten into her at
the Centre so did as she was told, even though the skin covering
her backside was now tight and still hurt.

"Lift your skirt up over your back and grasp your ankles."

Her regulation white prison panties were now displayed with the
bruises and weals of what had obviously been a severe caning
extending either side of the panty seat.

"Stand up, remove your panties, hand them to me and then get
back into position."

Blushing deeply, Lang did as she was told and resumed her
position but now blatantly displayed to the young girl.

"Why aren't you shaved around your crotch Lang?" Sophie

Bent almost double Lang explained that it was up to the wardress
in charge of a squad as to whether body hair would be allowed or
not. In the case of her squad no shaving was allowed.

"Mmmm well... we will have to discuss this with my husband and
see what his preference is for servant women. From where I am
sitting it looks straggly and untidy... but we will see."

She then stood, walked around the desk and proceeded to run her
fingers along each of the horizontal marks that the cane had
made. Several times she dug her sharp nails into a particularly
prominent weal at the lower part of the spread buttocks making
Lang gasp and flinch. She then ran her fingers down between the
thighs playing casually with the protruding inner lips of her
vulva. Suddenly she pinched the lips together and pulled down
hard exposing more of the crinkled flesh. Lang gasped and her
knees bent inwards slightly in reaction.

"Right girl, stand up and remove all your clothes for a proper

Again, Lang could not believe that this was happening to her...
and in what had been her own house. However, the training she
had received over the past weeks from callous wardresses
prevented any form of rebellion and she quickly stripped naked
in front of the young girl.

At first Sophie ignored her as she carefully examined first her
panties then her brassiere for any marks.

"We will be cutting down on your underwear washing while you are
here Lang. As from now you will wear my cast off panties that I
have already worn... make sure you keep them clean. As to your
bra's... the chances of fitting udders your size into normal
underwear is zero, so you can wear some that I have bought for
you. You will only change your underwear when I tell you to. As
regards your toilet arrangements, you may only use one of the
bathrooms after I have visited the toilet that way we don't
waste valuable water on you. It will be up to you to request
permission each time.

As to bathing: I will let you know when you can bathe and as you
will be using my old bathwater that will save even more water
for the planet. During the night a bucket will be provided in
your room but I don't expect you to over-use it.

Is that clear?"

Lang, eyes down, muttered a "Yes Miss Sophie".

"Now... I understand that you have to undergo a full body cavity
search every so often in the Centre... so I don't see why you
should not have one here. This will be thorough and
uncomfortable and any attempt to resist me will be dealt with
later. Is that clear Lang?"

Without waiting for an answer Sophie picked up a pair of blue
latex gloves and slipped them on, then moved into a position
directly in front of the trembling woman. She ordered her to the
'present' position with hands on head and feet wide apart then
corrected it by pushing the elbows even further back.

"The purpose behind this position is that it gives me clear and
unobstructed access to your entire body... access that I intend
to use to the full."

She circled the woman holding her gloved hands in the air in
true medical fashion, then sat on her desk looking at very hairy

She stood and grasped a large tuft of the coarse black armpit
hairs with each hand.

"You must smell like a rancid goat when you have been worked
hard girl. I presume that you were not allowed deodorants in the
Centre and you will certainly not be allowed any here. Assuming
that my husband is happy with a hirsute servant and can live
with the smell you may have to remain unshaved... we will see."

She stood back in critical appraisal of the woman.

"Not a wonderful body is it Lang? From your podgy tummy,
drooping breasts and flabby backside you must have been taking
things easy for the last few years. We will have to see if we
can't lick you back into shape while you are here, even though I
understand that at the Centre you regularly had remedial PT to
shape you up. Let's take a closer look at your breasts."

The girl placed a gloved hand under both breasts and lifted them
up whilst looking over their upper surfaces. They were heavy and
spread down to the side of each supporting hand.

"I hear that they gave out breast canings in the centre Lang.
Did these ever feel the cane?"

Lang blushing furiously again stammered that they hadn't been
caned, but that she had collected two Breast Related Demerits.

"So one more error and they would have had the cane across them.
Mmmm... you had better watch your step here then girl as any
'B.R.D' that you collect here will make up the magic three and
they will have to suffer the consequences."

She suddenly dropped them and they slapped against the chest

"How sensitive are the nipples?"

Before Lang could reply she gripped each nipple with her hard
fingers and lifted the breasts as high as they would go. The
pain was intense and Lang had to fight to remain at the
'present' by baring her teeth and grimacing. One of her BRD's in
the centre had been for touching an inspecting wardresses hands
to alleviate pain such as she was now going through. Somehow she
managed to remain still and the breasts were again dropped
against her chest.

Told to lay flat on her back on the hard chest Miss Sophie moved
into position between her feet then told her to hitch forward
lifting her feet in the air and bending and parting her knees to
the full extent. She knew what was coming, but despite her
growing fury at this cruelty she simply dare not raise the
slightest objection.

