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# C: humiliating to him - sexy for me
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# C: nuked returns to dating
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# C: delicate humiliations of sissyhood in loving Femdom
# Re: C: delicate humiliations of sissyhood in loving Femdom x 2
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# S: Jim's Story - part thirty-two

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C: my devoted sissy maid
Date: 6 Dec 2010 15:31:12 -0000
From: Mistress Anne

Altho' I haven't posted in quite some time, I still enjoy the

I have a sissy maid who has served me for almost 6 years. It
wasn't long before our relationship deepened and we love each
other. Not every visit is total BDSM, we enjoy vanilla
activities as well and my children love him. Only one is aware
he is also my sub.

Last January I fell and broke my leg in two places, the femur
and the tibia. To make a long story short, I spent a total of 8
months in the hospital, 6 of which I had an external fixator
with steel rods in my leg.

Not once did my sissy maid falter in his servitude and care of
me. He knew I was concerned he'd leave (I am 22 years older than
he is). He told me he would wait 100 years for me to get well
and come home..... could anyone ask for more devotion than that.

After six months, his hospital visits became more discrete
"play" which was lots of fun!

I am home now for three months, in a wheelchair and able to walk
short distances. I am getting stronger.. he can testify to that
when he gets a spanking. :)

I am beginning to see my other two subs who have been patient as

Look forward to reading more posts.

Mistress Anne

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Re: C: chaste slavery triangle - polyamory problems
Date: 6 Dec 2010 02:49:56 -0000
From: grgslave

Hi there

On the love triangle issue, i have heard from people with
experience in swinging, that it does not end well for the
original couple... for both of them mostly... so... careful with
what you wish for... you might get it! (and not like it when you
have it in your reality)

greetings from warm Costa Rica

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C: humiliating to him - sexy for me
Date: 29 Dec 2010 06:22:34 -0000
From: Claire


I love all of the ideas here! I met a guy that likes to be
humiliated. I think I can do it, even though I've never done it,
but is it normal to get turned on by them being humiliated?

How can I be pleased sexually and still be humiliating to him?

Any more humiliating ideas or sites you'd like to recommend?



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Re: C: humiliating to him - sexy for me
From: "Christine" at u4ds.com
Date: Wed, 05 Jan 2011 17:07:19 -0000

Hello Claire,

A few of my own ideas which I hope you'll find useful are near
the end if this post. But I'd like to invite others to share
their own favourite ways of giving the dominant sexual pleasure
while at the same time humiliating the submissive partner.

DOMestic is about all of us sharing so please post your own
ideas and favourites.

Claire (aka Rookie) wrote:

>I met a guy that likes to be humiliated.

Me too! I met one of those well over 30 years ago in 1979 and I
stayed with him. My David still enjoys humiliation, and I wish
you both a similarly long and happy time together.

>I think I can do it, even though I've never done it

Like you I had "never done it" so I'm pretty sure that like me
you can do it too Claire. The fact that you are here reading
DOMestic means that the idea has some appeal to you, and that's
mostly all that matters.

>but is it normal to get turned on by them being humiliated?

Yes. It's normal for a significant proportion of humanity.
Especially those of us who are into kinkiness. Even some folk
who are not knowingly kinky find excitement in the humiliation
of others, (look at some reality TV shows for evidence of it's

But it's far more rewarding, in my opinion, to understand what
excites you and your partner, and find ways to both give each
other what you both want, rather than taking pleasure in the
humiliation of some stranger on a TV show.

It's also normal not to find it sexy yourself, so don't worry if
you don't find humiliating him turns you on sexually. You can
still find ways in which you can get your own pleasure while
making him happy.

>How can I be pleased sexually and still be humiliating to him?

If, like me, you simply find that your partner being aroused by
what you do to him, is exciting to you, then you are halfway
there. Then all you need to work out is the ways in which you
will get your own orgasm.

Don't worry if his humiliation doesn't always turn you on. You
can still get your pleasure from having him please you with his
mouth, and knowing it is highly exciting to him to serve in this
way. (I've never met a man who didn't find giving such oral
service highly exciting)

It can be a bit confusing if/when you find that your partner
enjoys being denied an orgasm himself. So taking your own
pleasure and leaving him wanting more takes a bit of getting
used to for some ladies.

If he likes to ejaculate at the end of a session then you may
find the whole scenario less confusing and complicated.

