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December 29, 2010

humiliating to him - sexy for me

Date: 29 Dec 2010 06:22:34 -0000
From: Claire


I love all of the ideas here! I met a guy that likes to be
humiliated. I think I can do it, even though I've never done it,
but is it normal to get turned on by them being humiliated?

How can I be pleased sexually and still be humiliating to him?

Any more humiliating ideas or sites you'd like to recommend?



December 23, 2010

Jim's Story - part thirty-three

Date: Tue, 21 Dec 2010 21:27:25 -0500
From: randolphus

Jim's Story by randolphus
first part linked here

part thirty-three - Friday

I found coffee in the motel and brought it to our room, this
woke Betty and I gave her the coffee and I was amazed how
beautiful she was. Why didn't I think she was beautiful when we
first met?

Betty said: "Did I give you permission to get coffee?"

I said: "I think so Miss Betty, at least until we get home."

Betty said: "That was to make coffee."

I said: "I'm at your mercy Miss Betty but I thought you said any
sweet thing."

Betty said: "You're right, I said that, why are you so nervous?"

I said: "I'm not allowed to argue."

Betty said: "Then why did you?"

I said: "I was afraid of being punished."

Betty said: "But you should be punished for arguing?"

I said: "Yes ma'am"

Betty said: "Isn't it up to me to decide?"

I said: "Yes ma'am of course."

Betty said: "I'll think about it."

I wondered if this would be the last time I dressed Betty. She
was attractive to me because she was so much like Sarah but

In the morning I could bear sitting at a restaurant for
breakfast. Betty said she didn't drive on freeways. So I had to
drive and sit on my very sore butt. Betty guided me to a store
where I bought a thick lamb's wool pad for my seat. How did she
know where the store was, and why was she so considerate? I

I told Sarah we would be home in the early afternoon. By the
time we arrived my butt wasn't hurting any more. I helped Betty
from the van and carried in her suitcase behind her.

Sarah and Kathleen hugged and kissed Betty who returned the
affections as if they hadn't seen each other for years. I
curtsied but I was ignored. I carried Betty's suitcase upstairs.
I carried all the boxes upstairs; there was a large dresser and
Betty's bed that I couldn't move by myself.

The ladies moved to the family room and were chatting and I
entered, curtsied three times and stood waiting. Sarah asked
Betty if I had behaved. Betty said that I was a sweetheart.
Sarah and Kathleen were complimenting Betty on selling her house
and packing up so quickly. Betty accepted the compliments with
'there was some luck involved.'

I said: "Excuse me Miss Betty."

Betty said: "What Jim?"

I said: "You may have either of two rooms, would you like to see

Betty said: "No you choose, if I don't like it you can move me
to the other one."

I said: "Yes ma'am, but I also need help getting your bed and
the dresser upstairs."

Sarah said: "Don't be tedious, get us some wine and then go fix
Betty's room."

I said: "Yes ma'am;" I Curtsied three times and left to search
for some wine.

I returned, curtsied and served some Cabernet Sauvignon wine. I
left the bottle. And curtsied.

I managed to get the mattress upstairs and inspired by that I
got the dresser up also. I tried to imagine being Betty - would
I like facing the street or facing the back of the house. I
decided that Betty would like the street view, she could see who
comes and goes.

I moved the furniture a few times to get the best layout. I
emptied the boxes and put everything away, into drawers and into
the closet. I took care to fold her panties and bras. I arranged
her shoes nicely.

I folded the packing boxes and took them outside. I visited my
mistresses and curtsied three times.

They took no notice of me.

I said: "Miss Kathleen I would like to return the van, it will
take about half an hour."

Kathleen said: "How will you get back?"

I said: "I left my car in the lot where I rented the van Miss

Kathleen said: "Consider dinner for us and check the
refrigerator, we haven't shopped while you were gone and maybe
pick up some groceries and Carmen left you a list and it's on
the refrigerator."

I said: "Yes ma'am, I'll also go to the store, so it will be an
hour and a half."

Sarah said: "Jim, Miss Betty will take over managing you here at
home. Ask her permission to return the van and shop."

I said to Sarah: "Yes ma'am."

I said to Betty: "Miss Betty, I would like to return the Van and
then shop for groceries specifically for dinner tonight, I
estimate the overall time less than an hour and a half."

Betty said: "You have permission to do that, what else will you

I said: "Miss Kathleen said that Miss Carmen left me a list of
feminine hygiene products to purchase for the office, I would
like to purchase those also."

Betty said: "You can buy all that in one store?"

I said: "I can buy most things at the grocery store but I also
go to Trader Joe's store to buy wine and cheese."

Betty said: "I've never seen a Trader Joe's store so I'll go
with you."

I said: "Thank you Miss Betty."

Betty said: "The way you should have asked for permission was to
say at the beginning which stores you were planning to visit. We
will work on that."

I said: "Yes ma'am; would you like to see your room?"

Betty said: "Lead the way."

We went upstairs and I showed her the front room I had set up.

She looked in the drawers and must have seen her underwear and
in the closet and saw her shoes lined up and her clothes

Betty said she wanted a hook in the wall opposite her bed and I
followed her to the bathroom and she said one opposite to the

I said; "Yes ma'am."

We went downstairs and I put Betty into the van and I got in.

Betty said: "You did a nice job on my room, did you have

I said: "Miss Sarah said to get wine and then fix your room."

Betty said: "That's good, I'm waiting for you to do something
without permission so I can use the lovely stocks Mom got for

I said: "Miss Betty I promised I would never disappoint you.
Would you like me to do something without permission?"

Betty laughed: "Do you want me to beat you?"

I said: "I want to do what you want, always."

Betty said: "You're a sweet boy and we all love you."

Betty offered to buy all the feminine products. I bought all the
food I needed. We checked out in separate lines almost at the
same time.

