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Jim's penis corset

Date: 20 Oct 2010 15:22:11 -0000
From: surferslave

I am interested in the "penis corset" mentioned in Jim's Story.
Is that a commercially available item? Where is it available?

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surferslave wrote:

>interested in the "penis corset" mentioned in Jim's Story. Is
>that a commercially available item? Where is it available?

I can't speak for the author "randolphus" but it's my impression
that the story is fiction, and that Jim's penis corset is
probably also fictional. "Jim" appears to wear it in the story
for long periods, and that is usually problematic.

My experience with using penis corsets on David is that for
hygiene reasons it's unwise to use the same leather device on
the genital area continuously. For long term use, one wants
something washable.

Over thirty years ago we bought a penis corset from Pamela
Young's organisation in Bristol UK (now probably defunct). It
came with a sharp spiked pad and a blunt spiked pad. You could
use either pad inside the outer penis corset. Or if you just
wanted a corset without causing suffering you could use it
without either pad.

The sharp spikes are drawing pins (thumb tacks) which have their
heads sealed between two leather sheets so that the spikes
surround the penis pointing inwards.

If one fits the sharp spikes on him when he is very soft, and
ties the laces tightly, then any erections or arousal is quite
seriously punished when he expands with arousal. You can vary
the degree of course by fitting it not so tightly when he is
hard. If one uses the blunt spikes, pain is encountered but
without all the little piercings of the male member.

The use of the word "corset" implies a lace-up device. But I had
David adapt the design by adding a locking strap around the base
of the penis and balls. But that didn't make it useful as a
serious long term chastity device.

You could of course make a penis corset at home, and use the
design of one of ours at:-


as a guide. If you don't want it to have spikes in the corset,
just make it without using the thumb tacks/drawing pins. If you
make one at home, then you can treat it as disposable or even
make several so that the same one is not in use continuously.

I did a Google search and see a device described as a "Leather
Cock Corset" without spikes is on sale at something over twenty
dollars nowadays.

Leather Cock Corset on wartenbergwheel.com

The link given is not a recommendation, or otherwise, just a
random selection. Something described as a "Strict Leather
Stallion Guard
" is perhaps more adaptable to use with a locking
strap and is on sale at Amazon for around $30.

These items are obviously toys, and like my own spiked home made
toys they are no doubt fun to impose on him for a short while.
Penis corsets are probably best used as toys for short term
play. For longer term I'd advice taking a look at a serious
chastity device. And there has been much recent discussion of
the Chastity Heaven cages on the blog at:-


and I took a look at the range on their web site today, and they
do look nice, and being stainless steel are obviously washable,
but much more expensive than toys.


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