If you find leaving him wanting more and begging for his own
completion is enjoyable, and denying him release, even after you
have taken your own pleasure is fun, then you should find
keeping some masochistic submissives happy is particularly easy
to do.

>Any more humiliating ideas or sites you'd like to recommend?

I have lots of humiliating ideas, and there are plenty more for
you to read here on DOMestic, and I've never needed another site
for ideas.

To provide the most suitable ideas for you and your new partner
it might be helpful if you also told us a bit more about what he
says turns him on. Whether he enjoys denial, pain, spanking,
chastity, toilet play, etc.

But here is a very basic starter for you:-

I always found that the moans David makes when he is on the
verge of ejaculation, but denied permission to release by being
restrained in a painful way, were very arousing to me. I'm not a
natural sadist, but the noises were themselves stimulating to me
because those moans sounded orgasmic in a conventional way. I
think many people find orgasmic noises sexy.

So in the early days, after some conventional kissing and
cuddling I'd lead him to the bedroom where I found myself being
inventive and using many different ways to restrain David and
make him kiss my feet (or elsewhere) while I lay on the bed (or
sat on his face) and masturbated myself to multiple orgasms.

I'd often have his hands restrained so that he couldn't touch
himself. Sometimes I'd have him wearing a spiky penis corset, so
that his arousal at what he saw and heard caused him both
frustration and pain.

Once I could trust him to obey and not ejaculate without my
permission, my favourite became to make him use nettles on
himself as a way to administer pain to prevent orgasm. I'd
simply say "now" once in a while, and his painful moans in
response would come from the foot of the bed as evidence of his

Some folk enjoy deep heat creams as they are less intense and
safer than the nettles in their area - the nettles in the
British Isles are mild and generally safer than some in the USA.
Other methods include making him apply and remove clothes pegs.
They can all produce satisfying moaning noises. (when applied
to either genitals or nipples)

I often found that I would have several climaxes in this way,
and both his obedience and moans would become very sexy for me,
before summoning him to join me and lay between my legs and use
his mouth to give me several more climaxes.

Any leakage or wet patches on the bed that were not obviously my
own, would result in some punishment afterwards for him for
"making a mess". If I felt that I wanted to give him release,
then he could be promised release after he had taken his
punishment, but not given any release unless he took his
punishment obediently.

Then one of the most humiliating ways to permit him to ejaculate
was to send him to lay in the bath and await my pleasure with
instruction to keep himself on the verge until I arrived.

Then, after I recovered and when I was ready to urinate I would
join him in the bathroom. As I sat on the edge of the bath I'd
order him to get his face up under me, and only to "spurt"
himself after he had drunk several mouthfuls from my fountain.

Another way to humiliate afterwards for those who are not into
"golden" toilet play is to make him lay face down and "fuck" the
bath as one stands over him and mocks him for not being a real
man, but just a wanker who is not permitted to put his cock into
a real woman.

Another fun way to "ruin" his ejaculation, if he is into women
being "mean" to him, is to spray him with cold water from the
shower head at the moment of his climax.

If you are not sure whether he would enjoy golden play, offer
him a choice. "You can now lay face down and fuck the bath while
I give you a cold shower, or if you want to really please me
you'll beg to drink from my hot fountain as you spurt..."

Laugh or giggle at anything that amuses you, as that's music to
most male masochists' ears. They do like to know you are
enjoying yourself.


The Fem Dom Training Software.
Advises on how best to train your husband/lover.

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Re: C: humiliation ideas needed
Date: 25 Dec 2010 00:47:19 -0000
From: Brendan

On 6 Jul 2009 at 11:54, M wrote:

>taking my slave to a weekend long outdoor SM event with 200
>other pervys -snip- looking for some fresh new ideas that will
>make my slave squirm, blush, and be downright mortified with
>humiliation. -snip- He has a very small penis

There need be no more ado about his penis. Instead affix a
leather sheath to make his dick look really good. Leave balls
exposed. Print cards that read:-

Mistress C, my Goddess, declares: "his dick is mine, but do him
'good' please!" Order "kneel to receive - head up, mouth wide
open" or "Kneel - ass up, really high, yes make it red!"

Slave is to hand this card to every female dom. After a proper
bow and perfect curtsy. He will say:-

"Goddess, your golden flow then then use this nice squirt
smartly. Please!"