We went to Trader Joe's. It's an eclectic market specializing in
wine, cheese, imported delicacies and specialty produce. I saw
Betty was fascinated; another foodie in the household would be
welcome. I bought granolas, wines, cheeses, frozen meat patties,
packaged meats, bread, muffins, did I say wine. Trader Joe's
does not ask if you want paper or plastic, they bag it in paper
bags with handles. Betty was ecstatic.

On the way home Betty said: "After you put the food away, let's
play with the stocks, I want to examine your ass, I may not beat

I said: "Yes ma'am."

Betty said: "When we get home, you will want to put the food
away, I will expect you to request permission to do that. Then
because you're such a dutiful boy you will place yourself into
the stocks, but I want you to ask for permission."

I said: "Yes ma'am."

Betty said: "You have been doing a lot of autonomous work; from
now on you get permission from me."

I said: "Yes ma'am; do I have permission to do nothing?"

Betty said: "Of course not. Whenever you have nothing to do, you
come to me and stand at attention or because you're such a sweet
boy you can kiss my feet all the way up to my knees."

I said: "Yes ma'am, but what if you're sleeping or not around?"

Betty said: "If I'm sleeping you write a note explaining what
you are about to do and slip it under my door. If I'm not around
you deposit it first with Mom and then Sarah. If they decide not
to give you permission then you won't have it. In summary you
cannot be doing any task if I or Mom or Sarah has not said you
may. Except if every one of us is asleep you can submit your
request to me in writing."

I said: "Yes ma'am."

Betty said: "You don't understand why you have to do this, you
explained so well why you stand and serve while we eat dinner;
this is the same principal. You are completely under our
control. Isn't that where you want to be?"

I said: "Yes ma'am, I see but I thought I could do things that
no one asked that would please you?"

Betty said: "We know that and think it's wonderful, but imagine
how much better if you have to get permission to do it."

I said: "Yes ma'am, I see."

Betty said: "Please pay attention to getting permission because
I'm very strict, there are no more exceptions you will be dealt
with severely."

I said: "Yes ma'am;" and I shivered.

Miss Betty: "May I put the food we brought away when we get
home, it takes fifteen to thirty minutes."

Betty said: "Excellent you may do that."

I said: "Miss Betty: One of my tasks is doing laundry. On
Thursday nights I hand wash Miss Sarah's and Miss Kathleen's
undergarments, which I iron on Friday night. I presume with your
approval I will have the honor of doing yours as well. My
question is that since I wasn't present this past Thursday or
Friday what Miss Sarah and Miss Kathleen's expectations
concerning making up those chores are?"

Betty said: "You are wondering if you have to do that tonight
prior to placing yourself into the stocks?"

I said: "Yes ma'am."

Betty said: "Report to me when you're finished putting the food
away and I will let you know."

I said: "Yes ma'am."

When we got home I put the food away and thought about what
Betty said. Maybe they don't know how much I do. But do I have
to ask permission to go to the toilet, I wondered?

I curtsied and stood at attention near Betty's seat. I didn't
want to be kissing Betty's feet under Sarah's gaze. No one paid
any attention to me. So I continued to stand and feel stupid,
nothing new.

Betty said: "Jim owes me a little stock time."

Sarah said: "I'm hungry have him fix dinner."

Betty said: "You heard; you may fix dinner."

I said: "May I also set the table and clean the kitchen, Miss

Betty said: "You may."

I thought that I got off lucky because Betty could have wanted
to know what I was going to fix (I had no idea at that moment)
or how long it would take.

I decided that when in doubt boil water and see if there is
pasta. Step two - what to put on the pasta, etc. They got
spaghetti Carbonara, spinach salad, dinner roles and Chardonnay.
Cooking the bacon took most of the time. Sauteing the garlic
helped everyone start salivating.

I seated the ladies, and offered additional ground black pepper
or shredded parmesan.

With three ladies I did more fetching than just standing. They
almost didn't leave me any. I cleared the table, cleaned the
kitchen, started the dishwasher, and reported back with three
curtsies and I stood at attention feeling stupid. I was ignored
until Sarah said: "Is there more wine?"

I said: "Yes ma'am;" curtsied three times and went to get the
bottle. Returned, curtsied and poured wine for each lady. Placed
the wine on the coffee table, and stood at attention next to
Betty, I felt heat around my neck, I was blushing from
embarrassment. The ladies ignored me.

Finally Betty said: "I understand Jim that you put yourself into
the stocks, please strip before you do."

I said: "Yes ma'am;" and curtsied to everyone.

I waited in the stocks and after ten or fifteen minutes Betty
showed up and tightened the strap and lowered the top that held
my head and hands. Evidently someone had given her instruction.

Betty examined my butt. She said there was only a trace of the
beating I received. She said: "Tomorrow we could give you a
caning if it becomes necessary."

She said: "Where do you sleep?"

I said: "With my wife when I can, frequently on the floor in
Miss Kathleen's closet."

Betty said: "Would you like to sleep with me?"

I said: "It's not my decision."

Betty said: "You're right but I asked you a question."

I said: "I love my wife. Miss Kathleen persuaded my wife to keep
me on the basis that I become her slave and facilitated me
becoming so."

Betty said: "When you and Sarah married you were both straight?"

I said: "Yes, I had fantasies but I never discussed it with

Betty said: "We've been talking about me taking you over."

I said: "Yes ma'am."

Betty said: "My mom and Sarah aren't really into domination.
They've done well with a very talented and willing subject. But
I am and I think I can take you further than you have imagined."

I said: "Yes ma'am;" She wasn't asking me anything. And I didn't
like this conversation. I was totally immobilized. If I said the
wrong thing I could be left here all night.

Betty said: "Have you been left in this overnight?"

I said: "Yes ma'am, just once."

Betty said: "Was it uncomfortable?"