Sophie started by gently playing with the frilly outer lips then
ordered her to reach around her thighs and pull the already
gaping outer lips wide apart. She introduced one finger and
circled the obvious clitoris several times before stroking the
fleshy nub hoping to elicit some reaction from her prisoner
servant, but none was forthcoming.

If there was one thing that Sophie and most females hated it was
having internal examinations. Knowing this she applied some oily
lubricant to her right hand and rapidly introduced her gloved
fingers into Lang's spread labia with no thought for any
discomfort that the action might cause.

Which it did.

"For heaven's sake girl, you must have had regular cavity
searches in the Centre, so don't play the virgin with me.
Frankly you are so slack that I doubt you can even feel me."

She spent several minutes probing around finding the areas which
seemed to cause the most discomfort from watching the anguished
look on Lang's face. Finally she drew the hand out and told her
to get on all fours.

She carefully positioned Lang in the most humiliating way she
could think of. Head down with her rear up and back arched so
that the dangling nipples touched the desk surface. A sharp slap
on her inner thighs encouraged her to spread them even further.

Sophie dribbled some more of the lubricant down the hairy anal
cleft and then introduced it to the puckered anus with first
one, then two, then three fingers. When Lang moved forward in
reaction she followed pressing the fingers uncomfortably deep
and twisting them around with a curt order to keep still.

She eventually withdrew with a loud squelching sound, and
pinched a tuft of the dense wiry hair from around the anus
between her finger tips. She tugged hard managing to pull
several hairs out by the roots... to Lang's audible discomfort.

"Better get used to that sort of trimming girl. If I decide that
your body hair should be removed it may be the way that I do it.
I really don't think that my husband would approve of me using
his electric razor on such a scruffy untidy bitch!"

"Now we have to decide what you should wear in my service. I
have laid some clothing out on your bed in your room. Follow

Sophie walked up two flights of steps to the attic and went into
a room that in Lang's day had been empty. It now held a simple
iron framed bed with just blankets and coverless pillows.
Underneath was a shiny galvanised bucket. The one window was
high in the sloping roof and had no curtains. The floors were
bare wooden planks of some age with just a sheet of cold plain
linoleum covering the bed area. A heavy approved type strap hung
ominously on the wall

On the bed lay a collection of female clothing that had been
recently bought from one of the cheaper charity shops. It was
obvious that Sophie intended her servant to look and feel as
drab as possible.

She held up a small pair of white bikini panties.

"I have just taken these off when I came back from the gym.
Hardly fresh and a little sweaty, but that is something that you
will have to get used to. Just make sure that you keep them
clean girl!"

As Lang struggled into the undersized garment she was handed a
well worn brassiere that had been white when new and was now
grey with age and countless washes. It had lost most of its
elasticity and offered her little support as it was a larger
size than ideal, but it was, she thought, better than nothing.

Next came an equally grey suspender belt and a pair of black
stockings with several small holes that she quickly donned.
Finally a whitish blouse with short sleeves and open neck and a
short dark blue skirt was handed to her that completed her dress
for her new life. At least she wouldn't be required to wear the
ridiculous school uniform but the down at heel clothing she now
wore would hardly be a morale booster.

"You may know girl that we are required to give you a
Maintenance Beating every week to keep you on your toes. We have
decided that you will receive it at 7am Monday morning when you
bring our morning cup of tea to wake us. This will not only give
you something to look forward to over the weekend but also start
the week off on the right foot. You will bring the strap with
the tea and having placed the tea cups by the side of the bed
you will strip naked and then hand me the strap when I reach for
it. I have to give you eight strokes good and hard and if there
are any errors on your part in taking the punishment I will also
lay on some penalty strokes. Today is Friday so it may well be
that you are still a little sore from your Centre caning come
Monday, so you need to start considering how you will summon up
the self control that you will need to take the strap without
any form of restraint. Naturally that assumes that it will not
be necessary to apply any corrections over the weekend... but
again... that is up to you."

Sophie went off to eat lunch with no thought whether or not her
new servant was hungry. She had set her a long and unpleasant
task of scrubbing the floor of a large conservatory that had not
been cleaned for some time so there would be no time for the
pleasures of life.

She was allowed a ten minute break for a glass of water at
around four pm then had to work hard with a bucket of
disinfectant suds, scrubbing brush and mop, mainly on her knees,
until she had finished.

Naturally her work was inspected and it was with some relief
that she was allowed to put her cleaning equipment away in the
kitchen cupboards. She heard the front door opening and realised
with mounting horror that her ex-husband had returned from work.

He strode into the kitchen and passionately greeted his new wife
seemingly oblivious to the woman in the corner. When they had
finished embracing Sophie casually pointed out the dishevelled
servant. Lang was rooted to the spot as she faced her ex-husband
for the first time in months. Surely some vestige of compassion
would show in his face when he remembered all the good times
that they had shared.