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Re: C: humiliation ideas needed
Date: 4 Jan 2011 23:33:55 -0000
From: Steve

Dress him in ladies panties and instruct him to masturbate.
Remove the cum filled panties and put them on his head or in his
mouth. Make him stand naked like this until he can cum again.

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C: nuked returns to dating
From: "Darryl Ducharme" - nuked potatoes
Date: Thu, 9 Dec 2010 20:29:49 -0700

Hello Christine and david,

It's all wonderful this year and I'm looking forward to the New
Year :-) i love all that i read, and i'll share a little online
dating experience?

I am away from my city a few weeks at a time... i lost my
lover... so what to do but move on?.... i dared to try online
dating.... And WOW! i think it's christmas season! I met a woman
the same age as me... well close... and She says Hi. It's not a
D/s thing, the ad was just normal. hi how are you She works at a
Casino... i don't really want to say more... and i tell her...
hey i will be in town! like to meet?

She said YES

All this stuff is going through my mind... and i ask her...
would you like to go for dinner? SHE looks so good! when we
meet... i have to keep some composure, so i am really being a
nice guy

She put her heel in my crotch at the restaurant!

My mind is racing... really what do i do? i can fuck up
everything right here and now. I pretend it's nothing and ask
her if she'd like some wine.

She pushes her heel into my cock HARD..... i got the message...
i think? looking over the menu... i knew i was hungry She took
my hand and told me "darryl...." pushing harder into my cock
with her heel, and said "darryl, i am really happy you take me
for supper."

I was melted before this and i really did not want to wreck it.
We ordered food, bought wine.... both knew it was not over. We
took my car, we were at a nearby bar and i did not know how to
take her home.

She suggested She drive.... i was more than tired and also
drunk. So was not much convincing for me.... she pushed her toes
on my crotch. She started asking me about sex.

I told her i loved it!

She asked me if i liked toys?

I told her honestly i loved how she was dressed and her high
heels, then we never spoke a word. We stopped at a store, i
needed ciggys too, then for booze, bought a pizza. I carried it

We kissed and kissed after, put music on, but was so HOT. She
squirted on me when i was down on her.... and she really liked
it and pushed me back down.....

Then i fucked her so hard.

I woke up between her legs....

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Re: C: all alone here
Date: 6 Dec 2010 02:49:56 -0000
From: grgslave

On 5 Dec 2010 Christine and David wrote:

>we, the moderators, are the only people who have posted any
>messages to DOMestic.

Hi there:

No, you are not alone!

I read every one of your Digests, especially the stories, and
some of the interesting discussions.

greetings from warm Costa Rica

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Re: C: all alone here
Date: 9 Dec 2010 16:12:43 -0000
From: mandee

Hi Ms. Christine and David,

I have been a reader of yours for many years, way back on
Alt.sex.stories and I so much appreciate your sharing your life
style with us. I have just discovered this site believe it or
not and have bookmarked it so as to be a regular reader.

I live alone as it true of many of us who are both submissive
and TG and as I am older my interest in such matters has waned.
However, I do feel a kinship to those in the community whom I
know and hope to stay in touch,


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Re: C: all alone here
Date: 4 Jan 2011 23:11:33 -0000
From: jboy2386

This is not good. I have been a lurker and occasional poster for
years. Does this mean that we are all too old? Do submissive
desires wane with age?

I was the original "West Coast reviewer" of the CD videos and
have always had such a soft spot for both of our "hosts".

My life has lead me through divorce to a wonderful marriage
where femdom is part of my daily life. I really feel that you
guys have helped me get to where I want to be.

What can we do to enliven this quiet blog?

I have some great true stories. Perhaps we should all share?!


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Re: C: all alone here
Date: 5 Jan 2011 14:08:06 -0000
From: MichaelK


Some true stories would be great!

I don't think that we are too old, or that this digest is too old.

Unfortunately I suspect that what has changed is people's
attention spans, and they now want quick fixes. People must be
moving to blogs and forums which are instant.

One of the good things about DOMestic is that it has been gently
moderated. The price of moderation is that there is a delay
between posting and people reading your message.

If the quiet patch continues, perhaps DOMestic needs to change
to become a forum? If you can't beat them, join them.