I said: "Yes ma'am; it was terrible because basically I was
standing but leaning forward, and there was pressure on my
shoulder, everything hurt by morning, and Miss Sarah and Miss
Kathleen were mad at me."

Betty said: "I was thinking of leaving you here all night
because you're not excited at my proposal."

I said: "Yes ma'am."

Betty said: "Will you be more enthusiastic in the morning."

I said: "Miss Betty you are beautiful and what you say excites
all my fantasies, I have come to adore you, and I have so much
respect for you, but my one and only love is Sarah. If she tells
me I have to be your slave I will do the best I can."

Betty said: "So you want Sarah to give you to me?"

I said: "Essentially, but it's complicated because I am no
longer permitted to want?"

Betty said: "Neither my mom nor Sarah are into any of this
domination, they do it for you because I told them about it."

I said: "Yes ma'am, I have come to realize that they were just
pushing my buttons because, well I guess because they loved me."

Betty said: "That didn't bother you?"

I said: "Of course it gave me pause, Miss Betty, but your mom
and Sara started it so I 'played' along, and tried to pay them
back with love and service. They escalated it and I tried to do
the same. Then I met one of your soul sisters."

Betty said: "Are you talking about Peggy?"

I said: "Yes ma'am. I am privileged to know two actual
practising domineering females."

Betty laughed. "So it's been a game for you?"

I said: "I don't think so. Sara has changed, your mom is
conflicted about her feelings, one of my co-workers who is a
rising star, is trying it out. Sarah thinks that I will never
come on to her and say 'how about a role in the hay tonight
baby;' I'm saying that we have all changed."

Betty said: "Okay, you may end up here all night because I lost
a bet to Sarah. She said almost exactly what you said and I bet
her a hundred bucks that you were easy pickings."

I said: "I'm at your mercy Miss Betty."

Betty said: "In that case you are in trouble. But maybe your
wife will rescue you."

Betty left; turned off the light and closed the door.

About an hour later my lovely Sarah came. She caressed my head
and kissed my forehead and eyes and then on the mouth. Then she
released me. I carried my clothes and followed her upstairs to
our bedroom.

Immediately Sarah set on my penis corset to unlock it. Sarah
said things to me like I could have her forever, we did
everything. And it was all wonderful. Sarah in my arms was my
dreams fulfilled.

read part thirty-four here

December 10, 2010

nuked returns to dating

From: "Darryl Ducharme" - nuked potatoes
Date: Thu, 9 Dec 2010 20:29:49 -0700

Hello Christine and david,

It's all wonderful this year and I'm looking forward to the New
Year :-) i love all that i read, and i'll share a little online
dating experience?

I am away from my city a few weeks at a time... i lost my
lover... so what to do but move on?.... i dared to try online
dating.... And WOW! i think it's christmas season! I met a woman
the same age as me... well close... and She says Hi. It's not a
D/s thing, the ad was just normal. hi how are you. She works at a
Casino... i don't really want to say more... and i tell her...
hey i will be in town! like to meet?

She said YES

All this stuff is going through my mind... and i ask her...
would you like to go for dinner? SHE looks so good! when we
meet... i have to keep some composure, so i am really being a
nice guy

She put her heel in my crotch at the restaurant!

My mind is racing... really what do i do? i can fuck up
everything right here and now. I pretend it's nothing and ask
her if she'd like some wine.

She pushes her heel into my cock HARD..... i got the message...
i think? looking over the menu... i knew i was hungry She took
my hand and told me "darryl...." pushing harder into my cock
with her heel, and said "darryl, i am really happy you take me
for supper."

I was melted before this and i really did not want to wreck it.
We ordered food, bought wine.... both knew it was not over. We
took my car, we were at a nearby bar and i did not know how to
take her home.

She suggested She drive.... i was more than tired and also
drunk. So was not much convincing for me.... she pushed her toes
on my crotch. She started asking me about sex.

I told her i loved it!

She asked me if i liked toys?

I told her honestly i loved how she was dressed and her high
heels, then we never spoke a word. We stopped at a store, i
needed ciggys too, then for booze, bought a pizza. I carried it

We kissed and kissed after, put music on, but was so HOT. She
squirted on me when i was down on her.... and she really liked
it and pushed me back down.....

Then i fucked her so hard.

I woke up between her legs....

December 9, 2010

delicate humiliations of sissyhood in loving Femdom

Date: 9 Dec 2010 16:26:36 -0000
From: Mandee

Dear Ms. Christine and David,

After reading "Jim's Story - part thirty-two", I now recall why
I have not been a more active follower. I am essentially a soft
submissive preferring the delicate humiliations of sissyhood
where moderate spankings and being shown in femme finery are
more the mode.

You both seem to be into much more severe forms of BDSM than I
find palatable although I like the idea of loving Femdom. Just
thought I would share that with you.


December 6, 2010

my devoted sissy maid

Date: 6 Dec 2010 15:31:12 -0000
From: Mistress Anne

Altho' I haven't posted in quite some time, I still enjoy the

I have a sissy maid who has served me for almost 6 years. It
wasn't long before our relationship deepened and we love each
other. Not every visit is total BDSM, we enjoy vanilla
activities as well and my children love him. Only one is aware
he is also my sub.

Last January I fell and broke my leg in two places, the femur
and the tibia. To make a long story short, I spent a total of 8
months in the hospital, 6 of which I had an external fixator
with steel rods in my leg.

Not once did my sissy maid falter in his servitude and care of
me. He knew I was concerned he'd leave (I am 22 years older than
he is). He told me he would wait 100 years for me to get well
and come home..... could anyone ask for more devotion than that.

After six months, his hospital visits became more discrete
"play" which was lots of fun!

I am home now for three months, in a wheelchair and able to walk
short distances. I am getting stronger.. he can testify to that
when he gets a spanking. :)

I am beginning to see my other two subs who have been patient as

Look forward to reading more posts.