Suddenly he turned to his new wife and spoke:

"Why in hell didn't she curtsy when I looked at her, hasn't she
been taught any manners in that place? Take her down to the
basement and give her half a dozen with the paddle to teach her
some respect!"

Sophie could not have been more delighted. Rather than show this
she feigned concern for the now trembling woman.

"I'm sorry darling, but she is new and her poor bottom is really
sore from a Centre thrashing she had earlier. Could you let her
off this once?... Lang, bend over, raise your skirt and show the
gentleman your bruises."

Somehow, Lang choked back her natural reaction to refuse and
bent almost double reaching behind to flip her skirt up. Sophie
walked over and suddenly pulled her tight panties down to fully
display the mass of weals and bruises.

"Your concern and kindness does you credit Sophie darling, but
this is a convicted criminal that we are dealing with. I have
been firmly advised that the only thing that works with them is
discipline and as long as she is under my roof that is what she
will receive. Make that 12 with the paddle and lay them on so
that she feels every one. Just to check that your kindness
hasn't obliged you to go easy on her, I will inspect her back in
the bedroom when you have finished."

Sophie muttered a respectful agreement and told Lang to follow
her as she led the way to the basement room they had lovingly
prepared for her stay. From behind Lang could not see the
satisfied smirk on Sophie's face as she anticipated the
satisfaction of administering her first beating, a beating that
she fully intended would impress both the recipient and her

The basement was a large one with whitewashed brick walls,
bright overhead lighting and a damp musty smell. In the centre
was a wooden frame that Lang recognised all too quickly as a
punishment horse. Other items of furniture were spread out along
with various items of gymnasium equipment. On the far wall there
hung an extensive array of implements that had been bought in at
no small expense to be used for applying discipline.

Lang dutifully stood to attention at the foot of the steps. The
total silence was broken by Miss Sophie's voice:

"Look Lang, I had hoped to avoid causing any more bruising to
your backside as I can appreciate how tender it must be... but I
have no choice. My husband has instructed me to lay on twelve
slaps with the paddle and insisted that they must be laid on
hard to really hurt you. The only thing I can do to help is to
allow you to be secured so that you don't earn any more for
trying to avoid it."

She walked over to the instrument rack and took down a wooden
paddle the size of a hairbrush. It was half an inch thick and
obviously new with a shiny varnished finish.

"He wants evidence so I will have to concentrate on one spot on
each buttock... sorry... but that is how it is. Now let's get
this over with. Take off your skirt and panties then mount this

With increasing fear Lang did as she was told and climbed up on
to the horse. Each punishment hurdle was different and this one
could be adjusted to present the target just how the
disciplinarian required. Lang found that her knees were
indecently forced apart and her upper torso was much lower than
her buttocks. Velcro straps soon secured her lower leg to the
horizontal supports and a thick belt across her lower back
forced her stomach into the padded leather of the horse back.
Her lower arms were then strapped to similar horizontal rests as
her legs.

"Unfortunately this particular setting on the horse device
adjustments is designed to fully display the female genitalia to
any witnesses, but as we are alone tonight, that shouldn't be a
problem. If I was to use a strap or cane it could actually hit
across your crotch so count yourself lucky that it is the paddle
girl. Feel free to yell as much as you need, this place is
soundproof so you won't disturb the neighbours."

What Sophie didn't tell her victim was that two video cameras
were recording the event and that it was automatically relayed
to her husband's TV upstairs.

"Oh, just one further thing, I don't like having to do this and
it is for your own good, so I won't take kindly to any insults
that you may utter in extremis. I would have to give you extra
and neither of us really want that do we Lang?"

Sophie selected an area on the plump right buttock, low down so
that it would also hit the tops of the thigh, raised the paddle
and brought it down with a loud "splat". Lang lurched against
the straps and exhaled sharply.

Five more strokes were laid on the same spot with just seconds
in between giving Lang no time to take in a deep breath.

The pain level was still climbing when Sophie decided on a spot
on the left buttock and repeated the six hard slaps with the

Lang clenched her teeth and absorbed the insult of the pain as
best she could. She had expected it to hurt... it always does...
but the added humiliation of having to take it from someone half
her age and now holding the position of power over her made it
infinitely worse. Tears of both pain and humiliation ran down
her cheeks as the straps were undone and she was free to lift
herself off the contraption and stand back at attention.

"Right Lang, slip on your clothes and report to my husband in
the study, and don't forget to curtsy when you leave me and meet
him otherwise you will be back over the horse for more."

Having bobbed a curtsy Lang made her way up the stairs with her
buttocks still feeling as if they were on fire. She hurried to
meet her ex-husband knowing that the next few months would be
hell for her.

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