DOMestic has also been generous in allowing links to other
sites, and my site has had many such links. I still get visitors
from DOMestic. And what I notice is that DOMestic readers spend
a little longer reading my site than those arriving via Google.

People waste lots of time chatting in forums. DOMestic has been
great because it has been something worth spending some time to

I've been reading DOMestic since the days of dial-up modems, and
it has been the high quality of some of the contributions which
has made each digest worth a look.

So I very much hope that this quiet patch ends, and people
continue to post to this valuable forum



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Re: C: all alone here
From: "Christine and David" at u4ds.com
Date: Wed, 05 Jan 2011 21:09:08 -0000


grgslave wrote:

>No, you are not alone!

Thanks Greg. We had a number of similar replies both on and off
list. All, without exception, wished for DOMestic to continue,
it seems, in it's present form.

We'll reply to those who posted here. Sadly we can't post the
comments some people send to the support email address unless
you request us to post it. So we can only post and reply to the
messages sent to the DOMestic address, or those posted directly
using the forum at u4ds.com. We don't have enough time available
to indulge in off-list communication.

>I read every one of your Digests, especially the stories, and
>some of the interesting discussions.

And we've both noticed that you sometimes reply to those
discussions. Please keep it up. Helpful replies to the questions
of newbies are always welcome.

Mandee wrote:

>I have been a reader of yours for many years, way back on
>Alt.sex.stories and I so much appreciate your sharing your life
>style with us

Thanks Mandee. But DOMestic is not just about us, it is meant to
be mostly about you and other readers sharing your life-styles
and your ideas and experiences. The way you make DOMestic
relevant to your tastes is to post about them here.

>I have just discovered this site believe it or not

Hmmm... It's a shame that you didn't discover us earlier.
Perhaps you didn't follow the links we provided to the online
forum at u4ds.com in the digest, on Alt.sex.stories, and in
other newsgroups.

>and have bookmarked it so as to be a regular reader.

Great. But please continue posting as well as reading. Without
feedback like yours and posts from other readers this forum
would become very dull as it would only be about Christine and
David and our tastes and preferences.

>as I am older my interest in such matters has waned. However,
>I do feel a kinship to those in the community whom I know and
>hope to stay in touch,

Please do stay in touch, and as an older member of the community
you'll have much experience that you can relate here, or help
and advice you can provide to other folk young and old.

jboy2386 wrote:

>Does this mean that we are all too old? Do submissive desires
>wane with age?

David says that's his submissive desires have not waned at all,
but he has had to become a bit more realistic in his expectation
of activity levels and styles.

The knees seem to complain first for us oldies. We're both in
our mid-fifties now and kneeling for David is not as much fun as
it was when he was younger - and sitting on his face even on a
soft bed can be hard on Christine's knees.

>I was the original "West Coast reviewer" of the CD videos and
>have always had such a soft spot for both of our "hosts".

Thanks Jboy, your video review was most welcome and is still on
our web site, and we've had a few other reviews posted to
DOMestic since then. We also notice that you post here regularly
so please continue.

>I really feel that you guys have helped me get to where I want
>to be.

Believe us when we say its been a mutual journey. We both grew
with and learned from our interaction with folk on DOMestic over
the last 15 years. We hope that with reader support in the form
of posting their comments advice and experiences here that
others will continue to benefit.

>What can we do to enliven this quiet blog?

Responding, as you do, when folk ask questions is helpful. We
were once criticised for responding too quickly to questions
ourselves, and thereby stifling comment by not giving other
readers a chance to post their opinions first. This was part of
the reason we created the blog so you could all get in early.

Now that the blog on u4ds.com posts both comments and your
replies to them almost immediately, you don't need to wait for
the now infrequent digest before responding yourselves.

Sometimes life gets in the way and we don't have the time to
write our own often long and thoughtful replies ourselves as
soon as we would want to. But we always find the time to post
the feedback of others on u4ds.com - sometimes within minutes,
and usually within hours of receipt.

>I have some great true stories. Perhaps we should all share?!

Yes, definitely. You don't need to ask. While fictional stories
are fun for some it is the true experiences that many couples
actually want to read on DOMestic and which tend to encourage

MichaelK wrote:

>People must be moving to blogs and forums which are instant.

Yes. We both think that may well be the case. We could make
DOMestic on u4ds.com both instant and unmoderated. The problem
is that to do that we would have to force the user to register,
and we would have to disallow (or moderate) posts which included
web site links, or the forum would soon become full of spam.