Mistress Anne

December 5, 2010

Jim's Story - part thirty-two

Date: Sun, 05 Dec 2010 17:16:30 -0400
From: randolphus

Jim's Story by randolphus
first part linked here

part thirty-two - Las Vegas


Incredibly we cleaned out the place, and sold the house and it
was only Thursday. There was food but no table and no chairs. I
made us breakfast but I had to serve Betty sitting on her bed. I
ate on the floor at her feet.

I said: "Miss Betty, I can pack everything left in the house
including your bed in a few hours. We can eat at a restaurant
along the way and be at Sarah's house tonight."

Betty said: "You will pack up everything left in the house; then
we will drive to Las Vegas and stay overnight. Tomorrow morning
we will drive to Sarah's house."

I said: "Yes ma'am."

I packed everything, with a little help from Betty with her bed.

From Henderson to Las Vegas was a short trip and we arrived at
1:30 in the afternoon. Betty knew where we were going and she
guided me to a hotel where we got a room. Betty and I checked
the room and then she said we were leaving. In the car she
directed me to a semi commercial area that did not look like it
catered to tourists. We found the address.

We parked in a lot with a few other cars in front of a two or
three story building. I locked the van and followed Betty. She
went in a door that said private and nothing else. I followed
her in. A man was sitting at a counter that had a phone. Betty
said something to him and a door opened that I hadn't seen.
Betty took my hand and we went in. It was a nice well lit room.
A pretty lady sat behind a desk. She and Betty shook hands, and
the lady said: "Is this Jim?"

Betty said: "Yes."

The lady said to Betty: "Have him read this and sign it. I'll
need to see his driver's license."

Betty took the papers and led me to a sofa and indicated I
should sit with her. Betty said: "Read the papers and sign them,
if you make a fuss here I promise you that you'll regret it."

I said: "Yes ma'am."

I read the papers, they said I was here for corporal punishment,
I was in good health and I won't hold Global Entertainment
liable for anything. And that it will hurt. And that's what the
$400 fee is for; summarizing 9 pages.

I said: "Miss Betty, can't I just give you the $400 and you can
beat me?"

Betty said: "Sign it and give me your driver's license;" I did
and I had butterflies in my stomach.

The pretty receptionist checked the driver's license with my
signature and she wrote the information on the application I had
signed and gave Betty the license who gave it to me.

Betty talked to the receptionist who appeared to know someone
who Betty knew. Now they were friends. She gave Betty a basket
and handcuffs. Betty told me to take all my clothes off and put
them into the basket. She gave me flip-flops to wear on my feet.

The pretty receptionist handcuffed me and told me to wait on the
far side of the room, she said 'no questions, no talking'. Betty
gave me a kiss and went out some other door. I was scared.

I stood for about five or ten minutes when two young girls
(under thirty looks young to me) came and told me to follow one
of them. The other followed me. We went up a flight of stairs
and we came out onto a hallway. There were doors along the wall,
like in a motel. The girl in back said "he is in room six". The
girl in front stopped and unlocked a door and ushered me in.
What I saw in the room was a pillory; there was a table that
held a cane and a strap. There were several chairs.

The front girl asked "have you ever been in one of these."

I said: "Yes ma'am."

She said: "That's good; it's a little imposing to people who
have never been in one." While she was talking to me, the girl
in back removed my handcuffs and in a few seconds I was locked
into the pillory. The girl in back fastened my feet. These two
had practiced this maneuver. I was locked into stocks waiting
for a whipping. Why did I feel so afraid?

Then Betty came in holding the basket with my clothes. She came
up and kissed me. She said: "The waiting is the worst part." I
was so happy to see her.

I said: "How long will this take?"

Betty said: "You were told - 'no talking no questions;' you
don't want to disobey these people." Betty put a finger on my

About five or ten minutes later an older lady came in carrying a
thick piece of leather cut so it had a handle.

She said: "If you conduct yourself well I won't gag you. If you
scream up a storm you will be gagged. I don't recommend it
because it hampers your breathing. You're getting fifty strokes
spaced out over an hour. If you struggle excessively you may
receive up to one hundred strokes. My name is Mrs. Sturgis.
There is no talking, no questions."

She wasn't finished talking when a giant force slammed into me.
The air was forced out of me. Then again. My entire backside was
on fire. I could not last fifty. I couldn't stop it either.

After what was only ten she stopped.

Betty came over with tissues. She gently wiped my eyes and nose.
I love this lady so much.

Mrs. Sturgis came back for another round. When she finished and
left I said to Betty: "I love you."

Betty put her finger to her lips meaning be quiet. I wondered
why when Mrs. Sturgis returned she said: "Talking gets you five
more strokes. You're on your way to a hundred."

I wondered how they knew. But I won't talk any more. I was
becoming more tenderised or Mrs. Sturgis was getting more
energetic. My whole being was overwhelmed with pain, I couldn't
think about anything. She was hitting me in a narrow band, each
stroke was on top of a previous stroke. I was actually out of
breath when she completed this round.

I was a little buoyed by the fact that it was more than half

The next round had me seeing stars, I think it's an aberration
of blood flow. Betty applied the Kleenex so tenderly that I felt
a communion with her.

I bravely faced the final round but my bravado collapsed as the
monster strap exploded on my butt. I ended up crying. It hurt so
much. On top of that Mrs. Sturgis said: "We have five bonus
strokes for you."

I tried again to compose myself and Betty was very comforting.

Mrs. Sturgis came back and shattered my resolve to be brave.
About five minutes later the young girls came back and released
me from the pillory. They brought a couple of bottles of chilled
water. One of them said: "You have a half hour to relax and use
the facility. We will put you back in at 3:00."

I said: "Miss Betty isn't it over?"

Betty hugged me and said: "No talking and no questions."

I just survived one of the worst beatings of my life and nobody
will tell me if I'm about to get another. I flopped down on the
sofa and my entire bottom stung.

Betty laughed: "You may not be able to sit for a few days, you
can ride in the back of the van standing and I'll drive."

When I walked around parts of my flesh stung as I stretched it.
This was a major beating. I couldn't sit but I could lean
against the pillory and face Betty. It appears she may talk but
I may not.

Betty said: "Don't pout. You took that very well, you're a brave

Betty is so lovely she's wearing a white blouse and a brown
skirt and brown heels. And I could peek up the brown skirt a
little. Betty smiled at me. Then the two young ladies returned
and secured me back into the pillory.

Then Mrs. Sturgis returned and said: "Same rules compose
yourself and you receive only fifty strokes of the cane over an
hour. You could get a hundred and you could get gagged."

With that I received a cut that felt like it traveled inches
into my rear. I held back a scream mindful of the warning.

I should have made an attempt to escape during the break.

Then another just as bad, and another, I was having trouble not
screaming or wiggling or something, I can't describe the
horrible pain as your flesh is torn to pieces.

Then ten was over.

Betty said: "You look upset, you poor baby;" and she ministered
with another Kleenex. I wanted to talk but I did not want one
single extra stroke. I don't know how I can stand the rest of
this caning.

Somehow I did. I thought the whole thing was over when the two
young ladies released me from the Pillory. But one of them said:
"You may use the facilities, but there is no talking; here is
some water; we will be back at four-thirty."

Betty said: "You have been very brave. The next session is the
last; we will have a nice dinner afterward."

I really couldn't take any more. I touched my behind and just
touching it hurt. Who is in charge here? I wondered. Don't they
have a liability for damaging me? I probably agreed they could,
but you can't just sign away those rights. But Betty got me into
this; did she know how severe it was? I thought that she did.
And she is not upset, she seems like this is progressing just

My thoughts were interrupted by the two young ladies who
expertly fastened me back into the pillory. Why am I letting
these people lead me to this slaughter? I guess I'm trained to
obey. Besides we paid $400 for this privilege.

Am I going crazy?

That thought was interrupted by Mrs. Sturgis. She said: "You
were very stoic with the cane. I congratulate you. Rules are the
same as before. Important thing is to keep yourself composed."

An awfully hard swat of a strap burned in such a way that the
pain didn't begin to diminish at all, the next one joined it and
my backside was lit up with pain. I found I was grinding my
teeth. I was becoming light headed by the time it stopped. It
must have been ten.

Betty brought the Kleenex; she caressed my head and put it
against her chest between her breasts. I guess I am going
through this grueling beating for this woman. Shouldn't I be
repulsed that she caused this to happen; instead I love her so
much? I am going crazy. I wanted my face between her breasts for

I no longer can express how much it hurt other than to say Mrs.
Sturgis didn't let up. Even Betty's tenderness between the
sessions didn't lesson my state of agony. This was the most
painful hour of my life.

Finally the two young ladies released me and said I could get
dressed and I was allowed to talk. The pain was too much to
allow me to sit, so I got dressed standing. Betty helped me with
my socks and shoes.

Finally we left that place. I thanked Betty for staying with me.
I swore to her that I would not disappoint her ever. I stood in
the back of the Van because I couldn't sit.

We talked about going out to dinner; Betty knew a place that
might work for me. It was a restaurant that had a bar section
with high tables at which I could stand. The beer was so good
and the food was above average. Betty started the conversation
about my session by asking me what I thought. I said I didn't
think I could take so many strokes and still walk. I didn't
realize there could be so much pain.

Betty said that for $2000 I could have stayed for a week.

I said a half day was more than enough for me. Betty laughed and
said there is more to pain than a sore bottom. I didn't pursue
that with her.

Betty seemed to know a lot about the place, she told me that the
entire session is recorded; supervisors watch for excessive
distress, the young ladies were trained to sense if I had needed
assistance. Mrs. Sturgis would not have caused any bleeding or
would have stopped.

Then Betty said: "I won't be able to spank you for a few days,
but don't forget you can stand in the corner or eat off the
floor or write lines."

I said: "Yes ma'am Miss Betty."

Betty said: "If you make me angry I'll make you sit on a hard
surface;" and she laughed.

I said: "I won't make you angry at me."

Betty hugged me with one arm. I was so close to her.

We left the restaurant the way we came, Betty driving, me
standing and holding on in the back.

When we got back to our room Betty told me to strip and lie face
down on the bed. I thought I was going to be whipped but I did
what I was told to do. Betty rubbed some cream into my butt and
the tops of my legs. The cream felt good, Betty's hands rubbing
it in felt very good.

When she finished we went into the bathroom, we both washed our
hands but Betty sat down on the toilet and beckoned with her
finger for me to kneel between her legs. I was very happy to. I
lost track of time but I ate Betty for a long time. And I
wouldn't have stopped but Betty indicated she'd had enough.

I was well enough so I could help get her undressed and tucked
in. We had a King Size bed, Betty decided I could sleep
horizontally at her feet. I did and fell asleep with Betty's
feet touching my head.

read part thirty-three here

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# Re: C: Jim's penis corset
# Re: C: chaste slavery triangle - polyamory problems
# C: all alone here
# admin: June to November 2010 update
# S: Jim's Story - part thirty-one

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Re: C: Jim's penis corset
Date: Mon, 08 Nov 2010 17:12:08 -0000
From: "Christine" at u4ds.com


surferslave wrote:

>interested in the "penis corset" mentioned in Jim's Story. Is
>that a commercially available item? Where is it available?

I can't speak for the author "randolphus" but it's my impression
that the story is fiction, and that Jim's penis corset is
probably also fictional. "Jim" appears to wear it in the story
for long periods, and that is usually problematic.

My experience with using penis corsets on David is that for
hygiene reasons it's unwise to use the same leather device on
the genital area continuously. For long term use, one wants
something washable.