We like the fact that DOMestic allows you to be anonymous and
doesn't require registration. However, we also think that some
folk reading the digest may not realise how quickly and easily
they can post their messages or replies on u4ds.com

>One of the good things about DOMestic is that it has been
>gently moderated.

We think that is true, but if the price of that is that everyone
posts their feedback on the unmoderated forums, or those that
require registration, then we would be left with no choice but
to follow suit or let DOMestic die.

Your own posts here have been long, quite regular, and well
considered. We are both sure they will have been helpful to
those of more gentle tastes, so please continue.

>The price of moderation is that there is a delay between
>posting and people reading your message.

The delay if posting via u4ds.com is so short as to be
irrelevant to all except those who want the most instant kind of
chatter. We rarely find the need to delay a genuine post longer
than a few hours.

>If the quiet patch continues, perhaps DOMestic needs to change
>to become a forum? If you can't beat them, join them.

We believe that the way u4ds.com works, it is a forum now. Just
that most of the current DOMestic folk are not using it as such.
It is only those folk who wait for the digest before responding
who see a long delay in their response appearing.

We did run the FEMdom_sex list on Topica in unmoderated format
for quite a while, but even there the inability for the system
to stop malware and spam caused us to set that list to being

If those who once enjoyed chatting on FEMdom_sex would like us
to set up a registration system that would allow instantaneous
chatter, we'll give it a go.

>DOMestic has also been generous in allowing links to other
>sites, and my site has had many such links

Yes, but the effect of allowing links is that we must moderate
in some way to stop the spammers and malware. We run other
forums that require registration in our web hosting business and
we know that even spammers are capable of registering on a site
to get their messages through.

>People waste lots of time chatting in forums

We would like to see some of those people spending their time
replying to messages on u4ds.com - it's not instant chatter, but
folk can now use things like Twitter for that kind of chat now:-


We believe that short messages posted @DOMesticFemDom could also
be a valuable way to chat and share via DOMestic. Or have we
misunderstood how Twitter is being used by everyone else

>I very much hope that this quiet patch ends, and people
>continue to post to this valuable forum

Thanks Michael, We've seen it pick up a bit since we mentioned
the lull, but we think that folk could make much better use of
the free forum on u4ds.com

What is important is that the over ten thousand recipients of
the digest don't all passively read what is sent out, but
instead start to join in as well at:-


and/or via Twitter there so that we will grow to be even more
useful to you all in the next fifteen years.

Christine and David at Ms-Christine.com

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C: delicate humiliations of sissyhood in loving Femdom
Date: 9 Dec 2010 16:26:36 -0000
From: Mandee

Dear Ms. Christine and David,

After reading "Jim's Story - part thirty-two", I now recall why
I have not been a more active follower. I am essentially a soft
submissive preferring the delicate humiliations of sissyhood
where moderate spankings and being shown in femme finery are
more the mode.

You both seem to be into much more severe forms of BDSM than I
find palatable although I like the idea of loving Femdom. Just
thought I would share that with you.


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Re: C: delicate humiliations of sissyhood in loving Femdom
Date: Wed, 05 Jan 2011 22:01:21 -0000
From: "David" at u4ds.com


Mandee wrote:

>After reading "Jim's Story - part thirty-two", I now recall why
>I have not been a more active follower

I'm not sure if you also read the preceding thirty one episodes,
none of which were as extreme as the episode you mention which
is posted later in this digest.

I can't be certain, but I imagine the author "Randolphus" was
making the point that his own tastes were not this extreme
either. Certainly his main character, Jim, is portrayed as not
enjoying the treatment he received in that episode.

I can say without a shadow of doubt that I would not enjoy the
treatment Jim suffered at the hands of his sister in law. But I
have enjoyed my understanding of the character of Jim as it has
unfolded in the story thus far. And I understand there are at
least another ten episodes to go.

>I am essentially a soft submissive preferring the delicate
>humiliations of sissyhood where moderate spankings and being
>shown in femme finery are more the mode.

You are not alone, and there are many like you reading DOMestic.
We can tell that, not least by the "sissy" style user names and
email addresses used by many of those who subscribe to the
digest. But if those folk don't post more about their/your own
tastes then they will not be reflected in content published

>You both seem to be into much more severe forms of BDSM than I
>find palatable

You should not make the mistake of thinking that content is
selected to reflect our own tastes. That's not how we have ever
run DOMestic.