Over thirty years ago we bought a penis corset from Pamela
Young's organisation in Bristol UK (now probably defunct). It
came with a sharp spiked pad and a blunt spiked pad. You could
use either pad inside the outer penis corset. Or if you just
wanted a corset without causing suffering you could use it
without either pad.

The sharp spikes are drawing pins (thumb tacks) which have their
heads sealed between two leather sheets so that the spikes
surround the penis pointing inwards.

If one fits the sharp spikes on him when he is very soft, and
ties the laces tightly, then any erections or arousal is quite
seriously punished when he expands with arousal. You can vary
the degree of course by fitting it not so tightly when he is
hard. If one uses the blunt spikes, pain is encountered but
without all the little piercings of the male member.

The use of the word "corset" implies a lace-up device. But I had
David adapt the design by adding a locking strap around the base
of the penis and balls. But that didn't make it useful as a
serious long term chastity device.

You could of course make a penis corset at home, and use the
design of one of ours at:-


as a guide. If you don't want it to have spikes in the corset,
just make it without using the thumb tacks/drawing pins. If you
make one at home, then you can treat it as disposable or even
make several so that the same one is not in use continuously.

I did a Google search and see a device described as a "Leather
Cock Corset" without spikes is on sale at something over twenty
dollars nowadays.

Leather Cock Corset on wartenbergwheel.com

The link given is not a recommendation, or otherwise, just a
random selection. Something described as a "Strict Leather
Stallion Guard" is perhaps more adaptable to use with a locking
strap and is on sale at Amazon for around $30.


Strict Leather Stallion Guard

These items are obviously toys, and like my own spiked home made toys they are no doubt fun to impose on him for a short while. Penis corsets are probably best used as toys for short term play. For longer term I'd advice taking a look at a serious chastity device. And there has been much recent discussion of the Chastity Heaven cages on the blog at:-


and I took a look at the range on their web site today, and they
do look nice, and being stainless steel are obviously washable,
but much more expensive than toys.


The Fem Dom Training Software.
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Re: C: chaste slavery triangle - polyamory problems
From: "David" at u4ds.com
Date: Mon, 08 Nov 2010 18:46:17 -0000


bianconigliO wrote:

>Two years ago a very new and exciting part of my relationship
>with my love started. She fell in love with another man.

How did this exciting departure come about? Was this as a result
of your prompting her to take a lover? Did you want to be

>It was a sexual rollercoaster the first year. They were quite
>cruel with me, they kept me orgasmless for months using a
>steel tube, and they were passionately in love with each other
>and having a lot of fun. Intoxicating circumstances I can
>assure you.

It sounds very exciting. And obviously this situation was
enjoyable for you because you could be part of the triangle in a
way which fitted with your own submissive fantasies. In effect
you were all three involved in playing together so that when she
enjoyed her other lover you were included by virtue of the
imposed chastity. Had you previously enjoyed cuckold fantasies
as well?

>But, the last months much of the playing with me has stopped.
>Both are in love with each other, and it seems to have become
>a very vanilla relationship. The idea of keeping me chaste, and
>only using me as a servant, was really a turn on, for her and
>for him. But this disappeared. They seem bored with this game.

This is the essence of the problem for you. While they imposed
chastity, suffering and servitude on you, then you were part of
the love triangle. Your needs were being met.

Now their needs are being met by each other, and yours are
seemingly ignored. If they are in your words "bored with this
game" then what is needed is to find a new game plan that would
excite them as well as you.

Why don't you ask them what you can do to excite them both? Have
you tried asking them how you can stimulate their interest in
your submission to them.

>She has said on occasions she wanted me more masculine and
>more like a lover...

This then is perhaps the essence of the problem. You were not
able to satisfy her needs. In a partnership or marriage both
people need to find ways in which they can both get their needs

Was she only being cruel to you to satisfy your needs? Was she
reluctant to be the sadist for you, or is this something she
truly enjoyed doing to you? I guess I'm asking whether she was
and is sadistic by nature?

You also say...

>but for me it is difficult, to change back.

Is this something she has said she now wants? Does she truly
love the other man? Or would she be happier with you as her
"lover" if you would only satisfy her own needs?

>The fact that she has a lover puts me in a subservient state
>of mind, all the time. At the same time, she is very much used
>to another way of love making and acts really spoiled in that
>area. She does not want to keep me chaste anymore, and it
>seems she wants to take off the rough edges of the triangle,
>preferring to have two 'normal' equal lovers.

Have you discussed any of this with her then? Has she actually
said that she wants, in your words, "two 'normal' equal lovers"?
Or is this something you have decided because they are not
playing your game any more?

>I would like to have some advice from you. Perhaps someone had
>similar experiences?

So far nobody else on DOMestic has replied to you. I do hope
someone with similar experiences can offer you their own
insight. Meantime, I'll do my best...

>How do I go about it. How do I interest him or her in playing
>with me again, in one way or another?

You say "him or her". Does this mean that you would be happy to
submit to any needs, sexual or otherwise, that he may have
without her active participation?

It's possible that he may not feel able to use you himself as
the relationship was never openly discussed and this option may
not have been offered to him.

>It is plenty for me to just know that they enjoy keeping me a
>subservient and chaste slave. I feel I need that kind of
>domination to enjoy the triangle.

You must also consider what they need to enjoy the triangle, and
the simplest way to find that out is to ask each of them if they
are interested in either dominating you, being cruel to you, or
using you for anything at all, either separately or together.

If they both say that the idea doesn't interest them any more,
then you may have to consider whether you wish to try to fulfil
your wife's needs yourself and "compete" with her lover for her
attentions. Perhaps this is what she wants?

It is also possible that she would enjoy rejecting you and being
cruel to you, if she were able to believe you really wanted her
as a lover. It's possible you've become to uninteresting and
boring to dominate because you were too willing to give up your
"conjugal" relationship with her.

She may need more signs from you that you need and want her in
the conventional ways that her other lover shows her that he
needs and wants her. That may make the triangle more exciting
for her.


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C: all alone here
From: "Christine and David" at u4ds.com
Date: Sun, 05 Dec 2010 16:48:31 -0000


Since the last digest on the 31st October, we, the moderators,
are the only people who have posted any messages to DOMestic.

Can anybody explain why that is? Have you all lost interest?

Anyway, with only us posting, and an ongoing story we are
posting from "randolphus", there is not much in this digest. If
you don't start posting, then we'll have to fish around in the
archives for interesting messages to re-post for the next

Christine and David at Ms-Christine.com

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admin: June to November 2010 update
Date: Sat, 20 Nov 2010 00:21:27 -0000
From: "Christine"


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S: Jim's Story - part thirty-one
Date: Sun, 11 Jul 2010 18:26:40 -0400
From: randolphus

Jim's Story by randolphus
first part linked here

part thirty-one - Nevada Sunshine

I woke up when light came in the window. I lay in bed thinking
the nicest thing I could do was make coffee and breakfast for
the lovely lady. Then I realized I had not gotten permission.
Should I wake her up? I wondered, but do I need permission to
wake her up.

I realized that staying in bed is sometimes called sleeping in
and I didn't have permission for that either. Yesterday she said
I had permission to make breakfast and clean the kitchen. She
neither said only then or forever. On the other hand she has
given me permissions limited to the afternoon.

I decided to assume I had permission and got up made coffee,
cleaned up what little was sitting around and made eggs Benedict
without the additional egg yolks in the sauce. With the other
half of the grape fruit sectored; breakfast was ready. I took
the goddess coffee.

Betty woke and said: "I smell coffee, who made the coffee?"

I said as nonchalantly as I could: "I did Miss Betty."

She said: "What else did you do?"

I said in the same casual way: "I made breakfast and cleaned the

She said: "Did I give you permission?"

I said: "Yes ma'am, you told me yesterday I could make breakfast
and clean the kitchen."

Betty said: "Okay, you did not disobey me, you're just stupid.
You see why it's best to lock you up, you can't get into
trouble. The problem you have made for me is that I'm not giving
you a hard thrashing for making me breakfast. But you have
broken my most basic rule for the third time in two days. You
are incorrigible. Maybe the strap or cane will help you change.
Now consider yourself under punishment."

I said: "Yes ma'am, I'm very sorry ma'am."

I got her robe and put it on her. She went to the toilet and I
patted her dry. We went into the kitchen and I served her the
grapefruit and warmed up the coffee, I nuked the sauce and
toasted the muffins and heated up the bacon. The poached eggs
were in the oven. I served it to her. She liked it a lot. She
ate both eggs.

I stood by hoping she would stop being angry.

Betty said: "While you are under my punishment you may not look
at me or talk except to answer me. You may drink water but you
may not eat anything at all. Also you may not kiss my feet when
you report. Normally you would be in restraints but I want you
to work."

She still had a fork in her hand. I was waiting to remove her
plate. I wanted to do something for her. I wanted to say
something but she said I couldn't talk. I peeked out of the
corner of my eye at her face and she looked unhappy.

Betty said: "Clean this up and then go stand in the corner."

I curtsied and said: "Yes ma'am." I put my hands on my head. I
heard her moving around.

Then I heard her bell, so I moved next to her chair and curtsied
and then stood at attention.

She said: "You're not under my control; you do anything you want

I said: "I only want to do what you want;" I thought that would
be better than to argue the point that she gave ambiguous

She said: "How do you know what I want?"

I said: "Mostly because you tell me."

She said: "What else?"

I said: "I use my brain, I remember what you like; I know in
general what most people like and my experience."

She said: "I punished you twice for doing things that I didn't
give permission."

I said: "Miss Betty, I believe I have to do whatever you tell
me. I believe that I can't wake you up and ask permission to fix
coffee. I believe that I can't just lie around in bed in the
morning and do nothing without instructions from you. I think
and here is where I get into trouble that you would be happier
with me if you had a warm cup of coffee than not."

Betty said: "Are you afraid I'm going to beat you?"

I said: "Yes ma'am; that is frightening, but I will happily take
all the beatings you want to give to get your forgiveness."

Betty said: "Get me more coffee then go back into the corner."

I curtsied and said: "Yes ma'am;" got the coffee for her,
presented it and curtsied again and went to stand in the corner.

Betty said: "What you do for me is all good. Last night I looked
good and I had a whole new experience of being attractive and
you did that and I'm grateful. But what we have here is a
struggle of who is the master and who is the slave. If you went
into the kitchen and ate some cheese after I told you not to, I
would have no problem thrashing you until you're unconscious.
But I have a problem with beating you for doing something nice
for me. And I have a problem that you do things without
permission. So should I give you the strap?"

Betty said: "Answer me."

I said: "Miss Betty, I'm standing in the corner because you told
me to. I do what you tell me to do."

Betty said: "No moving or talking." I heard her go into her
bedroom. Then she came back.

Betty said: "I want to feel that I control you completely. That
control comes from knowing that what you are doing is because I
let you do it. First you're a wonderful guy. But I cannot accept
you doing whatever you want. I think if I had the time and you
were willing I could make over your attitude. But since you
aren't mine, and I don't want to damage your skin too much, and
you have a lot of work to do. I'm going to give up. You have
permission to get up in the morning and make coffee, make
breakfast, clean the kitchen, bathroom or any other room, or do
any productive work you want to and you can buy me all the
presents you want, from now until we move into Sarah's house.
Okay you won."

I said: "Miss Betty, I can hear you're disappointed with me.
What can I do?"