We are an equal opportunity bdsm and FemDom forum ;-) We post
what you send in. Fiction would be tame if everybody was unmoved
by what they read, or found every word in accord with their own

Our moderation is not in any way selective of the content that
we find palatable. Over the years we have posted a lot of stuff
that we find way too extreme for our own tastes. We have even
posted stuff that made us feel ill. We may have to read it to
edit and moderate, but unlike us, other readers can always skip
to the next message.

The point is to encourage all to share here. So if any folk
reading would like to see more gentle FemDom stuff here, then
please post some. I'd be fairly certain that Christine and I
would both enjoy reading it, and that we would not be alone.

>although I like the idea of loving Femdom.

Yep, that is in essence what we like.

>Just thought I would share that with you. Hugs Mandee

Thanks, hugs back, and please continue to share. Perhaps you
would like to post something about your own experiences or
fantasies to share with those of like mind?


Download "Games People Play" by David.

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Re: C: delicate humiliations of sissyhood in loving Femdom
Date: 22 Dec 2010 20:03:09 -0000
From: Denzil Blaquiere

i want to read letters and blogs. i would like to view some
dominant movies.


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Re: U: The Cuckoldress Videos
Date: 8 Dec 2010 09:13:33 -0000
From: bobby

I need a cuckoldress

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Re: U: The Cuckoldress Videos
From: "Christine" at MsChristine.com
Date: Wed, 08 Dec 2010 14:42:06 -0000

Hello bobby,

you wrote:

>I need a cuckoldress

Unfortunately, your post was too short to be useful to you or to
anyone reading.

I suggest reading the guidelines thoroughly, and then writing a
long and sincere introduction. Be sure to avoid brief
descriptions, women want to know all about you, your hopes,
desires, interests and ambitions in life, not just the sex.

Be sure to mention where you are in the world. As the list is

For further guidelines see:-




See Christine and David on video

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S: Jim's Story - part thirty-two
Date: Sun, 05 Dec 2010 17:16:30 -0400
From: randolphus

Jim's Story by randolphus
first part linked here

part thirty-two - Thursday

Incredibly we cleaned out the place, and sold the house and it
was only Thursday. There was food but no table and no chairs. I
made us breakfast but I had to serve Betty sitting on her bed. I
ate on the floor at her feet.

I said: "Miss Betty, I can pack everything left in the house
including your bed in a few hours. We can eat at a restaurant
along the way and be at Sarah's house tonight."

Betty said: "You will pack up everything left in the house; then
we will drive to Las Vegas and stay overnight. Tomorrow morning
we will drive to Sarah's house."

I said: "Yes ma'am."

I packed everything, with a little help from Betty with her bed.

From Henderson to Las Vegas was a short trip and we arrived at
1:30 in the afternoon. Betty knew where we were going and she
guided me to a hotel where we got a room. Betty and I checked
the room and then she said we were leaving. In the car she
directed me to a semi commercial area that did not look like it
catered to tourists. We found the address.

We parked in a lot with a few other cars in front of a two or
three story building. I locked the van and followed Betty. She
went in a door that said private and nothing else. I followed
her in. A man was sitting at a counter that had a phone. Betty
said something to him and a door opened that I hadn't seen.
Betty took my hand and we went in. It was a nice well lit room.
A pretty lady sat behind a desk. She and Betty shook hands, and
the lady said: "Is this Jim?"

Betty said: "Yes."

The lady said to Betty: "Have him read this and sign it. I'll
need to see his driver's license."

Betty took the papers and led me to a sofa and indicated I
should sit with her. Betty said: "Read the papers and sign them,
if you make a fuss here I promise you that you'll regret it."

I said: "Yes ma'am."

I read the papers, they said I was here for corporal punishment,
I was in good health and I won't hold Global Entertainment
liable for anything. And that it will hurt. And that's what the
$400 fee is for; summarizing 9 pages.

I said: "Miss Betty, can't I just give you the $400 and you can
beat me?"

Betty said: "Sign it and give me your driver's license;" I did
and I had butterflies in my stomach.

The pretty receptionist checked the driver's license with my
signature and she wrote the information on the application I had
signed and gave Betty the license who gave it to me.

Betty talked to the receptionist who appeared to know someone
who Betty knew. Now they were friends. She gave Betty a basket
and handcuffs. Betty told me to take all my clothes off and put
them into the basket. She gave me flip-flops to wear on my feet.

The pretty receptionist handcuffed me and told me to wait on the
far side of the room, she said 'no questions, no talking'. Betty
gave me a kiss and went out some other door. I was scared.

I stood for about five or ten minutes when two young girls
(under thirty looks young to me) came and told me to follow one
of them. The other followed me. We went up a flight of stairs
and we came out onto a hallway. There were doors along the wall,
like in a motel. The girl in back said "he is in room six". The
girl in front stopped and unlocked a door and ushered me in.
What I saw in the room was a pillory; there was a table that
held a cane and a strap. There were several chairs.

The front girl asked "have you ever been in one of these."

I said: "Yes ma'am."

She said: "That's good; it's a little imposing to people who
have never been in one." While she was talking to me, the girl
in back removed my handcuffs and in a few seconds I was locked
into the pillory. The girl in back fastened my feet. These two
had practiced this maneuver. I was locked into stocks waiting
for a whipping. Why did I feel so afraid?

Then Betty came in holding the basket with my clothes. She came
up and kissed me. She said: "The waiting is the worst part." I
was so happy to see her.

I said: "How long will this take?"

Betty said: "You were told - 'no talking no questions;' you
don't want to disobey these people." Betty put a finger on my

About five or ten minutes later an older lady came in carrying a
thick piece of leather cut so it had a handle.

She said: "If you conduct yourself well I won't gag you. If you
scream up a storm you will be gagged. I don't recommend it
because it hampers your breathing. You're getting fifty strokes
spaced out over an hour. If you struggle excessively you may
receive up to one hundred strokes. My name is Mrs. Sturgis.
There is no talking, no questions."

She wasn't finished talking when a giant force slammed into me.
The air was forced out of me. Then again. My entire backside was
on fire. I could not last fifty. I couldn't stop it either.

After what was only ten she stopped.

Betty came over with tissues. She gently wiped my eyes and nose.
I love this lady so much.

Mrs. Sturgis came back for another round. When she finished and
left I said to Betty: "I love you."

Betty put her finger to her lips meaning be quiet. I wondered
why when Mrs. Sturgis returned she said: "Talking gets you five
more strokes. You're on your way to a hundred."

I wondered how they knew. But I won't talk any more. I was
becoming more tenderised or Mrs. Sturgis was getting more
energetic. My whole being was overwhelmed with pain, I couldn't
think about anything. She was hitting me in a narrow band, each
stroke was on top of a previous stroke. I was actually out of
breath when she completed this round.

I was a little buoyed by the fact that it was more than half

The next round had me seeing stars, I think it's an aberration
of blood flow. Betty applied the Kleenex so tenderly that I felt
a communion with her.

I bravely faced the final round but my bravado collapsed as the
monster strap exploded on my butt. I ended up crying. It hurt so
much. On top of that Mrs. Sturgis said: "We have five bonus
strokes for you."

I tried again to compose myself and Betty was very comforting.

Mrs. Sturgis came back and shattered my resolve to be brave.
About five minutes later the young girls came back and released
me from the pillory. They brought a couple of bottles of chilled
water. One of them said: "You have a half hour to relax and use
the facility. We will put you back in at 3:00."

I said: "Miss Betty isn't it over?"

Betty hugged me and said: "No talking and no questions."

I just survived one of the worst beatings of my life and nobody
will tell me if I'm about to get another. I flopped down on the
sofa and my entire bottom stung.

Betty laughed: "You may not be able to sit for a few days, you
can ride in the back of the van standing and I'll drive."

When I walked around parts of my flesh stung as I stretched it.
This was a major beating. I couldn't sit but I could lean
against the pillory and face Betty. It appears she may talk but
I may not.

Betty said: "Don't pout. You took that very well, you're a brave

Betty is so lovely she's wearing a white blouse and a brown
skirt and brown heels. And I could peek up the brown skirt a
little. Betty smiled at me. Then the two young ladies returned
and secured me back into the pillory.

Then Mrs. Sturgis returned and said: "Same rules compose
yourself and you receive only fifty strokes of the cane over an
hour. You could get a hundred and you could get gagged."