Betty said: "Be yourself: I will talk to Sarah and maybe they
will put you in my hands for a while and we can change you. I'm
going to lay back and enjoy your company for the remainder of
this move. That doesn't mean you can do anything you want. I'm
just cutting you some slack in the morning while I'm sleeping.
The alternative is to lock you in the discipline room. But then
who doesn't get coffee and breakfast served to them in the

I felt sadder than before. I have defeated this goddess. I said:
"Please don't give up on me. Abandoning me is worse than any

Betty came up behind me and said: "Cheer up Jim, like you said,
I told you to stand here and you're standing here. For doing
what I tell you, I'll give you an A+ and I love you for that.
Taking you the way you are is a joy. If my sister wants me to
work on you, then I will; I don't think you would describe that
an enjoyable experience but you need it."

I stood for a while, maybe 30 minutes.

Betty rang her bell and I moved from the corner to next to her
chair, curtsied and then stood at attention; she was wearing a
black teddy and had a black strap in her hand. I'm not supposed
to move while I'm waiting but I wanted to get on my knees.

Betty said: "Are you disappointed that you didn't get the

I said: "Miss Betty my joy is pleasing you however I can."

Betty said: "I see how you seduce us ladies. But someday I will
take you to a place where your only joy will be not suffering
pain. You will gaze at me with fear not desire like you are now.
But we can't do that here and now."

Betty said: "Lie across this chair. You know the drill, if you
move I will tie you down and start over with double the count.
No matter how much it hurts, remember it could hurt a lot more."

I heard her grunt, and then an explosion in my body like a five
hundred volt electric shock. It traveled from my butt through my
whole body to my brain. Nobody had ever struck me like that. I
was breathless but I managed: "Thank you Miss Betty one."

In midst of my count I got another similar stroke, I can't stand
this. It's inhuman. I wanted to run away. I said: "Thank you
Miss Betty two. Please no more."

Betty said: "You're begging after two strokes, imagine being
tied down and getting fifty." And I heard her grunt again and
another explosion.

I began crying: "Thank you Miss Betty, three. I really can't
take this."

Betty said: "I'm just warming up. You have to take it. You have
no choice."

The next stroke went vertical and hit my butt and the back of my
left leg, the whole area was on fire and it really hurt: "Thank
you Miss Betty three, Pleeeeze I will never disappoint you

Betty said: "Very nice, but after I give you a few hundred of
these I will be more willing to believe you."

Another grunt and it was another vertical stroke on the other
side, my right leg reflexively folded and I almost fell but I
hung on with my hands: "Thank you Miss Betty four. Not so hard
please ma'am."

Unh... Thwack

I could feel Betty exerting herself next to me: I exploded with
pain like on the first stroke: "Thank you Miss Betty, five,
please please no more I just can't take this."

Unh.. Thwack.

My right side right on top, it must be cut open and bleeding:
"Thank you Miss Betty six but that's enough I think I'm

Unh... Thwack

My left side again and it's bleeding. "Thank you Miss Betty
seven. We shouldn't get blood on the floor here."

Betty said: "I'm not worried, you'll clean it up." She grunted
and... Thwack.

That was really hard; I'm in so much pain: "Thank you Miss Betty
eight. I will never disappoint you again."

Betty said: "Nice to hear, say it again." Betty grunted and

I have so much respect for this woman. "Thank you Miss Betty
nine. I will never disappoint you again."

Betty grunted and it thwacked so hard I fell forward: "Thank you
Miss Betty ten. I love you so much."

Betty laughed: "You see how a little whipping changes your
perspective. Imagine hours of this with nothing to look forward
to but hours more of pain. I would love to take you through that
experience; get back into the corner and no moving."

I curtsied and I wanted to stare but it wasn't allowed so I
shuffled back into the corner, my skin hurt when I straightened
my knees.

A minute later Betty took my hands and handcuffed them behind
me. I'd had no water or food that morning and I was still not
dressed. She called that a little whipping but it really changed
me. I don't know how I could have disappointed Betty. What was I

How can my point of view change like this? I wondered. Betty
looked so attractive in her black teddy. After what I guess is
an hour of mulling over this again and again. Betty unlocked the
handcuffs and guided me down on my knees in front of her chair
where she sits.

She looks so beautiful and majestic and refreshed. I've been
crying, my nose has been running and I haven't shaved and I'm
hungry and thirsty and I need to go to the bathroom. She is so
powerful and I am a defeated cur.

She took a Kleenex and dried my face. I said: "May I kiss your

Betty said: "That would be nice; your punishment is over now.
You can get something to eat. Or maybe you would like what's

This was the most welcome invitation in my life. I kissed her
toes, legs, knees, thighs and I kept kissing her thighs. Betty
reached down and unsnapped the crotch of her teddy and she
grabbed my hair and placed my head into her pussy. I so love
this lady.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Craigslist callers responded to our ads. We had multiple callers
for each item we advertised; mainly because I set the prices
very low.

I had to take the restraints off the bed in the discipline room.
A prospective buyer was coming to look at the bed and dresser.

I was negotiating with a speculator who was considering buying
the place. He was making a low offer but he was willing to take
the place as is.

I also had contractors bidding on painting and concrete work to
the front walkway. I estimated that the low offer was not much
lower than the price minus the agents' fees minus the repairs
and likely carrying costs for three to six months.

Carrying costs for a year made the offer price a wash. Housing
prices were not actually going up; there were too many houses on
the market. Betty elected to accept the offer.

Part 32 on the DOMestic blog this evening - http://u4ds.com/

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all alone here

From: "Christine and David" at u4ds.com
Date: Sun, 05 Dec 2010 16:48:31 -0000


Since the last digest on the 31st October, we, the moderators,
are the only people who have posted any messages to DOMestic.

Can anybody explain why that is? Have you all lost interest?

Anyway, with only us posting, and an ongoing story we are
posting from "randolphus", there is not much for the digest. If
you don't start posting, then we'll have to fish around in the
archives for interesting messages to re-post for the next

Christine and David at Ms-Christine.com

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