With that I received a cut that felt like it traveled inches
into my rear. I held back a scream mindful of the warning.

I should have made an attempt to escape during the break.

Then another just as bad, and another, I was having trouble not
screaming or wiggling or something, I can't describe the
horrible pain as your flesh is torn to pieces.

Then ten was over.

Betty said: "You look upset, you poor baby;" and she ministered
with another Kleenex. I wanted to talk but I did not want one
single extra stroke. I don't know how I can stand the rest of
this caning.

Somehow I did. I thought the whole thing was over when the two
young ladies released me from the Pillory. But one of them said:
"You may use the facilities, but there is no talking; here is
some water; we will be back at four-thirty."

Betty said: "You have been very brave. The next session is the
last; we will have a nice dinner afterward."

I really couldn't take any more. I touched my behind and just
touching it hurt. Who is in charge here? I wondered. Don't they
have a liability for damaging me? I probably agreed they could,
but you can't just sign away those rights. But Betty got me into
this; did she know how severe it was? I thought that she did.
And she is not upset, she seems like this is progressing just

My thoughts were interrupted by the two young ladies who
expertly fastened me back into the pillory. Why am I letting
these people lead me to this slaughter? I guess I'm trained to
obey. Besides we paid $400 for this privilege.

Am I going crazy?

That thought was interrupted by Mrs. Sturgis. She said: "You
were very stoic with the cane. I congratulate you. Rules are the
same as before. Important thing is to keep yourself composed."

An awfully hard swat of a strap burned in such a way that the
pain didn't begin to diminish at all, the next one joined it and
my backside was lit up with pain. I found I was grinding my
teeth. I was becoming light headed by the time it stopped. It
must have been ten.

Betty brought the Kleenex; she caressed my head and put it
against her chest between her breasts. I guess I am going
through this grueling beating for this woman. Shouldn't I be
repulsed that she caused this to happen; instead I love her so
much? I am going crazy. I wanted my face between her breasts for

I no longer can express how much it hurt other than to say Mrs.
Sturgis didn't let up. Even Betty's tenderness between the
sessions didn't lesson my state of agony. This was the most
painful hour of my life.

Finally the two young ladies released me and said I could get
dressed and I was allowed to talk. The pain was too much to
allow me to sit, so I got dressed standing. Betty helped me with
my socks and shoes.

Finally we left that place. I thanked Betty for staying with me.
I swore to her that I would not disappoint her ever. I stood in
the back of the Van because I couldn't sit.

We talked about going out to dinner; Betty knew a place that
might work for me. It was a restaurant that had a bar section
with high tables at which I could stand. The beer was so good
and the food was above average. Betty started the conversation
about my session by asking me what I thought. I said I didn't
think I could take so many strokes and still walk. I didn't
realize there could be so much pain.

Betty said that for $2000 I could have stayed for a week.

I said a half day was more than enough for me. Betty laughed and
said there is more to pain than a sore bottom. I didn't pursue
that with her.

Betty seemed to know a lot about the place, she told me that the
entire session is recorded; supervisors watch for excessive
distress, the young ladies were trained to sense if I had needed
assistance. Mrs. Sturgis would not have caused any bleeding or
would have stopped.

Then Betty said: "I won't be able to spank you for a few days,
but don't forget you can stand in the corner or eat off the
floor or write lines."

I said: "Yes ma'am Miss Betty."

Betty said: "If you make me angry I'll make you sit on a hard
surface;" and she laughed.

I said: "I won't make you angry at me."

Betty hugged me with one arm. I was so close to her.

We left the restaurant the way we came, Betty driving, me
standing and holding on in the back.

When we got back to our room Betty told me to strip and lie face
down on the bed. I thought I was going to be whipped but I did
what I was told to do. Betty rubbed some cream into my butt and
the tops of my legs. The cream felt good, Betty's hands rubbing
it in felt very good.

When she finished we went into the bathroom, we both washed our
hands but Betty sat down on the toilet and beckoned with her
finger for me to kneel between her legs. I was very happy to. I
lost track of time but I ate Betty for a long time. And I
wouldn't have stopped but Betty indicated she'd had enough.

I was well enough so I could help get her undressed and tucked
in. We had a King Size bed, Betty decided I could sleep
horizontally at her feet. I did and fell asleep with Betty's
feet touching my head.

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